Black Daddy at the Y Pt. 14


Robert and Jamie’s relationship continued into the spring of 1979. They saw each other on weekends and fucked like bunnies. The sex was terrific and the emotional connection grew.

Jamie had given up on getting Robert to be more open about his sexuality, the fact that he was gay. That wasn’t going to happen, not while Robert was working for the military, even though he was now a teacher and not active duty.

Robert was generally satisfied with the relationship. It was great having a beautiful young white boy who loved to serve him in bed. He enjoyed their daddy-boy games of mild dominance and submission, and Jamie’s eagerness to fulfill Robert’s fantasies.

Jamie was a 22-year-old, slim, five foot ten inches tall, swimmers-body blonde with searching hazel eyes, a round butt and friendly smile. He kept fit with regular workouts, often wearing tight skimpy shorts and t-shirt that hugged his body.

Jamie found in Robert one of his fantasy men. He was 32, tall and well-built with muscled arms, powerful thighs, and a prominent butt. He was a dark black man with a deep voice, a big white smile and deep brown eyes who wore his hair in a short afro. He usually wore khakis and a casual button-down shirt hat displayed the strength he had built through weightlifting and running.

There were issues for Robert, including Jamie’s naivete about race. The kid had a lot to learn about America’s racism and its historic treatment of blacks. Robert did notice that Jamie treated people equally and with respect, something a lot of white folks just didn’t do.

The age difference was good and bad for Robert. The ebony stud had little interest in Jamie’s talk of pop culture. He did enjoy Jamie’s updates on the gay movement, including efforts to allow gays in the military. That would never happen, thought Robert, but he admired Jamie’s research and knowledge of the actions going on nationwide.

Robert was concerned about Jamie’s feelings for him. The young man was in love with Robert, and Jamie was bound to be hurt. Yet they didn’t talk about it, they never even used the word love. Fact is, Robert was scared about his feelings for Jamie. Was he in love? Could he feel that way about 22-year-old white guy?

That week the cherry blossoms were budding near the Jefferson Memorial on the Washington Mall. It was getting warm, and Jamie was rushing the season by wearing a form-fitting t-shirt with a portrait of David Bowie. The owners of the gay Surging Rainbow bookstore insisted on long pants, no jeans, but t-shirts were OK. Jamie’s taut torso was one of the reasons customers came to the store.

Jamie had recently begun taking photos for Washington’s gay weekly, The Circle. He had met the publisher and several editors through the bookstore owners. He knew the basics of photography through his work on his high school paper.

This week he had taken shots of gay porn performer Luke Dixon’s appearance at the store promoting the photo-filled book of his life story. Jamie spent some time with Dixon during the book signing and he seemed like an interesting guy who had fallen into porn after starving as an actor in New York City. Dixon was a star, a big fish in the small pond of gay porn, but he told Jamie he was planning for life once the fame rollercoaster ended.

After work that day Jamie developed the photos at The Circle’s office a few blocks away. If the editor approved a shot, Jamie would write a caption. He earned $25 for each photo used, barely enough to pay for the film. Still, he liked the job, enjoyed meeting the people and attending events, and hoped it might lead to other assignments.

That Saturday Jamie headed over to Robert’s place for their weekly date. The boy was horny. He had sex only two times since seeing Robert the weekend before. Robert was horny too, though he sometimes went a week without sex. Robert had to be closeted due to his job, and that meant he avoided gay bars and the local adult theatre and bookstores. On rare occasions he would cruise a park late at night, looking for a quick blowjob.

Robert buzzed Jamie in to his third-floor apartment, unlocked the door and opened a bottle of wine.

“Hey stranger, long time,” said Jamie coming through the door.

Robert took one look at the blonde in his Bowie shirt and thought, damn, this kid is fine. “How you been, hot stuff?” he said. “Wine or beer?”

“Beer would be great,” said Jamie. He was impressed with what he saw as well.

Robert was barefoot, wearing tight jeans and a Navy t-shirt. Jamie came up behind the big man as he leaned into the fridge and hugged him, feeling his powerful back against his chest.

“I missed you mister,” said Jamie.

Robert was surprised but squirmed around and held the boy in his arms. “I missed you too. I like you in that shirt,” Robert said.

They kissed and held each other. It felt wonderful. Jamie could tell Robert was getting erect. He pressed against him but didn’t want to start anything. It was time to relax and catch up. Then they could go to bed or have dinner or whatever.

They Bodrum Escort went out on Robert’s balcony and sat down. He was on the top floor and looked down on a tree-lined street that was buzzing with folks enjoying the evening.

“Robert, why do you buy this Schaeffer beer, this stuff is worse than Schlitz,” Jamie kidded Robert.

“That’s a working man’s beer, you rich white boys always want to drink some imported shit,” Robert replied. “What do you want, Hiennie-kin?”

As they watched the street Jamie pointed out a man wearing only cutoffs and tennis shoes. “That guy came into the store, he was flirting with me, then he was flirting with Luke, then he was trying to pick up a guy at our movie section.”

“I can’t blame him if you were wearing that shirt. I can see your little pink nipples. How many customers try to pick you up, and who is Luke?” Robert asked.

Jamie filled him in on the porn star and other neighborhood gossip, then stood up and went to get a glass of cold white wine in the fridge. He returned to the balcony, set down the glass, and began to massage Robert’s shoulders.

Robert pulled away. “Cut it out Jamie,” he said sternly, looking around to see if anyone was watching.

“No one can see us, we’re up here in the clouds,” said Jamie.

“People across the street can see us,” said Robert, nodding at the buildings about 50 yards away.

The boy apologized and sat down. They sipped their wine and continued chatting. They went inside to the kitchen, looked through the carry out menus Robert had collected and decided on pizza.

Jamie sidled up to Robert. “I’m sorry I tried to touch you. It’s just … I’ve missed you,” said Jamie.

“Jamie, you have to be careful. We can’t be seen fooling around in public. I would lose my job and a lot more,” Robert said.

He saw Jamie was hurt and softened. He took hold of the boy’s chin. “I missed you too. But I can’t take any chances,” said Robert.

They looked into each other’s eyes. Jamie slowly moved his hand to Robert’s bicep and down his forearm. His muscles felt like concrete covered with satin. Robert put his palm on Jamie’s cheek and pulled his face close. They enjoyed a lingering kiss. Robert pulled the boy into his arms. Jamie felt him getting hard.

The boy pressed his stomach against Robert’s waist and crotch, put his mouth on his daddy’s nipple through his shirt and gently bit. Jamie raised his face, they kissed again, and Jamie put his hand under Robert’s t-shirt, softly pinching the nipple.

“That’s good boy, I like my tits played with,” said Robert.

“So take that off,” said Jamie as he grabbed the shirt at Robert’s waist with both hands and tried to lift it. Robert helped and the man stood there naked, showing off his powerful ebony chest and sculpted arms.

Jamie bent to the big tits, nuzzling sucking biting, while he stroked the stud’s arms. Robert sighed, “Damn boy, don’t stop … that’s good.”

Jamie pushed his hand against Robert’s crotch and squeezed. The cock was hard and strained against the stud’s pants. The young white man wanted it. He raised his face and the lovers kissed, their tongues intwined.

Jamie grabbed at Robert’s belt with one hand and struggled to get it off. Once undone Jamie went at the pants’ single button and got it open. He tried to put his hand down the pants but they were too tight. He broke the kiss, grabbed the zipper, and pulled it down. He reached under the jockeys and felt Robert’s hardon.

“Get a hold of that dick boy,” sighed Robert. He put his mouth on Jamie’s neck and ear, and whispered, “Squeeze it. You know how daddy likes it. Get daddy’s dick out.”

Jamie sighed. The hot words made him horny and he loved petting the stiff cock trying to bust out of the black man’s white drawers.

Jamie got on his knees, looked up at Robert, then looked at the fat rod outlined in the jockeys. They were just a foot from his face. He gripped the pants and undies together and pulled. He got them half-way down Robert’s tree-trunk thighs and the big ebony cock bounced out.

Jamie stared at the magnificent meat. It was jet black with a plum-colored mushroom head and the veins of the eight-inch phallus were filling with blood. Robert’s balls hung down, flattened against his thighs. Jamie was hypnotized by its beauty and strength. He felt the heat rising from Robert’s package. It made the boy feel a little faint. It was so beautiful. He needed it. He needed to kiss it, to worship.

He tugged the cock with his right hand and brought it closer to his mouth. He licked his lips and kissed the head, tasting the meat, smelling the powerful odor of cock, sweat and man heat. He opened his mouth wide and took in the spongy head, sucking gently, and feeling the exhilaration that flowed through his body whenever he sucked Daddy’s magnificent tool. It pulsed with joy as the boy’s warm mouth suckled and licked. Jamie’s cock got hard and he reached down and opened his belt.

He wanted to make daddy happy. He pulled Bodrum Escort Bayan the cock out of his mouth with a sloppy pop and rubbed the pulsating prick on his cheeks and chin. It was hot against his skin. Jamie nuzzled and kissed for a moment, then leaned back and gazed at it. There was a drop of precum. The adorable white boy kissed the cock tip and licked his lips.

The big man loved the pleasure the boy gave him. He loved watching the boy make love to his cock. He was a great cocksucker, no doubt ’bout that, thought Robert as he hissed, “Work that dick boy, work my motherfucking dick.”

Jamie doubled his efforts. He took the head in his mouth and rolled it around in his saliva and the leaking precum. He moaned and sucked harder, then began an in-out motion. He swallowed an inch, then moved back. The youth widened his jaws, took in two inches, then retreated. He did it again, getting the shaft lubricated. He stroked the wet cock with his hand, took the head from his mouth and licked it all around.

Robert groaned in pleasure; his eyes closed. “Fuck boy, you know how to suck,” he muttered.

The eager-to-please white boy took more of the fat ebony shaft in his mouth as he jacked it. He was sighing with deep joy without realizing it. He loved the silky skin of the cockhead hitting the back of his mouth, teasing into his throat. The room filled with the sound of sloshy wet cocksucking, Robert’s grunts and Jamie’s sighs.

Down in the street a big truck slammed its brakes, drowning out all their horny lovemaking and causing the two men to lose concentration. Jamie stopped sucking and the two studs looked into each other’s eyes.

“Cum here boy,” said Robert, opening his arms. Jamie rose and the husky hunk pulled him close. Jamie loved it when daddy hugged him. He hugged back, hooking has arms around Robert’s shoulders.

“You are fuckin’ hot baby,” Robert breathed in the boy’s ear. “Let’s get you out of those clothes.”

Robert pulled off the tight t-shirt as Jamie finished opening his pants and pushing them down his legs. He was nude and beautiful. His cock hung heavy and his slim, muscled body glowed a little with the heat of their foreplay. Robert grabbed the boy’s butt and pulled him close causing his blood-filled meat to rub against Jamie’s stomach.

Robert fondled the perfect round butt and whispered in the kid’s ear. “I want to fuck you boy. I’ve been thinking about it all week.” His fingers made their way to the ass crack and reached in the trench, inching closer to the hole.

Jamie turned his head and kissed Robert. “Fuck my ass daddy, no one can fuck me like you,” the boy murmured.

Robert kissed Jamie as he toyed with his bottom. A finger poked into the asshole and youth gave a start, then relaxed as it moved in a slow circle.

“Stay right here, I’ll get some lube,” said Robert. He walked across the room to his work desk, his aroused dick bouncing, opened a drawer and got the tube of oil. He opened it, pushed a glop of goo on his hand and stroked his cock.

Jamie stared at the shiny black organ in wonder. It stood up, pointing right at the boy. The balls hung down and moved with each stroke. It was incredible. Jamie turned, grasped the kitchen counter, bent over, and spread his legs, giving Robert an inviting target.

“That’s it pretty boy, you know I like that,” said Robert as he walked towards Jamie.

He got some more lube in his hand. He came up behind the boy and put his finger right at the anus. He pushed a finger in and out and Jamie sighed and arched his back. The black stud pushed two fingers in, working the ass open. He took them out and moved his dick to the boy’s hole.

Robert grabbed Jamie’s waist with both hands and pushed his purple-black cockhead between the boy’s pink cheeks. He wiped the meat up and down on the hole, tantalizing the youth and getting the thick rod greased.

“Go slow daddy, go slow,” the boy begged. That’s when Robert pushed in hard, causing Jamie to jump and sigh. The cockhead stretched the boy’s anal ring, and

Robert tensed his muscular thighs, forcing the dick in another inch. Jamie told himself to relax so his butthole could accept the intruder.

Robert soothed in his deep voice, “That’s it boy … let me in … relax it boy, I need that hot ass.”

Jamie sighed, spread his legs wider and the cock moved in another inch. The youth’s head dropped, and his mouth opened involuntarily as the nerves in his butt sent joy and pain through his body. It hurt and it felt like heaven, thought the boy.

He squirmed and pushed back, accepting the shaft, the head plowing in.

“Fuck it daddy, fuck it good,” Jamie sighed. His body shone with sweat and blood rushed to his skin. He was completely alive and taking it, feeling every inch of man cock up his ass.

Robert began a steady pump in and out, savoring the feeling of boy cunt gripping his erection, his balls bouncing against the kid’s nuts with every thrust. The man basked in the hot ass-pussy; it was like sticking Escort Bodrum his cock in a furnace. He started to move his hips around, pumping up, then down, to the right and left. Jamie reacted with squeals of pain and bliss as the rod hit anal flesh and nerves that hadn’t been touched before.

Robert returned to a straightforward in and out fucking, going deep, pulling back and leaving the head in, then bucking it back in hard. He was sweating from his moves, and his hands slipped off Jamie’s waist where he had held him firm. Robert stopped, took hold of the waist, and continued the pumping. He loved the way his balls flopped back and forth, up and down, the air cooling his testicles.

The stud looked down at Jamie’s round butt and saw his cock impaling the youth. The ass crack and Robert’s cock were covered with oil, and hairs on the boy’s anus flowed on the shaft. It was sleazy and hot. It was hardcore man fucking. Robert was close to getting his nut.

Jamie grunted in rapture and ache, his head and neck moving spasmodically, reaching a zone where his lust took hold of his body and brain. “Fuck me daddy … give it to me.”

Robert banged harder, his thighs slapping the boy’s legs, making quick, intense instrokes, and taking short pullbacks. He shoved his dick in and pressed harder to make sure every centimeter of cock was in the pretty boy’s ass. He withdrew, then started a pounding of the boy cunt. Their legs slapped together and heavy gasping from both resounded in the room.

Robert began to really fuck the boy, pumping hard, gripping his waist, and pulling the kid onto his dick as he slammed forward. Sweat dripped from the brawny man onto Jamie’s back and the floor.

Jamie pressed hard against the counter, pushing back against the stud’s piston fuck. The cock felt like it was hitting his tonsils and his legs nearly buckled from the onslaught.

He bawled aloud, “Ohh shit! Daddy … ungh, ungh, ungh.”

The boy’s cries set something loose in Robert. He saw his swollen black cock in the peach-pink ass and the grease in the crack, heard his lover’s strangled groans of joy, and felt his meat in a vise-tight, sweltering hot boy butt. It was too much, he had to let it go.

He screamed, “Ohhhh yea!” and shoved his cock back all the way in, his thighs slamming against the boy’s legs. “Yea … yea… yea,” he howled, eyes closed, butt cheeks clenched as the sperm pumped and pumped.

As his cum went on Robert relished the righteous feeling of joy traveling from his balls up to his brain. ‘That was one hot fuck,’ he thought.

His cock softened and his hands dropped from Jamie’s waist. Robert braced himself against the counter, worn out from the fuck and orgasm. He sat down with a thump on a dining table chair and exhaled.

“Boy, you are something else,” Robert panted, catching his breath.

Jamie turned, took hold of Robert’s face, and kissed his eyes and mouth. “You’re something else too stud.” He moved to a chair, sat for half a second, then jumped like a shot, his eyes squinting in pain.

“Shit. Whoa. That’s a little sore,” he said through gritted teeth. “Better stand. Man, you saved that up all week. Tore my ass up.”

Robert grinned. “That’s what you get for being such a hot piece of ass. Can’t blame a man for wanting to fuck that butt.”

Jamie kissed Robert. “And you fucked it real good.”

The lovers went to the bathroom for a shower together. Jamie loved to wash Robert and his cock. He slathered soap around it, cupped the balls and pulled at the shaft. The steaming water beat down on them as Jamie gently polished Robert’s package.

They enjoyed being together, the afterglow of sex slowly fading.

They got dressed in sweatpants and t-shirts and called the pizza place. Robert was famished. He put a Coltrane record on the turntable. The lovers attempted to flirt with the cute delivery boy, but he was in too big a hurry. They took their dinner onto the balcony and enjoyed watching dusk envelop the city. The view wouldn’t make the tourist guide books but they could see the Washington Monument and the Lincoln Memorial.

They went inside, sat on the couch, and turned on the TV news. There were reports about inflation, gas prices and the upcoming Presidential election. Neither of them liked Jimmy Carter but Ronald Reagan wasn’t the answer either. They had found when they discussed politics that Robert was the conservative type while Jamie was the liberal.

“Reagan’s an actor, for heaven’s sake,” said Jamie.

“He was the governor of the largest state,” said Robert.

“California’s filled with nuts,” Jamie responded.

“Carter was governor of Georgia, and it’s filled with nuts — peanuts,” said Robert.

“Har de har,” said Jamie as he reached down into Robert’s sweats and found the man’s package. The boy softly cradled the big man’s balls. “You got some nice nuts right here.”

Robert spread his legs so the blonde beauty could better grope his sac. “Hmm. That’s good,” he said luxuriating in the caresses. “I’ve been thinking about something.”

“What’s that?” asked Jamie as he put his other hand on Robert’s shaft, fondling the package. Robert lifted his hips and pulled the sweats down past his knees. The two of them stared as the black cock and balls moved and swelled between the white boy’s fingers and palms.

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