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MAILING LIST: To be added to the mailing list please send an email with the subject line ‘Mailing list’ to ail The belated education of Charlie Hibbs Chapter 25- An end is just a chance for a new beginning (part one) Agent Hank Barr stared through the blinds out the window of room three and across the parking lot at the diner. He checked his watch, ‘Just after five.’ It had been about ten minutes since baldy had gone in there. He called Anthony. Anthony stood in the closet of room seven when he felt his phone vibrate and answered, “Hank? Eyes on?” “Not yet.” Hank replied never taking his eyes off the diner door and barely blinking, “You been in that place?” “The diner?” Anthony asked. “Yeah.” “Yep.” Anthony replied. “Fast service?” “No.” “Ah. So he might be in there a while then.” Hank concluded. “Probably.” Anthony agreed. Hank remembered something, “Oh yeah, Steelrod mentioned a pickup. That’s you right?” “No, I’m headed straight back home after this.” Anthony explained, “My youngest… he’s… he needs me right now.” “Okay… Well then, who is the pickup for?” Hank asked. “A boy. He was hustling out of that diner.” Anthony remembered his first encounter with Carter, “Twenty a suck, forty a fuck.” “That’s cheap.” “Yep.” Hank still stared intently at the diner door, “So I’m taking him back to Steelrod?” “I don’t know yet.” Anthony replied, “He hasn’t told me if he wants to come in.” “Huh… Well, it’s his choice… Tell me about him.” “His name is Carter Mathers. My guess would be he’s about thirteen, been on the streets for at least two years… ” Anthony thought over all he had learned about Carter, “Gang raped at least once so let counsellor Logan know he’ll need emotional and psychological support. No information on his family but it was bad enough for him to leave at age ten or eleven… Oh, and he draws.” “Draws? Draws what?” Hank asked. “Oh you know… ” Anthony remembered the first picture drawn by Carter he had seen, the unfinished bird in a tree, “…anything he finds interesting I suppose.” Carter had told him that himself. “Are they any good?” “Oh yeah.” Anthony remembered the scowl on the face of old man Innes in Carters drawing matching the real thing perfectly, “He really is very talented.” Anthony flipped through Carters sketch pad in his mind. He saw the smoke rising from the bitchy waitress’ cigarette, he noted the stains on the apron of the fat man he assumed must be Bill, he remembered how impressed he was that Carter was able to catch his likeness so accurately-, “Shit!” “What?” Hank asked. Anthonys mind raced, ‘Carter must have seen baldy going into the diner. If he did he definitely would try to draw him. If baldy saw this he wouldn’t like it. If baldy looked through Carters sketch book he would see… ‘ “You gotta get in there! Now!” “What’s the problem?” “Carter drew me. ” Anthony explained as he stepped out of the closet, “If baldy sees that drawing he’ll know we’re here.” “The kid’s in the diner?” Hank asked. “Yeah. See if you can get the boy out without baldy noticing.” Anthony hoped he would be too busy eating. “Understood.” Using his free hand Hank checked his jacket pockets and holster, “Good to go. What’s my ROE?” “Do nothing to put Carter in harms way. Kill baldy if you have to but try to stick to the plan. The less attention on this the better.” “Moving now.” Hank hung up and left room three on his way to the diner as Anthony looked through the blinds of room seven to watch him crossing the parking lot. ******** Carter was frozen in fear. Tommys eyes seemed to be looking directly into his soul, “I… He… ” He didn’t know what to say and his mouth went dry. “I will ask you again.” Tommy tapped his finger on Carters drawing of Anthony, “When did you see this man? I really don’t like repeating myself so I would advise that you don’t make me ask you a third time.” Carter breathed for a few moments thinking, ‘This guy is bad news. There’s no way he is a friend of Anthonys. Anthony’s a good man and this guy… ‘ He decided to answer very carefully, “Err… Oh err him? Err he… Yeah he came through here… ” Carter hoped this would be enough of an answer. It wasn’t, “I already know that. You drew him sitting in this shithole at… ” Tommy held up the sketch and looked around before his eyes rested on where Anthony had been sat when eating his burger and fries the night before, “…that table.” He slammed carters drawing pad back down on the table causing the boy to jump, “Now answer the fucking question I asked! When?!” Carters heart raced. He had been around violent and abusive men before. He knew the type. This guy though… He was different. He wasn’t just some drunk arsehole or some insecure weakling taking his frustrations out on a child who can’t defend himself. No. This man was a whole other kind of evil. He could see it in his eyes. Or perhaps, the lack of it. There was something missing. A soul maybe. Whatever it was this demon was staring right at him demanding an answer and Carter knew he had to give him one, “He.. It was umm… ” Carter could see Tommys anger rising with each second it took him to answer the question so blurted out, “Oh yeah… Him err… It was… It was some time ago. He was just some trucker…. ” Tommy continued to stare, “… Some time ago…” “Uh huh.” “… Just some trucker…” “Yep.” Carter allowed himself to hope his lie had worked as Tommy finally stopped staring into his eyes. Tommy sat up straight and closed his eyes. He took a deep breath in through his nose and held it for just a second… “Argh!” Carter wasn’t prepared for the hard punch to his ribs. Tommy grabbed Carters hair and gripped it tight, pushing the boys face up against the window. He brought his own face right up to Carters, “I can smell lies and you reek of deception! You know, the last person who lied to me died choking on his own cock!” He pulled Carters face away from the window and slammed it against the glass again. The knocks to his head made worse by his still healing nose from where Tony had punched him. The boy was still winded from the punch which, Tommy figured, was why he wasn’t squealing like a little bitch, “You WILL tell me what I want to know, one way or another.” Tommy watched Carters terrified eyes look over to the waitress behind the counter in a desperate, silent plea for help. Tommy followed his gaze and stared at the bitch as she looked back at him for a moment before averting her gaze in fear, “See? She won’t help you. Noone will.” He turned back to Carter, “At this point I am going to hurt you. Badly. The only decision you have left to make is whether or not you die from those injuries. Now tell me, when did you see-” The bell above the diner door jingled as it was opened. Tommy looked up and watched as a tall man entered and greeted the waitress. “Evening.” The waitress glanced in Tommys direction before answering the man, “Err… Evening. What… can I get you?” “Just a coffee please.” The man replied. Tommy noted the man didn’t look over at them. He let go of Carters hair and sat up straight watching the man as he waited at the counter for his coffee. He thought for a moment, ‘The kid, then this guy, then the waitress. I’ll cut the throat of the fat cunt last then go across to the motel office and finish off the idiot before leaving.’ He couldn’t stay here. Not now he knew they had been here and possibly still were. He removed the straight razor from his pocket and opened it. He just needed to know where this guy was gonna sit… Hank stood at the counter seemingly waiting for his coffee to be made by the obviously terrified waitress. The gentle smile remained on his face as his calm demeanour never faltered. He took out his phone as he looked at the metal cylinder that held straws for the milkshakes and in it he saw the reflection of baldy sat next to a boy he had to assume was Carter. He typed a message to Anthony, ‘Baldy has the boy.’ Carter watched the demons face as he watched the man at the counter. His right hand slowly reached up and took hold of the fork that was there before taking it back under the table. Anthony felt his phone vibrate and when he checked the message, “FUCK!” He breathed for a moment then replied, ‘New priority. Protect the boy.’ The message came through to Hank and he read it as the waitress placed his coffee in front of him. Putting his phone away he looked at her with his cheery smile, “Thanks.” He turned and looked in the direction of the boy and baldy who was staring right back at him with a blank expression. Ignoring the burning rage within him Hank approached their table with his same warm smile and asked, “Anyone sitting here?” “No and I’d like to keep it that wa-” Tommy began but Hank had already sat down. Hank understood how delicate this situation was and did everything he could to maintain the false air of calm, “Man, those roads just keep going huh? It’s nice to stop and grab a hot cup of coffee.” He smiled at Tommy then turned to Carter, “Hey little buddy. How’s it going?” Carter didn’t understand why this man wasn’t reacting to his obviously tear stained face and didn’t know how to respond but luckily for him the man turned back to Tommy and continued to engage him in conversation, “So, where are you and your son headed?” He sipped his coffee. Tommy analysed the man. He noted his lack of reaction to his scarred face and head, his disregard for Carters tears… This man was strange, “North.” “Is that so? I’m headed that way myself.” Hank spoke as if to a new friend, “Yeah, visiting family up in Canada. Long drive but family is worth it right?” He sipped his coffee again. Tommy was bored of this, “Why did you sit here?” “Hmm?” Hank swallowed and set his mug down keeping it in hand, “Excuse me?” Tommy really hated repeating himself. He leaned forward on his right elbow as his left hand held the razor under the table, “Why did you sit here? This table. The only table in this place with people sat at it already?” Hank leaned forwars on his right elbow, his fingertips resting just inside the zipper of his jacket, his cup of coffee still on the table, held in his left hand, “I’m not sure I follow you.” Tommy stared intensely into Hanks eyes, “There are plenty of other tables that are free, that dont have a crying boy and a freak sat at them yet you chose to sit here. Why?” Hank stared back, “I like conversation.” “Is that right?” Tommy gripped the handle of the razor tightly, “Why is that then?” ‘He’s one of them… ‘ “It’s nice.” Hanks fingers slid ever so slightly closer to his weapon. “Is it?” “Yeah.” Hank replied, “It’s nice to be nice.” ‘He knows… ‘ “Hmm… ” Tommy was sure, “So you might say that, as a person… ” The two mens eyes bored deep into each others, “… you are quite… ” The smile left Hanks face as his hand opened ready to grab his glock 19, “…Friendly. ” Many things happened at once and in quick succession. Hank attempted to throw his hot coffee in Tommys face while grabbing the grip of his glock and pulling it from its holster. Tommy dodged to his right and raised the razor, placing his right hand on the table to steady himself. As Hank brought his pistol up to aim Tommy slashed at his hand causing the gun to drop onto the table as blood began to flow. Tommy reached for the gun- “AAARRGH!” Tommy growled as Carter stabbed his right hand with the fork as hard as he could. Tommys immediate reaction would have been to cut Carters throat but had to slash at Hanks other hand that was now reaching for the gun on the table so he could grab it himself. Carter liffted his legs and turned in his seat. He kicked Tommy with both feet sending him to the ground and the gun sliding across the floor towards the back of the restaurant. “RUN!” Hank shouted at Carter as blood poured from both of his hands The boy didn’t need to be told twice and bolted for the door. The waitress ran into the kitchen to get help from bill. Tommy had recovered and was going for the gun. As he picked up the weapon and turned, raising it to take aim at Carter, Hank fought his blood loss to stand up blocking the line of fire with his body as the waitress and Bill reappeared to stop what they didn’t realise had become a gun fight. Tommy fired hitting Hank squarely in the chest as Carter managed to escape through the door. Tommy turned the weapon on the waitress and Bill and fired multiple shots in their direction, hitting them both numerous times and killing them instantly. Satisfied that the bitch and the fat cunt were dead Tommy approached the blood covered man on the floor. He looked down on him as he spluttered, gurgled and coughed. Tommy found the sight of this man, “Pathetic.” He took aim at the mans head and pulled the trigger ending the life of agent Hank Barr. He looked at his injured right hand now bleeding from four points in a line, “Now where is that little shit… ” He walked quickly to the door. ******** Anthony heard the first gunshot from inside the diner, the paper thin walls of the cheap motel room doing nothing to diminish the sound. At the same moment he saw Carter burst through the door, “FUCK!” He opened the door to number seven and stepped outside as more gunshots rang out, “CARTER! TAKE COVER!” Anthony raised his own firearm and took aim at the door to the diner while walking towards it. Carter heard Anthonys instruction and ducked down behind agent Barrs car. Anthony moved from cars to trees closing the distance between himself and the diner, ever watchful for the moment the door would open and- There! Someones hand pushing it- “WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?!” Anthony looked at the source of the gruff, shocked voice to see old man Innes taking his phone from his pocket, “I’m definitely calling the police this ti-” A shot rang out as old man Innes’ chest exploded. Anthony looked back at the diner just in time to lock eyes with Tommy Jarvis. Tommys eyes went wide as he beheld Anthony alive and in the flesh. He smiled as he turned his outstretched pistol on him and fired. Anthony had just enough time to get behind the tree he was next to. The gunshots continued until- CLICK! Taking a chance Anthony glanced around it to see Tommy had retreated back into the diner after emptying his clip. He sprinted towards the door and threw himself aginst the wall beside it. He opened the door a crack and called in, “Hank?!” Inside the diner Tommy had gone through Hanks pockets and found the spare clip for his glock 19, “Hank huh?! Was that his name?!” Tommy ejected the empty clip and inserted the fresh one, “Well, I’m afraid he’s a little dead right now!” Click. Reloaded, “Can I take a message?!” Antthony growled, “I’m gonna fucking kill you!” Tommy smiled, “Well on that score I’m winning one to nothing so I like my chances! Imagine that haha! I get to kill you twice!” Tommy stood and aimed at the door, firing four shots through it as he moved out back to the kitchen. Anthony waited a few moments after the bullets ripped through the door before opening it and creeping in, being sure to stay low. All seemed quiet in the diner now. He risked popping his head up and looking around the seemingly deserted restaurant. He saw the body of Hank Barr on the floor and one of the waitresses legs sticking out from behind the counter… but no baldy. The sound of an engine being started from out back broke the relative calm, “No!” Anthony moved around the counter and through the door into the kitchen, jumping over the bodies of the waitress and Bill. As he neared the rear exit he heard revving and the spinning of tyres. Bursting through the door outside he saw a red truck speeding away. He took aim… but didn’t have a shot, “FUUUUUUCK!” He screamed to the sky. Tommy looked at Anthony shrinking into the distance in his rear view mirror and smiled to himself. He had gotten away. Anthony went back through the diner, grabbing Carters bag and sketchbook and quickly paying his final respects to Hank, then out into the parking lot, “Carter?! Carter come out! He’s gone!” Anthony saw Carters head pop up from behind Hanks car, “Come on! We have to go! Now!” Carter jogged over to Anthony as he unlocked his own car, got in and threw Carters belongings on the back seat. He noticed Carter hesitate before getting in, “Come on… Carter we have to go!” The sound of sirens rose in the distance and Anthony could see on Carters face he heard them to, “You wanna stay here and talk to them?” The boy shook his head, “Me neither. Get in.” The boy did as he was told. As Anthony drove away from the sirens he called Baxter and updated him on what had happened, “… and now he’s headed south. I had to head north to avoid the police.” “Understood.” Baxter had listened to Anthonys debrief over the phone, “I’ll find out who we have down that way and get them to see if they can pick up his trail.” “Keep me updated.” “I will Ant but… for now, just go back home.” Baxter advised his friend, “Seb needs you.” “Yeah… That’s the plan.” Anthony looked at Carter and noticed the boy sobbing silently in the passenger seat, “Just a minute Ced.” Anthony took the phone away from his ear, “Hey… Hey Carter.” The boy looked at him, “It’s okay. He can’t hurt you now.” Carter couldn’t get the image of that demons eyes staring into his out of his mind, “Who… Who was that guy?” “He… ” Anthony remembered he had Baxter on hold, “… It’s a long story. He’s gone now though. You’re safe-” “Can I come with you?! Please?!” Carter figured the safest place would be wherever Anthony was. He had fought that monster and survived, “I won’t get in your way! And I can make my own money! You know that!” Carter looked at Anthony with pleading eyes. Anthony looked back and explained, “Carter I have to get home. My family needs me.” He saw the boys fear return, “But I am talking with my friend right now. The one I told you about, who runs that place you could go to and be safe. If you like I can arrange for him to send someone to meet us and take you there.” He watched Carter look down and think over the offer for a moment. There was still the slightest hesitation, “I promise you… ” Carter looked back up at Anthony, “… you will be safe there.” Carter knew he could trust Anthonys word and nodded. Anthony smiled a weak smile and put the phone back to his ear, “Hey Ced?” “Yeah?” Baxter was still on the line. “Can you have someone meet me at JFK International? That boy I told you about wants to be brought in.” “Of course. I’ll contact the New York safe house now. We actually have another pickup arranged already so he can join them.” “Huh, that’s convenient.” Anthony was glad he could get home straight away and wouldn’t have to wait in New York city for someone to come and collect Carter, “Alright then. I’ll call again when I’m almost there. Goodbye.” “Safe travels.” Baxter hung up the phone and placed his face in his hands. “Sir?” Ballview asked, “Why… didn’t you tell him?” Baxter looked up at Bellview, “What?” “Why didn’t you tell agent Carver about the tracker in agent Barrs weapon?” Bellview clarified his question. “Two reasons Bellview. The first is that if I had told Anthony we are tracking baldy then he would have insisted on going after him himself right now… ” Principal Baxter stood up and leaned forward placing both hands on his desk, “And I didn’t want that to happen because of the second reason…” “…and… what is that sir?” Bellview asked. The second reason is HE FUCKED THIS UP!” Baxter slammed his hand down on the desk hard and the entire intel room went silent, “HE HAD HIM! RIGHT FUCKING THERE! HE EVEN HAD AGENT BARR AS BACKUP AND NOW HANK IS DEAD!” Baxter breathed for a few moments before continuing, “… I’m going to call headmaster Rose and recommend he advise agent Carver to consider retirement. He’s… He’s not the same man anymore. Not since that coma. He’s lost it.” Baxter looked up at Bellview, “Keep tracking baldy. I want a team ready to deploy to wherever he stops ASAP.” “Yessir.” Bellview went about making what arrangements he needed to. Baxter sat back down at his desk and prepeared to once again write a eulogy for a fallen comrade. He picked up his pen and began, ‘Hank Frederick Barr. A loving husband and father, survived by his wife, two sons and baby daughter… ‘ ******** “Are you ready my love?” Nurse Hanson asked Seb. “Wait… Wait just a few more minutes… “Seb pleaded with nurse Hanson from the hospital bed that was the centre piece of his own, personal makeshift treatment room on the third floor of Rockstaff school, “He said he would be here!” Seb turned to Charlie, took his hand and squeezed, “He said he would!” “I know man.” Charlie squeezed back, “I know and I’m sure he wants to be. There could be a taffic jam or something. You never know but… really man… ” Charlie knew Sebs treatment couldn’t wait, “You gotta do this. I know your dad has always been here before but you got this … and you got me. I’m right here. You’ll be okay.” Charlie tried his best to summon a reassuring smile for his bunk buddy. Seb appreciated Charlies efforts but still looked at the door hoping against hope it would open any second… When it didn’t he turned his head to nurse Hanson and nodded. She began the process by which Sebs chemotherapy treatment would be administered through the IV connected to his arm. He laid back and waited for the inevitable feelings of dizziness and discomfort- The door opened and in rushed Anthony Carver, “Seb! I’m here son. I’m so sorry I was late.” “Dad!” Despite what he was about to go through he couldn’t be happier to see his father. Since getting his dad back he hated every moment he wasn’t with him, constantly terrified of losing him again. Anthony approached the bed and hugged Seb before sitting in a chair at his bedside and taking Sebs hand in his own. Seb looked at his dads face, “You look tired.” Charlie had also noted the puffy red eyes that betrayed Anthonys lack of sleep. Anthony replied to his son, “Oh I’m fine. Don’t worry about me Sebby.” Anthony smiled the same smile that always made his sons feel at ease, the one that told them daddy has a plan and everything will be alright. After Sebs treatment was complete he felt like he always did and needed to sleep. Anthony and Charlie left Seb in the care of nurse Hanson and stepped out into the corridor, closing the door quietly behind them. Anthony looked at Charlie, “Hibbs.” “Mr. Carver.” Charlie replied. “Ooohhhhhh… ” Anthony rubbed his tired eyes, “I need sleep… I’m gonna go ahead and take off my faculty hat for a second and put on my father one.” He looked at Charlie and smiled, “Thank you Charlie. I’ve heard from Lucas and Benji you’ve really stepped up and helped Seb the last few months and I noticed too. I know it must have been hard on both of you.” Charlie didn’t think he had done anything special, “Of course! He’s my bunk buddy.” “I know.” Anthony placed his hand on Charlies shoulder, “Still, you have my appreciation.” Charlie returned Anthonys smile as they both enjoyed the brief moment of silence and knew they both loved Seb unconditionally before Anthony continued, “Now, back to faculty member. Mr. Walker asked me to tell you he is ready and you are to meet him in the changing rooms.” Charlies heart sank a little and he looked at the floor. He knew he was about to find out the nature of his punishment, “Yes sir.” Anthony picked up on the change in his mood and reassured him, “Hey.” Charlie looked back up at him, “Whatever it is it won’t be that bad I’m sure.” Charlie did trust Sebs dad and him saying this actually helped, “Thank you sir.” Anthony walked away to find his bed whilst Charlie made his way to the changing rooms. Walking along the corridors of Rockstaff, in no real hurry, Charlie lazily looked around him. Boys were walking, chatting or just sitting, trying to decide what to do with their Sunday afternoon. Charlie gazed out the large windows at the March sun beaming down on the cold school grounds. Charlie was glad it wasn’t Thursday. He hated cross country, especially when it was cold and wet. Long before he wanted to he arrived at the changing rooms and walked through the door. “Hibbs.” Mr. Walker greeted him, “Right on time. Young Carver is sleeping I assume?” “Yessir.” Charlie replied. “Good. He needs his rest, “Mr. Walker picked up a bag and placed it on the bench, “And we need to get going.” He unzipped the bag and took out two heavy cylindrical weights. He held them out to Charlie, “Here.” Charlie was a little surprised. Was working out his punishment? “Umm… Okay… ” Charlie took the weights, one in each hand, from Mr. Walker- CLANG! “Argh!” CLANG! Charlie wasn’t prepared for how heavy they were. One he had successfully dropped. The other he still had in his hand and as it fell he had managed to hit himself in the leg, “Ffffff-” The pain hit him, “-fffuuuuck!” Charlie buckled and immediately began rubbing his shin vigorously. He rubbed away hard for a couple of miutes before the pain became manageable enoungh to stand again. He dried his eyes and looked at Mr. Walker who was looking at him completely emotionless. It occurred to Charlie that the man had said nothing about him hurting himself. Not even to ask if he was okay, “… Sir?” Mr. Walker looked at the weights, “Pick them up.” Charlie looked at the weights, “They’re too heavy sir.” “I don’t need your opinion on their weight Hibbs. I need you to pick them up.” Charlie looked at the mans face. It was completely neutral. There was force behind his words but not anger. Just a stern resolve that seemed to assume Charlie would just do whatever he said even though he couldn’t. The weights were too heavy. He knew that. He even told Mr. Walker! Wait… What if… He didn’t? What if he just left and- “I bet right now you are considering refusing to do as I instruct you.” Mr. Walker could tell by Charlies reaction he was, “If you don’t comply you will have to complete a different punishment… ” Mr. Walker still maintained his completely neutral air, “… but you really don’t want that. Trust me Hibbs, better the devil you know.” Charlie knew instantly what Mr. Walker was telling him. Pick up the weights or visit bastard Borks. Charlie decided to follow every instruction Mr. Walker gave him to the fucking letter, “Yessir!” He bent down and took a weight in each hand. Gripping them tightly he tried to lift them but couldn’t. He looked up at Mr. Walker, maybe expecting help but none was coming. Mr. Walker just waited patiently and quietly for Charlie to do as he was told. Charlie decided to change his approach. He stood feet together between the weights and bent down taking them tightly in each hand. He then stood back up, this time lifting with his knees… something Mr. Walker had taught them in PE class already. Standing up straight with the weights in hand he understood. He looked at Mr. Walker and waited to be told what to do next. “Alright then Hibbs. Follow me.” Mr. Walker left the changing room and walked along the corridor at a brisk pace. Charlie struggled to follow along carrying the weights. He led the two of them outside and when they got there, “Okay! Now we jog!” Mr. Walker began jodgging ahead of a stunned Charlie. He couldn’t be serious. Mr. Walker turned back, “Keep up Hibbs! And don’t drop my weights!” He was serious. Charlie knew he had to do it so he did. It was a struggle. The wet cold ground that would usually just dampen his trainers and make his toes cold sank into the mud due to the added weight. He also couldn’t lift the weights so using his arms to run ws out of the question. All he could do was trudge forwards as fast as he could to try and keep up with Mr. Walker. He fell a few times getting even dirtier and wetter but each time he knew he had to get back up and carry on. Nearing the end of what he had recognised as the route he and the other boys ran for cross country he felt relief that this gruelling ordeal was near it’s end… only to have those hopes dashed when Mr. Walker didn’t stop. He kept jogging on to another unknown destination. The pain in Charlies leg was becoming almost unbearable by the time they reached the shooting range and finally stopped. Mr. Walker turned to an exhausted Charlie, “You can drop the weights now.” Charlie tried but his hands wouldn’t open. He let his legs give out and collapsed to the floor. Dragging his hands across the ground opened his fingers and he looked at his hands. There were a few blisters and some blood. He opened and closed his fingers a few times and felt the pain and cold as the feeling partially returned. His arms felt dead yet his muscles were on fire. Charlie had never been this tired and cold in all his life. He looked up at… noone. Mr. Walker had disappeared. Where the hell did he- “Ah sergent Selby.” Mr. Walker greeted the man as he opened the door to the range cabin. “Mr. Walker.” Charlie looked over at the men as they looked at him and spoke too quietly for him to hear. Sergent Selby said, “… understood. Hibbs! Over here!” Charlie slowly and shakily got to his feet and stumbled towards the cabin. Mr. Walker told Charlie, “You will follow sergent Selbys instructions.” He looked at sergent Selby, “Good evening sergent.” Mr. Walker jogged back in the direction of the main building to, Charlie jealously assumed, enjoy a nice hot shower. Charlie turned to sergent Selby who regarded him with the same neutral expression as Mr. Walker had had, “Come in Hibbs. Sit down at a desk.” Charlie loved the idea of sitting right now so made for the one closest to him, collapsed into the chair and immediately laid his head down on the desk. He was still shivering. It was warmer in the cabin than outside but not by much and certainly not when you are sat in cold, wet and muddy sweats. He barely had enough time to rest his eyes before- Bang! Sergent Selby slapping the desk made Charlie sit up straight with a start. Charlie looked at the man bleary eyed as he placed a rifle on the desk in front of him, “I assume Hibbs that you remember our lessons on proper weapon maintenance?” Charlie nodded, “Good. Well then, here are the tools. You know what to do.” Sergent Selby left Charlie with all he needed to disassemble, clean and reassemble the simple rifle. Charlie got to work. He was actually quite good at this. He had always learned better by doing and was good with his hands, always preferring more practical subjects to those that were purely academic. Soon he felt he was finished, “Sergent? I’m done.” Sergent Selby looked up from the book he was reading and looked over at Charlie, “Are you sure Hibbs?” Charlie looked at his completed task then back at Sergent Selby, “Umm… Yeah?” Sergent Selby rose from his chair and walked over to Charlies desk. He took one look at the weapon and said, “No , I don’t think you are.” Charlie looked again at the completely reassembled rifle then back up at sergent Selby confused. The man could see Charlie didn’t understand so told him, “Your hands Hibbs.” Charlie looked down at his hands. His mud covered hands. How did he not think of this before? Sergent Selby continued, “Go into the next room and use the sink to clean your hands then come back here and do it again. Make sure to get all of the mud you no doubt left inside it.” Sergent Selby returned to the chair behind hisbdesk and continued reading his book. Charlie did as he was told, thankful for the warming sensation the hot water gifted his frigid digits. Hands clean and feeling returning to his finger tips he sat back down at his desk and repeated his task. Hatay Escort This time when he was finished he was certain he was, “Finished!” Again Sergent Selby asked Charlie, “Are you sure?” Charlie nodded enthusiastically, anxious to get back and take a hot shower. Sergent Selby stood up, walked across the room and lifted the clean, reassembled rifle off of the desk to inspect it, “Hmm… ” Charlie waited… “…Alright. That’s done.” Charlie went to stand up but, “Where are you going Hibbs?” Charlie looked at Sergent Selby, “Err… You said I was done?” “No, I said this rifle was done.” Sergent Selby explained, “You still have nineteen more to service. Sit back down. I’ll bring you the next one.” He walked over to the metal cages that held the weapons locked behind them. Charlie sank back into the chair feeling utterly defeated. He was exhausted, cold and hungry. Sergent Selby placed the next rifle on the desk before him and Charlie picked up the tools to do it all over again. This continued until Charlie had just finished the eleventh rifle when he heard it. His saving grace. The sweetest sound he had ever heard and swore he would never curse again… The bell ringing out signalling time for dinner. He stood up and- “Hibbs? You don’t have to stand up to tell me you are ready for the next one. Just tell me.” “Oh! No sergent. It’s umm… It’s dinner time.” Charlie didn’t understand how the sergent hadn’t heard the bell. Sergent Selby looked at him blankly, “Indeed it is… ” Charlies heart skipped a beat. He was starving! “… and I’m sure it will be delicious and all the boys will enjoy it. Now sit back down. I’ll get the next one for you.” Charlies heart broke. He was so hungry, so tired, so… miserable… his eyes stung as tears formed. He sniffed back snot as sergent Selby placed the twelfth rifle on the desk in front of him completely ignoring the boys sobs. He returned to his desk and continued to read his book. Charlie continued to work. What seemed like an eternity passed until finally Charlie was able to report to sergent Selby that the final weapon was finished. After inspecting it the man agreed and finally told Charlie he was done. The sergent called Phipps and a few minutes later he was there to collect Charlie, “Follow me.” He said in his gravely tone. Charlie did as he was told, dragging himself behind Phipps on what felt like dead legs, his arms hanging limply at his side. Phipps led him to the kitchen where he had Charlie sit down while he made the boy a cheese sandwich and a glass of milk. Charlie wss almost too tired to eat but too hungry not to. After this meagre meal Phipps escorted Charlie back to his dorm room and left. Charlie was barely able to stand and was struggling with his filthy sweats when he heard a knock at his door followed by James’ voice, “Charlie?” He opened the door and beheld the destroyed Charlie Hibbs, “Oh… Oh Charlie!” He rushed to hug Charlie and in doing so accidentally knocked him back onto his bed. Charlie immediately began to fall asleep, “Hey! Hey Charlie?! No! You can’t sleep yet!” “Hmm?” What seemed to Charlie to be just a few moments passed. “Charlie! Charlie look at me!” James shook Charlie by the shoulders. “Huh?” Charlie barely opened his weary eyes, “What?” James’ brilliant green eyes looked back at him, “I’m sorry Charlie but you can’t sleep yet. Come on, let’s get you to the bathroom.” James managed to sit Charlie up. Pulling one of Charlies arms over his shoulder he stood up and pulled Charlie to his feet. “HMMMM!” Charlie let his disapproval be known. His eyes still closed he was led by James to the bathroom. After being sat down and listening to the shower being turned on Charlie felt James lifting his arms to take his top off… and another pair of hands taking off his left shoe… and another removing his right, “Hmm?” “Shhh you’re okay man.” Callums voice. His left sock being removed. “Yeah, we got you.” Ricky agreed. His right sock gone. “Jesus… He’s shattered.” Tommys worried voice. “We’re gonna help you have a shower and get into bed okay?” James’ voice closer than the rest. A kiss on his cheek. “Okay, you guys lift him and I’ll pull off his bottoms.” Martins voice. Charlie felt arms around him, “On three?” Ricky counted, “One, two, three… ” Charlie was lifted and his sweat pants removed along with his underwear. Now he was naked and the water heated up the other first year boys all carried Charlie into the shower together. Feeling his naked flesh against their own some of the boys flinched, “Fuck! He’s freezing!” “More reason to get him in the shower. Come on… ” The warm water cascading down upon his face was like a dream. He could feel the heat permeating through his body. There were parts of himself that he didn’t know could get cold but were freezing right now and this was exactly what he needed. It was the most relaxing and serene sensation he had ever experienced- “WHOA!” The group of boys caught Charlie before he completely collapsed and held him up. “Let’s wash him quickly and put him to bed.” Mark suggested. They all agreed. Charlie felt many hands washing and rubbing his whole body clean. Every so often someone would rub too hard on the tender muscles in his arms and legs but he was too tired to react. Before Charlie realised it the water had stopped at some point and been replaced by a towel. Then again before he knew it the towel had become his duvet and James was kissing his head, “Goodnight. I love you.” ******** The next day Charlie awoke when he heard the door being closed, “Huh?” “Oh. Hey sorry.” Seb apologised, “I didn’t mean to wake you. Morning bell hasn’t rung yet so go back to sleep.” Charlie tried to turn in bed and was immediately hit by the agony of his muscles, “Aaahhh!” “Charlie?” Seb moved to Charlies bedside, “What’s wrong?” “Ahhh… ” Charlie lay still, “Everywhere hurts… ” Charlie began to tell Seb about the punishment he had endured ending with, “… and I don’t really remember getting into bed.” Seb listened with concern, “You should stay in bed today.” “No Seb, they’ll know I’m not sick.” Charlie explained, “They’ll know it’s cos of the punishment-” “Good!” Seb was angry, “They did this to you so who cares if they know that’s why you’re not in lessons?! It’s their fault!” Charlie thought for a moment before speaking again, “Nah… Nah I think this is probably part of it… Anyway, why are you up so early?” “After my treatment I went to sleep and slept for ages. Woke up a little while ago and the nurse got me to drink some milk and now I guess Im gonna get ready for lessons… ” The two of them looked at each other for a long time. Seb still feeling weak from his chemotherapy swayed slightly on the spot where he was kneeling while Charlie could barely move. Slowly but surely a little smile began in the corner of Sebs mouth. When Charlie saw it his own little smile began to grow. Soon the boys couldn’t help giggling, then laughing at the same unspoken absurdity finally verbalised by Charlie, “We… We haha! We are gonna look so stupid walking down the corridor-” “-Leaning on each other! Hahahah… ” Seb finished Charlies sentence and the two of them roared with laughter. And they did. There were some giggles and laughs from older boys watching the two first years holding onto each other for support as they shuffled slowly from lesson to lesson but they didn’t mind. They were laughing at themselves too. The teachers didn’t punish them for lateness assuming it was due to Sebs treatment and the day went relatively normally, aside form Aaron and Caleb noticeably ignoring them. Being only able to move at a snails pace made them late for dinner. They were the only boys still in the corridor when they arrived at the mess hall to find Mr. Walker waiting for them at the door, “Carver. How are you feeling today?” “Better than Charlie.” Seb replied, “And that’s saying something.” There was the slightest hint of aggression in Sebs tone but not enough that he couldn’t deny it. Mr. Walker looked at Seb for a long moment, “… Well… I hope you feel better soon.” He looked at Charlie, “Hibbs, how are you feeling today?” Charlie knew what he wanted to say. Nothing. His honest response would be to keep his mouth shut and flip Mr. Walker off… but he didn’t, “Everything hurts.” Mr. Walker nodded, “Yes I imagine it does. It won’t always hurt this much the next day. You will feel better than you do now after next time-” “Next time?!” Seb was done faking it, “You’re gonna do this to him again?! What the fuck is wrong with you?!” “Carver! Calm down.” Mr. Walker looked hard at Seb, “Now I know Hibbs is your bunk buddy and I admire how seriously you take that role but there is a line. Don’t cross it.” “I’ll do it with him!” Seb asserted. “No.” Mr. Walker flatly denied, “This is Hibbs’ punishment and his alone.” Mr. Walker turned back to Charlie, “You will be punished twice a week until further notice.” Charlies heart shattered. How? How could he possibly go through that again? And twice a week?! He would probably have cried right there on the spot if Mr. Walker hadn’t said something that made him too angry for tears, “What I really wanted to talk to you about was mine and the headmasters request. After dinner I was hoping we could go and have a chat with our guest and-” “Are you serious?!” Charlie asked looking at Mr. Walker in disbelief. Mr. Walker seemed surprised that Charlie had forgotten, “Well… yes. This evening seemed like as good a time as any for the two of you to meet and since you agreed to-” “I’ve changed my mind!” Charlie said loudly then turned to Seb, “Let’s go and eat. I’m starving.” “Me too!” Seb glared at Mr. Walker as they walked past him. They were about to walk through the door when, “Hib- … Charlie.” They stopped and turned back to look at Lucas, “Please… I know this is difficult but please try to not let your punishment cloud your decision. You could help us get through to him. Information he could provide may potentially save many lives. Please reconsider.” Charlie looked furiously at Lucas, “The basement is pretty far away and for SOME reason my legs are killing me. I doubt they would get me there.” Charlie and Seb entered the loud hustle and bustle of the mess hall and enjoyed their dinner. Numerous times Charlie glanced over at Aaron and Caleb but they were never looking at him or Seb. Something Charlie had to comment to Seb about, “Hey man. You noticed that Aaron and Caleb-” “-are completely ignoring us?” Seb again finished Charlies sentence, “Yeah… Yeah I noticed.” Seb looked at Charlie, “We have to make this right.” “You mean I have to.” Charlie knew what he had to do. So did Seb, “No… ” Seb took Charlies hand in his own, “..We. We’re in this together man.” After dinner the boys all returned to their dorms, Charlie and Seb still shuffling along behind the others. Once they arrived at the common room they looked in and saw Aarron and Caleb weren’t there. They walked to the door of their room and knocked. Caleb answered, only opening the door a crack, “Oh… err… hi.” “Hi.” Charlie returned the greeting, “Umm… Is Aaron in there? I really need to talk to him.” “Err… ” Caleb looked at something behind him before looking back at Charlie, “Now’s not really a good time. Sorry.” Charlies hearts sank. How could he apologise if Aaron won’t even talk to him, “Oh… Okay then.” He said glumly, “Could you… Could you just tell him how sorry I am… That I didn’t mean for any of this to happen… Please Caleb?” Caleb looked a little confused for a moment before answering, “Err… yeah… yeah umm… I’ll tell him.” “Thanks.” Caleb closed the door and Charlie and Seb walked along the corridor to their room. They were about to enter when- Bang! The door to Aaron and Calebs room flew open and out stepped Aaron. He looked down the corridor at them and began marching towards them with purpose, “What the fuck?!” Charlie was shocked and had no idea what Aaron was talking about, “Wh… What?” Aaron walked right up to Charlie, “What the fuck are you doing?! Is this meant to make me feel even worse cos it’s fucking working! I just never knew you would be so fucking mean!” Charlie didn’t know what to say, “I… Wha… huh?” Seb tried to calm Aaron down, “Aaron! Please man, Charlie is really sorry about-” “You too Seb?!” Aaron looked at him aghast, “Why are you doing this to me?!” Aaron began to cry as Caleb rushed up behind and wrapped his arms around him. Charlie and Seb looked at each other equally confused then Caleb explained, “Aaron felt really bad about you getting punished and… when he saw what a state you were in last night… well, it really upset him-” “I’m sorry alright?!” Aaron shouted at Charlie, “I’m sorry for what I did and I’m sorry you are getting punished for it!” Tears streamed down Aarons face, “I… I know it’s my fault… ” Charlie couldn’t believe what he was hearing. He looked at Seb and could tell he had come to the same realisation. Aaron wasn’t ignoring them because he was angry. He was avoiding Charlie because he felt guilty for him being in trouble. When Caleb told him that Charlie had said sorry he figured it was some kind of backhanded way of making him feel even worse. Charlie stepped forward and placed his hand on Aarons shoulder, “… Aaron… I… I don’t Blame you… ” Aaron looked at Charlie through his tears, “But I… But I did it!” He spoke through sobs and sharp intakes of breath, “I… I took the knife in there and… and… ” Aaron looked at the floor and shook his head, “It’s not fair that you got punished and I didn’t-” “No!” Charlie couldn’t let him feel like this anymore, “No, if I hadn’t said anything you wouldn’t have known he was there! It’s my fault! That’s why I wanted to apologise to you!” Aaron looked up at Charlie confused, “Apol… apologise to me?” He looked as confused now as Charlie and Seb had been moments before, “I… I figured you’d hate me… cos of what I did and… you getting in trouble… ” Charlie shook his head vehemently, “No Aaron. I thought you hated me cos I put you there, in that room, with that knife. It’s my fault-” “No!” Aaron waved his hand, “It’s my fault-” “No it isn’t!” Charlie argued, “I fucked up, not you-” “Yes I fucking did!” Aaron insisted, “I held a knife to that guys throat!” “Only because I couldn’t keep my big mouth shut!” “Guys!” Seb shouted. Charlie and Aaron both looked at him, “Couldn’t you just agree that you both fucked up and forgive each other?” “And yourselves.” Caleb agreed with Seb. Charlie and Aaron looked at each other for a moment. Aaron wiped his eyes. Charlie sniffed. Aaron nodded and so did Charlie. They smiled at each other and hugged, each saying the words, “I’m sorry.” Followed by, “I forgive you.” As much to themselves as each other. Seb and Caleb hugged too while watching their bunk buddies make up. They embraced for a while until Aaron aqueezed Charlie a little too hard, “Ah!” Aaron let go, “Sorry! Are you okay?” “Yeah… ” Charlie smiled, “Yeah, my muscles just hurt a bit.” Something occurred to Charlie, “You saw me last night?” “Yeah.” Aaron explained, “When James knocked on all our doors and asked for help getting you showered and into bed all of us came and helped.” Charlie vaguely remembered hearing Calebs voice, ‘Fuck! He’s freezing!’ And Aarons, ‘More reason to get him in the shower. Come on… ‘ “Thanks guys.” “No problem.” Caleb smiled, “How are you now anyway? Any better?” “My body still hurts all over.” Charlie replied, “Mr. Walker said it won’t be this bad after next time-” “Next time?!” Aaron and Caleb exclaimed together. Charlie nodded, “Yeah. Apparently I have to do it twice a week until further notice.” Charlie could see the guilt creeping back into Aarons expression, “Hey. It is NOT your fault okay? Let’s just leave that now.” Aaron looked at him and nodded, “Okay… ” Aaron had a thought, “Hey, you want a massage? My mum was a masseuse back in Vietnam before we moved here and she taught me all about the body and how to give good massages. I give them to Caleb all the time.” “They are amazing.” Caleb told Charlie. Charlie had never had a massage before but was willing to try anything that would make him feel better, “Yeah man. That sounds really nice.” “Okay then. Go in your room and strip off. Lie on your bed and I’ll be right back.” Aaron turned and walked away back towards his and Calebs room. The three boys entered Charlie and Sebs room and Seb helped Charlie remove his clothes. Once naked he lay on his bed. Aaron returned holding a bottle and proceeded to remove his own clothes and when he saw Seb looking at him quizzically he explained, “I give massages naked, just like my mum taught me.” Seb nodded he understood. Charlie watched a now nude Aaron opened a small bottle before looking at him, “Oh. No Charlie turn over.” “Turn over?” “Yeah.” Aaron approached the bed, “Lie face down.” It took some effort for Chalie to flip over and it caused him some discomfort which Aaron picked up on, “That bad huh?” “Yeah… unnnggg…” Once lying on his front he took a few breaths and waited for his legs to stop throbbing. They hurt the most. “Okay… ” Aaron poured some oil from the bottle on Charlies back. Charlie sniffed, “What is that?” “Lavender oil.” Aaron told him, “It’ll help you relax.” Aaron put the bottle down on the bedside table and placed his hands on Charlies back. He began moving his hands all over Charlies back, shoulders, arms, butt and legs. Aarons light touch would usually have tickled Charlie but the oil seemed to negate that. One of its purposes, he figured. Once Aaron was satisfied Charlies body was sufficiently oiled up he stopped, “Okay. What hurts the most?” “My legs.” Charlie replied. “Alright then.” Aaron placed his hands on Charlies shoulders, “I’ll do them last. This might be a little uncomfortable at first but trust me, you’ll feel better afterwards.” Aaron squeezed Charlies shoulder muscles. “Aaahhhh… ” It hurt, “Damn man!” Aaron didn’t stop repeatedly squeezing the muscles, “I know. Sorry but it will help. I promise.” His hands gradually moved around Charlies shoulers and arms and back to his back again working their way down his spine and out to his sides. Charlie felt like there was no muscle Aarons expert fingers and palms wouldn’t touch. Massaging Charlies buttocks then going lower caused Charlie to hold his breath in preparation. Aarons hands found their way to Charlies thighs and squeezed- “Argh!” Charlie bucked a little on the bed and Aaron stopped. Charlies face scrunched up in pain and his eyes watered. Seb moved to kneel next to Aaron by the side of Charlies bed and stroked Charlies head. “I’ll be as gentle as I can okay?” Aaron said kindly. Charlie sniffed and nodded. His shoulders and arms already felt so much better and longed for the same relief to his legs. Aaron nodded back while placing his hands back on Charlies thigh, “Alright then… ” He continued. “HMMMMM!” Charlie was determined not to scream so kept his mouth shut tight. He buried his face in his pillow as the pain jolted through him. This really was agony. Aaron really did try to be as gentle as he could when manipulatung and kneading Charlies muscles and was happy to report, “Done! All done Charlie.” Charlie breathed and enormous sigh of relief that his ordeal was over. Now all he had to do was lay there and wait for the pain to subside gradually which it eventually did. As the last throbs waned and his entire body completely relaxed Charlie felt like he was floating on a cloud. This might just be the most comfortable he had ever been in his life. Aaron had once again impressed him with the skill of his hands. Charlie did want to just go to sleep right then but Aaron had other plans, “Okay, guys? Can you help me flip him?” “Sure.” “Yeah man.” Both Seb and Caleb answered and before Charlie realised it the two boys had pulled on the duvet he was laying on while Aaron pushed his side and shoulder causing him to lay on his back. “Huh?” Charlie wasn’t impressed, “Aww come on guys! I was really comfortable!” “This is a Vietnamese massage remember?” Aaron moved his face into Charlies crotch, “They always have a happy ending.” Charlie had never heard the phrase before but instantly understood what it meant as Aaron sucked his soft cock into his mouth. He took in a deep breath and let it out as his body shuddered, “Ooohhhhh… ” Aaron sensually suckled the quickly hardening dick as it grew in his mouth. Soon Charlie was fully erect and he really went to work, using his hand on the shaft while his lips and tongue played with Charlies now exposed cock head. Charlies body quivered as the first jolts of pleasure shot through him, “Hmmm… ” He hadn’t cum since the orgy with the third years two days ago and for a Rockstaff boy that was an eternity. He had just been too tired to notice how horny he was. With his body still in full relaxation mode after his massage all Charlie could do was lay there and enjoy the sensation of Aaron sucking his dick. Seb noticed Caleb absentmindedly rubbing his own crotch as he watched Aaron work, “You want any help with that?” Seb asked with a smile. Caleb smiled back, “Sure.” He slipped off the constraining Rockstaff shorts and briefs to reveal his large, hard member, the end glistening with precum. He walked over to Seb and presented his cock to the mouth of the still kneeling boy. Seb had sucked Calebs dick enough times to know exactly what he liked. Extending his tongue while taking the shaft in hand he licked the sensitive tip causing Caleb to moan slightly, “Hoooooohhhh… ” Caleb smiled knowing Seb was about to- “Hmmmmmm… ” -slip his tongue under his foreskin and lick the head, just the way he liked it. Aarons mouth was still doing all the work on charlies dick, expertly syncing sucking with rubbing as was his standard. His free hand found Charlies nipple and squeezed, “Hmmmm!” Charlie was almost there. Caleb had taken Sebs head in his hands and was busy fucking his throat while watching Aaron suck Charlie. Caleb loved watching Aaron pleasuring other boys and men. It qs just about the hottest thing he- “Aaaahhhh… aaahhhh… ahh… ” Charlie came. “Oh fuck!” Caleb pumped his cock in and out of Sebs mouth vigorously. The look on Charlies face when Aaron made him cum, “Ohhhh fffuuuuck!” Aaron greedIly drinking every drop, “OH FUCK!” The last few trusts saw Caleb cum in Sebs mouth which he thankfully swallowed. Caleb smiled down at him, “Phew! Thanks Seb.” Seb smiled back up, “Hey you know me. Happy to help.” Seb yawned. “You want me to get you off?” Caleb asked. “Hmm?” Seb stood up and swayed a little, “Whoa… ” Caleb looked at him concerned so Seb reassured him, “I’m fine. Really I just… ” Another yawn, “… I just need to sleep.” “Charlie’s way ahead of you.” Said Aaron causing them to look at Charlie. He was asleep and snoring lightly. “Aww… ” Said Caleb, “He’s really cute when he sleeps. “He’s cute when he’s awake.” Aaron pointed out. “No. He’s hot when he’s awake.” Caleb contended, “There’s a difference.” “No there isn’-” “Guys I love you both but really I wanna go to bed… ” Seb interrupted their argument. “Oh. Right. Sorry” Aaron apologised and he and Caleb left the room, closing the door behind them. Seb put the duvet over Charlie and tucked him in before getting into his own bed. It was still early but an early night never hurt anyone. ******** The sirens had long since faded into the distance as Tommy kept driving. He drove all night and then kept going. He knew he still wasn’t- Oh! Maybe this one? … No. He has a beard… He knew he still wasn’t safe. He had seen the tracker inside the weapon when he changed clips. He had thought of tossing it immediately but he had a better plan. He always had a better plan. He knew how to turn- Maybe this one? … No. A woman… He knew how to turn this situation to his advantage. He just needed to find the right kind of- Bingo! Tommy pulled over to the side of the road and watched in the rear view mirror as the hitchhiker ran up to the passenger side door to get in, “Hey thanks for stopping man.” Said the hitcher first opening then closing the door behind him, “I’ve been walking all dayAHH!” He turned and saw Tommys face, “… Ahh… Umm… ” “So… ” Tommy smiled then looked forward and began to drive, “Where you headed?” ******** Donny Knox heard the familiar CLUNK of his cell door being unlocked before it opened. He looked over at it as he always did but this time with a little more interest. He was actually curious about this. When Lucas had suggested it he thought the man was crazy but he thought he might try anyway if for no other reason than to kill time. God he was bored… The door opened, there stood Lucas holding his dinner on a tray as usual. He walked into tue cell as usual and placed the tray down as usual. He sat down and said, “It’s roast beef tonight. Dig in.” Donny didn’t move for a moment. He was confused. He looked at the empty doorway and then back to Lucas, “Something wrong?” “You… ” Donny began, “You came alone?” “Don’t I usually?” “Well yeah but… ” Donny shook his head, “Never mind.” He reached out and took his food. Lucas watched Donny as he ate, ‘He actually wanted to meet Charlie… Charlie won’t come as long as he hates me. He’ll hate me as long as he’s being punished. I do need the two of them to meet but he does need to be punished-‘ “What?” Donny asked knocking Lucas out of his thoughts. “Hmm? Oh sorry.” Lucas realised that while lost in thought he had been staring at Donny, “I was just thinking… ” “… about?” Donny wanted to know. Lucas looked at the man and saw no reason to lie, “Well I told you I was going to be bringing one of the boys to talk with you and I didn’t. I was just thinking about that.” Donny cut into a roast potato, “Thought you said he agreed?” “He did.” Lucas explained, “He changed his mind.” “Why?” Lucas took a deep breath before explaining Charlies punishment and how that had caused him to back out of this meeting to spite Mr. Walker, “… and as long as his punishment goes on I can’t see him agreeing to it.” Donny listened quietly. He finished his food and looked at Mr. Walker, “Well, I can’t blame him.” Lucas frowned, “What do you mean?” “Really?” Donny didn’t understand how Lucas couldn’t see it, “Think about it. He made an honest mistake and you are punishing him pretty damn harshly for it-” “Well, he did almost cause your death and-” “-and the boy who held a knife to my throat had nothing done to him-” Donny continued. “Longworth understandably is dealing with very strong emotional trauma that would negate-” “-and just before you asked him to come here tonight you drop the bombshell that he has to do it over and over again, seemingly forever.” Donny finished what he wanted to say ignoring Lucas’ interruptions, “It’s no surprise he told you to shove this meeting up your ass, rightfully so if you ask me. What did you expect?” “Well I would have expected him to act with a little more maturity than that.” Lucas defended his actions. Donny just looked at him, “Why?” Lucas just stared back so Donny reiterated, “No really, why would you expect that? He’s eleven.” Lucas thought for a moment. As much as he didn’t want to admit it he knew Donny was right, “… Ahh shit. I fucked this up didn’t I?” “Seems like it.” Donny nodded, “Why was it so important he come tonight anyway?” “This is the last week of term.” Lucas explained, “Next week all the boys will be back home for the half term break.” “Hmm… ” Donny thought for a moment, “Well maybe he will have cooled off by the time he comes back.” “Perhaps.” Lucas hoped Donny was right, “Anyway I have to go.” Lucas took Donnys empty plate and walked towards the door, “Goodnight Donny.” “Night Lucas.” Donny laid back on his bed as Lucas left the cell. ******** “Cedric said that?” Anthony couldn’t believe it. When Benji asked him to join him in his study he assumed it was for a nightcap by the fire. Not this, “Cedric Baxter said that about me?” “He did.” Said Benji, “We spoke earlier about the failiure at Innes. It’s his recommendation that you consider retirement-” “No chance.” Anthony shot that idea down immediately, “Not while he’s still alive.” Benji just stared at Anthony, “What?” Benji began, “Well, principal Baxter also told me that they are tracking him and have a team ready to intercept-” A few light knocks on the door before it opened interrupted the headmaster. Lucas walked in, “Evening.” He proceeded to sit in an empty arm chair by the fire. “Good evening Lucas.” Benji greeted him, “How did the meeting go?” “It didn’t.” Lucas replied reaching for the bottle of scotch and an empty glass sat on the coffee table next to him, “Hibbs decided to back out to spite me.” Anthony and Benji looked at each other, “Well I suppose that was to be expected.” Benji said, “We rarely want to help those we feel have done us wrong.” “Still… ” Lucas just sat there sipping his scotch and staring into space. “Maybe he will feel differently after the half term break.” Anthony offered some hope. “Perhaps… ” Lucas replied before looking at Benji, “Have we maybe… been too hard on Hibbs?” He was remembering what Donny had said, “I know we discussed all aspects of the situation but I feel we neglected to take into account how it would look to him. Seeing himself being punished and not Longworth or young Carver… ” “As you say Lucas we did discuss all aspects and we agreed this was an appropriate punishment.” Benji pointed out. “I know but… seeing it from his point of view… well I can understand why he feels like it is unfair.” Lucas tried his best to put himself in the immature shoes of the eleven year old boy. “If I may… ” Anthony spoke up, “… When I got back and you explained what had happened and the punishment you had decided on I thought it was appropriate… then you told me he was to repeat it until further notice… ” Anthony bit his lip as he looked at Benji. Benji knew Anthony had more to say, “Go on.” “It just seems to me that is a bit too hard on the boy.” Anthony saw Benji was about to defend his decision so pressed on before being interrupted, “I don’t mean doing it once is enough. Of course not. But… an open ended punishment? With no light at the end of the tunnel? That’s probably going to have the opposite effect we want to achieve.” “What do you mean?” The headmaster asked. Anthony sipped his scotch then continued, “Well, you know me Benji. I’m the kind of man that when you give me a goal I will do anything to achieve it but when you give me a goal I know for a fact is impossible I won’t even try. There’s no point. I imagine Hibbs feels like that right now with no end in sight when it comes to his punishment. Perhaps it would be best to give him a set number of times he must do it. It may go some way to nullifying his resentment and convince him to again agree to meet our guest.” Lucas and Anthony both looked at Benji as he thought over what they had said, “Hmm… Perhaps you’re right… ” He looked at Lucas, “Very well. Tomorrow you may inform Hibbs that he must complete his punishment four more times. Twice this week then twice over the first week after we return from the half term break.” “Thank you Benji.” This was a load off of Lucas’ mind, “I really do think that will help.” The three men sat in the comfortable quiet of the headmasters study, the only sound in the room the cracking and hissing of the fireplace. ******** Charlie stood by the edge of a deep chasm, the only way across, a rickety old bridge with rotten boards. Donny knox stood next to him, his mouth held shut by stitches. Charlie knew he had sewn the bloody twine there himself. He looked across the dark hole in the ground to see Aaron stood on the other side, about to walk across the bridge to join him. Aaron took his first step and the bridge creaked. “Hmmm!” Donny attempted to speak bit couldn’t. Charlie knew what he was trying to say. Some of the wooden boards weren’t safe and would break if stepped on… but which ones? Aaron took another step. “Hmmm!” Donny pointed to the knife in Charlies hand. The same one Aaron had stolen from the kitchen. Donny placed his hand on Charlies shoulder and pointed at Aaron, “HMMM!” Aaron stepped forward again. For reasons Charlie didn’t understand he refused to cut the twine from Donnys mouth. He knew that Donny could tell him which boards were safe and which weren’t but chose to just watch as Aaron moved step by step to his fate. Donny was shaking his head vigorously as Aaron looked at Charlie while placing his foot on the next board, “Charlie?” CRACK! The board broke as Aaron put his full weight on it and the boy fell to his death with an ear piercing scream- “Aaron!” Charlie sat up in bed. He took a moment to look around the dark room he was in and realised he had been dreaming. He waited a moment and when he heard Sebs soft snores he knew he hadn’t woken him. Taking a minute to think he knew what his dream meant… and what he had to do. He picked up the torch from the bedside cabinet and clicked it on. In the little light it produced he got dressed in his sweats and quietly left his and Sebs room. He walked the deserted corridors of Rockstaff towards the basement. Descending the stairs he realised Hatay Escort Bayan he didn’t really know what he was going to say but he did know he had to speak to this man. Arriving at the cell door he unlocked and opened it. The light was off so Charlie switched it on to see Donny Knox stirring in bed then looking at him. As soon as he saw the man Charlie felt the familiar anger and disgust. He couldn’t help it knowing what Donny had done. Donny didn’t speak as Charlie moved to sit in the chair that Lucas always did. The two of them just sat in silence for a moment before Charlie finally decided on what to say, “Hi.” “Hi.” Donny sat up in bed. That’s as far as Charlie had thought. Now his mind was blank. What did Mr. Walker expect them to discuss exactly? He hadn’t really been too clear on that- “So, you’re the kid he wanted me to meet huh?” Donny asked. “Umm… Yeah… Yeah I guess… ” Charlie replied. “Huh… A bit late for a visit isn’t it?” Donny asked. “Yeah… sorry. I umm… I had a dream and… ” Charlie stopped himself. This wasn’t going to work and besides, he didn’t want to be here. He had just figured it would help Lucas somehow… and fuck him!, “it doesn’t matter.” Charlie stood up, “I’m sorry I woke you. I shouldn’t have come.” He turned to walk away. “Wait!” Donny said, “Please don’t go yet. You have no idea how fucking boring it is down here… and only ever having Lucas to speak to… well, that gets old pretty quick.” Charlie stood there for a moment. He looked at the open door then back at Donny. He hesitated… then sat back down. After a brief moment of silence he said, “Look… I’m sorry but… I don’t really know what he wants us to talk about.” “Yeah… ” Donny nodded, “Me neither.” Again they sat in silence before Donny broke it, “How old are you?” “Eleven.” Charlie said, “But I’m gonna be twelve next week.” “What’s the weather like outside?” Charlie hadn’t expected such mundane questions, “Oh… Erm, cold and wet. ” “Still?” Donny asked and Charlie nodded, “Goddam this country… I miss home.” Donny looked lost in thought for a moment. “Where’s that?” Charlie asked. They were talking now so he figured he might as well engage in conversation. “I was at the safe house in Flo-” Donny stopped talking and looked at Charlie then at the open door. He looked back at Charlie, “Somewhere warmer than here.” Charlie understood. Donny trusted him about as much as he trusted Donny, not at all, “I came alone.” “That doesn’t mean you won’t tell them everything I say to you.” Donny pointed out. “I’m not supposed to be here after lights out.” Charlie explained, “If they found out I’d be in trouble.” “You mean more trouble.” Donny said then smiled at Charlies surprised expression, “Oh yeah I know about your punishment. Lucas told me that’s why you told him to shove it.” “Yeah? Well… It isn’t fair!” Charlie became defensive, “Why should i help him when he did that to me?!” Donny held up up his hands, “Hey! I’m not on his side! I agree with you! It’s pretty shitty what they are making you do.” Charlie didn’t expect that either. He looked at Donny for a long time trying to make sense of what he was feeling. The man in the bed before him wasn’t anything like the Donny Knox he had in his head. The one he had hated every day since they attacked and murdered innocent people. The one that had laughed and agreed with Charlie when he said to kill him. Now he seemed different. Now he seemed changed. Now they both seemed to agree that, “Lucas is an arsehole.” Donny chuckled, “Yeah… He is.” The two of them shared a small smile, “You usually call your teachers by their first names?” “No… Well, sometimes… it depends.” “On what?” Donny asked. Charlie wasn’t sure, “Umm… You know… just what’s going on… where we are… ” “It depends on the situation?” Donny understood. Charlie nodded, “Err yeah. Yeah I guess you could say that.” “Example.” Donny said flatly. “Umm… Oh! Well when I first saw him outside school I called him Lucas but here he’s Mr. Walker.” Charlie remembered his first gathering, “And I suppose there are a few times here when we talk in private and he’s more of a friend than a teacher. I call him Lucas then.” “Huh… this place is weird… ” Donny looked at Charlie, “Do you really like it here? I mean honestly.” Charlie did, “Yeah. I do.” Charlie thought back on his first five months at Rockstaff, “This place… You are right. It is weird haha, but I really do love it here. When I first arrived I didn’t know anything. I mean nothing! There was stuff I didn’t know I didn’t know but everyone here… ” Charlie smiled thinking of Seb, James and all his fellow blues, Theo and Jason and the yellows, Pritchard, the headmaster and yes, even Lucas, “… they all helped me… In ways I didn’t even know I needed. It was hard sometimes… ” Especially recently. Charlie looked at the healing blisters on his hands, “… but it’ll be okay. I know it will, ” He remembered brief flashes of his fellow blues showering him and putting him to bed, “This is Rockstaff and Rockstaff boys stick together.” Donny believed Charlie. He knew that conviction in his expression. He had seen it before, “So… You like… doing what you do? With the other boys and men?” Charlie nodded, “Huh… I did wonder… ” “Wonder what?” Charlie asked. Donny looked at Charlie for a long time before saying, “The boy who held the knife to my throat… ” “Aaron.” “Yeah… him and the other one… the one who talked him out of it. ” “Caleb.” “Yeah… they were… well, it seemed like… ” Donny remembered what Caleb had said to Aaron and didn’t quite know how to phrase this, “… I don’t know… They seemed close you know?” Charlie nodded, “Yeah. They’re really in love.” Donny sat there confused, “Huh?” “Aaron and Caleb.” Charlie explained, “They’re bunk buddies and boyfriends. I honestly don’t think Ive ever met any other two people who are so perfect for each other-” “Wait wait wait… “Donny rubbed his eyes before looking at Charlie again, “What do you mean? What’s a bunk buddy?” Charlie had a flash of memory to his first night here and saw himself asking Seb that same question, “Oh… Err well, it’s kinda like a… partner i guess… you sleep in the same room, go to the same classes, have sex whenever you want… you know… ” By now charlie was quite comfortable with this arrangement. “So… a boyfriend?” Donny asked, “The school assigns you a boyfriend?” Charlie shook his head, “Nah a bunk buddy isn’t a boyfriend-” “But you said Aaron and Caleb are.” Donny pointed out. “Well yeah THEY are-” Charlie conceded, “-but me and Seb aren’t-” “Who’s Seb?” Donny asked. “My bunk buddy.” Charlie told him, “He isn’t my boyfriend though. James is.” “Who’s James?” “My boyfriend.” “Not your bunk buddy?” “No. Seb is.” “So who’s Sebs boyfriend?” “Seb doesn’t have a boyfiend-” “Wait!” Donny held up his hand, “Nope, you lost me. Just… just gimme a sec, alright?” Charlie was amazed to see so much of himself in Donny at that moment. He remembered saying this to Seb when they had first met in the corridor outside the headmasters office. He decided to give Donny the reaponse Seb had given him, “Sure.” As he himself had done to Seb Donny looked him up and down before saying, “Okay… Explain all this to me from the beginning.” Charlie did. He explained everything that had happened since he came to Rockstaff; All his experiences, all the ups and downs and his feelings along the way. It was a long story but Donny listened in polite amazement. He had accepted that what he had been told about ‘the friendly’ was a lie but he had no idea what the truth was. As he listened to Charlies account of entering this world he would interrupt every so often to ask questions or have Charlie clarify what he meant by a word or phrase. As the boy went on he was slowly starting to build a picture of who these people are and it was nothing like what he had thought. Charlie finally finished and the two of them sat in silence for a while before Charlie realised they had been talking for hours, “I need to go before people start waking up.” He stood up and moved to the door, “Please don’t tell anyone i came down here.” Charlie turned to leave the cell- “I know why he wanted you and me to meet.” Donny said causing Charlie to look back at him, “We have something in common.” Charlie frowned, “What?” Donny looked at him, “We were both lied to all our lives before we came here.” Charlie knew instantly he was right. It made sense now that the headmaster and Lucas had chosen him. That’s what they were trying to say the first time they had approached him about doing this. Charlie nodded and left the cell, locking it behind him. He crept out of the basement and along the corridors back his room where he lay back down in bed and got a couple more hours sleep before the morning bell rang. ******** Counsellor Logan walked into the intel room and approached Principal Baxters desk, “Sir. I met with the boy agent Carver had us bring in.” Principal Baxter looked up at him, “And in your professional opininon?” “The boy has suffered trauma, there’s no doubt about that. I recommend therapy and rehabilitation for a few months so he can get used to the way we do things here before we introduce him into the student body.” Baxter nodded, “Very well. And the father and son?” “That boy is ten so can enroll as normal at the beginning of the school year come September. His father is requesting that we take him on as janitorial staff.” Counsellor logan saw that Baxter was about to deny this so pressed on, “Sir? They lost everything when they became known. He really has nowhere to go.” Baxter thought for a moment before finally conceding, “Fine. Put him and his son in one of the employee houses on the west side and make sure he knows to keep his boy out of the way of base operations-” “Sir!” Bellview shouted across the room, “Sir he stopped!” Baxter looked at Bellview then back to counsellor Logan, “Go.” Counsellor Logan walked away as Baxter walked over to Bellview, “Where is he?” Bellview confirmed the location with his colleague then turned to Baxter, “In the middle of nowhere sir. He just stopped dead in the middle of some forest.” “He must be avoiding motels since Innes… ” Baxter concluded, “How far out is our team?” “About an hour sir.” Called over one of the tech guys. “Alright. Everyone listen up!” Baxter had the attentuon of the whole room, “We have one hour to put together the most airtight operation we ever have. I want him dead before he even knows we are there.” A collective, “Yessir!” Was the response he recieved. Bellview handed him a headset, “Team leader Chang is on the line sir.” Baxter took the headset and put it on, “Chang. Ready to make history?” Team leader Agent Louis Chang sat in the passenger seat of the unmarked van responded, “Yes sir. Me and my men are ready to end this piece of shit. We have the location, ETA is fifty five minutes.” “Good. We have our guys going over tactics now. We’ll keep you updated.” Baxter ended the comm link. For the next thirty minutes all possible approaches to the situation were discussed and once a course of action was decided on the plan was relayed to Changs team. They recieved the information and made their preparations accordingly. Once close enough to the target they parked their van and disappered into the treeline where they proceeded on foot. Magnus was the first in position and deployed the bipod attached to his sniper rifle. Setting it down on a moss covered stump he looked through his scope at the car parked with a man sat behind the wheel, “Magnus here. In position.” Chang answered, “Roger. Eyes on?” “Affirmative.” Now Magnus had baldy in his sights he was never looking away. “Shot’s good?” Chang asked. “It is.” “Can you confirm we have a positive ID?” Chang asked. Magnus adjusted his scope to look closer at the mans head. He could see he had put the seat back a little, presumably to get some sleep which would explain the rag over his eyes. He could see the same bald patch they had been told they could use to identify baldy and the scrtches on his cheeks that matched the scars he had seen in the poor quality photos they had of the man. Magnus was certain, “Confirmed positive ID. It’s him.” “Stand by.” Chang switched the channel on his communicator, “Principal Baxter? We have him sir. Just say the word.” The intel romm was dead silent as all the men and women in it looked at Baxter. He took a deep breath before giving the order he had wanted to give more than anything in this world, “Take the shot.” Chang switched back to Magnus’ channel, “Green light to engage. Fire at will.” As was his custom Magnus licked his lips, took a deep breath, “Engaging target.” And squeezed the trigger whilst exhaling steadily. A single shot rang out as his bullet shattered the cars windscreen while simultaneously utterly destroying baldys head. The back of the car becoming a canvas for the grotesque painting that was baldys blood and brains. Magnus looked at what used to be baldys face and confirmed to Chang, “Target neutralised… We did it… we fucking did it! HE’S DEAD HAHA!” Chang wasn’t done, “All units move in to confirm.” Seemingly from nowhere around the car heavily armed and camouflaged men appeared from the trees and approached the car with guns drawn. They all looked inside to see the now nearly headless dead body dressed in a sharp suit. Chang gave the order to, “Completely destroy it. I want nothing left.” Using grenades and other explosive and incendiary devices the men destroyed the dead body of baldy and the car along with it. Once satisfied their task was complete Chang reported back to Steelrod, “This is Chang. I can confirm that the target has been neutralised. Mission complete.” Those in the intel room didn’t hear him say ‘mission complete’. The noise was too loud. People were cheering, laughing, crying and holding each other. Baxter looked around the room at them all. He knew how much they had all wanted this, how hard they had worked, and now it was here. He found it hard to believe it was real. It must have shown on his face as Bellview placed a hand on his shoulder and said, “We did it Cedric. He’s finally dead.” The two men embraced as Baxter finally allowed himself to accept that this was reality. He cried. ******** Phipps burst into the headmasters bedroom before dawn and turned on the lights, “Sir! Word from Steelrod!” The last time Phipps had done this the school was under attack just a few hours later so Benji was immediately worried, “What is it?! What’s happened?! Another attack?!” Benji was amazed to see Phipps smile. Not just a small curl of a lip but an honest to goodness full faced smile complete with teeth, “They got him… ” The headmaster knew who ‘him’ referred to but, “Are they certain?” Phipps was still smilling as he nodded, “Oh yes sir. They are sending it out worldwide. They have confirmed his death and disposed of his body. It’s over. He can’t hurt anyone anymore.” Benji let this information sink in for a moment before telling Phipps to, “Wake agent Carver. He’ll want to know this immediately.” “Yes sir.” Phipps left the headmasters bedroom and made his way to Anthonys. Benji sat there and contemplated what this meant. The changes that would now take place. He had held on waiting for this day to come and now it had. Baldy was dead. Now, finally, he would be able to do it. He made his way to his office where he picked up the phone. After dialling the numbers and being connected with Principal baxter he congratulated the man on a job well done and told him, “As per our conversation the other day about agent Carver retiring. I have given it some thought and i think I know how to persuade him.” “Oh?” Baxter wanted to hear this. He didn’t think there was anything anyone could say to convince Anthony to leave field work, “How’s that?” “Well now that baldy is dead I believe he will be more receptive to the idea.” Benji explained, “And on top of that there is another position I would like to offer him which I daresay he will have a hard time turning down.” “What do you mean?” Baxter asked, “What position?” Benji cleared his throat, “Headmaster of Rockstaff.” ******** The rest of the final week of term at Rockstaff passed like a dream. Everyone was in a good mood. The news that the greatest enemy ‘the friendly’ had ever known was dead put all of them in a perpetual state of glee. The air was fresh with endless possibility and the future was peaceful, bright and safe. Worries were a thing of the past and the here and now was just fucking great! Seb and Charlie were called to the headmasters office where Anthony, Lucas and Benji were waiting for them. They informed charlie that he would now only need to complete his punishment four more times, then Mr. Walker and the headmaster agreed that Charlie could take this week off from his punishment to celebrate the good news with all the other boys. Doc informed Seb he had responded very well to chemotherapy, “… and therefore your treatments will no longer be intravenous, rather you will take some pills ” “Sooo… ” Seb began hopefully, “… no more needles?” Doc smiled, “No more needles.” “Yes!” Seb and Charlie high fived as the adults in the room chcukled. Anthony walked over and hugged his son. “Hibbs.” The headmaster addressed Charlie, “I believe you requested a time slot to skype call your father. Well It’s just about that time now. The laptop is set up in my study.” “Thank you sir.” Charlie walked into the headmasters study and sure enough there was the laptip set up on the table. He sat daown, turned it on and in a few minutes he was talking with his father, “Hi dad.” Frank beamed at Charlie, “Hi son. Have you heard the news?” Charlie smiled back, “Yeah! First thing when we woke up. Bloody brilliant.” “It is… So, what’s up?” Frank asked. “Dad? Can umm… can seb come and stay for my birthday?” charlie asked. Frank laughed, “I’m so glad you asked that haha.” Charlie was confused but giggled along with frank, “Haha why?” “Well your birthday and Billys are just a few days apart… ” Frank explained, “and he is having a couple of friends stay for a few days so we thought why not let you have a couple of friends stay too?” “A couple of friends?” Charlie became immediately excited, “So… so I could ask James too?” “Of course.” Frank replied, “I figured it would be them haha.” “Thanks dad!” Charlie was ecstatic, “Oh my god i love you so much!” “Haha I love you too. Well you go and ask them-” “Daddy?! Can i have a glass of- Oh! Are you speaking to Charlie?!” Billys voice from off camera was soon Billys voice on camera as his head appeared from the right hand side of the screen, “Hi Charlie! Guess what?!” “Billy I’m trying to talk to Charlie-” Frank tried. “So me and you have our birthdays together!” Frank failed, “And we are gonna have friends over! And then! And then we’re all gonna go to-” “Billy!” Frank stopped his youngest son from telling Charlie, “Remember son? We talked about this. It’s a surprise.” Billy looked at his father and gasped before shutting his mouth tight and miming zipping it up. He turned back to the camera and smiled, waved then disappeared from view. Charlie looked at Frank who looked back at him, “… Dad?” “It’s a surprise!” Frank wasn’t going to tell him, “Just ask Seb and James okay?” They can stay Tuesday to Saturday. I have to go now. Love you.” “I’ll ask them. Love you too.” Charlie hung up and left the study rejoining the others in the headmasters office. Charlie and seb left the room to go and find James and share the good news. Anthony and Lucas were about to leave when, “Gentlemen, if I could please have just one more moment of your time.” Anthony and Lucas stopped and listened to Benji, “You have both known me for many years so you know I am up front and straight to the point. Now is no time to change that habit. I have decided to retire.” The words hung in the air. Neither of them expected Benji to say that. Anthony spoke first, “Are you drunk? I know we’re celebrating Benji but it’s a little too early don’t you think?” “I don’t know.” Lucas thought aloud, “I think news like this deserves a toast no matter what time of day it is-” “Gentlemen please!” Benji was serious, “I assure you I am not inebriated nor have I taken this decision lightly. I actually began considering retirement quite some time ago but… ” He looked at Anthony, “… when my intended replacement was supposedly killed in action my plans had to be put on hold until… ” He looked at Lucas, “… someone else was ready.” The two men looked at each other in shock as they realised Benji was serious. Anthony looked at him, “Your replacement? Me?” “I can’t think of anyone better suited to the role.” Benji told him honestly, “It was always going to be you Anthony. Ever since your first day of fifth year I knew.” “Wait… ” Lucas was thinking, “So when we made our nightcaps a regular thing… all those chats by the fire… you were-” “Preparing you, yes.” Benji confirmed Lucas’ suspicions, “Naturally when Anthony returned I reverted back to my original plan albeit with the slight difference that now I can suggest Anthony appoint you to replace him on the board of school governors. It all worked out rather well if you ask me.” “Benji… ” Anthony looked at his favourite teacher, “… Mr. Rose… Are you sure about this?” Benji smiled, “You haven’t called me Mr. Rose in a very long time… Yes Carver, I am sure.” “Sir?” Lucas had to try, “Is there absolutely nothing we can say or do to get you to change your mind?” Benji smilled at Lucas, “I daresay not my boy.” Lucas and Anthony looked at each other then back to Benji, “Where will you go?” Lucss asked. “Oh not far haha.” Benji had always planned it this way, “The cottage next to Reggies has been empty for decades. I’ll have it cleaned out and will move in over the summer break. Next term will be my last as headmaster. That will give us all enough time to make whatever arrangements are necessary. In the meantime it’s business as usual.” Benji looked at the sadness beginning to creep into both Anthony and Lucas’ expressions, “Oh come now. None of that. As I say I won’t be far and you will always be welcome for a cup of tea anytime.” “It just… feels like the end of an era.” Lucas said what they were both thinking. Benji smiled at him, “An end is just a chance for a new beginning.” “You really have thought about this a long time haven’t you?” Anthony obsevered. “Oh yes.” Benji replied, “Good planning and faithful execution are very much encouraged in all things at Rockstaff.” “Ah.” Lucas remembered something, “That reminds me. May I borrow some books on Rockstaff from your study? When i took our guest his breakfast this morning he asked for some books on this place. He seems curious all of a sudden.” “Hmm. Curious about Rockstaff?” Benji and Anthony exchanged a frown, “Oh well. What kind of educator would I be if I stifled the mans curiosity? Of course you may.” “Thank you.” Lucas walked into the study to find some books about rockstaff while Anthony left the office to call Mary and tell her the news. Benji sat down and made him and Phipps a nice cup of tea… with a dash of brandy thrown in. They were celebrating after all. ******** Saying goodbye to Seb and James at the end of term was easy for Charlie since he knew he was seeing them in a few days. In fact all the boys had made plans to visit each other over the holiday week. Caleb was straight up going to stay with Aaron at the boys home for the entire half term break since his parents had gotten tired of checking the mail every day only to see yet another letter from their son begging for them to let him. Parents milled about chatting about the fantastic news while the Rockstaff boys mingled and said their goodbyes. Younger children there to pick up their older siblings played games and wandered about the grounds until it was time to leave. Frank called over to Charlie, “Okay son. One more kiss and hug then we have to hit the road. Isabelles cooking a roast so timing is everything.” “Okay!” Charlie called back and kissed james one more time, “I love you. I’ll see you soon.” “Love you too.” James returned his kiss and walked away to get in his dads car. Charlie and Seb looked at each other with the same smile on their faces, “It’s just a couple days.” Seb nodded, “Yeah. We got this.” The two boys hugged and Seb joined Mary and Theo in her car to drive home. Anthony wss staying at rockstaff a few more days to do some work. Charlie walked over to Frank, “Okay, ready to go.” “Good.” Frank looked around, “Billy?! Time to go!” There was no answer, “Billy?! Come here son!” Charlie looked around, “Where is he?” Cars were pulling away and beginning to make their way down the long drive. Soon the only car left was theirs and now they were alone they could see Billy wasn’t there, “Oh, Where’s he gone?” Frank asked noone in particular. “He can’t have gone far.” Charlie said, “You go that way and I’ll look over here.” Frank nodded and the two of them went their seperate ways in search of the youngest Hibbs brother. ******** Billy Hibbs was a sight to see as he explored the grounds of Rockstaff. To the casual observer he was a young boy waving around a stick while balancing on the small pile of rocks that once formed part of an ancient stone wall. To Billy he was a brave knight defending his csstle with his trusty sword in hand, “Hiiiyaaahhhh!” Another enemy defeated, “We will win the day men!” Billys imaginary army cheered their fearless leader but instantly gasped in fear as the great frog demon let out its thunderous roar. “… croak… ” The fat wet toad sat on a flat slab of stone not bothering anyone. “Back beast!” Billy struck the stone wall near the ferocious beast to scare it away. The tapping of Billys stick on his little rock had annoyed the toad so he hopped off to find a more peaceful spot to sit and do nothing. King Billy claimed victory over the monster, “I am king Billy the unbeatable!” More cheers fom the army in his head. It was time for another adventure, “Follow me men! Into the magical forest!” Billy ran towards the wooded area behind the firing range and worked his way through the enchanted bushes and trees. He made a pact with the elf queen who had cleverly disguised herself as a squirrel then he fought off the venomous crow demons. He was about to venture along the raging rapids of the great river when he heard it- Chop! Billy stopped using his stick to test the depth of the inch deep trickling stream and stood up, looking around to try and work out where the noise had come from- Chop! There! He heard it again and was sure it had come from this direction, “Let’s go men!” Billy walked towards the noise. Creeping along he kept hearing the noise and knew he was getting closer. He came to a clearing in the forest and beheld the source of the sound with awe. Bastard Borks brought his axe down on the log with a loud Chop! He split it in two with a single blow, the pieces falling to the side clearing the space for the next log. Billy couldn’t believe his eyes. There he was, right there in front of him… The goblin king himself. He knew what he had to do, what any hero king would do. He gripped his sword in hand and whispered to his men, “Not yet lads… Not yet… ” He knew goblins could smell fear so steeled himself against it. He waited for just the right moment… Bastard Borks had placed another log on the stump and raised his axe before bringing it down in a powerful strike. Chop! “Now!” Billy burst from the bushes and into the clearing running right up to the goblin King, “This day will see your defeat goblin king!” Bastard Borks felt something he hadn’t for at least thirty years… surprised, “What the… ” He looked at the young boy running towards him with a stick in hand shouting about goblins and was genuinely perplexed. Billy stopped a few feet away and held out his sword in a threatening manner, “I am king Billy the unbeatable. In the name of the elf queen I order you to leave the magical forest!” Bastard Borks put down his axe and looked at the boy. He knew he wasn’t a student. He was too young. He must have come to pick up his older brother and wandered off. He had no time for this. Bastard Borks raised his arms, made his fingers claws and closed his eyes pulling the scariest face he could, “ROOOOAAAARRRR!!!” That should do it. He didn’t even check to see if Billy had run away. They always did so after picking up his axe and preparing his next swing he was surprised again to see billy still stood there albeit with a slightly more fearful expression on his face. King Billy was an experienced warrior who had faced many goblins in his time. He knew to resist the fear of their great battle cry and to respond with the one thing goblins hate to hear the most, “I’m not afraid of you!” For the first time in his life Rginald Borks had absolutely no idea what to do, “… What?” King Billy stepped closer, “I said I’m not afraid of you goblin king!” “Yes you are.” Borks said. Of course the boy was scared of him. They all were. “No I’m not!” King Billy asserted. “Yes… ” Borks insisted, “You are!” “Am not.” “Are too.” “Am not.” “Are too!” “Nope.” In all honesty what little fear Billy did have had faded now. He was just curious about who this guy was. “Of course you are!” Borks said, “Everyone’s scared of me! I’m bastard fucking Borks!” Billy frowned, “Everyone’s scared of you?” He asked. “Yes!” Borks was glad the boy was finally getting it. Billy looked at the ground and thought for a moment. When he looked back up at Borks it wasn’t with fear. There was sadness in his eyes, “That must be really lonely… ” Borks had no response, ‘Who the fuck is this kid?’ Somewhere in the distance they heard a name being called, “Billy?!” Billy told Borks, “I have to go now.” He ran back in the direction of the bushes he had burst from earlier. Before leaving the clearing he turned back, “It was nice meeting you Mr. Bastardfuckingborks. I hope we can play together again.” He disappeared from view. Bastard Borks stood there for a moment wondering what the fuck had just happened before deciding to put it out of his mind and return to chopping his firewood. ******** The missing Hibbs brother having been found Frank, Charlie and Billy had driven home. On the way home Frank told charlie about all that had happened while he had been at Rockstaff with Billy interjecting with his running commentary of events. To be fair not much out of the ordinary had happened. Isabelles mother took a fall and the neighbours cat had gone missing for a week before turning back up but other than that nothing. Charlie wasn’t really listening. He was remembering the first time he and his father had made love and imagining what it would be like the second time. They arrived just in time for dinner and after eating watched a movie before bed. Frank and Charlie put Billy to bed in the usual way and after the little guy had orgasmed they left his room while he drifted off to sleep. In the hallway the two of them shared a hug. Charlie could feel Franks erection pressing up against his own and knew his dad could feel his. Frank kissed the top of Charlies head, “Goodnight son.” Frank broke the hug and walked away to his bedroom “Night dad.” Charlie did the same. Sat on his bed and slipping off the last of his clothing Charlie heard a soft knocking on his door, “Come in.” Charlie said quietly. The door opened and isabelle popped her head into the room, “You have everything you need Charlie?” “Yeah.” Charlie replied and waited… but Issy didn’t leave, “What’s up?” “… You know, your dad misses you so much when you’re not here.” She said. Charlie nodded, “I miss him too.” “I can see that.” Issy said with a grin looking at Charlies fully hard cock. Charlie folowed her gaze and giggled before looking back up at her as she continued, “I’m going to take Billy out for breakfast tomorrow morning. Your father won’t come. He likes to sleep in.” She winked, “We’ll bring you both a bacon sandwich back.” Charlie immediately understood and beamed, “Thanks Issy.” “No problem.” She smiled back, “Night.” “Night.” Charlie replied as Issy closed the door. He turned out the lights and toyed with the idea of jerking off but decided against it. He wanted to save his cum for tomorrow morning, for his daddy. The sound of the front door closing woke Charlie the next day. He laid there with his eyes closed as he heard the engine of Isabelles car start up and drive away. Reaching down he felt his rock hard morning wood. Smiling he threw the duvet off of himself and got out of bed. Once standing he reached up with both arms and stretched catching a glimpse of himself in the mirror, noticing his muscles were becoming more defined, his chest especially. He tensed his body and had to admit he was starting to see what all the other boys meant about him being hot. He smiled to himself before walking to the door and leaving his room. Still naked he crept along the hallway quietly so as not to wake his dad. He knew how he wanted to do this. Arriving at the door to Frank and Isabelles room he saw that she had left the door slightly open so there Escort Hatay was no need to use the squeaky handle, ‘Thanks issy.’ He thought and smiled to himself. Charlie pushed the door open and walked into the dark room. In the little light coming in from around the curtains he could see his dad laying on his back still fast asleep with one arm over his eyes and the other laying to his side. Charlie tip toed to the side of the bed, lifted the duvet and slipped under it. He moved across the bed under the covers to his destination and once arriving at Franks hairy chest he buried his face in it and breathed deep, “Hmmm… ” That smell… his daddy… Charlie nuzzled Franks chest then laid his head on it listening to the mans strong, steady heartbeat. He loved it here. This was his favourite place in the world. This was his safe space. Frank subconsciously used the arm laying by his side to hug Charlie close to him. Charlies hand travelled down to Franks crotch and felt the throbbing, erect cock leaking precum. Taking some on his fingers he brought them into his mouth and tasted it to find it was still as delicious and erotic as he remembered. It was time. Charlie took one of Franks nipples in his thumb and forefinger and squeezed while taking the other in his mouth and suckling like a new born baby illiciting a small sigh from Frank, “Hmmm… ” Charlie sucked and squeezed harder as frank began to wake up, “Hmmm… Hmm? … Well hello there… ” Charlie stopped what he was doing and looked up at his dad with a smile, “Morning.” Charlie shifted his weight putting one leg over Frank straddling the man. He laid down on top of him and brought his lips to those of his father before kissing him. He loved to feel his naked body and hard dick against his daddys. Frank seemed to think of something, “Billy and issy? Are they-” “Issy took Billy out for breakfast.” Charlie grinned, “Said they would bring us back a bacon sandwich.” Frank smiled, “I love that woman haha.” Charlie smiled too, “Me too.” Charlie began kissing Frank again and the two of them made out while their hands moved over each others bodies enjoying the taste, smell and feel of each other. When they stopped charlie had to say, “I missed you so much.” Frank stroked Charlies head, “Yeah baby boy? What did you miss the most?” Charlie only had one answer, “You making love to me.” Frank smiled, “You wanna do that now?” Charlie frowned and took both his hard cock and Franks in his hand and squeezed them together, “What do you think? Haha.” Frank chuckled, “Haha. Okay then baby boy. How do you want to do this?” Charlie knew exactly how. He had been thinking about it since the gathering, “Umm… remember when we went to the gathering? We saw that man and his son having sex?” Frank thought for a moment before saying, “You’re gonna have to be a little more specific.” “Oh. Right.” Charlie realised they had seen lots of men and boys engaged in various sex acts that day, “In the room off from the basement. He was umm… you said they were ‘talking dirty’?” Frank smiled as he understood what charlie was asking for, “Oh right. Them haha. Yeah, we can do that. You want me to stretch your arse with my tongue first?” Charlie very much did, “Hell yeah. And I wanna suck your dick as you do that.” “Okay then.” Frank gave charlie a long kiss on the lips then told him to, “Turn around and sit on daddys face.” Charlie complied doing a one eighty on top of the man and placing his butt on his fathers mouth. As he did he brought his own face down to Franks crotch and immediately sucked the large man cock into his mouth causing Frank to shudder. Frank returned the shudders to charlie as his hands separated his boys butt cheeks to expose his tight pink hole which he began to lick. Charlie enjoyed the taste of Franks man cum as Frank enjoyed the taste of Charlies arse. The two of them spent some time orally pleasuring each other and soon frank was working his tongue ever deeper into the boy, “Mmmm… ” Charlie moaned as he enjoyed the feeling of his father tasting his insides. Frank enjoyed the vibrations of his sons moans on his cock as it was sucked. After Frank was satisfied he had done all he could to stretch Charlie with his tongue he reached over to his bedside cabinet and into the drawer pulling out a tube of lube and hi own butt plug. It was slightly larger than Charlies blue starter plug. Removing his tongue from Charlies arse he said, “Okay. Keep sucking while I finish getting you ready.” “Mmmhmm.” Charlie did as he was told as Frank used the lube and his fingers to gradually get Charlies hole to the point it could easily accept the plug. With each new finger working to open him, “Mmmm… Mmmm! … Hmmmm… ” Charlie moaned and groaned giving Frank the extra pleasure of his vocal vibrations. Frank knew that Charlie was ready for the well lubed sex toy to be inserted into him so proceeded to do it. Charlie whimpered a little as it cleared his ring but continied sucking nonetheless until Frank told him, “Done. We’ll just wait a minute now and you’ll be ready. Come here baby boy and give daddy a kiss.” Franks perfect view of his sons expertly rimmed, stretched and plugged butt was replaced by his beautiful, smiling face. Their lips met and Frank could taste his own precum while Charlie noted the unmistakable taste of his own arse. They made out for a few minutes with Charlie on top of Frank before, “Mind if we move you over son?” Frank shifted his weight rolling Charlie off of his chest and onto the bed. Charlie lay on his back looking at his dad with a frown as Frank rolled up on onto his side lookong down on him, “Sorry son but you’re getting a bit heavy for me haha. You’ll be twelve in a few days and you’re growng.” He reached out and took Charlies cock in his hand. He began to stroke his sons dick gently, “How’s the plug feel?” Charlie took in a shuddering breath as his dick twitched in his fathers grip, “G… hah! Good… mmmm… ” “Good.” Frank continued to softly masturbate Charlie, “So. You want to do it the same way we did last time or would you like to try somethi-” “Stop!” Charlise hand smacked Franks arm and Frank let go of Charlies twitching dick. Charlie waited… Frank waited too wondering what was wrong… Charlie wasn’t sure but… no… no it was okay, “Phew! … ha… ” Charlie looked at Franks confused expression and explained, “Oh! I was really close to cumming and i didn’t want to yet.” Frank laughed, “Ha! Hahaha… Oh wow ha. Oh okay. Good.” He looked at Charlie and smiled, “So. You ready for me?” Charlie smiled and pulled his knees up by the side of his head, “Lube up.” Frank applied copius amounts of lube to his rock hard member while lustily staring at the base of the pug protruding from between Charlies perfect butt cheeks. Charlie loved to see that look on his fathers face as he looked at him. There was a need in his eyes. He wanted him. He loved him. It made him want his father inside him all the more, “That’s enough isn’t it?” Charlie hinted. Frank picked up on it, “There’s no such thing as too much.” He chuckled, “They taught us that first year when I went to Rockstaff. Okay… ” He was done and moved to where Charlie was waiting for him, “I’m gonna take this out and slip in straight away okay?” “Mmmhmm.” Charlie nodded, “Yeah Okay.” Frank nodded back while taking hold of the butt plugs base, “Here we go then… ” As he said he would Frank worked the plug out of Charlies hole, “Mmmoooohhhh… ” and replaced hit with his cock, “…hhhooohhhh… ” The head slipping past his stretched ring with minimal resistance, “… hhooooOOOooohh… ” Frank leaned down and placed his lips on Charlies, “hooohhhmmmhmmmmm… ” Their tongues intertwined as Charlies arse began to acclimatise to Franks invading dick. They stayed still like that for a few minutes until Charlie broke the kiss, “I’m ready for more.” “Yeah?” “Yeah.” Charlie grinned up at his daddy, “In fact, just keep going. If I need you to stop I’ll say.” “Are you sure?” Frank wasn’t. Charlie was, “Yeah. I did it with Theo the other day and I was fine.” “I’m bigger than Theo.” Frank pointed out. “Yeah… a bit… ” Charlie conceded, “But he’s grown since the gathering. He’ll be fourteen soon.” “Well… If you’re sure. But make sure you tell me to stop if you need to okay?” “Okay.” Charlie agreed and braced himself, holding his thighs even tighter as his gaze found his fathers. Frank stared longingly into his baby boys eyes as he began pushing his cock deeper inside. Their breathing matched in shuddering, their bodies beginning to sweat. Inch by inch Frank edged closer to his goal of absolute connection with his son, the ultimate expression of his love for his boy. Sooner than he thought he was there , “All in.” The two of them breathed in unison, “I love you.” Charlie smiled, “I love you too.” With his legs now being held by Frank on top of him Charlies hands were free to pull Franks head closer so he could kiss him again. As they did charlies hand found his own dick and began to stroke it. Frank broke their kiss and leaned up taking one of Charlie ankles in each hand, “Okay then. You want me to fuck you?” Charlie grinned, “Yeah.” “Say it.” Frank instructed him, returning the grin. Charlies grin widened, “I want you to fuck me.” So did Franks as he began to move his hips, “Okay baby boy. I’ll fuck you.” Frank worked up to a steady rythm taking more and more of his cock out of Charlie before plunging it all the way back in again, “I’ll make you my little slut.” Charlie felt a surge of excitement jolt through him. It could have been Franks cock slipping in and out of him, it could have been his own dick responding to his stroking , it could have been his daddy calling him his little slut… all Charlie knew was, “I wanna be your little slut daddy.” “Yeah? You wanna be daddys little slut?” Frank pumped his boy hard, “Little sluts like to be fucked hard. Tell… ung! … Tell daddy you want him to fuck you hard!” “Ung, ung, ung… ohhh fffuuu! … fffuck me hard daddy! Ung ung fuck mmmmeeeee hard! Ung!” Charlie did his best to comply. “Ooohhhh… ung ung ung good ung ung good slut ung… ” Frank had to concentrate now. He didn’t want to cum until Charlie had. Luckily for him Charlie had become an instant fan of talking dirty and was getting close, “Oooohhh fuck me! Fuck me hard daddy! Fuck your little slut harder!” Just a few more tugs on his own dick and, “Ung ung ung Fuck me… ung ung fuck me harder daddy! Ffuuuuuuaaaahhh! Aaahhhh! Aaahhh!” Cum shot from Charlie dick and landed on his face, chest and tummy. Seeing this Frank allowed himself to let go, “Ooooohhhhh fuck! Oh fuck! Oh fuck!” He shot spurt after spurt of hot man cum deep inside his boy, “Ah! Ah! Aaahhhh!” And collapsed on top of him. The two of them lay there panting, sweat and cum glueing them together. Frank mustered the energy to lift his head and look at his beautiful angels face, “God I love you so fucking much.” Charlie smiled as he panted and brought his face close to Franks, “I know.” He replied breathlessly. They kissed for a long time then Charlie held Franks head as he rested it on his sons chest. They both drifted off to sleep. They awoke about an hour later and took a shower together. It was raining by the time Isabelle and Billy got home so the two brothers decided to play inside which suited Charlie and his sore arse just fine. The rest of the weekend and Monday passed quite quickly with Charlie and Billy playing games and hanging out together, making sure to make the most of what little one on one brother time they had before their friends arrived on Tuesday. They explored the nearby woods on Sunday since it wasn’t raining and scouted out good spots for the super secret base they were going to build in the summer when Charlie would be back from Rockstaff for six whole weeks! Billy couldn’t wait. They spent all day Monday playing computer games and building a fort in Charlies bedroom which they declared impenetrable. Issy lifting one of the sheets to hand them milkshakes and cookies didn’t count. It was impenetrable. Charlie was quite tired when he went to bed Monday night and fell asleep almost immediately. Charlie awoke Tuesday morning and smiled to himself before saying out loud, “Happy birthday me!” He was twelve years old today and couldn’t wait for Seb and James to arrive. He got up and left his room being greeted in the hallway by the smell of bacon and sausages being cooked downstairs. Walking into the kitchen he was greeted by Frank, Isabelle and Billy all singing happy birthday while he sat at the table and buried his face in his hands trying his best to hide from the lethal levels of cringe. His plate was placed in front of him then Frank asked him a question he never had before, “Coffee son?” “Huh?” Charlie thought he had heard wrong. Frank repeated himself, “Would you like a coffee?” “Umm… ” Charlie had never tried coffee before, “What if… what if I don’t like it?” “Then don’t drink it.” Frank replied. “Huh… Okay. Thanks.” Charlie began eating while Frank made him a cup of coffee. He placed the mug on the table and stood back. Charlie picked up the mug and brought it to his mouth but stopped. He looked at the three of them looking back at him and felt a little self conscious. They were clearly waiting to see his reaction to the hot drink in his hand. Charlie went for it and sipped the milky, sweet coffee, “Hmm… Hmm!” He sipped some more, “Mmmhmm… Ahhh… Wow! That’s really nice!” Isabelle looked at frank, “How many sugars did you put in that?” “Four.” Frank replied with a mischievous grin. “Frank!” “Oh it’s his first ever coffee.” Frank defended his actions and Charlies inevitable cavities, “It needed to be sweet.” “Daddy?” Billy began. “No Billy.” Frank cut him off, “You can try coffee when you are twelve. Not before.” Billy pouted, “You never let me try anything!” “Well… you won’t be saying that on your birthday… ” Frank said to himself more than anyone else. As Charlie ate his breakfast isabelle left the room and just as he crossed his knife and fork on his empty plate she returned with a large gift wrapped box. Placing it on the table in front of Charlie she explained, “Now this is actually a joint gift for both you and Billy. I know that sounds bad but trust me, when you open it you’ll understand.” Charlie was curious, “For me and Billy?” Isabelle and Frank nodded, “Huh… hey lil bro.” Billy looked up from his breakfast, “You wanna help me open it?” Billy smiled, “Yeah!” The two brothers ripped at the wrapping paper, “WOW!” “Oh my god!” Charlie agreed with Billys ‘WOW!’, “A PS5?! You got us a PS5?!” Frank and isabelle exchanged a smile, “Thank you!” “There are a few games in the next room and your father has another gift for you upstairs.” Isabelle explained. “Wanna go and set it up?!” Charlie asked Billy. “Yeah!” Came the predictable answer and the two boys ran with their console into the next room. Soon they were playing together and having a wonderful time. It was late afternoon when the doorbell rang and Billy paused the game of street fighter mid match, “They’re here!” He stood up and ran out of the room. Charlie followed behind and arrived in the hallway as Billy opened the door, “Hi Damien! Hi Michael!” “Hi Billy!” Said a boy with long black hair while the other shorter boy with short blond hair just nodded and smiled. Charlie walked up behind billy and placed his hand on his brothers shoulder, “Are you gonna invite them in?” “Oh yeah haha. Come in guys.” Billy said and the two boys picked up their sleeping bags and backpacks and walked into the hallway. Charlie turned his attention to the man stood behind the two boys and held out his hand, “Hi. Charlie.” The man smiled and took Charlies hand shaking it, “Hello there. Bill.” “Please come in. My dad’s upstairs-” “No I’m not.” Said Frank coming down the stairs, “Bill! Lovely to see you again. Coffee?” “That would be lovely thank you.” Bill replied while slipping off his shoes as Charlie closed the front door. Billy showed Damien and Michael to his room to deposit their bags while Charlie joined Frank and Bill in the kitchen. As Frank filled the kettle he asked charlie, “Would you like one son?” “Sure.” Charlie had quickly developed a taste for coffee. “He drinks coffee?” Bill asked. “Twelve today.” Frank explained. “Ah.” Bill looked at Charlie, “Well happy birthday.” “Thanks.” Charlie smiled. Once the hot drinks were made the two men and charlie sat at the table and discussed Damien and Michael, “So, my Damien likes rimming and fingering but I won’t allow him to be penetrated until his eleventh birthday.” “And obviously you will do that yourself.” Frank said. “Of course. Anything else is fine though.” Bill sipped his coffee, “Hmm… lovey coffee Frank.” “Columbian.” Frank told him, “And Michael? What did Ian say?” “He told me that his plan was initially to introduce anal play on his tenth birthday a couple months ago but after what happened… ” Bill stared into his drink, “… well Im sure you can understand why that took a backseat.” “Of course.” Frank nodded understandingly, “How’s Ian doing?” “Hanging in there.” Bill said, “I think he’s mainly staying strong for Michael but he really needed this break. He asked me to pass on his thanks.” Franks waved his hand, “Tell him it’s our pleasure. We love having Michael stay. He should take the time to concentrate on himself for a change.” “Agreed.” Bill replied, “Anyway he told me that if Michael gets curious he can try anal stuff but again no penetration so basically the same as my Damien.” “Understood.” Frank said, “So… is he talking yet?” Bill shook his head, “No. Ian told me the doctors say it’s natural and he will talk again when he’s ready. We shouldn’t pressure him.” “Then we won’t.” Frank sipped his own coffee, “As you say I’m sure he will speak again in his own time.” Charlie listened to this conversation knowing something had happened but having no idea what, “Umm… ” Frank and Bill looked at him, “…why doesn’t Michael talk?” Bill looked at Frank who gave him a nod before turning back to charlie, “About two weeks before Michaels tenth birthday he was in a car crash with his mother. She didn’t survive.” “Oh my god!” Charlie was shocked, “That’s awful!” “That’s… not the worst of it… ” Bill again looked at Frank. “You can tell him.” Frank assured Bill. “Okay… ” Bill turned back to Charlie, “The car caught fire. His mother told Michael to get out but the drivers side was mangled. She couldn’t escape the car so… ” Bill cleared his throat, “… so she burned alive… while Michael watched.” Charlie sat there in stunned silence not knowing what to say. Apparently his father could tell. Frank reached out and placed his hand on charlies arm, “It’s okay. You don’t have to say anything. Just try to be… gentle with Michael while he’s here, okay?” “Yeah… yeah of course… ” Charlie couldn’t imagine what Michael was going through, “I’ll tell seb and James to mind him as well.” He picked up on the raised eyebrows of the two men looking at him so quickly clarified, “Oh, I won’t say why. I’ll keep this to myself. They’ll understand.” The men smiled, “Of course they will-” Frank began. “-They’re Rockstaff boys-” Bill continued Franks sentence before the three of them all spoke as one, “-and Rockstaff boys stick together.” They tapped their mugs together in the centre of the table. After a few more minutes of chatting Bill called upstairs to his son, “Damien! I’m going now!” Damien ran down the stairs and hugged his father, “Bye daddy. I love you!” “Aww I love you too.” Bill hugged his boy, “Give daddy a kiss.” The two of them shared a passionate kiss before Bill broke it, thanked Frank again and left. Damien ran back upstairs to rejoin Billy and Michael. “So… ” Frank said, “We’re just waiting for Seb and James now then I can tell you the surprise.” Franks eyes lit up, “I know you’re gonna love it!” Charlie was a little surprised already, “Huh? I thought the PS5 was the surprise? There’s more?” “Absolutely there’s more!” Frank told him, “The PS5 wasn’t the surprise. It was the main birthday present for you and Billy… Ah!” Frank remembered something, “Which reminds me. Follow me.” Frank began walking upstairs and Charlie followed. Once in Frank and Isabelles room Frank reached under his bed and pulled out a small, black drawstring bag and handed it to Charlie, “Here.” Charlie took the bag, curious to find out what was inside, “What is it?” Frank chuckled, “Open it and find out.” Charlie opened the bag and reached in. His fingers grasped something and pulled it out of the bag. It was a brand new dildo, thin one end and thick the other. He looked at the plastic toy and noted the numbers on the side as Frank explained, “It has numbers on the side so you know if you are stretched enough depending on the size of the cock you want to take. Theo had one when we stayed with Sebs family and i thought it was really clever and maybe you would want one.” Charlie loved it, “Thanks dad!” He wrapped his arms around his father and kissed him. For about twenty seconds their tongues playfully explored each others mouths before charlie pulled away, “You’re right. It is clever and hell yeah i want one! I can’t wait to try it!” Frank smiled as he placed his hand on Charlies crotch and felt his sons erection through his jeans, “I can see that haha. I would suggest we play with it now but your friends will be here soon-” Almost as if to back up what frank was saying the doorbell rang. Charlie threw his new toy into his room as he passed it on the way to greet his friends. Walking down the stairs he saw Billy had beaten him to it and was opening the front door, “Seb!” Billy threw his arms around Seb. “Haha! Hey little dude!” Seb hugged Billy, “It’s so good to see you again!” “Hi James!” Billy said. “Hi Billy.” James smiled at the younger Hibbs brother. Billy looked at Mary, “Hi Mrs. Sebs mum.” Mary chuckled, “It’s Mary, Billy. Hello.” Charlie walked up to them and he and Seb shared a nod and a smile. Charlie approached James and hugged him. The two of them began making out right there on the doorstep before hearing isablles voice from behind them, “Err boys? If you wouldn’t mind doing that inside the house please? Thank you.” They both looked at her then at each other before giggling and coming inside the house. Mary followed them inside before closing the door behind her, “Isabelle.” The two women embraced, “So lovely to see you again.” “You too. Coffee?” Isabelle asked. “I would love one but I’m afraid I have to run. Hi Frank.” “Hello Mary.” Frank replied coming half way down the stairs, “Hun? I can only find one spare quilt. Where did we put the other one?” “Top left in the airing cupboard.” She replied before turning to Mary, “I swear he couldn’t find the bottom of a paper bag without me.” “Hey now… ” Frank said. “What?” Isabelle asked, “It’s true.” “Well yeah… ” Frank conceded as he turned to walk back upstairs, “… but you don’t have to say it.” The two women giggled and Mary said her goodbyes before leaving. Isabelle walked into the kitchen to check on dinner leaving the boys in the hallway. Charlie told Billy, “Okay, you go and get Michael and Damien and bring them downstairs. Me, Seb and james will drop off their stuff in my room and we’ll meet you back down here for a PS5 tournament. Cool?” “Yeah!” Billy shouted then ran upstairs. “You got a PS5?” James asked, “That’s awesome! We can play online together!” “I know! It’s so cool!” Charlie said, “Come on. I’ll show you my room.” Charlie led them upstairs and they dumped their bags on the floor in charlies room. James jumped onto Charlies bed and buried his face in Charlies pillow breathing deep, “Mmm… ” He looked up at charlie and smiled, “Smells like you.” Charlie jumped into bed next to James, “Well after tonight it’ll smell like all three of us.” The two of them again made out passionately before Sebs giggles distracted them. The looked at him. “I knew it.” Seb was holding the numbered dildo in his hand, “I knew Frank would buy you one of these. I heard him asking Theo about it after the gathering haha.” Charlie sat up, “Hey guys? I need to tell you something.” Seb and James gave Charlie their full attention, “Billy and me have our birthdays three days apart so we’re celebrating together. I have you two staying and he has two friends too. Their names are Damien and Michael.” “Cool.” Said Seb. “Yeah.” James agreed, “The more the merrier.” Charlie continued, “Well Michael, the short blond one, he isn’t speaking right now so don’t be surprised by that okay?” “Why doesn’t he talk?” Seb asked. “I can’t say but it’s really important we don’t pressure him to okay?” Charlie told them, “And you know, be extra kind. He’s had a rough time recently.” “No problem.” Said james. “Yeah man.” Seb agreed, “You know us. We make kindess itself look like an arsehole haha.” Charlie giggled, “Thanks guys.” “Charlie?!” Billys voice from downstairs, “We’re ready!” “Come on.” Charlie said standing up, “Let’s go kick their arses on street fighter.” Famous last words from charlie as he was immediately defeated by Damien in the first game who went all the way to the final to face James and their battle was epic! Twice the expertly timed attacks from the boys caused a draw leading to the game announcing the beginning of the legendary ‘Round 5’. The lads knew that noone outside that room would ever believe them that it happened but that didn’t matter. They had seen it. James won overall agreeing to give Damien a rematch after dinner which Isabelle announced was ready. As they sat down at the table for dinner Isabelle and Frank stood and told them all, “Okay. It’s time we tell you the surprise-” “I know what it is!” Billy announced with his hand raised. Frank looked at charlie, “He saw me ordering the tickets from the website.” He looked at Billy, “And I must say you have done very well to keep it a secret. I’m very proud of you.” Billy beamed, being very proud of himself too. “Boys… ” Isabelle began, “…we are all going to need to get to bed-” “To sleep!” Frank clarified. “-early this evening… ” Isabelle continued, “…because tomorrow we are up very early. We will be out the door by five thirty and on our way to… ” Frank and Isabelle shared a smile before saying the name of their destination together, “Wacky World!” The effect of these words was immediate. The boys exploded with excitement, “No way!” Charlie shouted looking from Frank to Isabelle and back again, “Seriously?!” They nodded, “Oh my god!” “Oh man!” James could hardly contain himself either, “I haven’t been there in years! This is gonna be amazing!” “I know right?!” Charlie had only been there a few times before when he was younger. His recollections were, at the time, his fondest memories of spending time with his father. “We have fast passes, endless snacks and bottomless soda cups too.” Isabelle added. “Wait! We do?!” Billy shouted and Isabelle nodded, “I didn’t know that!” Frank laughed, “Well we had to go all out for yours and Charlies birthdays didn’t we? Haha.” He produced a stack of the fold out pamphlet advertising Wacky World that also doubles up as a map of the place, “If we do this right, make a plan of what you boys want to do and in what order, then get to bed early we can make it a really great day tomorrow.” All the boys immediately began discussing amongst themselves what they should do first then second then third and so on. As they ate their plan seemed to be taking shape as they discussed their favourite things from the last time they visited Wacky world, “How about you michael?” Charlie asked, “What was your favourite thing there?” Michael gave Charlie a coy smile and pointed to something on the map which charlie looked at, “The petting zoo?” Michaels smile widened as he nodded. “Yeah that’s my favourite too!” Billy agreed, “I love animals!” Charlie nodded, “Okay. Well we will definitely go there then.” He could see how excited Michael was as the boy bounced in his chair and it made him smile. Charlie looked again at the pamphlet and noticed something, “Hey dad?” “Yes Charlie?” Frank answered. “It says here open season is April to October.” Charlie double checked he had read it right, “But it’s March.” “Oh yeah. Don’t worry about that son.” Frank thought this was enough of an explanation. He could tell from Charlies face it wasn’t, “The owners of Wacky World are friendly. There is no off season. There is the season you see printed there, then the rest of the year is friendly season.” Frank explained. “Huh… That’s… pretty cool.” Charlie wondered if that meant it wouldn’t be as busy as usual too. “Haha, yeah it is.” Frank agreed, “There are alot of friendly owned seasonal attractions that do the same thing.” Frank saw Charlie open his mouth about to ask the predictable question so cut him off, “I’ll write you a list.” Charlie smiled. He turned to Seb, “How about you man? Favourite thing you’ve done at Wacky World.” Seb who had been uncharacteristically quiet through dinner looked up from his food, “Oh… Err… I’ve never been.” “You’ve never been to Wacky World?!” Charlie, James, Billy and Damien all asked at the same time. Even Michael was looking at Seb wide eyed. Seb looked back at all of them, “Yeah. Umm… We had plans to go back in June. My dad wanted to make it a big thing before I went to Rockstaff. The whole family… We had tickets too. But a few days before… when we got the call… when my dad didn’t come back… ” Sebs voice trailed off. His eyes lost focus and he seemed to be seeing something far away for a moment before snapping out of it and smiling, “Sorry haha. I umm… kinda got lost there for a second ha. Isabelle? May I have some more please?” The conversation went on as plates were emptied, briefly refilled and emptied again but for most of it charlie didn’t take part. He was looking at Seb and thinking. He was pretty sure he understood what was wrong by the end of dinner and needed to talk to James alone. In the hallway he spoke in a slightly hushed voice, “Hey. Did you see that?” “What?” James asked then realised, “Oh. You mean Seb? Yeah. Yeah I did.” “I think I know what’s wrong.” Charlie said. “Oh yeah me too.” James replied. Charlie was a little surprised, “You do?” “Yeah.” James said then looked at Charlies confused expression, “Wait… You only just noticed?” “Noticed what?” James frowned, “We have GOT to work on your people reading skills-” “James… Please just tell me.” Charlie begged. James sighed, “Remember after they attacked the school, Seb got all the blues together in the common room and told us about his dad and everything?” “Yeah.” Charlie remembered it well. “Well he finished that story by telling us about his diagnosis.” James continued, “So think about it. His dad wanted to take his whole family to Wacky World as a big send off for him going to Rockstaff but it never happens cos he dies. He struggles with that for months having to keep it a secret from everyone then surprise! He’s NOT dead but Seb has no time for that cos knock knock. Who’s there? Cancer. So all his attention is on that for months until just a few days ago when he’s finally told he doesn’t need the needles anymore. He’s been through shock after shock after shock with no time to process any of it and now out the blue where are we going? Wacky World.” James took a moment to catch his breath, “Where it all began for him… or didn’t as the case seems to be.” Charlies jaw was on the floor, “… … … That was… that was almost exactly what I was gonna say… How did you know that?” James shrugged, “I watch people. I notice things. Always have. In fact I have a great idea for a Netflix show. It’s about a detective who specialises in nervous tics and body language and stuff like that-” WOOOOSSHHHHH! The old fashioned toilet was loud when flushed and interrupted the boys. They exchanged a horrified look before turning in the direction of the door that led to the downstairs bathroom. Just at the moment their attention fell upon it the door opened allowing Seb to step out into the hallway and join their conversation by looking at James and telling him, “I’d watch that show.” AUTHORS NOTE: Hi everyone. I recieved a message from someone asking me if I had a mailing list and if so to be added to it. I had never considered the idea before since I only had this one story so anyone following it would just search the new stories page or check the link regularly for more chapters. Now that i am coming to the end of this story however it occurred to me that other things I write can’t be found this way so I have decided to start a mailing list to keep people updated on any new posts I submit to Nifty. There won’t be many updates for now since I will be finishing off Charlie first before taking some time to have fun with a few other ideas I have had on the back burner for a while. As of now they are all just ideas for one off stand alone stories but who knows, they may grow. Anyway, if you would like to be added to the mailing list please send an email to ail with the subject line ‘Mailing list’. You don’t even have to write anything in the email if you don’t want to. I will reply to confirm you are added and from then on you will be notified whenever I submit any writing to Nifty including but not limited to the latest chapters of the belated education of Charlie Hibbs. I hope you all had a very merry christmas and wish you all the happiest of new years. Edgar Friendly

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