Daddy, Take Me Ch. 19


Thanks to Kenji for bearing with me on slow progress lately! Real life, eh? The story will be taking a different direction, but Chloe’s home is always where her heart is…

Chloe and Maisie

A continuation of Daddy, Take Me, albeit for now, concerned with Chloe and Maisie’s growing relationship

Chapter 19

Looking back all those years ago, I saw how that phone call devastated and changed us both. Everything we had dreamed and talked about was for nought. Maisie’s father had had a fall, breaking his hip and left arm, and was unable to fend for himself. The local council had allocated a part-time carer, as his condition wasn’t deemed ‘serious’ enough to warrant twenty-four-hour assistance from what Maisie had told me. I thought they were correct, but kept my mouth shut. Her mother had asked if she would go back to the family home in Edinburgh, and pick up the slack with his rehabilitation. She couldn’t say, ‘no.’

We were both heartbroken with the news; not only for her father, but for us. Neither said as much, both stunned by the news and its implications. She left and went home to talk with her mum. Her whole life had taken a turn she wasn’t expecting.

We talked later that evening on the phone, Maisie quiet and unsure what to say.

“You have to go, mon amour,” trying my best to support her, and the untenable situation she had been put in. “We’ll be fine. We’ll make it work,” I sadly said, half-heartedly. Neither of us believed the words I had spoken. “Let’s get together tomorrow and talk. We can do this,” my voice trembling with trepidation. Just when everything was going so well. The best laid plans of, etcetera, etcetera….

Saturday morning, she stopped by work and talked with Martin and Sean. They, too, were adamant she should go as soon as possible and quickly worked out the viability of her working remotely. It would at least keep her up to date with everything and there was plenty of admin and CAD work she could do from anywhere. She was relieved she still had a job. Of course, Maisie being Maisie, she insisted her forthcoming pay rise be shelved ’til she returned to her ‘real’ work. And, of course, they told her to behave.

She came to mine and we went out for a walk and an early dinner, desperately trying to see how this would work.

“I…I need to leave Monday, Chloe. I’ll be driving to Edinburgh, which is going to take forever, but he needs me there now,” she explained.

“For…how long?” I asked, trying not to appear too selfish.

She held my hand, as she softly spoke. “Four months, maybe a bit longer. Talking with him, well, he’s still confined to a blasted wheelchair, but it could have been so much worse. This happened weeks ago and they didn’t tell me! They wanted to wait ’til my degree was sorted, not wanting to add to my stress. I could kill them both! Anyway, he has carers coming in during the week, but he needs the ongoing care at night, just to be safe. He doesn’t have the money for a full-time, live-in carer so he’s pretty screwed there. The council reviewed his case, but they won’t pay for a full-time carer. He’s not that bad, but needs help to get around, and his rehab. They’ll be there five days a week from Monday, cooking and caring for him, but come Monday, he’s on his own in the evenings. I just wish they had given me more notice, but still, it is what it is so…” she whispered, her voice trailing off, and filled with a sadness I had never heard before.

“I need to do this, Chloe,” she said, as the tears began to fall down her freckled cheeks. “God…why now, aye?”

“Shhh,” I whispered. “He needs you. I get it. I’ll…I’ll come up every weekend, ‘kay? I can get a flight late Friday and be with you.”

She spent the rest of dinner sniffling, rubbing her red eyes and breathing deep. “I’ll miss you, hen…and us,” she stammered.

“As will I, darling. We’ll see this through, ‘kay? I can help on the weekends to give you a break. We’ll be fine. Let me help, as much as I can, all right?” I explained.

Her hurt pained me, as we held hands, desperately afraid to let go of the other. We decided to spend our last night together at a small hotel, needing the time alone without interruptions. We drove back to mine and rushed up to my room to pack a few overnight ‘things.’ I knew I would give myself to her—in whatever way she needed me tonight. I knew what she needed, so decided I would play the ‘ingenue,’ letting Maisie use me to purge her heart and wounded soul.

Maisie threw a few of her things she kept at mine into an overnight bag while I surreptitiously grabbed a few bits and pieces from my bedside cabinet drawer, making certain Maisie wouldn’t see. Slowly we walked downstairs, telling my parents where we were going, but not necessarily why. They knew something was wrong just by our hesitant manner, but didn’t press us. I drove us to the nondescript-chain hotel, checked in, and sadly walked to the Afyon Escort room.

We threw our bags on the floor, as Maisie slumped on the bed. I delved into my bag, and pulled out several candles, lit them, then retrieved several scarves and laid them over the harsh lights. My heart leapt as I saw her smile. [This is going to work, I thought!] I pulled my hair into a loose ponytail, slipped off my trainers, and stood in front of her. I moved her legs apart with a kick of my knees, and unbuttoned my cotton blouse, but leaving it on. I loved her wry smile, as she saw the outline of my white, lacy bra.

“Tonight’s all about you, chéri. Whatever you need…is yours, ‘kay?” I smiled.

“All I want is for all this to go away, hen. Everything has…” she began to say, ’til I placed a finger on her lips and whispered another, “Shhh.”

“Do you want this to…go away?” I asked with a smirk, as I undid and slipped my jeans over my bum, and down to the floor.

“You’re such a little bitch, Chloe,” she giggled softly, through reddened eyes.

Standing there in my little panties, I said as sexily as I could muster up, “Then treat me like one, Maisie. Do anything,” I smirked, and pulled out our Feeldoe. Her eyes were alight, as I handed the light-blue, silicone, strapless dildo to her. Maisie eagerly grasped it, as I pushed her back onto the bed, and undid the button on her jeans, and tugged them down.

“Stay!” I said, firmly. “I need you to fuck me, Maisie. I know you want to. Take it out on me. I’m…yours, ‘kay? Take all your sorrow out on me. Use me, sweetie. Make me your, bébé-fille, darling,” I huskily said, as I slipped my blouse off and undid my bra and let it fall from my shoulders. I gently rubbed my hands over my small-but-perky tits, and tweaked both nipples, while Maisie’s eyes were glued to them. “I want to smell you, my love,” I rasped.

I slipped my tight, white panties over my arse and down my legs, my wetness and desire evident from the soaked gusset. I threw the soft material at her, as if trying to egg her on. I had a feeling she needed little encouragement at this point, though! I looked down at her and fell in love all over again. I loved the way her small panties cradled the softness of her lips, with just a hint of unbridled dampness. I teasingly leaned over, and kissed the light-yellow cotton, pressing my nose into her wetness.

“I’m going to take your panties off… and keep them for myself. It is okay if I keep them?” I huskily moaned, teasing her. I grasped the edges, and pulled them over her ass, bringing her soft lingerie to my nose and deeply inhaling. “I love your smell, mon amour,” I gasped, and salaciously licked the gusset.

“You’re going to be in trouble, missy,” she murmured, with wide eyes.

“I hope so,” I smirked. “Whatever you need, ‘kay?” I said, as she undid her blouse, and shimmied it off, her fingers quickly undoing the front-clasp of her bra. Her breasts spilled out, her mounds of womanly flesh always caught my breath.

I crept up on the bed, kneeling between her still-open legs. I took the phallus from her hands, and asked her, “Anything you’re in the mood to do with this?” I giggled, my fingers stroking the smooth silicone, my mouth open wide. Maisie grabbed my arms, pulling me down on her, and she kissed me, as she roughly pulled my hair. I dropped the fake cock, my soft body pressed onto hers. We tousled with each other, grabbing, kissing, pulling and pushing. Her lips touched mine, and she moaned a deep, “Oooooh.” Maisie turned me over, now leering down at me. Her fingers gingerly caressed my neck, as I pushed my hips onto hers, our damp mons mashed together, and a contented smile on my face

I could feel Maisie’s green eyes cutting into me, as she brought her lips almost to mine, and whispered, “Do you have any idea how much I need you, Chloe? Do you remember when you said I was the light to your shade? Well, my dreams are full of my future with you,” she sighed, and kissed me, her body writhing against mine.

“Just…just take me, Maisie,” I moaned, as she slid up my body, leaving a trail of her moistness on my body.

I took her breast in my wet mouth, teeth gently biting her hard, excited nipple. Her delirious moans drove me on, as I made slow love to her mounds, rubbing my face over the soft skin. I lifted each and felt their glorious weight, enthralled at how perfect they were. She pulled away from my eager touch, and grabbed the headboard, moving her pussy over my mouth. Using me like this, made me feel so small.

She kneeled there, still and teasing, and murmured, “I’m going to make love to your mouth, leannan,” she hissed, keeping her body frozen over my waiting tongue. I grabbed her arse and tried to pull her down, but she wouldn’t move. She hovered over me, as she began to finger herself, breathlessly asking, “Do you want to…kiss my pussy, Chloe? Hmm? Show me you want me,” she breathlessly whimpered.She held Afyon Escort Bayan her breath and smiled, as my tongue slipped from between my lips.

Maisie kept herself a few inches above my eager tongue, teasing me. I could see her breasts heavingin excitement; she was as impatient as I was. I was tempted to slap her butt, but gave in to the exquisite denial she was taunting me with.

“Please, Maisie…I…I need to…taste you,” I teased, knowing she loved tormenting me.

She continued to roll her hips, her wet fingers sloshing between her now-swollen pussy lips. Her scent filled me as never before. Maisie dipped her fingers into her nether region, pulled them out, and wiped them across my lips. When I attempted to suck her fingers, she lovingly slapped my face.

“No!” she firmly said.

I played the innocent; lowering my eyes. My legs were rubbing together, my desire growing with every special moment. I tried to bring my hands to her, but she swatted them away.

“Please,” I whispered, tiny beads of her juices trickling over my face. My fingers dug into her thighs, and she finally relented. My hands freed, I spanked her once…then again, and Maisie finally gave in, lowering herself and wiping my face with her womanhood. I licked her transparent, gushy secretions, as my tongue slid through her sodden cunt. My earthy moans filled the room. This is where I belonged.

“Can you…smell me?” she taunted, between deep-heated breaths. “That’s good, baby-girl. Lick me, leannan. My…my Chloe…you…touch me,” she groaned, as her hips flicked over my wet face. “Smell me, lover,” she growled, and rubbed her wetness on my button nose.

“Mmmm,” is all I could answer, revelling in her scent, her taste and her delicious goo.

“That’s it, hen. Taste…lick me…just…ooooh, that’s it. Right there! Mmmmm,” she groaned.

For the next twenty minutes, Maisie used my mouth, not letting me bring her quite to the orgasm she needed, though. My fingers played with her body, touching, pulling and slapping her. As my tongue split her labia, I massaged her breasts, revelling in their fullness and softness. I moved between stroking her nipple, and pulling each one, lingering on them as I squeezed and dragged her erect nibs.

Stealthily, I brought my fingers to my overflowing mouth and scooped up her juices, and wiped them between her shapely bum cheeks, tentatively playing with, and wetting her tight entrance. Maisie shimmied her gorgeous ass, uncertain what I was doing, but not reprimanding me. I could feel her sodden pussy firmer on my mouth, as she leaned forward, her back arched, giving us both the access I knew she needed, Her almost-silent moans, and little mews of, “No,” growing louder with every prod, even as her body betrayed her words. I pushed my well-manicured middle finger against the intrusive barrier, as my tongue flicked her now-swollen clitty.

“Ohhh, Chloe…that’s just…ooooh…fuck, dar—” she groaned, as my finger pierced her puckered hole, Maisie pushing her bum back on the welcome violation. As the weeks had gone on, we had both gotten braver with our mutual butt play, something I never had anticipated. It always seemed a step too far, a bit too, well, raw for us. I think I was past the point of denial, though, pushing my firm digit into her, and feeling her muscles clasp and take it.

“You little…ooooh….fuck,” she huffed, but continued to slide her gushy cunt on my face, as she slowly took more of my finger. There was nothing I wouldn’t do for her.

I moaned my desire into her scented muff, now sucking her clit, and teasing her. I knew I’d pay for my indiscretions soon, but I needed my love to cum on me, make me swallow her sap, and take me. I slowly fucked her perfect behind, my free fingers caressed her jiggling bum, giving her just enough, gloating in the way she moved, moaned and fucked my mouth. I felt her muscles clench.

And with a too-loud, “I’m…I’m so…so close…Chlo—,” she hoarsely cried, as her pelvis whipped across my face, her ass pushing hard on my finger. I moved my sole finger around, feeling the muscles as they clenched the meddling digit, and gushed her delicious juices into my too-eager mouth, her bestial shrieks filling the room, as she moaned, “I’m cumm—in your…mouth!…Fuck!…Chlo—more…just…ohhhh, fuck…me,” she screamed…so I did. I buried that finger in her grasping bum, sucked her clit like a little cock, and swallowed more of her.

I swore she squirted, her sap a tiny more acrid, as she humped her pussy across my face, her juices pouring and soaking my hair. She moved her hands from the headboard and brought them under my head, and pulled me up, mashing my face against her, wetting me even more…if that was possible.

I took all of her; kissing, licking and sucking her cunt. I slowly pulled my finger from her bum, twisting it against her wall, and felt her shiver. I knew she liked it more than she let Escort Afyon on. She took my feeble head and wiped her abused pussy on my face, scorning me for being such a dirty girl. I spanked her bottom, and my fingers dug into her delicious ass, as she moved down. I gulped the stale air and smiled at her. I certainly looked like the sluttish bébé-fille she needed right now. My face and hair were soaked with her cum…and I couldn’t be happier.

Maisie shimmied down, and wiped both my breasts with her dewy juices, her hands sweeping through my drenched hair and face. She moved further down my body, our breath still coming in short gasps. She leaned over, and gently kissed my closed eyes, her tongue lingering on the soft lids.

“That was…beautiful, Chloe. God, you look so…ravishing under me,” she giggled. “You excite me, leannan,” she breathed.

“This is where I belong, mon amour. Under you,” I smiled up at her.

“And…where did the butt thing come from, hmm? I’m…I’m not complaining but…” she murmured. “You’re really enjoying that, aren’t you?” she giggled, deeply.

I think I blushed, hoping she wouldn’t notice the change in my complexion, as I said, “Dunno,” I laughed. “It just seemed to be the right thing to do. I didn’t hear you complaining too much, though! Was it…good?” I smiled, hesitating in case I had offended her.

“My goodness, Chloe…was it ever!” she gushed, and kissed me. “Not always, but that was…perfect. Now…where was I, hmm?” she chuckled, devilishly. “Oh, yes. I was going to fuck you…wasn’t I?” she smiled beautifully, leaned down, and licked my soppy face again.

My body was still stirring in her radiating heat, as Maisie’s tongue licked my chin, neck and then my face. My arms were wrapped around her, as I indulged in her loving gestures. There was a wanton, yet tenderness to her touch; one I needed in my life.

Maisie slyly sucked my bottom lip, smiled, and lifted her body from mine, as she leaned over and took the phallus and held it in her hand. I shivered at the thought. Maisie rubbed the stiff piece through her labia, then through mine. I shuddered as her hands were slick from our sap, as she moved her fingers up and down the faux-cock, and said, “Now I’m going to fuck you, Chloe. Are you ready for that, mo ghràdh, hmm?”

And without waiting for an answer, Maisie slipped the smaller, ‘pony’ end slowly into her, catching her breath at the welcome bulbous shaft. She grasped the more ‘traditional’ stalk in her hand and stroked it, coating it with our juices, her eyes emboldened with lust. Maisie elegantly gasped, as the shaft penetrated her, her hips gyrating on it, and slowly taking it all inside her. She adjusted the pseudo-cock so the little ridges were where she needed them. She laid the light-blue, silicone cock on my labia and let it lie there, the head just prodding my clit, while she teased me and stroked my stomach.

“Are you ready for this, lover?” she smiled. “I’m going to put a baby in you, darling.”

My eyes shot open. Where did that come from? Maisie’s thumb slid over my unhidden clit, and I shuddered. She leaned down, letting the hard shaft split my labia, as she turned the small remote on, and kissed me. She let the phallus hover at my entrance, the tiny vibrations searing through my sensitive body. I pushed up, hoping to impale myself, but she slapped my face, softly, and told me to behave. I know it shouldn’t have, but that turned me on even more.

“I’m going to take you, Chloe, aye? I can’t wait to watch you cum under me again, leannan…because you are…my…beautiful Chloe,” and she lifted herself up, the shaft precariously at my wet opening, and she pushed the head in. I let out a long, “Uhhhhhhh,” as she held herself there, taunting and teasing me.

“Please…” I begged this time.

She slid another inch into me. Her hands were on my face, gently touching and caressing my eyes, and my neck. She leaned in closer, her lips mere millimetres from mine, as she continued to tease me.

“More,” I begged, and pushed my urgent cunt up. She kindly slapped me again.

“You’ll wait, leanabh-nighean,” she smirked.

“I am…your baby-girl,” I sighed, my breath full of excitement.

Another push, and another inch crept in. I felt full, full of my love. I loved the little affectionate sneer on Maisie’s face, knowing she was loving controlling and overwhelming me. Slowly, she plunged in, as I felt her pelvis bump against mine, and she was in me, our shaft embedded. We looked at each other, smiled and she pulled out, stroking my cheek with a free hand as she slid out, then slowly penetrated me again. Maisie held herself there, both of us getting used to the length and girth of her member.

“That’s…that’s…beautiful…oooooh, God…Maisie,” I cried.

I could only hear my low groans mixed with Maisie’s long, “Ahhhhs,” as she slid out, and her equally long, “Uhhhhs,” as she slid back in, the almost-silent hum of the vibrator drowned out by our loving sighs. She constantly teased me, revving my imagination with her words. I could only respond with another erotic grunt. I tried to tease her back, but she had me where she wanted me; filled and submissive under her.

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