Can’t Spell Joyce without Joy Pt. 01


I opened my eyes, seeing that Stacie was already up and out of bed. I sighed, married to her, yet another night of no sex. How long had it been, 3 weeks, maybe 4, and still nothing. And even when Stacie let me in, it had to be lights out, totally dark before she’d even agree. Once the lights were out, she’d slide into bed, pulling her long flannel nightgown up just high enough to expose her pussy.

I wasn’t even able to enjoy the sight of her stripping naked, or watch her naked body in the heat of passion as I fucked her. Nothing but missionary position, no kissing, no passion, she was just a living masturbation sleeve to shove my cock into. I always had to lube up, she insisted that I was too big for her, 7 inches is too big? Once I’d blown my load into her stiff, resisting body, she’d dash to the bathroom, and douche out everything I’d pumped into her. When she came back to bed, the long nightgown covering everything up, she’d slide into bed next to me, but not so our bodies were in any contact. We had a king-size bed, so there was always enough space between us so that our bodies would not touch during the night.

I had been lucky enough to see Stacie naked just once, on our wedding night. She had gone into the bathroom to prepare herself for my rock-hard cock. In this day and age, she had made me wait, she thought her saintly virginity was some kind of precious gift, that she wanted to present to me on our wedding night. I heard the shower come on, and I crept over and eased open the bathroom door. I could see her nudity, holy fuck, she looked like something out of Playboy magazine’s Hottest of the Hot. Her tits were big and round, nipples perfectly centered, oh yeah, I could play with those hefty milk jugs all day, and not get tired of it. Her body curved downward, her waist nipped in, and her stomach was lean, making her jugs look even larger.

The hips had once hell of a curve, and thanks to the clear glass of the shower door, I could see a neatly trimmed nest of pubic hair, as blonde as the hair on her head. I watched, drinking my fill as she turned this way and that, oh fuck, her ass was perfect, the graceful curves of her moons, perky and smooth. I wanted to lick her tight ass hole, finger her and perhaps she’d be adventurous enough to let me take her back door. I imagined her sky blue eyes getting stormy with lust, the bliss playing across her face, her cries and moans of orgasmic delight as I exploded inside her. Oh man, my cock was aching, and I settled myself into bed, my cock making a noticeable tent pitch.

When Stacie came out of the bathroom, I looked and did a double-take. She was wearing a floor-length nightgown, some non-sexual, flannel thing that covered her from neck to ankle. My fantasy that she would prance out of the bathroom, wearing some sheer, white teddy, or a see-thru baby doll, or a lace garter belt and stockings, vanished. The look on her face made it clear that she was not as ready for it as I was. She went over to the light switch, and the room became dark, so dark I couldn’t see shit. l heard a rustle as she took off the nightgown, and she slipped into bed with me. Even on our wedding night, I was not allowed to see her naked, it was damn lucky that I had spied on her in the shower. I pulled her into my arms, feeling the stiffness of her body. I tried to kiss her, tried to give her foreplay, to get her warmed up, but she was having Bodrum Escort none of it.

She pressed a tube in my hand, and said, “Lube your thing up, then shove it in me, and fuck me until you get it off.”

I almost said no fucking way, but using the sight of her nudity that I had been able to see, and my horny mind, gave me a hard-on that demanded release. I quickly lubed up, and almost had to pry her legs apart. My fingers found her opening, she was dry, and I tried to get her stirred up using my fingers, but she pushed them away.

“Just shove it in, and fuck away that hard-on.”

That made me angry, the idea that I was just supposed to use Stacie like some living masturbation aid, and I notched against her, grabbing her legs. I hoisted them over my shoulders, and I pushed, hard. Her shriek filled the room as I powered into her saintly cunt, impaling her, ripping through, and totally shredding her hymen. The feel of her tight virginity around my cock, and the slight loosening up as I blasted apart her cherry fired me up.

With my lust roaring and demanding, I kept her legs over my shoulders, grabbed her hips, and held her pelvis up to mine as I drove in deep to complete her deflowering. Lara let out another shriek as my cock surged in, right to the balls, penetrating her completely. I pulled back and rammed in again, bottoming out, accompanied by another shriek, the anger whipping my lust along.

I filled my mind with the images of her body, and what I’d like to do so that both of us would enjoy it. I felt no response, she just gripped the sheets tightly and let me ram her, letting out pained cries, grunts, and moans of displeasure, and I filled my mind with the idea of her presenting her body to me, her imagined voice a sexy purr, changing over to cries of orgasmic joy as her pussy tightened around my cock.

The cries and sounds of displeasure were easy enough to imagine they were her sounds of pleasure, and I felt my cock jerk, swelling up with the urgency of my cum at the boiling point, stretching her open a bit more. My cock was steel hard, at full extension, rubbing against her cervix, and I felt the cum streaking up my shaft, and with growls and cries of orgasmic pleasure, I erupted. I could feel the hot rush of my cum spraying deep, hosing down the tight clench of her cunt, as I deposited the pent-up load that my cock had been aching to unload. I slowly, deeply pumped my cock into her until I was finished, letting the tight, unexcited grip of her pussy take every drop.

I had barely pulled out and let her up before Stacie dashed off to the bathroom, grabbing up her nightgown, so she could douche out all the hot cum I had sprayed into her.

That was the only time that she had let me touch her during our two-week honeymoon, and the only time she had been totally naked during sex, even the romance of Paris couldn’t warm her up.

Now, 4 months later, Stacie was still ice cold. The mercy fucks made me angry, and I would fuck her with no preamble, no gentleness, just my lust raging, power fucking her tight, dry cunt, trying to get some response until I dumped my load into her, and she’d dash off to the bathroom, to douche away the traces of my cum. This had been a big mistake, I’d better find myself a good divorce attorney, and cut the cord fast, I was only 22, why stay trapped in a marriage like this? Such a short time, Bodrum Escort Bayan I could probably make a good settlement, something I could live with, and find a woman who wanted sex, wanted it hot, and exciting, and as mutually satisfying as good sex is meant to be.

I got up, got dressed, and headed downstairs. Another rule, no bedclothes anywhere but the bedroom. I entered the kitchen, and Stacie was at the stove, cooking up bacon and eggs. My stomach gave a growl, she may not feed my sexual hunger, but she at least fed my regular hunger. When she turned back to me, she was smiling, happy. Yeah happy that you didn’t have to put out for me last night, ran through my mind.

“Good morning, just in time for breakfast,” Stacie said.

She set down our plates, scrambled eggs, crispy hash browns, and toast, and she put the butter dish on the table, along with fresh coffee, and sat down across from me. I had the feeling that this was all a “quid pro quo” and it soon became clear what she was angling for.

“Josh, remember my niece, Joyce? She’s really having a hard time at home, her Dad is a useless drunk, and her Mom is a raging bitch. She wants to study hard, and get the hell out of there, even though she’s 18, they think she’s too young to get away from them, and won’t let her go, threatening to throw her out of the house without a cent if she leaves. I told them that she could stay with us, and we would take care of her, and see that she finishes school. She needs to get away from them for good after she graduates high school. They all agreed, so Josh, could we help her out, please?”

I vaguely remembered her from a few years ago, thin and angular, flat-chested, with big glasses, and a mop of frizzy red hair. I hated the idea of her being dumped on by 2 shit parents, even though I barely knew her, it seemed like a good idea to get her out of a shit situation like that, why the hell not?

“Sure, that sounds good, tell her it’s fine with me.”

She came over around the table and gave me a very quick peck on the lips. Not a passionate kiss, a thank you kiss, and a brief one at that.

Two days later, just after dinner, there was a knock on the door, I went over and opened it, and stared.

Three years had done wonders, there she stood, holy fuck, Joyce looked like a teenager’s most fevered wet dream. Jade green eyes, no glasses, she must have gone to contacts. The frizzy red mop was gone, replaced with a flowing red mane, eyebrows the same shade. Oh fuck, she was a natural redhead. A full, lush-lipped mouth that made my imagination think about those lips around my cock. Looking down, the angular, flat-chested body had turned into the body of a teen temptress, full, grapefruit-sized jugs, the angles had been replaced by sleek, sexy curves, she was wearing a wrap-around shirt, and the sleek, long legs made me think about them wrapped around my waist. I didn’t realize how much I was gaping at her, I finally forced my eyes back to her face, and I saw a mischievous grin.

Joyce cocked her legs, displaying her awesome body to perfection, and cooed, “See something that you like?”

Before I could think up something witty to say, Stacie was just coming up behind me. I went out on the porch and picked up the two suitcases she had with her. I followed them upstairs, Ummm, Joyce’s ass swayed gracefully beneath her skirt, as Stacie Escort Bodrum led us to the guest bedroom. I placed her suitcases by the foot of the bed, while Stacie went to get her a set of towels and fresh sheets for the guest bed.

While Joyce and I were alone, she sidled up to me, and I felt her hand gently touch my crotch. My cock responded accordingly, and I saw the big smile on her face as she felt my reaction.

Joyce cooed, “I meant what I said, if you see something you like, I’d be happy to let you get a closer look. Mmmm, the idea of fooling around with my Auntie’s husband turns me on. Judging by your hard, big bulge, I’d guess that fooling around with me, your niece, turns you on just as much. Does that idea turn you on Uncle J? Fishing in the in-law’s pool?”

I dropped my hands down, cupped her ass cheeks, and pulled her tightly against me, grinding my cock between her thighs, enjoying the wide-eyed reaction, then the soft ahhhhhh of pleasure she let out. She wiggled against me, driving my cock up to full extension.

“Ohhh, yes, that feels so good. I can feel your hard, big bulge, so hard, so eager. I want to do this soon, without our clothes in the way, when Auntie isn’t around. Would you like that Uncle J?”

Unable to lie, I growled, “Yes, I would like that very much.”

“Ummm, I can’t wait, I want a little taste to tide me over”, Joyce cooed.

I watched in wide-eyed wonder as she took to her knees, unzipping me, and my trousers hit the floor. She fished my cock out of my boxers and smiled as she saw me rock hard for her.

“Oh yes, so eager,” she purred, then she started to lick at my cock head, oh fuck, that felt so fucking awesome. I felt her hand wrap around my cock, and she started to stroke me, giving me a handjob like no other. God, she knew just how to handle my surging cock.

“Oh yeah baby, keep stroking me, make me cum!”

“Yes, yes Uncle J, here’s where I want your load.”

I saw her tongue come out, just touching the underside of my cock head, letting me see the hot, wet pink surface, Joyce’s mouth wide open, eager for my load. I felt her tongue gently start swiping at the underside of my cock head, I felt the rise, god, I was so hard it hurt, then my cock jerked, I felt the rush of cum, and I grunted with pleasure as my first spurt shot out, rocketing deep into her mouth. Her tongue was now placed firmly against the underside of my cock head, she kept stroking me, and another long stream shot out, then another, making a white trail of cum on her pink tongue, she was smiling as I coated her tongue with 8 streams of cum, then she pulled back slightly, and her tongue pulled back. She gave a shudder of pleasure as I saw her throat muscles working, swallowing my load. She quickly wrapped her mouth around my cock head, nursing at me, eager to suck out every drop, before she stood up, smiling happily.

We heard Stacie coming back up the stairs, I quickly pulled my pants back up, and tried my best to look like nothing had happened.

Joyce gave me a grin, as she cooed, “Tonight, I’m going to stroke my horny little pussy, while I think about how you just filled my mouth, and how much more we can do, and make myself cum like crazy!”

Later that night, just before bed, I re-ran it in my mind. Fishing in the relative’s pool was risky, but no way could I say no to that 18-year-old teen temptress.

Surprisingly enough, Stacie asked me if I needed to fuck her. It gave me a great deal of pleasure, to see the look on her face when I turned her down flat. I rolled over onto my side, my cock was now reserved for Joyce’s charms and assets, and Stacie’s mercy fucks were not welcome.

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