Annie Loves Her Daddy, Part-4 (Final)


“Annie Loves Her Daddy, Part-4” (Final)

Oh Honey! I have a sexy and beautiful red see-through nightie for you. One that I bought for this special occasion. All for my little-girl’s daddy & daughter Sweet Sixteen’ special loving. “Lets go Princess..” I said.

Smiling, you get off of my lap and said, “I Love You Daddy..” Then hand-in-hand, we went to my master bedroom, where we undressed. To enjoy our incest and very loving shower together.

But when I looked at my daughter after we had undressed completely. I saw a being so beautiful and so loving. Seeing my daughter naked, with my adrenalin in overdrive, my body went into light convulsions. What she and I were about to do, blew any semblance of intelligence I had.

Seeing that how Daddy was acting and was feeling. Instead of going to the bathroom for our shower. I laid on my back on top of Daddy’s bed. I opened my thighs, and toyed with my now very wet pussy. While smiling up at him, all I could muster from my mouth was “Oh Daddy..”

You laying there showing me your glistening wet pussy Annie, I couldn’t hold back. So from the foot of my bed, I slid my face in between your thighs. Instantly devouring your young pussy, like no Daddy should ever do.

With your tiny hands now holding my face flush against your nicely trimmed pussy. I could hear you moaning, “Daddy, Oh Daddy.. I Love You So Much.. Daddy.. My Pussy Is All Yours..

After a quick moment, you fired your O’ all over my face. Tasting the nectar that was flooding out of your cunt, I wanted to continue and I did. In fact I didn’t come up for air until Annie had 3 massive O’s.

As Daddy was eating the fuck out of me. My thought drifted to how I could get him to do me everyday like this. Whether Mom was home or not. Because now I was twitchin’ and jumpin’, knowing that the only man I wanted on my pussy was my him.. But when he came up after my third O, he took me in his embrace. That’s when I felt even more loved by him.

Looking down at my little-girl, our lips met for a very passionate kiss. It seemed to go on for at least a couple of minutes. Breaking away I said “Lets shower Princess..” So standing up, I grasp your hand, and we went into the bathroom. Once I got the water a nice lukewarm, I helped you into the shower with me.

Once I realized that Daddy and I were on track to fulfill my fantasy. Reaching my arms up around his neck, I pulled him tight against me, crushing my 34-B tits into his chest. As we kissed.. With his hands on my ass and kneading me, I had yet another O’.

Finally I back Giresun Escort my face away and stared Daddy in his eyes. Breaking the silence I said, “Daddy.. I am just your stepdaughter.. But no matter what the future my bring. No matter what Mom might say.. My boobs, my pussy, my butt, my young body, and all of my being. Will be yours as long as you want me.”

“Oh Annie” I replied. “You have made me feel better than any woman has ever made me feel.” But when I tried to bathe Annie’s tits her with my washcloth. I saw tears in my daughter’s eyes. I asked “Annie, What’s wrong?”

“Daddy.. Ever since you came into my life, you’ve been caring for me. Even more than my mom or my real father have ever done. So when I thought about you.. and us.. I felt more love for you than ever before.”

Taking Annie in my embrace, my mind instantly went scrambled. That is, should we continue as planned? Or scrub our plans at this point, and do what society dictates as proper. I asked, “Princess.. We can table our plans. If this is your desire, I’ll certainly understand.

Listening to my Dad’s words, I began thinking he might want to back out. So I stood on my toes; reached my arms around his neck; jumped up and fasten my legs around his waist. With my cheek against his I said, “No Daddy. You have long been first in my life for almost everything. And I want you to be first inside of me too.”

Smiling, I said “OK Annie! OK!” as I let her feet touch the shower floor. We rinsed off, I cut the shower off, and we come out. After we took turns at drying each other off with small talk. I said “Annie.. How about I give you the nightie. Then you can change into it here in the bathroom, or in your bedroom.” Deciding you’d rather prep yourself in your bedroom, you took it and left.

In Dad’s large bathrobe, I cruised down the hall. Upon arriving, though I was just sixteen. I felt like a bride on her wedding night. About to give all of what is special to me, away to my lover. The only man I’ve ever really loved, my Daddy..

After wiping away some of the shower water. I realized that with the now combining with my own sweat of anxiety. I was becoming a wet mess. But with the towel still in my hands, I examined my tits, pussy, hips and butt. Smiling, I was certain that he loved me and loved my body, just as I did him.

So with a spray of favorite cologne on my pussy and boobs. I slipped the red nightie on and viewed myself in the mirror. I must say that I looked gorgeous by any opinion. What had me confused though. Was why the matching panties. Giresun Escort Bayan I mean if we were going to go all-the-way, what is its purpose. But when I put it on, I did feel less naked.(smile) So after fixing my hair, nervously I slowly went back to Dad’s bedroom. When I walked in, I found him laying on top of his bed.

Seeing my daughter in that sexy red nightie, my mouth dropped open. But after a moment of catching my composure, I blurted out “Annie! You.. You Are Beautiful!” Yet to my surprise. As I was viewing you as a grown woman. You dove onto my bed, and got on top of me.

Actually, when I saw Dad laying naked on his bed. I tried to act like a woman. But also trying to calm my senses, I lost it. So instead of trying my best to be a seductive woman. I still wanted to be Daddy’s little-girl, as I dove on his bed and getting on top of him.

I gave him a peck on the lips and said, “I Love You Daddy..” With his hands now inside of the back of my panties, he replied “And Princess Daddy Loves You Back..”

With hand inside of my daughter’s panties. I reached further down to first toy with her asshole. It must have turned Annie on. Because she smashed her lips into mine. Giving me a kiss that I’ll never forget.

But not being finished, my fingers traveled all the way down. Up and under to her pussy. Which by now was wet like a dripping faucet. So with my finger going in and out of her cunt. Annie bit down on my shoulder, as her climax goo, completely soaked my thighs.

In a couple of moments, both our pulses slowed down a bit. So after spreading out the convenient towel I had, I laid my daughter on it. Seeing how cum-soaking wet she had gotten the panties, I smiled, “Annie! Look at how wet you got those panties!”

Smiling back I said “You made do that! You’re a bad daddy and you know it!” As I touched the crotch to feel my wetness. But without another word. I found myself arching my back. So Dad could pull my panties off. Laying it on the bed nearby chair.

Look down at my loving daughter I said, “I Love You So Much Annie..” Looking up at him I replied,”I Need You Dad! I Need You So Much.. I Need You To Love Me.. Love Me Like A Woman..”

I said, “Well Annie.. Being this will be your first real time. I suggest you guide me into you and I’ll take your lead. But take it easy. It might hurt some in the beginning.

So not knowing what sensation to expect. I reached between us and grasped your cock. Then frightened a bit, I placed the head inside of my cunt lips. Where you giving it pressure, Escort Giresun you began pushing your dick inside of me. Since you told me I had the lead. Almost every time you pushed further into me, my V-muscles clamped down on your cock muscle. After what seemed like forever, you stopped.

Looking down at all the sweat running off of my loving daughter’s face, I gave a final warning. “When I go deeper Honey.. Its gonna hurt real bad at first. But after we rest, it should feel better. Ready?” “Yeah.. Yeah.. Ready Daddy..”

When I quickly drive my cock all the way into you, you scream “OOOOOHHHHHH DAAADDDY! IT HURTS!” With your nails digging into my back, I stop and we rest. Your V-muscles now clamped down on my cock. Like you are afraid I might somehow want to pull out.

After about five minutes, you reach your lips up to mine. Giving me a reassuring kiss that you are OK. So slowly I pump my cock in and out of you, with you just laying there. When I go a little faster and caress your tits, you start matching me stroke-for-stroke.

With the tightness of my daughter’s pussy, coupled with the love we have for each other. I felt my orgasm quickly coming on. “I’m about to climax Princess. So I’m gonna pull out..”

“No Daddy! No! Don’t pull out.. Try to keep going.. I wanna climax with you.. With you Daddy.. Inside.. Inside of me..”

So I continued.. Holding back as best I could until I felt Annie tensing up. I said “You ready Annie?” “Yeah Daddy I’m ready! Oooohhhhhh Shit Daddy! I-LOVE-YOU DADDY!!” Then we both became as one solid. Tensing and expending a massive dose of our Daddy-Daughter combined cum. Deep inside of my daughter’s loving pussy.

I must say that it had been way back when I was a teenager. When I last felt such a tight and loving pussy like Annie’s. Knowing that the first time would always be the sorest, I pulled out and laid next to her. As she had done in the shower, Annie was again crying. I kissed her on the forehead and asked as to why the tears.

“Because I am so in-love with you Daddy. I feel like the most loved and happiest female in the world. I cry because I am happy Daddy. Happy that you’re loving me in all the ways I’ve ever dreamed of.”

“Well try to get some rest Princess” I said. Then I’ll give you a bath later, and we can snack and watch a movie. You’re gonna be sore for a while, so we can take it easy until tomorrow if you like.” “OK Daddy”

Then when you snuggle up in my arms, you fall fast asleep. With my mind going into a thousand different directions all at one. With my cock now sore, I hoped that Annie would would not wake up with regrets. Because as long as she is happy, that’s all that matters. A true loving incest relationship. Between to people who sincerely love each other. …

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