Dakota Performs on Stage Pt. 01


This story is about Dakota, the eighteen year old son of the famous actor Clive Roberts. Clive needs an eighteen year old actor willing to play his stage son in his new play. The problem? The young man has to perform part of the time in the nude. Who better than his real son?

CFNM, CMNM, OON, Incest, humiliation

Dakota Roberts, 18 years old

Clive and Connie Roberts, parents of Dakota, both age 38

Montana Roberts, twin sister of Dakota, age 18

Joan Roberts, sister of Dakota, age 20

Jill Roberts, sister of Dakota, age 22

Part One

Entering his high school senior year, Dakota was progressing in his life-long effort to gain self-confidence. He was very popular with his classmates and was a great student. However, he had to repeat grade 5 with the result that he was the only student as old as 18 when his senior year began. His twin sister Montana was beginning her freshman year at college at the same time but she still lived at home as her college was local. This was good because Dakota needed his sister’s steady hand to help him negotiate school. He needed no help socially, but he was disorganized and clueless about everything else.

For years, the twin’s oldest sisters, Joan, now 20 and Jill, 22, protected and helped their only brother, but once they went onto college, Montana took over the job. After all, Montana was Dakota’s best friend and he was her’s. Their parents, Clive and Connie Roberts, loved how their twins got along so well, often sitting together at night watching tv and always hugging and kissing each other on the cheek. And Dakota always showed his gratitude when Montana helped him with his school work and basically protected him from the realities of the modern world. She realized how intelligent her brother was, but sometimes he existed in an alternate world – a funny and goofy boy.

As this story opens, the family is very well off due to Clive’s successful acting career and Connie’s successful bank investment career. Clive’s career was primarily as a Broadway star, which is why the family lived in NYC. He did not do a lot of movies, but the ones he did were wildly successful and for the past seven years, he would do one movie a year which earned him about $20,000,000 each, and the rest he earned from stage work. Coupled with Connie’s earnings, the family lived a very comfortable life.

Clive and Connie begat a handsome family, as would be expected given Connie’s beauty and Clive’s rugged good looks and manly strength. Connie was responsible for their daughters’ prominent and exceptional female attributes. Oddly, all three girls took after their father with their dark, brown hair and skin that looked permanently tanned. But their bosoms were quite ample without overflowing with little nipples perfectly placed with small areolas. Their waists were narrow and gradually flowed into their tight and perfectly formed hips. The bottoms were perfectly formed and although Dakota didn’t know it, their pubic mounds were discreetly covered by soft, dark brown pubic hairs. In the nude, the three daughters (all now legal adults) and mother displayed breathtakingly perfect female forms. Too bad that no one really ever saw them nude – certainly Dakota never did.

Dakota was the only boy, sort of an afterthought, arriving ten minutes after his twin sister. Oddly, while his sister’s colors came from Dad, Dakota’s came from mom, with blondish hair and egg-white skin tone. He was considered by his female classmates as a very handsome young man, and excessively comely, cute, and beautiful. When younger, he was considered too pretty for a boy, but now, at the age of eighteen (and a year older than most of his classmates because he repeated grade 5), he was considered to have the perfect male form. He was not, however, robust and muscular like his famous father – indeed he looked younger than he was. Clive used to joke that Dakota would get carded at bars until he was thirty or older.

But at eighteen, Dakota was quite the catch, but his shyness prevented any long term relationship with a girl. At his eighteen birthday party in the summer before his senior year, Jill, the oldest sister at age 22 and engaged to be married, decided that her brother must be a virgin. All of Dakota’s sisters (Jill, 22, Joan, 20, and Montana -his twin, 18) fantasized seeing their brother in the nude – indeed, the beauty of Dakota’s form meant most of the women and a few men wanted to see him in his nakedness. Even his mother, in her most private moments, wished that.

Dakota, of course, didn’t know mom’s private thinking. Dakota was a glueless about sex as he was about almost everything else. And it was the one thing that his closest and dearest friend, his twin Montana, could not talk to him about. The other thing about which Dakota was clueless is that his father Clive, the famous actor, also wanted to see his son naked. Clive was bisexual, something his wife and daughters knew about, but that his son, of course, did not. His bisexuality had caused strains in his marriage, but once Clive and Connie settled Konya Escort into the job of raising children, those strains drifted away.

At his seventeenth year birthday celebration, Clive and Connie had drawn Dakota aside to encourage him to try out for the junior/senior class musical, which this year would be Kiss Me Kate!. Being the son of a world famous actor, Dakota felt compelled to try out and naturally got selected. Montana, who was an incoming senior, got chosen for the female romantic lead which precluded Dakota getting the male lead. In any case, his light tenor voice would not have worked for the part of Frederick, which was for a baritone. But it would fit for the part of Bill. So Dakota began to take dancing lessons.

Finally opening night arrived and, as readers can imagine, Jill, Joan,, and Connie’s (mom) reactions and thoughts when they first saw their beautiful brother and son dancing on stage in his tights. For the first time, the ladies saw Dakota as a sexual being since his costumes rather extenuated his sex. They could almost, in their minds, see Dakota naked. The tights showed the bump in his crotch and clearly he wasn’t a little boy anymore. His skin tight material suggested his was a gorgeous ass. The poor boy had no clue the effect he had on his siblings and mom, who all marveled at his beauty and imagined so much more.

All his friends, in his tight social group, gasped at Dakota’s male form. Even his teachers, especially his favorite, Mrs Donaldson, was turned on by the body of her favorite student. Oh, how she wished she could see more!.

And what of Clive? Regrettably, he had his own show that night on Broadway, so he didn’t get to see his son’s first performance. But he was able to see it on Sunday and had to keep his jacket on his lap the whole time because whenever his son appeared on stage in tights, he became very uncomfortable. And his sisters came again to see Dakota perform and it wasn’t for his artistry. Which was unfortunate because, as it turned out, Dakota did an outstanding job acting, dancing and singing. But the father, like his wife and daughters, was staring at his son’s crotch and delectable ass, and not always on the actual performance. As for the sisters, they became even more loving toward their beautiful brother. Beauty can do that.

The following month was more of the same. The sisters’ and mother’s attitude toward Dakota changed a bit in that it became more sexual. Incest may have a negative connotation, but for this family, it was something beautiful. Clueless Dakota did not pick up on it, but Jill and Joan began to fantasize seeing and touching the sacred places of their brother’s body. Even Montana felt, for the first time in her life, a special yearning for her cute twin. But for now, all mom and the sisters could do was to dream. But then destiny interfered and Clive soon found a way to satisfy everyone’s curiosity about the eighteen year old young man’s body.

It all began in late fall when Clive was offered the lead male part in a new play by the great Clarence Ashlet called The Obtuse Reckoning. The director was one of Cleve’s best friends, Peter Andrews, and the female star would be another old family friend and Cleve’s partner in two very successful Broadway plays, Lily Lancaster. Cleve was to play the distraught, quick-tempered, and cruel father of an emotionally disturbed young man of eighteen. Lily would play the son’s psychiatrist who would try to help the son in ways that the father was unable to understand. The tensions between doctor and father, and dad and son, would form the focus of the drama. The issues were difficult and profound and certainly was not a family drama. Also, it was essential that the actor playing the young man had to appear nude for about a quarter of the play. The play would begin rehearsals in August, and open on Broadway sometime in September.

By early June, the production ran into problems that prompted a meeting between the director, the three producers and the two stars.

“The situation is this,” said Peter, the director and the person really in charge, “I have been unable to find a young, male actor willing to do this play because of the amount of time he will be nude on stage. Some young actors are willing but either they are or look too old, or are not very handsome. I speak for the producers here who are getting nervous. Now I did talk of Clarence (Ashlet, the playwright) and he is absolutely insistent – the character has to be nude in those scenes or the whole theme and motif of the play gets lost. Basically, no nudity, no play.”

“I agree with Clarence,” Lily said. “And I understand why a teenage boy would be reluctant to go naked. Clive, Peter talked to me the other day and I suggested that we have a meeting of us all to discuss the problem. And I got thinking – I know an actor who fills the bill – someone talented, someone excessively good looking, and who just turned eighteen. He also looks younger than eighteen, not older. Dakota!!”

“Clive, I like the idea,” Peter said, “but I have Konya Escort Bayan problems with it. I saw him in his high school plays and I know him so well – I’ve known him since he was a baby. But he has no professional experience, and he may be even more reluctant to be nude because he is not some stranger to us – we all have watched him grow up. And you Clive, playing his father in the play, has an important scene where you cruelly hoist your son up by grabbing his testicles and putting him against the wall. I will bet even if you are willing to have him in this play, that he won’t go along with that scene. And don’t forget Lily, Dakota is a classmate and good friend with your daughter Katy who is going to be in the play.”

“Actually,” Lily said, “they are now an item.”

“Then he won’t want to get naked in front of her.” Peter said. “Now if you and Connie say no to this, then end of discussion. But if we could get around all the problems, then Dakota would save the play and actually enhance its effectiveness. He is, after all, a real beauty.”

Clive was thinking hard and quickly. Being able to grab his son’s balls was very enticing to him. Just to see his beautiful son in the nude every night would be so special. “I appreciate you including Connie and me in this decision,” he said. “But Dakota is of legal age. We really cannot make this decision for him – he legally can make his own decision.”

“And,” said Lily, “he is painfully shy and very self-conscious about how he looks. He is not the most mature eighteen year old you will meet, so I don’t see this happening.”

“You probably are right,” said Clive. “He did very well in his high school plays, but we really do not know if he has the acting chops for a professional production. But I will talk it over with Connie and then all we can do is ask him. I suspect he will say ‘no’ but I don’t see any harm asking him – after all, he is an adult. It must be his decision. If he does say ‘yes’, what happens next?”

“First, he has to try-out.” said Peter. “Second, because he looks younger than eighteen, we must have an original birth certificate on file. Legally, Dakota will have to get that himself.”

That night, Connie and Clive sat Dakota down. Clive had thought Connie would have more of a problem with Dakota performing nude than the young man would have but she recognized the opportunity this would be for Dakota, especially if acting became his choice of a career. It also would solve the ‘Dakota is too shy’ problem. What Clive did not know was that Connie’s reasons for seeing her son on stage included, among other reasons, the chance to see her beautiful son naked, even if only on stage. In fact, Connie was almost drooling with anticipation at the prospect and she was beginning to see that her strong incesterous feelings for her son were beginning to get out of control. And she wasn’t sure that was a bad thing.

As for the bisexual Clive, acting on stage with his son was exciting; acting during the times his son would be naked was more than exciting. It was causing problems keeping his boxers dry. On top of that, there were a couple of parts where Clive could touch his son, especially his Dakota’s sweet balls. Dakota, of course, was clueless about his parents’ motivations in encouraging him to take the job.

“You mean to act in a Broadway play with you?” asked Dakota. “And with Lily?”

“And don’t forget Lily’s daughter Katy,” said Clive. “She also plays your girlfriend in the play and has several scenes with you.”

“That makes it even better,” Dakota said. “She actually is my girlfriend or almost is.”

“Now hold your horses,” Clive said. “You still have to try out. But you know how fond Lily and Peter are of you and your sisters – she does like your curly blond hair.”

“I am willing to try,” the young man said.

“Not so fast,” Connie said. “There is one thing we haven’t told you that may damper your enthusiasm. For one quarter of the play you would have to perform in the nude.”

That news certainly deflated the discussion. Connie saw her son’s eyes widen. Then he asked “As in naked?”

“Yes, sweetie,” his mom said. “As in naked.”

“I don’t think so,” Dakota said. “Why does my character have to be naked?”

So Clive explained what the author was trying to achieve and the shock effect Clarence wished to achieve. The producers like the idea because the effect would also sell tickets. “It worked for Equus and none of those young men had problems. Heck, even the actor who played Harry Potter in the movies appeared nude in productions of Equus both in New York and London.”

“But wouldn’t Lily and Katy see me naked?” Dakota asked.

“Well, yes,” Clive replied, “But they both love you and you are, after all, ‘almost’ boyfriend-girlfriend. And remember, you are naked only on stage and the lights will be muted so it isn’t like you have the spotlight on you.”

“Katy is my girlfriend but we haven’t gone that far- you know, seeing each other naked. Besides that, won’t you see me that way, not to mention Escort Konya my sisters?” he asked his mother.”

“Well, yes,” she replied, “but we are family so it doesn’t count.”

“Oh, yes it does,” Dakota cried out.

“Dakota, Clive said. “This is entirely up to you and we really have no say. You are an adult so the decision is all yours. Think about it.”

And Dakota did think hard and long. His dad had mentioned that, as his mean father on stage, he would have to fake grabbing his ball sack but he thought the two of them would work that out – fake it somehow. And he trusted Lily and Katy to be kind to him during all this. Indeed, with the lights down, how much would they really see? And once he read the script, he saw that Katy wasn’t on stage with him at all when he would be nude. And when he talked to Peter, he said that he wouldn’t disrobe at all until just before going on the stage. It wasn’t as if he would be wandering around backstage all naked and stuff.

So he said ‘yes’ and then was surprised to hear that he didn’t even have to try out. So in August, rehearsals began and it was a lot of fun. Clive and Dakota were the only males in the cast. Even the set crew was female as there were no set changes. Indeed, Peter was the only other male even involved as the costume and make-up people were female (which wasn’t unusual). But there were lots of laughs during the rehearsals to counter the hard preparation it took to bring to life this tough, psychological drama.

Finally in early September, final rehearsals took place in Boston before moving to NYC. Clive and Lily, looking out for the naive and immature Dakota, had hotel rooms on either side of Dakota’s room (Katy roomed with her mother Lily). Now, Dakota was getting nervous – not about performing the role since he knew he was doing very well with that – but performing nude for the first time. Soon everyone involved with the play, especially Katy, would see him in the nude, see his genitals and his butt. But Peter, the director, had made sure the lights were properly placed and controlled so that whenever Dakota was on stage naked, it would be rather dark and in no way would his midsection be emphasized. Clive and Lily would see everything, of course, but as Lilly told Dakota, they would be concentrating on their parts much too much to think of looking or staring. That made Dakota blush but it was reassuring to him.

“And Dakota,” Lily said, “if you like, I will be sure that the flats and side curtains are adjusted so that other actors and stagehands (all women, as it were) would not get a good view. Would you like that?”

“Oh, God, yes,” Dakota said quickly.

Lily laughed and drew the boy to her and gave him a long hug and kiss on his smooth cheek. “Don’t you worry, your aunt Lily will protect her naked godson. But since I am doing this for you, will you promise to do something for me later?”

“Sure,” he replied.

“Now – seriously,” she said, changing the tone of her voice. “I have your word you will do whatever I ask of you. Okay?”

“Yes, I seriously promise to obey you,” the young and naive young man said. He was thankful for her offer of protection because he needed it. A couple of times his body would be sprayed out – legs wide open while sitting on the floor. His back would be to the audience but he would be facing Lily (and in some scenes, his father) Also there was the scene where his character tries to crucify himself, so he would be naked, facing the audience, with arms and legs spread out, and his manhood hanging for all to see. He needed all the protection he could get.

But first Clive believed that he and his son had to practice the scene when the father grabs his son by the balls. So he popped into Dakota’s room and told the boy that now was the time to practice so that they didn’t have to practice in front of everyone else the next day. Reluctantly, Dakota had to agree with his dad’s reasoning. Now the time had arrived – the first instance when someone would see him naked. It was good the first time was with his father, but he still was feeling very embarrassed.

“Well,” dad said to Dakota, “strip your clothes off and let’s get going.” He watched his son disrobe, and he was very glad that he himself was keeping his clothes on as he got very excited when Dakota’s private male parts came into view. His son’s sex organ was perfect – the young man’s penis was about three inches long when at rest and was perfectly shaped. His scrotum was loose and hanging low so that his testicles were prominently on display below his cock. The small bush of silky pubic hair crowned his son’s beautiful genitalia. Dakota noticed that his dad was staring at his cock and balls.

“Nice package, son,” Clive said with a smile. As the young man looked down and blushed, Clive approached his nervous son and said, “I am just going to touch you.” He reached down and gently wrapped his hand around his son’s precious scrotum so that his son’s balls were resting in the palm of his hand. Dakota gave out a quiet gasp when he felt his father’s hand on his balls. “Now, when I do this, you must jump up just a little, on your toes. With the low stage lights and with the suddenness of the action, the audience will think I am practically lifting you up by your balls when in actuality, you will provide all the action.”

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