Black baby for white wife


I must admit. When my husband started talking of another man fucking me I was appalled. I had never thought, even imagined, that I would ever fuck another man. But here he was my husband, asking, begging, wanting me to start fucking other men and I must admit, the more he talked the more intriguing it sounded.
After several months of talking, begging and pleading, I agreed under two conditions. First: If we did this there would be no turning back and second: I probably would never go with a black man. I then asked if he had someone in mind.
He said he had a friend, Whit, he had been talking to and asked if I would be willing to meet him. I said OK and the following Saturday we went to his house. As we sat talking Whit let his cock show from his shorts and when we left, I told my husband I had seen his cock and it looked good.
Three days later we went back and I ended sucking his cock and getting fucked doggy style while my husband laid under,
licking my pussy. After Whit finished my husband cleaned my pussy of Whit’s cum.
After fucking Whit a couple months he told me, as we talked on
messenger, that he had two friends that wanted to join in for it was OK to maybe add him. I said it would be OK and the following weekend we went to his place.
Sitting on the couch I watched as Mick’s friends entered.
“This is Vin and Pau. The two I told you about.”
As Pau sat next to me Vin took the chair. Kissing Pau, Whit stood and pulled his cock out. “Want some of …..”
“Yep.” I replied moving forward and taking his cock between my lips.
“Let’s go to the bed.” Whit said after I have sucked some.”
I kneeled on the bed sucking Whit’s cock more as Vin started licking my pussy. My husband soon got under me licking as Whit started fucking my and I started sucking Vin’s cock.
When Whit had finished Vin took his place while my husband was still licking Whit’s cum from my pussy. I started sucking Pau’s cock as Vin pounded me from behind.
A couple months fucking Whit, along with Vin and Pau, Whit told me he had another friend and was it OK to maybe add him. I said it would be OK and the following weekend we went to his place.
When we arrived, I was introduced to a good-looking black man about six feet tall and somewhere around 190 pounds. Whit then motioned for me to sit on the couch.
“You didn’t tell me she was so hot,” he said placing his hand on my knee and rubbing Giresun Escort slowly upward stopping as he touched my pussy.
“Mmmmm. He said smiling moving his hand to my pussy.
“Thank you.” I said opening my legs.
“And no panties. I like that.”
“Less to take off.”
“Whit told me you’re into cuckolding your husband.”
“So what all you into?”
“I have a few lovers.”
“But what do you like?”
“Little bit of everything. Sucking-fucking.”
“What does your husband say about what you do? I mean about you fucking other men.”
“He does what I say.”
“So you like other cock instead of his huh?”
”It’s my body and I‘ll fuck who I want. Besides–he doesn’t have much anyway.
“Got a small one huh.”
“I call him turtle dick for short.”
“Turtle dick. I like that.”
“Take your pants off honey. I want Mick here to see how small a cock you have.”
“Man! That is a small cock. Now wonder you love fucking other men.” Mick said as I took my pants off.
“Told you. Turtle dick.”
“You ever had sex with a black man?”
“No. Never had the opertunity.”
“Well I guess I’m just going to have to show you what you’ve been missing.” Mick said as he stood. “I know you’ll like it so much you won’t want that turtle dick again.” Adding as he lead me towards the bedroom.
Removing my clothes, Mick started licking my pussy while I sucked his cock. He then moved between my legs, placed the head to my womanhood, and entered with one quick movement.
“Ohhhhhh!” I said as he entered and my pussy stretched to accommodate the width.
“You OK?”
“Yes. Just haven’t had a cock this big before.
“Want me to stop?
“No. I want to feel you inside me.”
‘That’s good. I want you to enjoy every minute and know how good a black cock feels.”
“I am. You feel great and the deepness is wonderful.”
“Would you like having this black cock every day?”
“Oh yes, I’de love having you everyday.”
“I would like to become you bull and help you cuckold your husband. That is if you want.”
“I don’t know what a bull is.”
“A bull is someone that owns your pussy. One that fucks you everyday, sleeps in your bed and takes over as your lover.”
”What about my husband?”
”He would become sort of a servant, taking orders from both of us.”
“Where would he sleep?”
“Either on the floor or the couch. Giresun Escort Bayan The bed would be ours.”
“Sounds good. I would love having you as my bull.”
“As your bull–I’m going to make sure you’re going to get it everyday.”
“Mmmmm.” I said smiling.
“And some friends too. Would you like that? Having a BBC two–three times a day?”
“I’m going to make you my black cock slut. Would you like that?”
When we came back to where my husband was I told him I had just gotten the best cock I had ever had. I told him that he stretched my pussy and went where no man had gone before adding that I loved being filled with black cock.
After Mick left I told my husband he was going to become my bull and would be coming back every day to stretch my pussy, making me his black cock slut, while I made hubby clean me as I pushed on my stomach filling his mouth with his black cum.
Three day later Mick told me he was going to have a party that coming Saturday and wanted me to come.
Arriving, I noticed six black men sitting around naked.
Babe. These are my friends. Larry, Pauly, Vance, Steve, Reggie and Ken.” Mick said interducing all.
“Guys! This is the lady I told you about.”
“The one who loves black cock and wants a black baby?”
“One in the same.”
“Who’s the guy behind her?”
“That’s just her cuck husband.”
“So you like black cock huh.” The one called Larry said as I finished removing her clothes.
“Well come over her and get on your knees. I want to see just how much you deep throating this.” Larry said pointing his cock to me.
As everyone watched I got on my knees, tilted my head a little, and opened my mouth.
Wasting no time, Larry grabbed the back of her head and stuck the head of his cock into my mouth, shoving it down my throat as far as it would go. Gagging and choking, I dutifully held my hands behind my back as he pistoned his black cock farther as I did my best of lip locking the head to keep him from pulling out.
“Man! She’s really hot for that black cock he’s giving her”. Pauly said watching the show.
After sucking Larry, Mick led me to the bedroom where he ordered me to assume the bitch mating position
“By the time tonight’s over you’re going to be pregnant with a black baby.”
“I want that to.” Saying as I instantly got on my knees, my bottom up and my cunt wide open, almost dripping Escort Giresun in anticipation, for his use. My swollen pink clit sticking out like a dog in heat.
In the corner my husband watched as Mick prepared me for penetration, applying lubricant over his cock and around the outside of my pussy. He then moved between my legs, touching his cock head to my virginal passage, and slowly begin feeding it into me.
Pressing forward, the head of his black cock stretched my pussy lips to accomadate his cock as he slowly penetrated his black cock deep into my soft expanding cunt and filling my pussy as the its lips clung to Mick’s thick shaft moved in and out as her juices, mixed with his semen, glistened in the light.
After a couple of minutes I started shouting “I want it, cum in me. Oh yes, fuck me… fuck me hard. I want your cum deep inside me. Give me your baby juice.”
Cumming, Mick pulled out, his cum dripping from my now, gapping pussy.
Still kneeling, the others each took their turn filling me with their black seed.
“You ready for this.” Larry said moving between her legs.
“Yes.” I said groaning as my pussy stretched to its max, almost tearing, as he pushed his huge cock deeper and deeper in my pussy. I flinched as
he rammed in his cock deeper, working to get the whole of his cock into me. As he did I she started screaming “it hurts, it hurts” as his balls touched her ass and “fuck me. Fuck me hard. OH FUCK ME”. She screamed as he rammed home like a piston.
Gently withdrawing his shaft, now glistening, he climbed off the bed, leaving open open to my husband’s view. Her pussy was gaping and, again, semen pooled inside, beginning to trickle out.
“See how stretched your wife’s pussy is? She won’t even feel your punny dick anymore.” He told my husband laughing.
All my husband could do was watch, unable to stop them, as they took turns fucking me until each climaxed inside my unprotected pussy, flooding it as each went over the top and huge globes of thick black sperm shot out, searing deep into the tender walls of my cunt, flooding, overflowing, touching places his smaller cock could never reach.
After all had taken their turn, over and over, I knew their cum had already attached itself to the wall of her womb, fertilized her egg, had
began to grow. I also knew there was nothing that could be done to stop the black seeds relentless attack.
I turned towards my husband smiling.
“I can feel it honey.” She said as she sat on the bed. “I can feel a black fetus attaching to the walls of my womb. We’re going to have a baby. A black baby.”

to be continued

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