Alison Goes to London Ch. 16


The story so far:

It is 2050, and Alison is a student at the Royal Academy of Fucking in London. Her closest friends are Bradley and Claire — with the latter of whom she is having a clandestine love affair. Her other friend Eva has now broken up with her abusive fuck-buddy Chad, who seems, unaccountably, to be stalking her. And Alison and Claire have just helped their schoolgirl friend Riley to achieve a highly successful audition at the RAF.


Fucky Birthday to you,

Fucky Birthday to you,

Fucky Birthday, dear Alison,

Fucky Birthday to you!

“Surprise!” There was a chorus of cheers, and Alison felt her blindfold being untied. She looked around and gasped at the sight of Claire’s room, decorated with bunting and banners displaying messages like “Happy 19th — to a True Whore!” and “Many Fucky Returns!” Little pink paper cocks, tits and asses, dangling from ribbons, festooned the room, which was dominated by a huge poster of a gaping asshole, on which it said “Open Your Birthday Presents — Wide!” Claire, Eva, Bradley, Harriet, Angie, Joe and Darren were all there, dressed in their party best and cheering:

For she’s a jolly good fucker,

For she’s a jolly good fucker,

For she’s a jolly good fucker,

And so say all of us!

“Aw, guys, you are so fucking wonderful!” gasped Alison, tears of joy leaking down her face. “Thank you!”

“Cake or presents first?” asked Claire.

“Oh shit, I don’t know!” Alison hesitated. “Whatever — presents!” There was another cheer from her assembled friends.

Alison had never enjoyed such a lovely variety of gifts. Joe and Darren had bought her a set of vibrating ben wa balls. Harriet had bought her a disk of her favourite smoking fetish movies. Angie gave her a huge tub of Dubble Bubble gum and a training manual entitledHow to Be a Bubblegum Fetish Whore. Eva had bought her a set of deepthroat-training dildos, in a series of sizes from three up to twelve inches — “so you can practise your technique”! And Bradley had bought her a compilation set ofPorn Classics From the 1980s (“Oh look, my favourites! Traci Lords, Ginger Lynn, Bunny Bleu — fucking!”)

Claire, of course, had provided the cake. And what a cake! Taking pride of place on a table just under the window, it was shaped like an ass — clearly not just any ass, but loving sculpted to look just like Alison’s in full gape mode. Two luscious buttocks, iced with flesh-pink buttercream, gleamed on a large cake-stand. In the cleft between them lurked a gaping hole — in which gently swirled a cupful of double cream. “Oh fuck!” screeched Alison. “You filled my asshole with cum!”

“Just the way you like it, babe!” replied Claire, winking cheekily.

But there was one more parcel left. Claire presented it to Alison last of all, saying, “This is from your Mommy and Daddy: they asked me to give it you.”

“Oh Claire, how sweet! This is the first time I’ve been away from home for my birthday. I didn’t even know they’d remember!”

“Of course they remembered, Al. And I think they got you something special!”

The parcel certainly looked special. The wrapping paper was cock-themed: big cocks, small cocks, white cocks, brown cocks — including some cumming cocks. And when Alison carefully peeled it open, she gasped in amazement.

“It’s an auto!” she squealed. “It’s a fucking auto-dildo!”

“What?!” said the others in astonishment.

“What, like Professor Cunts’?” asked Harriet, as she exhaled a series of little puffs of smoke. “Fucking!”

Everyone watched as Alison opened the box. The dildo was — quite surprisingly for a dildo — flaccid, but as Alison lifted it out of its box to hold it, it gently shifted and pulsated, as if slowly waking up. It emitted a soft hum — almost a moan — as Alison held it up by the insertable bulb end and gently licked the glans; the fake cock began to slowly stiffen in response, gleaming proudly. “Oh, it’s so beautiful!” whimpered Alison. “Aren’t my Mommy and Daddy wonderful?! Listen to what they wrote:

Dearest Cunty-Pie, our very own fuckslut daughter Alison,

“Aw, ivn’t vat fweet!” said Angie, as she worked her bubblegum in her mouth.

“My parents are wonderful!” Alison nodded enthusiastically, before continuing:

We are so proud of you. We are sure you will become the greatest fucking whore the world has ever known. You deserve this dildo more than anything else. We hope you fuck thousands of hot cunts and assholes with it, and make them all come!

Lots of fucks and kisses,

Mommy and Daddy

“Try it on! Try it on!” shouted Eva.

Alison did. And as she inserted the bulb end into her cunt, she felt transformed — like nothing else on earth she had ever felt in her life. For this dildo was not just a toy to strap on and pretend with. This was not even a strapless dildo which she would have to grip onto for dear life with her kegels. No, she felt the dildo automatically Çanakkale Escort mould itself to her, attach itself gently around her clit, explore and fill and extend into her cunt to find her G-spot — so that it felt like it was part of her body. “Oh fuck!” Alison squealed with joy. “This is fucking amazing!”

Alison gently touched the tip of the glans, and she felt a jolt of pleasure course through to her clit. The dildo jerked upwards, stiffening as it expressed outwardly the pleasure it had transmitted to Alison’s body. “Oh my fucking God! Is this what it feels like to have a cock?!”

Alison wrapped her fist gently around the head of the dildo — and she felt a warmth spread through her cunt, almost as if her clit was being enveloped by her palm. She spat into her hand and began to slowly stroke it up and down the shaft of the fake cock. It stiffened further, straightened and swelled, lengthening to a good eight inches, whilst transmitting the most exquisite pleasure to Alison’s crotch. “Oh motherfucking God, this is amazing!” she cried. “I gotta fuck someone with this! I gotta fuck someone!”

“Me! Me!” squealed Claire, lying on the bed, hitching up her skirt and using her fingers to spread her shaven cunt so Alison could gaze past her pussy-lips into her squelchy pink folds. Alison grabbed Claire’s legs and pulled her body towards her, sliding the dildo deep into her fuck-hole in one long glide. As she did, she felt the toy transmit the most wondrous feeling to her — something she had never felt before — the feeling of being enveloped, encased by hot female fuck-flesh. Somehow (“the marvels of Enlightenment technology!”), Alison could feel Claire’s inner walls through the dildo — warm and soft and slippery. And as she slowly fucked in and out, she understood for the first time ever what males of the species have always known: that there is nothing better than fucking cunt. “OH FUCK!!!” she screamed. “THIS IS SO FUCKING GOOD! What it’s like for you, Claire?”

“Fucking amazing!” enthused Claire. “Like a real dick — all pulsating and throbbing and — oh Jesus, are you gonna come already?”

Alison wasn’t quite sure — because this orgasm which was building in her was like nothing she had ever experienced before. She knew that she must be feeling the pleasure in her clit, but if she hadn’t known better, she would have thought that this fake cock was part of her, and that she was feeling everything it felt — so realistic was the way it was transmitting sensations to her body. She felt fluid rising deep inside her — a bit like she was going to pee, or squirt — but different. It was a boiling, thick, rich sensation, growing as if through a column of stiff flesh till it was about to explode. She felt her dildo stiffen further, full of ejaculate, like a dam ready to burst, and she felt that excruciating, wonderful, heavenly sensation, which she had never felt before, of a cock — her own cock! — on the edge of orgasm.

“FUUUCK!!!” she screamed, as she felt herself come like she had never come before. She knew — because she had studied such things — that the sensations must be in her clit, in her G-spot, in her pussy. But she felt like it was her own cock jerking, her own cum exploding, her own balls emptying their precious fluid deep into Claire’s hot cunt, which she felt squeeze and caress her girlcock with its soft moist flesh. Of course, the auto-dildo came ready-loaded, and now its cum poured out in spurt after spurt into Claire’s hot fuck-tunnel — and Claire too came, screaming and thrashing as she felt it splash against her cervix.

Briefly, both Alison and Claire forgot that they had a crowd of awestruck spectators, quietly stroking themselves off as they watched the hot dickgirl-fuck unfolding in front of their eyes. And for a fleeting moment, Alison wished she had a real cock, so she could fill Claire up with her own sperm, make her her lover, make her her wife, make her a mother… It was as if nothing else mattered any more.

They lay in each other’s arms, feeling the warm dildo-cum swash around in Claire’s cunt, as the dildo gradually softened. And as their orgasm subsided, they looked into each other’s eyes, but did not say out loud, “I love you.”

Claire broke the clinch first. “Hey, let’s have some cake!” she squealed, leaping up, auto-cum running down her leg, to rummage in a drawer and produce: “Candles!”

Alison removed her auto-dildo, licking it clean and squeezing out the last few drops of cum, and lovingly placed it, now flaccid again, back in its box, Claire arranged nineteen candles around the cake on the cake-board — each one shaped like an erect penis, but each different from its neighbours. There were cocks of all shapes and sizes and colours — and Alison admired them joyfully as Harriet got out her lighter to light all nineteen: some pink, some brown, some black; some circumcised and some uncut; some small, some huge; Çanakkale Escort Bayan some really fat, others thinner.

“That one looks like mine!” said Darren pointing at a seven-inch cock-candle with a slight bend at the end.

“Mine’s that one,” replied Joe, pointing at a slightly shorter, fatter one.

“And that’s mine, I guess…” said Bradley, indicating the smallest.

“Yeah — small but mean!” giggled Claire, as she gave Bradley an affectionate grope. He smiled back at her, and she gave him a cheeky grin.

But Alison’s eyes were drawn to the largest cock-candle of all: huge, black — and beautiful. She felt her own pussy tingle in response. It took a split second for her to realise what caught her eye about it: it looked just like… Alison stopped herself. “No, I mustn’t think about him,” Alison thought. Eva caught her eye — and she understood. Claire also noticed, and frowned.

There was a knock at the door — and Riley’s sparkling eyes and long silver-blond tresses poked around the edge of the doorway. “Riley!” exclaimed Claire. “Come in!”

“Guys,” Alison called out, “this is Riley. She’s a friend of mine, and she’s applying to the RAF: she’s a great fucker.”

“Eat m’ cunt, guys!” grinned Riley, eliciting a jumble of “cock” and “cunt” from the assembled partygoers. “Fucky birfday, Al!” she exclaimed, bouncing up to Alison and kissing her on the lips. “Guess what? I’m in!” Riley jiggled up and down with excitement, her eyes proclaiming her joy to the whole room. “Look!” she squealed, holding up a letter, which she proceeded to read:

Dear Miss Throstlethwaite,

It was an unfortunate surname for Riley, thought Alison, as the girl could barely pronounce it herself. “That’s me — Riley Frosslefwai’,” explained Riley to Alison’s friends, before continuing to read, in her best accent:

Thank you for attending your audition with Dr R. Dick on Tuesday 8th November. We are pleased to be able to extend to you a conditional offer of a place on our National Diploma in Fucking course, commencing in September 2051. This offer is conditional upon your achieving a “pass” in your BFUC in June 2051.

Having reviewed your application for financial assistance, we are pleased to say that if you achieve an “A” grade in your BFUC, the Royal Academy of Fucking will be able to offer you a 90% reduction in fees.

We look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible as to whether you will be accepting this offer.

Yours fuckfully,

Professor E. J. Cuntslicker, PGCF, FD, FRSF

“This calls for a double celebration!” exclaimed Claire, as she gave Riley a sloppy congratulatory kiss on the lips. “Time for cake!”

Alison’s birthday anal gâteau elicited praise from all around — especially from Riley: “Oh fuck, I’ve never seen anyfink so posh-like. What a beau’iful arsehole!”

“And as it’s Alison’s birthday, she’s got to take the first slurp of cum!” Claire announced with glee. And so Alison bent down carefully and buried her head between the two pink buttocks, sticking out her tongue to slurp from the cake’s gaping asshole. Her face emerged caked with pink buttercream, double cream dripping from her tongue and chin. She licked her lips sensually at Claire.

“Oh yeah!” exclaimed Claire lustfully. “Who’s gonna fuck the pretty cake-face?”

Bradley stepped up to the mark, offering his cock for Alison to suck. “And,” Claire added, “guess what, guys? Al’s learnt to deepthroat!”

There were gasps of admiration from all around. “What, already?” squealed Eva. “Let me see, let me see!”

“Aw fuck, Claire, you shouldn’t have said anything!” remonstrated Alison, as little globs of pink and white cream dripped off her face onto her tits. But she knelt dutifully, opened her mouth wide and started to hum “Fucky Birthday” in her throat, as Bradley gently, solicitously, slid his cock into her face.

There was rapt silence all around as everyone watched Alison start to deepthroat Bradley’s cock. It was not a wild, violent throatfuck such as Alison had seen Claire and Eva perform — but, though Alison was definitely a novice, this blowjob nevertheless was the work of a pair of true artists. Bradley, ever sensitive, withdrew slightly whenever he sensed that Alison was losing control, and Alison paced herself carefully, also pulling back when necessary to regain control of her breathing, or to resume her humming. Saliva drooled slowly out of her mouth and down her chin, mixing with the cake icing to make long pink streaks which, if she tipped her head back, dribbled down her neck and onto her tits. If she tipped forward, the saliva flowed gently down the underside of Bradley’s cock, making glistening pale pink strings of spit which dangled and swung from his shaft. And when Bradley withdrew his cock and calmly jerked a modest cum-load into Alison’s open mouth, there were cheers all round.

“The cat that got the cream!” crooned Eva Escort Çanakkale as she knelt down, clamping her lips onto Alison’s so she could share Bradley’s ejaculate. “That’s amazing, Al!” she grinned, licking a stray drop of cum from her friend’s chin. “When did you learn to do that?”

“Oh, I’ve been practising…” said Alison vaguely. “And Claire’s been helping me… But what about you, Evie? How the ol’ ‘Bates butt’ doing?”

Eva said nothing, but, smirking slightly, stood up and pulled her skirt down to reveal her rump. The purple T-bar glistened and hummed between her dark brown buttocks. She pulled gently, and the Bates plug popped softly out. It had grown significantly since Alison had last seen it — which she knew meant that it had been doing good work for the past week. Eva grinned, then pulled her buttocks apart so that everyone could gaze in-between.

There was a collective “oh fuck!” from the boys. Claire gasped. And Alison squealed with delight: “Oh holy motherfucking God, that’s so fucking amazing! Look at that gape: it’s like mine!”

“Hardly!” remonstrated Eva “But it’s making progress, isn’t it?” she grinned. “Wait, wait, let me try something…” She paused, concentrated hard, and then began to slowly wink her asshole open and shut — not very much, to be sure, but enough to make Claire gasp again.

“Okay, guys, this is it: time for an asshole competition!” said Claire. “Girls, line up in a row with your butts in the air. The boys will be the judges.”

Actually, not all the girls followed Claire’s instructions. Harriet and Angie were too busy in the corner sharing fetish tips — in particular, how to blow smoke-filled bubblegum bubbles. However, when Alison, Eva and Riley crouched down and lined up their posteriors facing skyward, nothing could stop the boys getting their cocks out. At the ends of the row, Alison’s and Riley’s rectums gaped and pulsated ostentatiously liked the true GM specimens they were. But in the centre, Eva’s ebony buttocks gleamed and jiggled seductively, and between them her asshole, though amateur in comparison, winked cheekily, exposing occasional little glimpses of russet-brown rectal flesh within.

“I don’t think,” said Darren, “that we can possibly form any sensible judgement without closer inspection — do you, chaps?” He and Joe did not wait for permission, but stepped forward and began taking turns sinking their dicks into the three gleaming assholes in turn. “Hmmmm…” pondered Darren thoughtfully, as he probed Riley’s rectum first, “lovely and spacious — but a bit common, don’t you think, Joe?”

Let me try,” said Joe, as Darren moved on to carefully squeeze his cock into Eva’s tighter asshole. “Yes, I’m inclined to agree, Darren,” said Joe. “A bit white trash. How’s the newbie?”

“Wonderfully tight — just a bit inexperienced,” replied Darren as he gently pulled out, leaving Eva giggling as she displayed a modest, unassuming gape to the world.

“Enter by the narrow door, my son!” quipped Joe. He took Darren’s place between Eva’s buttocks and slowly lowered his dick into her tight brown hole. “Ah, nothing like diversity, is there?” he enthused. “I feel quite woke!”

But Darren already had his dick in Alison’s rectum. “Ah now, young Joe,” he replied, as his cock slid in and out of Alison shining shimmering orifice, “there is something about birthday girls. Maybe it’s their added maturity, but there’s nothing like a nineteen-year-old genetically-modified shit-pit to get you going. Here, join me: I think there’s room for two in here…”

Whilst Joe and Darren continued their anal explorations, Bradley walked quietly round behind the still-standing Claire, putting his arms around her, and beginning to rub his flaccid cock against her damp pussy. “Lemme eat some cake while you fuck me, Brad,” Claire moaned, leaning forward and burying her face in one of the pink-iced buttocks, while Brad slowly slid his gradually hardening cock into her wet slot from behind. “Oh yeah, ‘uck me, Bwad,” she gurgled, her mouth full of cake, icing and whipped cream, as she felt Brad’s cock harden and fill her up.

It was not long before the whole party had found perfect fulfilment in a no-holds-barred multi-fetish orgy. Angie formed the bubblegum pole of the orgy, blowing bubbles and letting the boys use their cocks to pop them all over her face. Harriet formed the smoking section, giving smoky deepthroat blowjobs to the boys, and blowing smoke into the girls’ cunts so they looked as if they were on fire. Riley played her anal chav role to the fullest, gaping her anus extravagantly whilst reciting an endless stream of arrant verbal filth. And Alison let all the girls take it in turns to get fucked by her auto-dildo. But it was Claire who was the superstar of the day, smearing birthday cake, pink icing and double cream into her face, nipples and pussy before letting the others eat it off. Bradley was clearly particularly taken with Claire’s display, fucking her cake-filled cunt vigorously whilst Riley and Eva sucked her tits clean. And Alison made sure to use her auto-dildo to acquaint herself with Eva’s newly-discovered gape, exclaiming all the time, “Oh Jesus, boys, is this really what it’s like fucking ass? You are so lucky!”

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