Bet, The


All persons engaged in sex are over 18, yadda, yadda.

This story is not meant to be in any way realistic or serious. It’s meant to be a little humorous and reads like pure porn. There is barely any backstory here and no names are used. Unlike most of my stories there is no real conflict. Some of my readers, for that reason, may not like it.

This story contains incestuous sex between mother and son. If this isn’t your cup of tea, don’t read it and move on. You were warned. For everyone else, enjoy.

Note this story was self-edited. If you find any errors contact me with them via email, don’t leave them in the comments.


“If you could keep it up long enough for ME to have an orgasm, then maybe I wouldn’t be such a bitch!” Mom hissed, failing to keep her voice down as I approached the kitchen where they were arguing.

“It’s not my fault. I got the Viagra like you asked me.”

“Psssht, yeah, and you were — what – hard for five minutes?”

“Listen, I tried to get you off. It was taking you so long my fingers were getting cramped.”

“Maybe if you knew how to USE them it wouldn’t take you so long!” she yelled.

That’s what I walked into that Monday morning. Mom and Dad fighting again right before work. It was the same fight they’ve been having for the past month. Hell, it could have been longer. I was only just aware of their marital problems after having just moved back in with them (temporarily) after finishing my computer engineering degree.

Mom was sexually frustrated and Dad? Dad barely cared. I’m not saying he was heartless; I think he was frustrated and was getting worn down by her derision.

As a joke I decided to jump in the conversation. The hope was that they might be a little embarrassed by it and maybe they’d have their fight in their room next time.

“Don’t you ever go down on her, Dad?” I asked, grabbing a mug out of the cupboard for some coffee.

I was looking at Mom as I asked it and her eyes grew big and I could tell right away the answer was no.

“Your father thinks it’s ‘gross’,” she said, making air quotes around gross.

Dad just looked away in embarrassment.

“Don’t you have any toys, Mom? Vibrators? Dildos?” I asked, hoping my nosiness would embarrass them. Except it didn’t.

“Yeah, but they aren’t the same,” she said, sadly.

“I tried using one of those cock sleeves one time,” Dad said, offhandedly. “Damn thing kept on slipping off.”

This wasn’t going the way that I planned. We were never this open about our sexuality growing up, so their frankness was off putting.

“Well, I’d take care of her for you but…” I shrugged, trying to be humorous.

“Good luck. That woman takes a long-time cum. You’d need a good half-hour just to get her warmed up and another just to bring her to orgasm.”

I was confused by the fact that he took me seriously, answering my obvious attempt at sarcasm.

“I have to be at work in an hour,” he grumbled, attempting to defend himself.

“An hour? I could make her cum at least ten times before then,” I answered.

Mom giggled and said, “Good luck with that!”

Dad looked at me and said, “She’s not one of those multi-orgasmic types. She’s never cum more than once a day in her life.”

Mom, Dad and I all had jobs in the city, and all left for work at the same time. Mom and I often carpooled together since I still didn’t own a car. Mom and Dad were hard-working blue-collar workers. Dad was a supervisor at a warehouse and Mom was a teacher at an elementary school and I was a beginning level software architect whose starting Beylikdüzü Escort pay doubled both of theirs combined.

“I’ve never met a woman yet that I couldn’t get to cum, AT LEAST, four or five times,” I bragged.

“Riiight,” Dad said, his sarcasm challenging.

“How much you wanna bet?” I asked.

Mom stayed unusually quiet. When I glanced at her she had a look of amusement and what seemed like excitement.

“I don’t want your money,” Dad said, and I was about to smirk in triumph but then he surprised me. “If I win, you do all the yardwork for the next month.”

I didn’t get that. I mean, they were letting me stay there rent free while I “looked” for a place to live. The truth was, that I already owned my own place and was having it renovated and I wanted to surprise them when it was all done. He was doing me a favor letting me stay there and I would have gladly done the yardwork for him if he just asked.

But this conversation was getting too interesting, and my competitive streak got the best of me.

So, I asked, “OK, what’s the bet, exactly?”

“You’ve got a half hour. You make her cum five times, you win!”

“Five times, huh?” I asked, acting like I wasn’t sure about the bet. “You OK with this, Mom?”

Surprisingly she was smiling, and she responded with a shrug.

“Don’t think you can do it huh?” Dad asked.

“I can do it, but five times in a half hour is kind of pushing it. Hell, I’ve done it before and I’m confident I could tame her pussy,” I said, with the brashness of youth. Yeah, I was being disrespectful, but this whole conversation was so bizarre that I felt it was needed.

“Let’s do it,” I declared, holding out my hand for him to shake, and he grabbed it and quickly shook it.

“I’ll go grab the lube,” Dad said, excitedly.

“No need for that, Dad,” I said, grabbing Mom about the waist and kissing her.

I grasped the zipper behind her skirt and pulled it down. Her skirt quickly dropped to the floor.

“Can you get that, Dad? Don’t want Mom going into work with her clothes all wrinkled.”

Dad ran over and quickly picked up Mom’s skirt and draped it over the back of a chair.

I grabbed Mom’s ample ass and picked her up easily. Mom wasn’t a light woman. She wasn’t exactly fat, but she was in her mid-forties and had a few rolls on her waist. She easily weighed 160 plus pounds. Some people might consider that fat, but she was tall for a woman, at 5’10, and most of her weight was confined to her DD breasts and badonkadonk butt.

I was a big guy at 6’3 and worked out religiously while in college. I had a reputation as a ladies’ man and stayed fit to attract the hotties. So, picking up Mom was a piece of cake.

“Whoop!” she exclaimed, surprised, grabbing a hold of me behind my neck for balance.

I spun her around and sat her ass down on the kitchen table. Luckily, it was cleared of any obstacles as we hadn’t yet made our breakfast yet. Today, I would probably have to go hungry.

“To be fair, Mom will be the one to decide if she’s had an orgasm or not,” I added.

“Yeah… OK,” Dad agreed.

“Mom, I want you to hold up your fist in the air and hold up a finger every time I give you an orgasm.”

Mom looked a little nervous but nodded her head, quickly raising her fist above her head in compliance. I gently pushed her back until she laid back on the table, ass cheeks spilling over the edge, legs dangling precariously.

“Grab that seat cushion, Dad,” I said, and waved my hand indicating that he give it to her as an impromptu pillow.

After Beylikdüzü Escort Bayan I felt she was comfortable, I grabbed the hem of her panties, and she raised her butt as I pulled them off. Mom was up on her elbows looking at me worried, blushing furiously. She self-consciously tried covering her musky peach with her hands, until I gave them a little flick with my finger.

“Maybe we shouldn’t do…” was all she got out before I dropped to my knees, grabbed the back of her knees, pinning them to the table, spreading her neatly trimmed pussy out before me as I dove in feasting on her bountiful treasure.

“Ohhhhh! Fuuuuuck!” was all she got out as her hands went from trying to prevent me from invading taboo territory to grabbing the back of my head trying to fit me back into the hole I once came out of nearly twenty two years before.

Mom had a strong pungent taste and her juices seemed to be oozing out of her like a slow dripping faucet. It couldn’t have been more than a minute before Mom was practically suffocating me to death as her thighs clamped down on my head like a vice. Her whole body shook in orgasm before she collapsed back onto the table breathing hard. Seconds later she held up her hand with her index finger pointing to the ceiling.

I don’t know what my father’s deal was because she seemed easy to please to me. Her first orgasm came in less than a couple minutes and that was just from stimulating her labia; I hadn’t even touched her clitoris.

“Nineteen, Twenty,” I thought, then dove in, attacking her clitoris with a vengeance.

I had a girlfriend teach me that if you just count to twenty after reaching orgasm then resume eating her out, she could cum repeatedly. Wait too soon or too late and it didn’t work. It was a neat trick and seemed to work on every woman I tried it on.

Mom sucked in her breath, “Oh shit!” she gasped, as I flicked her swelling pearl with my tongue, batting it back and forth like a speed bag. After I felt her tensing up, I decided to bring her to a quick climax and start sucking her clit into my mouth. I rolled my tongue over the sensitive tip and spit it back out, then immediately sucked it back in, repeating the process over and over.

“Oh my god!” she cried, becoming incoherent as she grunted, gasped, and moaned.

Before she could clamp down on my head again, I used my strength and body weight to hold her legs to the table; even then she lifted me up a few inches as she went into explosive convulsions

It took her a minute to catch her breath before she exclaimed, “I didn’t know.”

“Didn’t know what, Honey?” Dad stupidly asked.

“Sex. Could be. This. Good,” she stammered, gasping out her words, still out of breath.

She then looked me in the eye and grinned, holding up two fingers in the classic peace sign.

“That’s a record for you,” I commented.

“Not just the quantity but the quality,” she complemented.

“We’re not done yet,” I said, going down on her once more.

“Oh my god. You’re gonna break me,” she protested, but didn’t do anything to stop me.

I needed to bring this party into fifth gear. I had three orgasms to go and probably only 25ish minutes left. Dad was the one keeping time. The third orgasm usually took a little more time than the first two, but I decided to try something I was betting dad never did for her – make her cum with his fingers.

I kept up my tongue’s attention on her clitoris but was slower and almost languorous about it. That is when I simultaneously finger her love tunnel, beginning slowly Escort Beylikdüzü so that I could gather enough lubrication and so that her vagina could adjust to the intrusion.

Soon enough her coos of pleasure echoed throughout the room. Normally I’d take my time to maximize my lover’s pleasure, even edge them if they were good. But I was in a time crunch so after I inserted my second digit and started feeling around the roof of her vagina for that rough patch where her G-spot lay. After it was found, I made a come-hither motion with my fingers, rubbing her just right on the inside and simultaneously increasing the downward pressure on her clit with my tongue, waggling it side to side.

“Oh my god! What are you doing to me?” she asked, as she kind of hunched forward, then exploded. Cum shot out of her drenching my face and shirt.

“She’s a squirter, Dad. Did you know that?” I asked grinning, juices still dripping from my chin.

“I didn’t even know,” she whimpered as she lay there not moving.

I stripped off my shirt, lamenting in my mind that I’d have to change my clothes really quick after we were done. My pants and boxers dropped to the floor following my shirt. I lined my cock up to her sopping wet pussy, dragging the head back and forth getting it well lubed. Mom was so out of it she hadn’t even noticed.

As soon as my cock entered heaven, she seemed to come out of her stupor. I slowly drove my cock into her and inch by inch made progress until I hit bottom. With each thrust all I could hear were grunts whenever I hit bottom.

“Oh fuck, Baby. Sooo good… You’re so big… You’re stretching me out… I can feel every vein… I’ve never felt so full in all my life.”

As I picked up speed, the table began shaking violently. Dad grabbed the far edge of the table to steady it, saying nothing but occasionally, he’d check his watch for time.

Once again, I needed to speed things up, so I got up on the table with her, and pinned her down with my body weight while maneuvering her legs so that her heels were resting on my shoulders. Then I grabbed her wrists and pinned them above her head as I jackhammered into her, doing my best to try and break the table.

Two minutes later, Mom screamed out her fourth orgasm so loud that the neighbor’s dog started barking next door. I was so close to cumming but held it off. I needed to save the stamina for the finish line. One more orgasm to go. I planked myself up, and deftly rolled my mother over on her belly. I pulled her by her hips positioning her ass up into the air as I quickly plunged back into her, fucking her doggy.

Mom was moaning and groaning in pleasure as our skin slapped together. Normally I’d let her have her refractory period but once again – time crunch, so I slapped her ass bringing her out of her haze.

Slap, slap, slap. The repeated sounds of skin impacting skin from different sources as her ass collided with my pelvis, and my hands reddened her cheeks. The sounds blended into a quiet rhythm, a cacophony of sounds almost forming a type of erotic music.

I was getting close, but wasn’t sure how far off she was, so I decided to spice things up.

“Whose pussy is this?” I demanded, slapping her ass.

“Your pussy! All yours!” she cried out in lust.

“Sorry I don’t have time to take that ass. But I promise. Tomorrow? Your ass is mine!” I declared.

Right then I felt her clamp down on my cock — hard! Her final orgasm did the trick and set me off as I sent rope after rope of cum of my fertile seed into her womb.

“Oh yes! Yes, yes, yes, yes,” she cried repeatedly. “Anything you want, Baby. Any time, Anywhere,” she promised, collapsing forward onto the table, with a satisfied grin plastered on her face as she limply held her hand up into with all five fingers extended.

Dad just looked at me in triumph. “Ha! I win! Thirty-five minutes.”

I was SO going to be late for work.

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