Backyard Pool Ch. 10


All characters are 18 years or older



Nicole and Ryan drove home quietly, both of them processing the events of the day. Their mother had dinner ready for them when they arrived, then went to her room to prepare for a night out with her husband and some friends. The twins would be left home alone for the evening.

After their parents left, Ryan announced that he was going to go and take a shower to rinse off the chlorine from their day in Amy’s pool.

He had only been in the shower for a minute or two, when the shower-door swung open and he saw Nicole standing there, naked.

“What the fuck…?” Ryan blurted out, surprised.

Nicole smiled and said, “I need a shower, too…so why don’t we do it together?”

“Uhhhh…sure…” Ryan said, eying his sister’s slim, lovely body as she posed for him.

Nicole smiled and stepped into the shower, closing the door behind her. She stood under the showerhead for a moment getting herself wet, then she turned it off. Picking up the bar of soap, she began rubbing it across her brother’s chest, then downward to rub it back and forth against his pubes.

Ryan groaned softly as he felt a stirring in his loins and his cock began to respond.

“Oooooh…” Nicole cooed as she watched her brother’s penis rise higher and higher until its swollen head pointed straight upward atop its gracefully curved shaft.

Ryan groaned again as his sister wrapped her dainty little hand around his prick and slowly slid it up and down that slick, soapy shaft.

“Do me, now,” Nicole said, after a minute or two, handing the bar of soap to her brother. As he began running the soap over and around the firm little mounds of her breasts, she reached between his thighs and began lathering his loosely dangling balls with one hand while she continued to stroke her other hand up and down along the curved shaft of his erect penis.

“Did you have fun today?” Nicole asked.

“Uhhhh…yeah,” Ryan grunted, trying to concentrate his attention on washing his sister’s lovely breasts rather than the incredibly stimulating sensations he was receiving from her soapy hands on his cock and balls. “It was kind of weird, though, when Amy’s mom showed up and we realized that she had been watching us do all that stuff!”

“Yeah…do you think she was getting off on just watching us?” Nicole asked.

“I guess so…I know that seeing it was sure exciting for me!”

“Yeah, me, too,” Nicole murmured musingly, imagining the scene of the four young people having sex in the pool while her friend’s mother watched from the shadows.

“Mmmmm…I like your dick,” Nicole purred softly after a few moments of quiet contemplation.

“Ohhh, fuck…” Ryan groaned, thrusting his hips up and down, sliding his cock through her soapy fingers. “I can’t believe you actually gave me a blowjob this afternoon!”

“Was that your first time?” she asked.

“Yeah…I’ve dreamed for years of getting a blowjob, but I never imagined my first one would be from my own sister, and another girl, too!”

Nicole giggled. “How did you like licking Amy’s pussy?”

Ryan smiled broadly. “Oh, yeah, I really liked that!”

“I thought so, I was watching your dick while you were doing it and I saw how big and hard it got!”

“Yeah…” Ryan moaned, remembering how he felt as he lapped at Amy’s sweet little cunt, then how Nicole’s lips felt as they slid up and down his throbbing shaft while his own tongue caressed Amy’s vagina.

Nicole released her brother’s cock and balls, then she pressed downward on his stiff, springy hard-on with her fingers and slid his soapy shaft between her thighs, its top side sliding along her vulva. Pressing the front of her body against his, she grasped his ass with both hands, digging her fingers into his fleshy buttocks as she ground her soapy breasts and belly against him.

“Mmmmm…” she purred into his ear as she worked his hot, throbbing prick between her thighs and along the soapy groove of her pussy. “And you licked my pussy, too,” she whispered.

“Yeah, I did…but not nearly enough…” Ryan groaned as Nicole rocked her hips, sliding his slippery cock back and forth along her vagina. “I didn’t have a very good angle on it… and I had to share Beylikdüzü Escort it with Amy, too.”

Nicole giggled. “I saw you lick the head of Ronnie’s dick when he pushed it between my legs. How did you like that?

Ryan gasped and his body stiffened. “I…I…” he stammered.

Nicole chuckled. “That’s alright, Ry. It felt good on your tongue, didn’t it? Like nothing else you’ve ever felt before…so firm and rubbery, and oh so smooth! I just love sucking on Ronnie’s cock…and yours, too, of course! You should see how wonderful it feels to have that big, smooth knob all the way inside your mouth!”

Ryan gasped, his body stiffening at the suggestion.

“Don’t sweat it, Ry! Just because you liked how it felt to lick Ronnie’s cock-head doesn’t make you gay. After all, I love licking Amy’s pussy…and I certainly don’t think I’m gay! Because I like cocks more!” She dug her fingers into the flesh of her brother’s ass-cheeks and ground her loins against his. The heat of his erection seemed to sear the lips of her vagina.

“Whew!” Nicole gasped, pulling away from him, his rigid hard-on springing stiffly upward from between her thighs. She wrapped her fingers around it and gave it few slippery strokes. Then she turned on the shower and sluiced the soapy lather from their bodies.

Finished, she bent forward and planted a kiss on the tip of her brother’s upturned, bulbous cock-head.

“C’mon,” she said, taking her brother’s hand and dragging him from the shower, “I’m going to prove to you that licking Ronnie’s cock-head didn’t make you gay!”

They quickly dried off and Nicole led her brother into her bedroom. She climbed onto the bed and leaned back against the headboard. Smiling naughtily, she slowly drew her heels up to her butt, then allowed her knees to drop to either side, splaying her thighs wide apart. She gently stroked her fingertips back and forth, caressing the smooth flesh of her inner thighs.

Standing at the foot of the bed, Ryan gazed down at his sister’s open pussy, feasting his eyes on that luscious looking furrow. Her slender outer labia were pulled apart by her parted thighs, fully exposing her pink, inner folds.

A thrill shot through Nicole’s body as she watched her brother’s penis, drooping after leaving the shower, now quickly rising to full erection again, its curved shaft arcing upward from his loins.

“Come, closer, Ry,” she invited, “take a good, close look.”

Ryan crawled onto the bed, moving forward until his face hovered above her wide-spread thighs. He gazed down into his sister’s open vulva, soaking up the breath-taking beauty of its lovely folds of tender flesh, glistening with dew drops of her sweet juices. The clean fragrance of her freshly washed vagina, tinged with the heady scent of her arousal, wafted to his nostrils, sending a jolt of sexual excitement to his fevered brain.

Watching her brother’s face as he carefully examined her vagina, Nicole’s butt squirmed as she felt her own excitement rise. “How do you like it, Ry?” she asked softly.

The boy glanced up at her and smiled. “It’s really beautiful, Nickie,” he replied.

As her brother’s eyes returned to her vagina, Nicole slid her hand closer to her crotch and she tenderly caressed the shroud that covered her clitoris with the tip of her finger. After a few moments, she touched two fingertips to either side of that soft shroud and pressed downward. Her butt squirmed and she let out a little groan as the tiny pink head of her clit emerged from its hood.

Nicole gently caressed her clitoral hood with her two fingertips for a time, tenderly stroking her erect clitoris beneath its covering of soft flesh. She felt the tension of her rising passions growing in her loins as her brother continued to gaze into her open vagina.

“Well…” Nicole said, her voice husky with those growing passions, “you said you didn’t get to lick my pussy long enough this afternoon, Ry…now’s your chance.”

Ryan looked up at his sister, a questioning look on his face.

Nicole smiled and nodded encouragingly.

Ryan lowered his head and touched his extended tongue to the moist folds of his sister’s vulva.

A shiver of delight ran up Nicole’s spine. She groaned softly and her butt squirmed against the bed as her brother’s tongue tentatively explored Beylikdüzü Escort Bayan her moist, tender labia. Her heart raced and stomach fluttered with excitement as her already aroused passions soared higher.

Nicole again pressed down on either side of her clitoral hood, causing her clit to emerge again. “Lick me there, Ry…” she moaned.

Ryan looked at the bright pink head of his sister’s clitoris protruding from its shroud, glistening wetly. He flicked the tip of his tongue at it once, then again. Nicole groaned and her butt squirmed. He flicked his tongue across her clit again, then began to strum it more vigorously.

Nicole gasped and her body stiffened. She let out a wail, gradually rising in pitch. Then her body began to buck and writhe.

Surprised, Ryan pulled his head back. “No…no…keep licking!” Nicole cried, grasping the back of his head and pulling his face back into her pussy.

Ryan resumed licking his sister’s spasming vagina with increasing zeal as he realized that this was what she wanted. Her sweet love juices flooded across his lips and chin as he eagerly lapped at her vulva, thrilled that he had been able to evoke such a response from her.

“Oooh…oooh…oooh…ooooooooooooh…” Nicole groaned as her passions peaked then gradually ebbed. She placed her hands on the back of her brother’s head, lovingly stroking his hair as she held his face in place against her crotch, making sure he continued licking her pussy as her spasms of delight slowly faded away.

Ryan raised his head slightly, a broad grin on his face, pussy juice dripping from his lips and chin. “That was amazing!” he exclaimed excitedly.

“Yes it certainly was!” Nicole agreed, pulling his face back against her crotch, smiling benevolently and caressing his hair as he resumed licking her pussy, still tingling with her post orgasmic after-glow.

For a long while, they lay there, Ryan gently exploring his sister’s dripping vagina with his tongue. “Ooooh!” Nicole gasped when he discovered her vaginal opening and gently slid his tongue into her. “Oh, Ry, that feels so good!”

The boy raised his eyes to find his sister smiling down at him. Gazing into each other’s eyes Ryan continued to slowly thrust his stiffened tongue in and out of her tight little joy-hole. “Oh, yes…oh, yes…” Nicole murmured, gently thrusting her hips up and down to meet the thrusts of her brother’s tongue into her vaginal passageway. “Oh, god, Ry…that feels so good…” she sighed, tenderly petting his head.

As her brother’s tongue gently thrust in and out of her vagina, Nicole had a thought. “You know, Ry…” she began tentatively, “it was really a shame that Amy’s mom showed up today and put a damper on our party. It was our plan that Amy was going fuck you so you wouldn’t be a virgin anymore.”

Ryan’s eyes opened wide and his head popped up, his mouth open in surprise. “You mean…Amy wanted me to…”

Nicole smiled, pushing the boy’s face back against her cunt. “Yes, she did. You didn’t think we were just going to lick each other, did you?”

Ryan raised his head again. “Well, I was certainly hoping…but I didn’t want to presume anything.”

Nicole smiled as her brother lowered his head and gently slid his tongue up and down through the juicy folds of her vulva. “Actually,” she said, stroking the boy’s hair as he licked her, “that was all we did the first time I went over there. The next time, though…things went a bit farther!”

Ryan’s head popped up again. “Did Ron fuck you?”

Nicole smiled and nodded. “Not just me, though…Amy, too!”

Ryan gasped, his jaw dropping. “Ron fucked his own sister?”

“Uh-huh…he did both of us!”

Ryan lowered his face to his sister’s pussy again. He slowly rimmed her vaginal entrance for few moments, then slid his tongue into her again. As he pushed his stiffened tongue in and out of her tight little cunt, he pictured Ron’s cock thrusting in and out of her pussy.

“Fuck, I can’t believe Ron stuck his cock into this tight little hole…” Ryan said, “His dick is really big!”

“Yes, but pussies are pretty elastic,” Nicole assured him.

Ryan resumed licking the girl’s dripping vulva. Her butt wriggled as she felt her passions reigniting.

“How was it?” the boy asked.

“It Escort Beylikdüzü was wonderful! It was the first time for all three of us. I kept thinking about you and wishing you were there, too. I was pretty sure you had never done it before either… right?”

“Uhhhh…no, I haven’t…” Ryan admitted.

“I thought so!” Nicole said. “As I watched Ron fuck Amy, I kept thinking how much fun it would be if you were there, too!”

Ryan groaned as his tongue thrust deep into his sister’s vaginal passageway. Nicole saw his butt squirming, thrusting up and down against the bed.

Nicole put her hands on Ryan’s shoulders and pushed him up and away from her crotch. She gasped as he rose to his knees and his erect penis emerged into her view. A thrill of excitement shot through her loins as she looked at it.

“Oh, Ryan…it’s so beautiful…” she murmured softly as she gazed at his rigidly up-curved shaft, twitching expectantly, its head fully engorged and a droplet of pre-cum glistening on its tip. “Looking at it like this makes me feel all fluttery inside!”

Nicole sat up, placing her hands on the boy’s hips and pulling him closer. Extending her tongue, she touched it to the underside of her brother’s up-curved shaft. She slowly drew it upward and flicked off the dew-drop of slightly viscous fluid at its tip. Ryan groaned softly.

She raised her eyes to meet her brother’s eyes gazing down at her. She smiled and planted a tender kiss on the tip of his rigid organ, then ran her tongue around and around that swollen, purple knob. “I want you to fuck me, Ry!” she said.

The boy started, gasping in surprise. He wriggled his hips, rubbing the head of his penis back and forth along his sister’s lips, his prick throbbing with desire.

“You want to, don’t you, Ry?” she asked.

“Ohhhh, fuck…” he groaned, his voice gravelly with passion. “More than anything else, right now!”

Nicole gently kissed the tip of his up-thrust erection again. She laid back, smiling invitingly as she caressed the smooth, flawless flesh of her wide-spread, inner thighs. “C’mon, Ry, I really want it, too!”

Ryan gazed down at the incredible loveliness of his sister’s open vagina, glistening wetly with the evidence of her own passionate desires.

The boy leaned forward placing his hands on the bed on either side of her for support. Nicole’s hands went to her brother’s throbbing hard-on, directing it to her waiting vulva. She rubbing its engorged head up and down through her moist folds, then inserted the big, smooth knob into her joy-hole.

Ryan gasped as he felt the head of his prick push through his sister’s tight little vaginal opening. Nicole paused for just a moment, then she grasped the boy’s butt with both hands and pulled him into her

“Ohhhhh, yes…” she moaned as her brother’s stiff, hard penis slid down into her aroused vagina.

“Ohhhh, shit…” Ryan groaned as he felt, for the first time, the incredible pleasure of having his rampant penis enveloped by the warm, wet, embrace of a welcoming vagina. That it was his own sister’s vagina only added to the forbidden thrill of it all.

Moaning softly, her butt squirming, Nicole’s fingers dug into the flesh of his ass as she held him tightly against her, his hot, throbbing erection fully embedded in her cunt.

Ryan gazed down into his sister’s beautiful face, twisted with passion. Instinctively, he lowered his head and pressed his lips to hers, thrusting his tongue down into her mouth.

Nicole’s tongue responded and began a furious dance of passion, thrusting back and forth between their parted lips, while her butt writhed and squirmed, working her brother’s throbbing hard-on inside her steamy hot cunt.

The intense sexual stimulation was too much for the inexperienced young man. He grunted and his overheated balls exploded.

Nicole gasped and her body stiffened as she felt her brother’s penis jerk inside her and the first splash of his hot cum flooded the deepest recesses of her vagina. She pushed him away from her, without disconnecting their loins. She continued pushing him, onto his back. She followed him, coming up astride his body on her knees, his penis still inside her.

Moaning and groaning, her hands on his chest, Nicole began pumping her hips up and down, sliding her brother’s throbbing, spurting prick in and out of her aroused cunt.

“Oh, god, yes!” she cried as her own loins erupted, spasming delightfully around her brother’s still pulsing organ.

“Ohhhhh…ohhhhh…ohhhhhhhhh…” Nicole groaned, collapsing atop her brother and smothering his face with kisses as her orgasm gradually faded away.

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