I remember well the night that I first met Carrie – It was a Friday night and I was on a business trip at a hotel. She was my waitress, and apart from being very friendly she was absolutely gorgeous. She has very dark hair, a beautiful delicate face with sharp inquisitive eyes that contrast her softer features. There was nothing electrical or even out of the ordinary, however – she simply brought me my coffee and a piece of cheesecake, smiling. I would look up from my work to watch her with the other customers – fending off advances from half-drunk businessmen trying to escape their wives, sighing slightly when she got a bad tip. ‘She’s cute as hell’ I thought to myself when I watched her pouring drinks and talking with the barman – apparently friendly enough with him but not flirty. I went over more boring info about what kinds of makeup compliment Asian skin tones the best, what the newest trendy diets were and whether they actually helped or harmed your body – sipping my tea and half paying attention to my work, half to Carrie.

The restaurant began to wind down, and soon I was one of only 2 tables left. I was polite however, and didn’t ask that she refill my cup when she was busy or take offense when I was neglected for an extended period of time. Eventually the last customer left, and to my surprise Carrie came over to my table and plopped down, exhausted. She carried with her a big wad of cash and several credit-card receipts.

“Mind if I do my cash-out here?” she asked, looking worn.

“Not at all, it looks like you had a busy night,” I replied. “I’m Ariele by the way. Do well with tips?” I never fully understood the whole American culture of tipping, but I knew enough to be aware that people from foreign countries often don’t tip nearly as much as the server should receive, based on their meager wages.

“Not too bad,” she answered, “I’m dying to get out of here though. Been one of those days.”

I looked up at her, directly in the face and was a little embarrassed when she looked straight back into my eyes, smiling. Then it happened – she saw one of my personal columns I had written earlier – my ‘weekly lesbian lesson’.

Her face flushed a little but she moved her eyes quickly from the article back to me. I felt a little exposed with the way she took me in. I’m 5’5″, 105 lbs and Asian. 30-b breasts, and not a lot of curves, but very slim and I’ve often been told I’m very pretty, whether I choose to believe it or not. I could feel her eyes gliding over my body – it wasn’t perversely sexual or obvious, just a glance that lingered longer than usual.

“I wish you had been on the floor with me tonight, maybe then I’d have gotten less attention from all those old, liquored up men! Ugh… they drive me crazy sometimes.” she said, as I took my turn in examining her. She was strikingly pretty without her fancy shirt on- just a T-shirt and her black miniskirt. She was probably closer to 5’7″, 125 lbs, 34-c breasts which had an elegantly done tribal symbol tattooed in the top center of them.

I brushed off the underlying compliment, attributing it to her friendliness. I opened my mouth to speak but felt foolish and closed it, not knowing what to say. Luckily she was engrossed in her closing duties and didn’t notice.

She let out a sigh as she finished, slumping back in her chair and sticking her legs out in front of her. I felt her smooth skin brush against my leg, and come to a rest pressing against me. The booth Burdur Escort afforded little room for 2 people to sit in comfort without touching. I felt a little tingle crawl up my neck but merely looked up at her and smiled. She didn’t move her leg.

“So what are you plans for the night?” she inquired, leaning in on the table and resting her head in her palms. I could see a bit of cleavage when she did this, and began to feel warmer than usual.

“Nothing really… I’ve finished most of my work and I’m not on your time, physically at least, so this is like the middle of the day to me.” I responded, putting down my work and leaning in, assuming a more receptive posture. My leg slid against hers, our smooth skin gliding together. She smiled.

We chatted for a bit about our jobs, she was exceptionally kind and friendly, and I had to admire her devotion to her studies. She worked 2 jobs non stop just to save up the money she needed for college every summer. She became more flirtatious, putting her hand on my arm, smiling and laughing, eventually sliding her other leg against mine, trapping me between her slender stems. I began to lose some of my earlier reservations – she was either interested or just extremely friendly and looking for a girlfriend to chat to. I was happy simply with the chance to get to know her better.

“Asian women are so elegantly beautiful,” she said almost nonchalantly, “I must say I’ve always been jealous.” As she said this more inhibitions broke down, and my face flushed with color as she began openly rubbing against me under the table. My attraction must have been utterly obvious, yet still I held the pretense of it just being a friendly chat.

“Want me to show you the pool on the roof? It’s supposed to be closed this time of year but we all have keys to it. You can see the whole city from up there! What do you say?” she blurted out suddenly, breaking the tension that was building as a result of our touching and flirting.

“Sure,” I replied, smiling wide. I felt my heart flutter a few beats as she took my small hand in hers, interlocking fingers with me and leading me to the lift. We waited in silence as the floors ticked down, hand in hand. She gave my hand a little squeeze as the doors opened with a *ding*, allowing us entrance.

The atmosphere on the elevator was filled with tension. We were still holding hands, but were completely silent for the first few floors.

Then it all broke down entirely.

She turned to me suddenly and pushed me against the wall, jamming the stop button on the elevator and putting her arms on either side of my head. She looked me straight in the eyes.

“Please god tell me you want me as bad as I want you right now!” she demanded, aggressively perhaps- but also in an almost desperately pleading manner.

I stared at her, my heart racing and my brain locking up. I couldn’t make a sound, but needed desperately to show her that her advances were appreciated and her feelings reciprocated. I reached out and placed my hands on her sides, slowly bringing them up to her ribs, then around her back. It all came in an explosion after that. I pulled her to me fiercely and kissed her lips. We held the pose for a second or two, broke it off and looked at each other in the eyes, then immediately we began to make out feverishly, hands running all over each others bodies. She slid her hands down to my waist, letting her fingertips slide in underneath Burdur Escort Bayan my skirt and then around to my lower back. She pulled my body into hers, I could feel my breasts pressed against her, waves of heat washing over me as we passionately shared tongues.

I was too shy and confused to know where to go with this, but I felt her baby-soft palm slide around to my front, rubbing my tummy and then sliding down into my skirt. I nearly fainted when her soft slender fingers pressed against my sex through my panties. She tilted my head back with one hand and kissed and sucked my neck, while the other hand began to rub against the moistening material of my underwear.

I was moaning out softly, it was as though every inch of her body was charged with electricity that shot through me on contact. I felt her fingers slide up to the top of my panty line… then back down, this time on the inside. Her middle finger ran up between my pussy, becoming coated in my juices. I was so wet I worried she would be put off – but it only increased her enthusiasm. She slid a finger into my sopping wet pussy and her thumb began to rub gentile circles over my clit. I knew I must be moaning too loud at this point, but I was too far gone into oblivion to notice or care. Her free hand explored down to my breasts, squeezing them gently and rubbing across my stiffening nipples. I nearly doubled over with ecstasy as her finger curled up against my G-spot. I looked down into her face as she focused her attention on my anxious pussy. We shared an almost dirty-feeling moment where the lust shone through our eyes as she methodically worked her fingers in and out of me, curling them up towards my belly each time to hit that wonderful spot. I pulled her up and brought her in for a kiss as I felt my surprisingly rapid orgasm approaching. Our tongues swirling together, I began to grind into each motion her hand made. I was beyond control and behaving like a slut, moaning and begging her to make me feel good. I bit down on her lip – as gently as I could – when my orgasm hit, screaming through clenched teeth and gripping her busy arm so hard to hold it inside me that it probably lost circulation. A wave of heat washed over me and an incredible tension built up in a matter of seconds inside my soaking wet pussy, then I got that familiar tingling sensation in my toes and released her lips so I could scream out as the built up tension burst apart in a feeling of complete ecstasy.

When I had finished cumming, the fervor was hardly over. She resumed the elevator ride, bringing her wet fingers up to her lips and sucking them, staring directly into my eyes as she did. She then began kissing me all over, but presently we heard the tell-tale *ding* as the doors opened, revealing the roof top pool. We could barely move forward let alone call it ‘walking’ as we made our way to a lounging chair, our bodies inseparable.

I threw her down onto it and crawled on top of her, quickly removing my top and unhooking my bra. I was on top of her like a tigress pinning her lover. I let out a husky moan as I kissed her again, then moved up and placed my breast in front of her face, looking down through the hair hanging in front of my face. She anxiously took my nipple into her mouth, her tongue drawing circles around my small areola and making my impossibly hard nipple even more erect. I saw her hand move with desperation between her legs, she began to rub her pussy as she sucked Escort Burdur on my tits, one at a time.

I eventually had to pull free from her soft lips and slick tongue, kissing her passionately before sliding off her shirt and helping her remove her bra. Her breasts were incredible. They were a perfect creamy white and held their shape even in the reclined position we were in. I went at them with a vengeance, my hands sliding down and pressing against hers, feeling the motion of her rubbing her clit. I took her nipple between my lips and flicked my tongue against them rapidly, drawing forth moans of pleasure and abandon.

Then I worked my way down, sliding a hand slowly up her thigh, tugging at her panties.She closed her legs and arched her back up to slide them down to her ankles. She kicked off one shoe and slid them off that foot, then ran her hands through my hair and pulled me against her anxiously awaiting pussy.

I breathed in her scent and slid my tongue from the bottom of her slit to the top, pressing it against her clit and running it around in circles. Her cries became even more audible as I pushed one, then two fingers inside of her and worked her pussy as my tongue continued to pleasure her button. She was so wet I could hear the sound of my fingers squishing in and out of her sex. I paused to look up, seeing her hands playing with her breasts and tugging at her nipples. Her eyes were half-closed and she was biting her bottom lip.

She needed to cum.

I sucked on her clit, curling my fingers up into her body and flicking my tongue back and forth against her. I felt her body begin to tense, and I decided it was time to unleash everything in my repertoire. I gently took her clit between my teeth and began rocking it back and forth, pressing my tongue hard into it at regular intervals. She began to moan louder and louder, practically screaming when I felt her pussy begin to clench around my fingers. Her hands were pulling at my hair so hard it hurt as she lifted her waist to my face. She arched her back again, every muscle tense in her body and not a single breath escaped her lips for a full four seconds – then she screamed out in joy as she climaxed. I eased off with my tongue, slowing it down to lick her hard in rhythm with her shudders as wave after wave of pleasure shot through her body. I slid my soaking fingers from her pussy and caught as much of the liquid oozing out of her with my tongue as possible.

I then came up and kissed her full on the mouth, our tongues dancing together and sharing her taste. When we had finally caught our breaths, we just looked at each other for a moment, beaming. Then almost as if on cue, we both held our breath for a split second then burst out laughing.

“Wooooow!!” She said. “Where the hell did that come from!? Shit I came so hard!” she exclaimed, laughing and smiling, her face still flushed red from our act of lust.

“Not a clue, baby” I answered “but that was *incredible* I’ve never been that turned on in my life!”

We smiled at each other trying to make the scene more romantic, but soon dissolved into giggles again. We lay there, basking in the afterglow of sex, looking down at the lights and hearing the sounds of the busy city below us.

“How long are you in town for?” she asked me, still smiling broadly.

“About a week longer” I told her, wishing dearly it was more. “Do you want to meet me again?” I asked shyly, hoping that this wasn’t a regular sort of fling for her.

“How about…” she hesitated for a moment, then continued, “How about you forget the hotel room and come back with me for the night?”

…and so began one of the most incredible relationships of my life, to be continued in further stories.

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