Subject: Backdoor Slider – Chapter 37 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This story is completely fictional. Any resemblance by name or description to anyone dead or alive is totally coincidental. This is a love story between two 16-year old boys. If this offends you, if you are not of legal age or if this content is not legal in your area, please do not read this. If you have comments, please email me at ail. This is a rewrite. I have edited and added some chapters from the original posting. I hope you enjoy! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Backdoor Slider Chapter 37 Today is the first real day of summer. Luke has started summer school, and I have started my volunteer work. As part of my penance for distracting Luke into failing a class, I’m volunteering at the same homeless shelter that Denise works at on Wednesday nights. I’m going to work there in the mornings, four days a week, doing dishes, washing sheets, whatever they need me to do. I think I’ll get used to it. At least it will keep my mind occupied while Luke is at summer school. I just hope I don’t have to clean toilets since I’m the new guy. Well, maybe, it will be good for me. It will keep me humble. I’m getting back on Denise’s good side and I’ll have some real volunteer work that I can put on my college applications. Oh yeah, and I’m helping people in need… can’t forget that one. I continually have to stop myself from daydreaming. We had one hell of a weekend. We had to fit our “summer of love” into three days…. well, we pretended we had to. It’s not like we won’t be doing it all summer, anyway. I was able to bail Luke out of the sticky situation with the baseball team TP-ing his English teacher’s house. We were able to get Mr. Palmer’s phone number, so I made Luke call him. Luke told him what was going on, and he begged Palmer not to call the cops. He just explained that the team needed to blow off a little steam, and then Luke and I would be there first thing Saturday morning to clean it up. He reluctantly agreed, as long as they did no real damage. It all worked out well. The TP was no problem. The eggs weren’t so easy, but we eventually got them off. My favorite part was that Luke got really sweaty. He got sweaty, I got a boner, he got a boner, and we spent the last half of the clean-up trying not to jump each other on Palmer’s front yard. We were so worked up by the end, we could’ve done it in the car. The heat, combined with the fact that we surely would’ve been seen, gave us just enough incentive to make it back to Luke’s place. The sex was hot and desperate and way too quick, but my favorite part was that we slept all afternoon together in his bed with the AC blasting, my head resting on his chest and his arms wrapped around me. I would wake up from time to time, getting a huge smile on my face, as I would smell the mixture of sweat and sex that he and I… and the rest of the room, were dripping with. Although we had a lot more sex over the weekend, all of my daydreams today are going back to that Saturday afternoon nap — the total relaxation, the intense longing, the unconditional love, the togetherness, and the way he held me. It just made me feel like everything was going to be all right no matter what life threw at us. I scheduled my volunteer hours so that I’ll be off just in time to pick Luke up from summer school. They let me go a little early today because I was just being trained to man the intake desk and there was nothing else to do. Now, I have to kill about thirty minutes before I can go pick him up. I don’t know what to do with myself. I try to keep my dick limp and keep my mind off of Luke as I head to Subway to pick up some lunch for us. Hopefully, I can keep it cool enough in the car. I head over to the school and park in my usual lot. I eat my sandwich as a way to keep my mind off of sex. I’m so glad I don’t have to go to summer school, and I start to have empathy for Luke for the first time. He finally appears from behind a building and starts running for the car. I can’t help but smile, but he looks totally disgusted. Dammit, I was hoping he wouldn’t be in a bad mood, but I can’t blame him after finishing a five-hour class of his least favorite subject with 105-degree heat. “FUCK!” He slings his backpack onto the backseat as angrily as he can and punches the dashboard repeatedly. He’s probably going to hurt his hands… and I thought I was a drama queen. “You done?” I ask. “Now I have to read TWO books this summer and do TWO fucking book reports. And I’m stuck there five hours a day with those meth heads and retards!” “It’ll be all right. I’ll help you out.” Didim Escort I start to drive away. “What books do you have to read?” “Fuckin’ ‘Tale of Two Cities’ AGAIN! I can’t fucking escape that FUCKING piece of GARBAGE SHIT! And the other one has to have been on the New York Times best seller list… and it can’t be Harry Potter or Twilight or anything like that.” “Ahh… no problem.” “For you, maybe. I just can’t fuckin’ STAND reading! I can’t concentrate. I don’t know how I’m going to pass this summer school thing, either. I’ll just be thinking about how I could’ve passed English in the first place, and how much reading I have to do, and how much I just want to just throw the book away and fuck you for hours.” “Guess what? You can take care of your reading and reports and spend lots of time putting your dick wherever you want.” “How do you figure?” He starts smiling for the first time. “Book reports aren’t really a test of your reading or your comprehension. They’re a test of your time management skills. It’s just like if you had a math class where the teacher said you have to do a thousand problems for your homework assignment, and it’s due in one month. If you don’t do it, you fail. You could easily handle that. You’d just figure you had to do fifty problems on twenty different days. Just break it up into reasonable amounts for your daily quota, and then you can feel proud of yourself for making your quota instead of freaking out about how much you still have left to do. Then you can have days where you can give yourself a break and not stress out.” “I know everything you’re saying is true,” he sighs. “But that’s all easier said than done.” “So, summer school is seven weeks, right?” “Yep.” “OK, that’s three weeks per book and about three or four days for each report. So let’s break down ‘A Tale of Two Cities’ into about eighteen parts. That will give you one day a week where you don’t have to pick up the book.” “That’s about two chapters a day.” “Okay. Tonight, I’m going to read you the first two chapters. Then, we’ll talk about it and make sure you’re getting it. I promise, when we’re done, you’ll feel so much better about the whole thing…. and you might even feel like giving me a big kiss.” “I can’t ask you to do all that. This is your summer vacation, dude. You shouldn’t be punished because I fucked up.” “First of all, reading books can’t hurt me.” We pull into the parking lot of his apartment complex, and I park in my usual spot. “Second, I kinda like you and I kinda like spending time with you. Third, I’m all about helping others this summer, and this is how I can help you. FOURTH, when you’re happy, I’m happy…. and when we’re both happy, this white goo starts squirting out of my dick and it feels really good!” “Wow, something else we have in common.” “Let’s go.” I start to get out of the car. “Let’s read those two chapters right now and see if your outlook will change after that.” “Thank you so much, G.” We bound up the stairs, get drinks and settle in for a little reading. Luke flops on his bed and I look around for the best place for me to sit and read to him. He props some pillows up against the wall, leans up against them, and pats his lap, inviting me to sit where I really want to. “OK, no fooling around until after we finish two chapters.” I climb onto his bed and crawl in between his legs. I settle back against his body, leaning my head back on his shoulder. “Uhhh… sure.” I can’t see his face, but I can hear his smile. Before I can even say, “It was the best of times,” He starts giving me soft kisses on the back of the neck and down to my shoulder. “G, you are soooooo good to me. I don’t deserve you,” he whispers as he continues to kiss my neck and shoulder. “Heyyyy…” My protest doesn’t get far, as it turns into a giggle. He starts giggling, too, and the kissing starts to get hotter and sloppier. I melt into him, as it’s just impossible to resist. “Okay…. I guess…. you can do that… for… a couple… hours.” He laughs a little and then wraps his arms around my chest. I’m instantly transported back to our hotel room Jacuzzi on my birthday. I start rubbing his legs up and down as he massages my pecs and continues to slobber all over my neck. After a minute or two, I break out in laughter. “What?” He asks between slurps. “I was just thinkin’ about when we used to hang out… when we were just friends. I’d look over at you and wonder what it would be like to just TOUCH you. I just wanted to touch you so bad. It’s not like we never had any physical contact before we started lovin’… but to just stroke your leg… or rub your foot… or run my fingers through your hair. It would just drive Didim Escort Bayan me crazy until I realized I was drooling with a big boner in my shorts. Now, I just take it for granted. If I want to stroke your leg, I just do it. It’s really nice, but with all the dick suckin’ and butt fuckin’, it’s hard not to take the touching for granted.” “It IS really nice. I love it when you touch me.” He switches to the dry side of my neck and the other shoulder for a while, and the chills run up and down that side of my body. “Did you ever… want to touch me?” I ask. “Fuck, G. I just wanted to make out. I wanted to rub you all over, but only if we swappin’ spit. There were so many times that I would just jump on you and wrestle with you. But I just wanted to lean over and plant a hot one on your hot lips.” “Mmmm, I wish you would have.” I close my eyes and try to imagine one of those wrestling matches. “I was always looking for the slightest invitation in your eyes, but you always either looked pissed or panicked,” he laughs. “Probably because I was trying to hide a big boner. Couldn’t you ever feel it?” I grab his hand and lead it down to my throbbing dick. He gives it a couple of gentle tugs through my shorts and I moan. “Nah, I was probably trying to hide my own, or maybe I was just concentrating on your eyes.” “Well, it’s nice to remember those times and remember how great it is to finally be together.” I go back to rubbing his legs, which are hugging my sides. “I can touch you whenever, and you can sure as hell make out with me whenever you want.” “G, I don’t think I’ve ever wanted to kiss you as bad I as I do right now.” He continues to slobber all over my neck. I lean my head back to kiss him, but he flips himself over on top of me and starts grinding his crotch into me as he gives me the hottest kiss ever. Well, actually every kiss is the hottest one ever, but this one is the HOTTEST. He’s tonguing me so slowly and deeply as he hugs me tight and slowly grinds his dick into mine. It feels so perfect, but all I want is for him to fuck me. “Wait,” I’m finally able to say as I have to use a lot of strength to push him off. “What?” “I really want you to cum inside me,” I whisper. “Oh fuck!” He starts scrambling for some lube. “Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Oh fuck!” He keeps repeating himself, and I start to giggle as I pull down my shorts. Before too long, he’s all greased up and stuffs his dick inside of me. “There ya go,” I smile up at him. “Ahh, dammit,” he says as he starts thrusting inside of me. “I really am gonna cum. I can’t stop it.” “Well then, kiss me!” I reach for him and he swoops down to make out during his orgasm. I just love how crazy his whole body goes when he’s shooting his cum up deep inside of me. I rub his sides up and down as he continues to thrash on top of me and warm me up. That was some load. I kind of regret not taking it in my mouth, but knowing it’s all sloshing inside of me is just as nice. He continues to kiss me as the rest of his body collapses with exhaustion. “Sorry, G. I was just a little too turned on when I started.” He kisses me on the forehead. “Do you remember what you said the first time you fucked me?” “What do you mean?” he smiles. “After the first time you came up my ass?” “Ohhhh… was it something like…. ‘Let’s just keep going?'” he smiles and we both start to giggle. “Yeah, something like that. You up for it?” I say as he’s already started thrusting again. “Yeah, I just might be able to do that for you,” he says before he dives back down to continue kissing me. Now I get to enjoy my favorite part for a little while longer. It’s not long before his dick is hard and back doing its job. Not long after that, he slows down to keep from cumming again. I’m about to cum myself, as my dick is being jerked off by our ab muscles rubbing together. “Uhhhhnnnn… I am so loving this,” I manage to gasp right before I erupt. “I am so lovin’ YOU.” He dives back down to give me a passionate kiss as my dick squirts between us. We sop up and share my cum through a sloppy kiss, as many times before, and that gives Luke the final push for another hot squirt up my ass. He sure is great at what he does. “You were AMAZING!” He takes the words out of my mouth as we exchange grateful kisses. I don’t know which one of us is more grateful. “Me? You’re such a great fucker… I mean a great top. I know it wasn’t easy what you just did. That took a lot of energy after sitting in that classroom all morning.” “You’re quite an inspiration.” He gives me one more sweet kiss, then surprisingly sits up and grabs the book, which has fallen on the floor. “Wow, I’m proud of you! I thought I’d have to beg you to Escort Didim start reading now.” “As soon as we’re done with two chapters, we’ll go again.” “Deal!” We try to figure out a good arrangement of where we would position ourselves on his bed… nothing too sexual, but I make sure that we have to be touching somehow. I finally figure out a good plan. I lean up against his headboard with some pillows propped up behind me, and he lies down with his head in my lap, looking up at me. That way, we’re still touching, but I can see his eyes and be able to tell if he’s paying attention. “Ready?” I ask as serious as I can. “Go for it.” He smiles up at me. I can’t even get the first line out before he erupts in laughter. I smack him on the head with the book. “What?” I ask, trying to keep my laughter buried down inside. “Well, it’s just that we’ve had a whole lot of boy on boy kissing in our time together, a hell of a lot of dick suckin’ and cum eatin’, and a good amount of butt fuckin’… actually not nearly enough butt fuckin’–” “What’s your POINT?” “Out of all things we’ve ever done, I think this is by far… the gayest.” He stares up at me with an angelic expression. “You may be right, my love.” I stroke his face with my fingertips as lightly as I can, and we both burst out with laughter again. After we finally calm down, I begin to read, and my plan actually works! A couple of times, I look down at him and catch him staring up at me all googly-eyed, but most of the time, he looks like he’s paying attention. He even seems to be absorbing it as we discuss certain paragraphs, and tear through the study questions at the end of the first chapter. About a half-hour into our reading, I can tell he has another hard-on. Catching a quick glimpse every minute or two does the same for me. I’m sure he can feel my bulge growing under his head, but he’s a perfect gentleman and continues to soak up my reading with the occasional stroke of my leg. We finish both chapters and the discussion questions in just under two hours. “I am so proud of you!” I say as I hurl the book across the room. “You’ve got this summer school thing in the bag. Do you feel better about it all?” “All because of you. You are SO good to me, G.” “Your mom won’t be home for a while, and I don’t have to be home for dinner tonight.” I continue to twirl a curl of his hair around my finger. “I’ll have to think of a way to say thanks. Hmmm,” he says and puts his finger on his lower lip as he pretends to think. “Aha! I think my mouth needs to get reacquainted with an old friend.” He pulls down my waistband far enough to free my dick, but doesn’t change positions, keeping his head in my lap and looking up at me. He bends it down and starts kissing it all over, with lots of “Oohs.” I look down at the outline of his rock-hard dick in his shorts, licking my lips in anticipation. He alternates from kissing to massaging my cockhead with lips, sliding his tongue up and over my hole and down to my sensitive area. He continues to stare up at me and our eyes lock. I stroke my fingers through his hair and enjoy the show. I just love watching him make love to my dick. I squirm and moan as I know I can’t last much longer. Luke gets a big smile on his face, and then quickly flips over to take my dick full in his mouth for the cum snack. He gives me a nice “Mmmm” with every jet I release into his mouth. I’m so glad he likes the taste of cum because this feels so amazing. After my dick is spent, he collapses his head back into my lap and looks up at me. “I can’t believe this day began so fucking awful, and it’s become so fucking perfect!” He strokes my leg again. “And it’s all cuz of you.” “Well, the perfect part isn’t over yet!” I dive down and free his dick from his shorts and get it in my mouth in world-record speed. “Ahhhh G…. you’re the best! You’re the BEST!” He keeps repeating himself as I pleasure him. My growing thirst for his cum the last hour or so makes me work hard for a quick orgasm instead of teasing him, like I usually do. I’m rewarded with a hot, creamy load as he screams, “I FUCKING LOVE READING!!!” * * * I have published my first work on Amazon. It is called “Dinger!” and it is the first book in a serial novel, based on “Backdoor Slider”. My pen name for Amazon is Finley Cooper. If you could support me by purchasing a copy of the ebook for $3.99, it will allow me to post more work here in the future. Please send me an email if you have any questions. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ If you’d like pictures (G-rated, of course!) of what I think Garrett and Luke look like, send me an email. I will be posting one chapter of this story every week, and I will be alternating with a new story in the Gay-Incest section called “Mason in the Center”. Check it out if a love story between brothers is your thing. Also, check out my story, “We Have the Summer” in the Gay-Incest section, which was just completed!

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