Chris Takes the Next Step


This is the third instalment of my continued degradation after becoming a cock slut.

Errol and Neville having received a blow job and fucked me good and proper both slapped my ass. “There’s more whenever you want it” Neville said.

“Thank you,” I replied.

Straight away, up stepped the reason for me being there. “Ready for me now, I’ve been waiting to stuff your boypussy and mouth” he whispered in my ear.

“I’m Clyde and I’m going to wreck your ass in full view of everyone. Get up and let’s get more central” he ordered.

I obeyed, walking into the middle of the joint, he forced me down so that his cock was level with my mouth.

“You know what to do, lubricate it before I switch to your ass” he ordered.

“Gladly.” I said, taking in the fact that I was now the centre of attention. There were over 20 men, mostly black crowded around.

“This could be a long evening for you and the night is young” he laughed.

I gobbled up his cock, it was the most powerful yet, 11 inches of hard steel muscle was going to piston in and out, and violate my poor ass – I couldn’t wait

Betraying Beylikdüzü Escort myself, I removed my mouth from his cock briefly to announce to the audience “I want all of your cocks, form a queue”.

They all began to undo their trousers, shuffling closer as I went on with my licking, sucking and drooling over Clyde’s cock.

“On all fours, I’m ready to fuck you. Clyde ordered.

As he mounted his bitch, I reached out and pulled another cock into my mouth. Phones were now pointed at me, their cameras capturing the slut being taken at both ends.

Clyde thrust the whole length in and out to the tip slowly and rhythmically slowly at first and then picked up pace.

“Take my cock you slut, take it like the whore that you are, I’m gonna fill you with my seed” he continued.

As he fucked me and I was giving head simultaneously, the crowd laughed and taunted. My mouth was now being fucked hard as Clyde started ramming his cock ever harder.

“Fill his stomach Malcolm”, I heard.

“Fuck the bitch, I’m next”

“I can’t wait either, I’m gonna split the cum slut’s Beylikdüzü Escort Bayan pussy” came another voice.

Malcolm came before Clyde. Filling my throat, I swallowed at his command.

“Get a rota”, I shouted, “there’s enough for all. Smallest to biggest would be best for my arse. Write down the name, length and which holes for the record” I added as Malcolm was building up to a crescendo.

“Here it comes, filling the bitch” as he began to spasm and squirt a couple of huge ejaculations warmed my anal cavity, he then pulled out and rushed round to my vacant mouth to deposit another load before removing his cock and finishing with two small spurts to finish hitting me in the face.

“I knew you was a cum slut as soon as I saw you, messed your face up real good” he taunted as he finished.

I saw that Jack had taken the initiative to write down the names. Marshalling them, I heard, Tony mouth, Lee ass.

As they took position, the volley if abuse continued. My humiliation was growing and I recalled the young man in Staf’s video. I’ve emulated the role and Escort Beylikdüzü then some, I thought.

The names were being cheered, together with abuse now.

“Take that bitch, Tony.”

“Fill her up, Lee”.

“Slut, whore, slag, filthy slag, dirty whore, trash cum slut” the abuse continued.

The onslaught continued for 3 hours, some using my mouth, others using my ass and some both ends with exterior squirting in my hair and running down my face.

“The filthy whore, what a slut, I can’t believe what a slag he is” I heard.

All. done, my ass cheeks were red and bruised from the squeezing, kneading and slapping.

Jack had his turn and said. I’m gonna put the word out and pimp your ass out” he said as he showed me the door.

Outside, it was quite dark luckily but still people knew what I’d endured. The abuse began again.

Some girls spat at me. “You’ve taken more cock in a night than most normal women do in a lifetime” one said.

How low have I sunk, can I go any lower. Then I got my answer.

One of the girls taunting me pushed me into an alleyway and I realised it was a she-male. My bottoms were yanked down and I was fucked mercilessly again. “Take my cock bitch. Gonna get my sistas into the action with their cocks and strap ons” she announced.

Once finished, another mouthful of spit hit me in the face and another into my mouth.

I walked home hoping nobody I knew would see me.

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