David and Kayla


Kayla woke up early on a Saturday and sat up in her bed. The sun was just beginning to rise as she stretched her arms out, causing her sheet to fall to her waist and expose her bare breasts, a small “a” cup that didn’t need a bra. She looked over at her brothers bed on the other side of the room and saw him still asleep. She noticed that he had quite a lump of “morning wood” holding up his sheet at his groin and smiled at the sight. She had been curious about male anatomy ever since yesterday, when she had seen a picture in her health book, but that had just been a drawing, and she wanted to see one for real.

She got out of bed and went over to his, gently pulling his sheet down so she could see it. She heard him mumble in his sleep and was afraid she had woken him up, but a quick glance at his face showed her he was still asleep.

“Mandy, I love you.” he mumbled, and she grinned to herself. Mandy was their next door neighbor and friends with them both.

He was dreaming about a different girl? Kayla thought she could use this to her own advantage.

She reached over and lay her hand on his lower belly, smiling when she saw it get bigger and raise itself off his belly somewhat. Her breath caught in her throat as he took her hand and moved it onto his hardness, curling her fingers into a loose fist on it and began moving his hips up and down. It slid in her grasp, but she didn’t let go even after he released her hand.

“Use your mouth, Mandy.” he mumbled. “Suck on it, okay?”

Kayla froze at his words, her mind whirling with mixed emotions. She’d heard stories from other girls at school who did that, but they were all older girls; ones who had ‘reputations.’ Was she willing to become of of them?

“Mandy, please?” he mumbled. “I know you liked it last time, even if you say you didn’t. I’m not mad, honest. Just please do it again!”

Kayla’s mind whirled. Again? Mandy had already done it once before?

“Suck it, Mandy!” he said urgently, and woke himself up. He looked down and saw blonde hair instead of the dark hair he had been dreaming about and got confused for a moment. “Mandy? When did you change your hair?”

The girl who looked up him was not Mandy, he saw; it was his very own sister!

“Kayla?” he asked. “What are you doing here?”

She didn’t reply; she was also shocked speechless, especially when his other hand rested on the back of her head and wordlessly urged her face closer to his erection. It touched her lips a moment later, and she felt the drop of stickiness smear her bottom lip. She was helpless to stop her tongue from snaking out to taste it and satisfy her curiosity, and he felt it on the underside of his cockhead.

“Suck it, Kayla, I want you to!” he whispered, giving his little sister all the permission she needed to begin this forbidden act.

Kayla opened her mouth and allowed her big brother’s cock to enter, letting him push her head all the way down, and felt his length enter her throat. She swallowed to quell the gag reflex it inspired, and found she could breath through her nose once he had pulled it back a bit. A few minutes of that was all he could take, and moved her head up so the just the tip was still in her mouth.

She was using that moment to catch her breath when she felt it spasm strongly several times, and her mouth filled up with hot, sticky, salty musk she had never experienced before. She had never even considered such a flaver to exist, but it wasn’t completely unpleasant, so when he urged her to swallow it in a hoarse whisper, she complied, clearing her mouth of it by drinking down each subsequent spurt as he produced it until he was done. She crawled up onto his bed as he finished and allowed him to hold her while she looked into his eyes.

She spoke first. “Mandy has done this before?” she asked.

“No.” he replied. “What gave you that idea?”

“You told her to do it, and I quote, ‘again.” Kayla said quietly. “When was the first time?”

“She never did it before.” he admitted. “I mean, I’ve thought about it a lot, but she never actually did it. I never even had the nerve to ask, really. I don’t want her to be mad at me or anything.”

“You like her?” Kayla asked meekly. “You like her, like that?”

“I guess so.” he admitted. “Are you mad? I know she’s your best friend and all. Please don’t be mad!”

“I’m not mad.” Kayla told him. “I think it’s kind of sweet, actually. Can I help you get with her?”

“You want to help?” he asked, astonished. “How?”

“I can tell her that sucking them is quite nice, despite all the nightmare stories we’ve both heard about it.” she said. “I won’t tell her who I did it to, of course, but I can tell her to try it on you.”

“Really?” he asked, incredulously. “You’d do that for me?”

“Big brother, there’s literally nothing I wouldn’t do for you right now.” she told him. He smiled at her.

“You mean that?” he asked. “Because there’s something I want to do. With you.”

“There is?” she asked, returning his smile. “Do it. Like I said, I’ll do anything you want.”

“Okay.” he said, smiling even more broadly. He rolled her onto her back. “Open your legs.”

“Oh!” she exclaimed, feeling his hardness press into her belly. She tried to close her legs, but he was already laying between them.

She felt his hand touch her down there, spreading some of the moisture from her labia onto her clit. She moaned a little as he kissed her neck.

“David, I’m a virgin.” she told him. “Be gentle, okay? I’ve heard it hurts the first time.”

“I won’t hurt you.” he told her. “I’m going to use my mouth on you, not this.” He pushed his hips a little, letting her feel his hardness on her belly again.

“Oh.” she said, more than a little relieved. “I thought you were going to put it inside me.”

“You did?” he asked. “You didn’t tell me not to, though.” He looked at her thoughtfully. “Do you want me to?”

“Okay.” she said quietly. “You can, if you want to.”

“I’ve never tasted a virgin before.” he told her. “I’ll do it after I’ve used my mouth.” He looked at her seriously. “Try to hold still, and don’t try to stop me. I promise not to hurt you; I only want to make you feel good, okay?”

She opened her legs as he moved down between them. She knew he was getting a close look at her most personal parts and felt a little embarrassed until she felt the first of his kisses on her inner thigh. He moved his kisses Hatay Escort over to the other thigh, and she knew what was next as his head moved away once more

Her premonitions came true, and he licked up the juices flowing freely from her slit, then his tongue found her clitoris and gave her sensations she never even suspected she could feel.

“Oh my God!” she gasped, opening her legs wider. He lapped up more of her juices, then went back to her clit again. She was very surprised when his hands went to her thighs, then slid down to her butt cheeks and pulled then open before she felt his thumb caressing her anus. She had never even considered that to be an erogenous zone, but found the very forbiddeness of it to be exciting.

When his finger pushed inside a little, she moaned again, helpless in the wave of brand new feelings she was experiencing. She didn’t know what to think when he rose up and kissed her mouth once more.

“Did you like that?” he asked her, looking deep into her eyes. She smiled at him.

“Yes, very much.” she told him. “I liked all of it!”

“You even liked what I did with my finger?” he asked. She bit her lip and nodded, blushing with embarrassment. Good girls were not supposed to enjoy such a thing, but she couldn’t lie. Not him; her very own big brother. “Do you think Mandy would like that too?”

She considered for a long moment. “She might if I tell her how good it felt to me.” she said finally. “I bet she would enjoy being naughty too.”

“Invite her over,” he told her. “You can spend the day with her, and she can spend the night before you guys go shopping tomorrow.”

She smiled at him; more of a smirk than a smile, really. “So you can take her virginity too?”

“Of course!” he smiled back, matching her smirk. “The same order as you, too. Mouth, pussy, asshole.”

“No, do her different.” Kayla told him. “Do her pussy, ass, and then her mouth last. I want her to taste her own asshole on your cock, okay?”

“Why would you want that for her?” he asked, puzzled. “I thought she is your very best friend?”

“She is.” Kayla said. “I just owe her for a trick she played on me the other day, and this is my payback.”

“What trick?” he asked.

“She got me to kiss Adam Meecham, and he grabbed my boob while he did it.” his sister told him. “Mandy set the whole thing up, so this is how I get her back. She wants to play dirty? Two can play that game!”

“And you want it different, neh? I’ve had your mouth, and now I’ll take your ass, and your hymen last, is that the way you want it?”

“Do my hymen next.” she said. “You can have my ass cherry last, okay? Do it the regular way next.”

“Gladly.” he said, kneeling between her open thighs. He took his cock in hand and rubbed it up and down over her labia, spending extra time on her clit and teasing it at her opening every time he passed over that area. Soon, she was panting with desire and thrusting her hips up at him, trying to get him inside as he smiled down at her, knowing what he was doing to her.

“Do it!” she gasped loudly. “Just put it inside me already! I’m going crazy!”

“As my lady commands.” he said, then pushed it all the way inside her, tearing her hymen with that one single thrust. She was no longer a virgin.

“Oww! That REALLY hurt!” she yelled, her voice louder than either of them had anticipated. He looked at her warningly.

“You should go back to your own bed, Kayla. Mom’s going to come check any minute now.” he told her. “We can finish this up after she leaves, okay?”

“Good idea.” she said, hopping off the bed and tugging her clothes back into place before getting back into her own bed. Just in time, too, because their mother came right in without knocking.

“Kayla! Are you okay?” she asked. “What happened?”

“Sorry, mom. I had a dream and my yell just woke me up.” Kayla said, stretching.

“A dream?” their mother said, sounding relieved. “Well, it looks like you woke your brother up, too. Are you kids ready for breakfast?”

“Sounds great, mom!” David said. “Eggs and bacon?”

“We’re out of bacon.” she replied absently. “Link sausages instead?”

“Sounds great!” he replied. “Can we go over to Mandy’s after? Kayla and I have a little bet that she needs to settle.”

“Sure, sounds good to me. I need to go shopping anyway, so don’t come back until you see me car, okay? I’m going to buy some Christmas presents for you both, and I’ll need to get them inside and wrapped up before you see them.” sad their mom.

“Deal!” Kayla told her, smiling. “I have a feeling that we’ll be over at Mandy’s most of the day anyway, so feel free to take your time.”

“Don’t get into trouble over there, kids.” they were told, and their mother left the room.

Kayla looked at her big brother. “You really want to do it in my butt?” she asked, almost whispering from shyness.

“I really do.” he told her, smiling. “I’ve been looking at your butt for a while now. You have a nice one!”

“What does that mean?” she asked, confused.

He chuckled at her naivete. “It means you have a nice ass, little sister.” he told her. “I’ve been wanting to hit it for a while now.”

“You have?” she asked wonderingly, and touched it a little fearfully. “You… you won’t hurt me, will you? I’ve eard that taking it in the ass can hurt. A lot.”

He got up and went over to her bed, getting on it with her, and gave her a kiss on the mouth. She could feel the love he had her in it.

“Lets go down for breakfast, and then to Mandy’s” he said. “She can watch while take your ass and she won’t be as scared to do the rest of it, okay?”

“Sure, just remember, it goes pussy, ass and mouth with her.” Kayla said, repeating the order she wanted her best friend virginitys taken in. “And she has to taste her own asshole. That is important!”

“You got it, little sister, but I’m not going to hurt her. I think I might be in love with that girl.” He looked at her. “She’s very special to me.”

“Really?” Kayla said,the smile fading from her face suddenly. “I thought you loved me?”

“I do love you, Kayla. I always will.” he told her, kissing her again. “But you’re my sister. We can never get married or anything like that. I can marry Mandy.” He paused. “If she’ll have me, that is.”

“She’ll have you.” Kayla told him. “She REALLY likes you. She talks about you all the time. She even told me that Hatay Escort Bayan she watches you tanning sometimes.”

“Really?” he asked, embarrased, but then a thought struck him. “Wait a minute, her house is across the street! She can’t see into our back yard from there! How could she watch me suntanning?”

“Well, she said she snuck into the bushes back there and watched you.” She paused a moment unsure if she should say the next part. Mandy had sworn her to secrecy, after all, and she didn’t want to betray her friend.

“What else did she say?” he asked, knowing full well what he did back there when nobody else was home.

“She said she watched you touching yourself, too.” Kayla told him. “It made her excited to watch you doing it to yourself, and she did it to herself at the same time.”

“She did, huh?” David said, sounding amused. “Well, let’s use that against her to get things started, then.”

“Yeah, cool!” Kayla said excitedly. “She’s seen you, so we’ll get her to let you see HER!”

“Perfect.” he agreed, smiling. “That will be a perfect first step, because if she REAALY does like me, it will be no problem touching her. After that, comes HER touching ME, haha, and when she’s on her knees doing it, well, I guess you can figure out what happens next!”

“No, her mouth has to be LAST, remember?” Kayla said, correcting him. “Pussy, ass, THEN mouth!”

“No, Kayla, it will be mouth, pussy, mouth again, then ass, and then mouth oince more, for the big finish! I’m going to make her swallow it, too, just like you did.”

“Well, okay.” Kayla said. “Just don’t fuck it up! I’m counting on you so I get my revenge!”

They went downstairs togerther and met their mother in the kitchen, who had the sausages already done and was just scrambling the eggs.

“Oh, good, you’re already here.” said their mom. “Kayla, would you mind cooking these for me? I want to beat the traffic!”

“Sure.” Kayla agreed, smiling. “You can get going right now, if you want to. Don’t worry about us; we can take care of ourselves.”

“I know you can.” she answered. “Having two such responsible kids has been such a blessing to me ever since that asshole who fathered you left; I can’t begin to tell you how the stars have favored me!”

“It’s okay, mom, we know.” David said, favoring her with a smile. “I also know how lonely you’ve been at night, too.”

“What!?” Mother asked, shock evident in her voice. “What’s THAT supposed to mean?”

“It means we can hear you, mom.” Kayla told her. “You know how thin these walls are. We both can hear you pleasuring yourself most nights.”

“Most nights, and EVERY morning!” David grinned. “Want me to come visit you?”

“Oh my God!” whispered their mother. “No, David, you just keep away from my room at night, no matter WHAT you hear!”

“Okay, I’ll send Kayla instead.” he told her. “I didn’t know you liked girls, but if that’s what you prefer, who am I to judge?”

“Oh my God.” said Mother, whispering again, looking at her daughter, who was smiling at her.

“It’s okay, mom, me and Mandy have fooled around a little, and I like the way girls taste.”

“You.. you like the way they taste?” her mother asked, stammering a little, out of sheer nervousness. She had never expected to have THIS conversation with her daughter. “Have you tasted many of them?”

“Just Mandy, and only once.” Kayla admitted, blushing.

“What about you?” she asked David, turning her attention to her son. “How many girls have YOU tasted?”

“Just one, mom, but I’m hoping for more. I like the way they taste, too.” he told her. “Are you sure you don’t want me visiting in the middle of the night? She came about three times in a row, and squirted a gusher during the last one.”

“Really.” Mother said dryly. “And just who WAS this lucky lady?”

“A true gentleman never kisses and tells.” he replied adroitly. “Some things are better kept as secret anyway.”

“I can respect that.” said mom. “I’m just glad my only son is a gentleman.”

“I’m not THAT much of a gentleman, Mom.” he said with a smirk. “I’ll prove it tonight when I make you come three times with my mouth before I fuck you.”

“David, I… you… we can’t! You’re my son!”

“Mom, he’s my brother!” Kayla said. “It was MY pussy he tasted, and let me tell you, he quite good at it!”

“Kayla!” her mother said, sounding more than a little scandalized.

“He’ll make you come for sure.” said her daughter. “Isn’t that something you want?”

Her mother blushed and didn’t speak.

“She didn’t say no.” David pointed out smiling. “Our secret is out, Kayla. Should we begin now?”

“Good idea, big brother!” Kayla said, sounding happy. “No time like the present, neh, big brother?”h

“Perfect” he said, walking slowly towards their mother. She shrank back in fear.

“David! What do you think you are doing?” she said, anger mixed with fear in her voice. He took hold of her upper arms and prevented her from backing away. “Let go of me right this instant!”

Kayla went behing her and put both hands on the woman’s back, then pulled her blouse down and off both her shoulders. The top two buttons burst off and clicked on the hardwood floor.

“What are you doing?” she said desperately. “You can’t do this to me… I’m your mother!”

“And we love you.” Kayla told her. She pulled the woman’s bra straps down and off her shoulders as well.

Mother hid her bare breasts behind her hands and blushed with embarrassment. “Don’t look at me.” she said shyly. “These are for feeding babies. You’re not babies anymore.”

“Oh, that’s where you’re wrong, Mother.” David said, smiling. “They’re for giving the woman who wears them pleasure, too.”

“I’m not sure what you mean.” she said, more than a little puzzled. “Pleasure?”

“Tell her, Kayla.” David said, smiling. “Tell her how I made you come the first time just by sucking on your nipples.”

“What?” asked the 35 year old woman. “How can such a thing even be possible?”

“You know what you like, right, Kayla, right?” he asked, smiling because he already knew the answer.

“Of course I do” she said, a little puzzled by his smile. “I’ve had them them my whole life, and I’ve been playiing with them for several years now.”

“Well then, play with Mom’s and make HER feel good, too.” said David, smiling at his mother, with-out looking at his sister. “Do Escort Hatay to her what feels good for you.”

“Can I suck on them?” she asked. “That’s what feels the best. That’s what you were doing when you made me come.”

He grinned at her, and looked at his mother. “You can do what ever you want, little sister. Make her come, okay?”

Mother snorted a scoff. “Good luck with that!” she laughed.”I’ve heard my friends describe cominig, but I’ve never experienced anything like what they talked about. Not once!”

“Never?” David asked incredulously. “Not once? Not even masturbating by yourself?”

She looked at him wryly. “I don’t masturbate. There’s no point! I don’t see why people talk about it, either, like it’s the best thing since sliced bread.”

David chuckled, laughing a little “Mom, you’re in for a treat! You’ve never had an orgasm? Wow, this is your lucky day!”

He gave his sister a gentle push. “Go ahead, Kayla, I want to watch. I haven’t seen Mom’s nipples in YEARS!”

Kayla looked over her shoulder nervously at him. “Neither have I.” she whispered. “But… she’s another girl! I’m not supposed to do this sort of thing! I’m not a lesbian!”

“Neither is Mom.” he said, chuckling. “Did you see the look on her face when I told you to do it?”

“David, it’s… it’s not allowed! It’s just wrong! Can’t you see that?” Kayla asked frantically. She wore a very panicked look on her face as her brother took both her arms and made her face their mother, wordlessly pushing her closer despite the look of dread in her eyes and the notes of fear in her voice.

He took pity on her at the last moment. “You don’t want to kiss her nipples?” he asked, and Kayla looked over her shoulder at him. She shook her head vigorously. “Okay, you don’t have to.” he said, smiling at her. She grinned gratefully in reply.

“Thank you!” she said, gratitude flooding her voice. “Oh, thank you for not making me do it!”

“You’re very welcome.” he said, smiling back. “You don’t have to suck on her nipples. You have to suck on her clit instead!”

“What!?” Kayla said loudly, shocked to her core. “I can’t do that! It’s 10,000 times worse!”

“Would you rather just do the first thing, then? He asked, smiling. “Kiss her breasts until she has an orgasm?”

Kayla looked more than a little confused. “But… she just said she’s never had one before! How am I supposed to do that?”

“No harm in trying,right?” he asked, cocking one eyebrow up at her. “You have a choice, little sister. Suck on her nipples or suck on her clit. Which one will it be?”

“Do I get to have a say in this?” Mother asked wryly.

“Sure.” David said, smiling. “Would you rather have your daughter suck your nipples or your clit?”

“Neither.” said the woman. “But if sucking HAS to be done, then I’d prefer to do it to her, instead of her doing it to me.”

“MOM!” Kayla said, sounding shocked and outraged. “What are you saying?!?”

“I’ve done it with girls before.” she sad calmly. “I rather like the way they taste.”

“So do I.” David said, smiling. “While you do it to Kayla, I think I’ll be doing it to you, okay?”

“What am I supposed to do?” Kendra asked, pouting a little. “Mom is doing it to me, you are doing it to Mom,and I feel a little left out suddenly.”

“You can suck on me, okay little sister?” David asked, smiling. “Just do it like you did already this morning. That felt really great!”

“You’ve already sucked on it, Kayla?” their mother asked. Kayla blushed and nodded.

“He thought I was Mandy and told her to do it again while he was still mostly asleep, so I figured since SHE had already done it, there really couldn’t possibly be much harm in it, so I did. It was actually sort of fun!”

She looked at her daughter, confused. “Mandy hasn’t done it, Kayla. I don’t know what he told you, but I know for a fact Mandy hasn’t even LOOKED at it! She’s scared to death of boys and their penises! I’ve talked to her about it every day for the last two years!”

Kayla looked at her brother accusingly. “But… this morning… you said… You TOLD her to do it, and I quote, AGAIN!!!”

“I remember telling you that she DIDN’T do it, Kayla. I told you that I only dreamed of it it, remember?” he said, stroking his hand through her curls. “I’m glad YOU did, though. It’ll make it easier to get her to REALLY do it! Especially after you tell her how much fun it is.”

Kayla stared at him reproachfully. “That’ll never happen!” she said. “We’re BOTH going to keep what I did this morning secret from her!”

“So I shouldn’t show her the videotape from our room, then?” he asked innocently. Kayla paled as the meaning of his words hit home.

“There’s a video tape of us doing it?” she whispered, pale.

“Three of them.” their mother replied. “You never learned about the cameras I have hidden in your room. It’s just a security precaution. For your protection.”

“They aren’t protecting me right now.” Kayla said bitterly. “They’re being used AGAINST me!”

“Not really.” David said, smiling. “They’re going to be used against Mandy, though.”

“What? What are you talking about?” Kayla asked, getting pale with fear for her best friend. “Many is TERRIFIED of penises!”

“I know, but she’ll dp it to save YOU.” her brother said, smiling. “She really won’t want that going onto the internet, and will do whatever it takes to prevent it.”

“You’re a monster!” Kayla said. “She’s scared to death of cocks, and you’re going to make her… You’re going to RAPE her!”

“I’m not going to rape her.” he said, smiling at her gently. “You’re going to help me, and it won’t be rape, I promise. You’re going to show her that’s it’s actually fun! You’re going to show her just how much YOU like it.”

“I… I am?” Kayla whispered.

“Yes, you are, and Mom is going to be there too, to inspire trust.” said her brother, who smiled at their mother’s surprised expression.

“I am?” she said, more than a little shocked.

“Sure you are.” he told her. “What, you think you’re the only one with spy cameras? I’ve SEEN you alone in your room at night. You REALLY like laying on top of your covers when you touch yourself at night, Mom. Your juices make that towel smell really good, you know.”

She blushed. “You shouldn’t say such things.”

The phone rang, so she hurried to answer it; any excuse to avoid further conversation. She was back less than two minutes later.

“Mandy is on her way over. She’ll be spending the night, as her parents are going out of town in an hour.” said their mother. She smiled a little. “Let the coercion begin!”

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