I’ve got a confession to make. Well, actually I’ve got a few. First let me tell you my name, it’s Jude. I’m married to a wonderful woman called Katherine and at the moment we haven’t got any children. We’re both focused on our careers and are very successful. I’m a director of the company I work for in the city but we live in the suburbs. Katherine and I commute into the city five days a week but the weekends are spent at home. I hate the city! That’s not one of my confessions, by the way.

Ok, so here’s the thing, confession number one. I’ve always kind of had a thing for my mother-in-law. I know, I know, I’ve heard all the jokes and I know we’re not supposed to really like our MILs, but there’s just something about Lorena that gets me hard.

Maybe it’s because my wife is so like her mother? I honestly don’t know. Both Katherine and Lorena are beautiful. Tall, slim and very elegant. They are both very cool and composed in difficult situations. They’re not just women but ladies. Do you know what I mean?

Anyway, back to my confession. Lorena comes and stays with us once a month and when she’s here I find myself doing all the usual shit us guys do to impress women. I’m pulling out her chair at dinner time, I serve her before myself, I jump up to make her a coffee or get her a drink. In other words I’m the perfect gentleman. My mother would be so proud. She probably wouldn’t be so proud if she knew some of the scenarios that run through my head.

So I told you that Lorena is very elegant, very classy. She always wears skirts and dresses, like my wife, and the only time I have ever seen her in pants is when she is gardening. Something else I know about her, courtesy of my wife, is that under those hip hugging skirts and dresses the lovely Lorena is wearing stockings. Not just stockings, but garters and silk or lace matching bra and panties. How do I know this? Because Katherine wears exactly the same. It’s a habit she got from her mother. Doesn’t matter what day of the week it is or if they are at home all day, under those pretty feminine dresses they look like every straight males’ wet dream.

That’s it Jude? I hear you saying. You’ve got the hots for your MIL, who cares? No, that’s not it. You already know that Lorena comes and stays with us one weekend every month, right? Well, what I didn’t tell you is that she also comes and stays for a month during the summer and two weeks over the Christmas holidays. And it’s what happened then that I want to tell you about. And no! Before you ask, I am not fucking my wife’s mother. Although I have to admit I do sometimes fantasise about it.

Katherine and I have our routines fixed. They were pretty much the same before we got married and apart from a few minor changes they have stayed the same. Monday to Friday we commute into the city early every morning. We’re both home by eight in the evening, have dinner, finish up any work needed for the next day (Friday night we get everything sorted for Monday morning), shower and bed. Saturdays while I go running, Katherine goes to yoga and then has lunch with her girlfriends. Bursa Escort Saturday night is date night, perhaps dinner and film. And when we get home, we fuck. Sunday morning is spent in bed, a light breakfast, we fuck again, church before lunch and then a lazy afternoon in front of the television. If I’m lucky I get a blow job on the sofa.

So the first time Lorena came to stay with us over the Christmas period something happened. Katherine was out, as usual, and I had just gotten back from my run. I had a glass of water in the kitchen before making my way down to the basement. Katherine and I share the household chores, and one of my chores on a Saturday is the laundry. I have to admit I find doing laundry quite therapeutic. Sorting out the clothes, loading the washing machine, wet clothes into the dryer, fold and then repeat. It’s a time when I can just switch off and not think, like when I’m running. I love Saturdays!

I was sorting the laundry out, Katherine took our work suits and shirts to the cleaners on her way to yoga. Towels in one pile, bed linen in a second pile, my boxers, socks and our sportswear in yet another and then a smaller pile of Katherine’s stockings, panties and bras, to go on a special hand wash setting.

As I normally do after my run, I pulled off my sweaty wife beater and threw it into the open washing machine ready to put on. I was just about to whip my running shorts down to add them when I heard a sound behind me. I turned around, hands still gripping the waistband of my shorts.

“Oh don’t mind me, Jude. Katherine said you do your laundry after your run, and I was hoping to add a few things, If you don’t mind?”

“Yes, of course, Lorena. That’s no problem. Here let me help you.”

I jogged the few steps over to where she was standing and took the small pile from her hands. I took the clothes back over to where the various piles lay on the floor and placed them onto the work counter to sort out.

I picked up one of Lorena’s dresses and held it up. “Hey, Lorena? Should I add your dresses to Katherine’s delicate wash? That’s what I do with her dresses.”

“Yes, Jude. That would be perfect.”

I put the few dresses she had in the pile and looked at what was left on the work counter. It was all silk and lace. I picked up the delicate cream lace bra and held it in my hands, marvelling at how soft it was. Women were so soft and pretty to look at, especially when they wore lingerie. It was a major turn on.

I dropped the bra onto the pile and picked up the matching cream, lace panties. They were what I think you call bikini style and they were a little fuller in coverage than Katerine’s preferred tanga style. The feeling of that soft, clearly very expensive, piece of material in my hands was exquisite and I couldn’t resist rubbing it against my cheek. I could feel my cock stirring within the confines of my running shorts. I’ve always been a sucker for lingerie.

“Jude, dear?”

“Ahh!” I jumped and dropped the lace. I hadn’t realised that Lorena was still standing there. Watching me.

“Lorena! I, er, I…”

“Is Bursa Escort Bayan everything ok? Can I help you?”

Lorena walked over to where I was standing. “Hmm, that’s my favourite set. I was wearing them yesterday.” And then picked up the little bundle of lingerie and dropped it onto the pile with the other things. Peering into the washing machine, she looked up at me.

“Looks like you’re starting off with your sports wear. Might as well get it all in there!”

She looked at me expectantly. And I just looked back at her. What did she mean? It was all ready to go.

“Your shorts, Jude. You were about to add them to the wash when I came in.”

Shit!! “Ah, yeah. That’s ok. I can add them in with something else later.”

“Don’t be silly, dear. Just whip them off and then you can start the machine.”

Lorena just stood there watching me. One perfectly shaped eyebrow raised as she waited.

I rubbed the back of my neck. “Er, thing is Lorena. These running shorts are lined, so I don’t need to wear anything under them.”

“Oh, I see. Don’t worry, Jude.” Relief swept through me. “I have seen a penis before, dear. I was married, remember?”

What the actual fuck?! Did my mother-in-law just say what I thought she just said? I could feel my cock twitching again, desperate to be released from the tight material.

“Ok then.” I said and grabbed the top of my shorts. Lorena continued to stand and look at me. Looks like we’re doing this, I thought to myself. I swiftly pulled my shorts down, stepped out of them, balled them in my hand and threw them into the machine.

Lorena nodded her head, in approval, I guess. She bent down. And closed the washing machine door and pressed the start button.

Oh sweet Jesus!! As I stared at the top of my mother-in-law’s head I could feel my cock getting stiffer and stiffer. Lorena turned her head towards me, looking straight at my cock, and stood up.

“Hmm, Katherine was right. You really can’t tell that you are uncircumcised when erect.”

And with that she turned and left the room. Leaving me naked with my cock slapping my belly. Now what? Without thinking or looking, I bent down and grabbed something lacey from the washing on the floor and ran through the house to my bedroom.

I closed and locked the door of our en-suite behind me and leant back against the door. “Well shit.” I laughed out loud and quickly brought my hand up to cover my mouth, uncertain of where Lorena was and if she could hear me.

My nose was tickled by the material in my hand and as I breathed in…Pussy! One of my favourite smells in the world. I looked at the material in my hand. Oh for the love of God!! The panties in my hand were definitely not my wife’s!!

What do I do?? I was standing buck naked in my bathroom with a raging stiffy and a pair of used panties in my hand. Panties that did not belong to Katerine. But pussy is pussy right? And I had to admit to feeling kind of curious. So I did what I know a lot of you would have done.

I walked up to the wash hand basin and held the panties out Escort Bursa in front of me. The same soft, cream, lace panties that I had enjoyed the feeling of downstairs in the laundry room. The same panties that Lorena had been wearing all day yesterday. I turned them inside out and pressed my nose to the crotch area and took a deep breath. Very nice!

I spotted the baby oil sitting on the vanity and reached over and squirted a few drops into my hand.

“Oh yes!” I took my cock in my hand and started pumping, coating myself in the oil. The smell of the panties was intoxicating. They of course smelt like pussy and all pussy has the same basic smell, in my opinion, but they also have a unique smell and taste too. And these panties had a nice spicy kind of smell to them.

As I continued to stroke myself, my thoughts naturally went to my wife. I imagined she was bending over while wearing one of her pretty dresses. Watching as it slowly exposed the tops of her stockings and the suspenders holding them up. Willing her, in my imagination, to bend even lower. I wanted to see the panty covered mound between her legs.

“Oh yeah! That’s it, baby, pull that dress up!”

Fantasy Katherine was slowly pulling up her dress, now I could see her smooth creamy skin. Just a little bit more, a little bit more!

My grip tightened, and I made the strokes along my cock shorter, focusing on the head and the sensitive spot just below it. In my mind Katherine was now pulling her dress up, her legs slightly parted. I could see the swell of her lace covered pussy lips and the cheeks of her firm ass where the panties had ridden up.

The baby oil in my hand was warm and slippery and felt so good sliding over my cock and my hips were pumping. I took another deep breath, inhaling the scent of the panties. It filled my lungs and nostrils. My balls tightened and I could feel my orgasm building.

The vision in my head began softly calling my name. “Jude! Jude!” “I’m cumming, I’m cumming!” I grunted. And as the first stream of cum shot from my cock, fantasy Katherine stood up and turned to face me. Only it wasn’t Katherine. It was my mother-in-law, Lorena.

“Ahh, Lorena.” I shouted. I fired two or three more loads of cum into the wash hand basin before slowing the movement of my hand and loosening my grip. “Jude! Jude!” I could still hear Katherine, I mean Lorena, calling my name. But it wasn’t my imagination, she really was calling me. And it sounded like she was outside the door.

With my cock still semi hard in my hand I called out to her. “I’m in the bathroom, Lorena. Is everything ok?”

“Yes. I just thought I heard something. I’ll go and check on the washing.”

“Ok. I’m just going to have a shower and then I’ll be right down.”

I looked down at the mess I had made in the basin. And then I cleaned up my sticky cum with Lorena’s favourite lace panties. I left her cum soaked panties to dry on the side, and turned on the shower. I felt a little bit sad that I was going to have to put the panties in the washing machine. The idea of putting them in her drawer and her possibly wearing them made my cock twitch again.

So there you have it! My little confessions. And I have to admit that I’m quite looking forward to Lorena’s summer visit. I’m already picturing her and Katherine laying outside in the garden in matching skimpy bikinis.

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