Double Duty Ch. 01


I’d crashed out one evening in my girlfriend’s room. We’d been watching some damn video and it was more than I could take. I fell asleep right in the middle of it that night.

I woke up briefly later. The TV was off and the thing that woke me up was an incredible norm wrapped around my cock. I was still half asleep as I felt those lips sliding up and down my shaft that evening.

That mouth was amazing and it didn’t take me long to give up my cum. Even almost asleep I shot a huge load into right then and there.

I dozed off again, waking up a short time later. I had no idea what time it was, but I knew it was time for me to go. I looked around for Teresa, finally finding her curled up under her blankets asleep.

I whispered goodnight and headed outside slowly making my way to my truck. It was a beautiful night that night and as I stopped to light a cigarette I heard a voice.

“Hello Eric.”

I about jumped out of my skin at that. Turning around I saw Teresa’s older sister Bonnie sitting there. She was sitting in a lawn chair drinking a beer and smoking a cigarette.

As sisters, the two of them couldn’t be any different. Teresa was shorter which made her DD tits stand out more. Bonnie was taller with the same chest, but it looked smaller on her. Teresa was brunette and Bonnie was a redhead. Teresa had the girl next door thing going on while Bonnie gave off the vibe that told you she loved to fuck and she didn’t care if you knew it or not.

“Hey Bonnie. You scared the life out of me.”

She took another drink and smiled. “Sorry about that. I just wanted to ask you something.”

“What’s that?”

“How was the blowjob?”

I was reaching for my keys when she said that. I stopped when it registered though. “What did you say?”

“I asked you how the blowjob was.”

“How the hell did you know about that Bonnie?”

“Simple. I was the one that sucked you off. So how was it?”

I looked at her in the dim light not believing a word of it. She had a sly little smile on her face though that made me uncomfortable. “You gave me that blowjob? I don’t believe it. Tell me how you did it.”

“Simple. I came into Teresa’s room to turn down the TV a little. You were on the couch covered up and Teresa was in bed. Both of you were dead to the world so I got curious.”

That was the way it was when I woke up, and a twinge of guilt hit me. She kept going though.

“So I snuck over the couch and pulled your blanket down very gently. I was in luck. You hadn’t pulled your jeans back up yet. So I could see everything.”

“So then what?”

“I pulled off my shirt and very gently sat down to play with your cock. And before you ask I had two reasons for doing that.”

“Ok. I’m listening.”

“First of all Teresa told me exactly how big you are and I wanted to see that for myself.” Bonnie smiled brightly then and pointed to a spot on her throat. “She wasn’t kidding. You were about that deep when you shot your load. It went straight down my throat.”

I was getting hard again just thinking about it. “So what was reason number two?”

“I knew you’d fucked my sister tonight, and I’ve really wanted to taste her pussy. Since it was all over your shaft, I sucked you clean. You’re welcome by the way.”

I didn’t have words at that point. My mind short circuited at that. I couldn’t picture Bonnie wanting pussy, much less her sisters. She drained her drink as I tried to find something to say. The only thing that came to mind was, “So how was it?”

“She tasted fantastic.”

“So you’re telling me you’re bi then?”

“Very much so. And kinky too. That’s obvious though isn’t it? I don’t know many other girls that fantasize about being tongue deep their sisters pussy. Do you?”

I shook my head. I really didn’t at that point, but the mental image was a stimulating one. I could picture Teresa naked with her legs spread wide and Bonnie just as naked with her head buried between her thighs. I loved the thought though and told her so. Then I asked, “So why don’t you go for it?”

“You don’t think I’ve tried? My sister doesn’t get subtlety though. I’ve hinted at it several times, but it just doesn’t register.” She fell silent for a moment as I stood there hard as a rock in front of her. Finally she looked up and said, “You never did answer me you know. How was the blowjob?”

I admitted it then. “It was fantastic. Teresa isn’t usually that good unless she’s really turned on. That’s the only time I get to use her throat.”

Bonnie nodded knowingly. “That’s the difference between us. I love a hard cock stuffed right down my throat every time. Some nights are really interesting too. That’s when I love getting my face fucked.”

“How’s that work?” I had a mental image of it of course, but I’d never tried it.

Bonnie smiled. “Let be give you an example.” She sat up straight in her chair and motioned to me. “Stand right here please.”

She was indicating a spot just inches away from her. I didn’t see the harm, so I stood there looking down at her. She looked Çeşme Escort up at me then. “So usually the guys standing right where you are. Then he reaches down and wraps his fingers in my hair. I like it nice and tight simply because he’s going to control my head and get what he wants that way.”

My hand reached down and slowly wrapped itself in the hair on the back of her head. “Like this?”

“Exactly like that only tighter. Remember you’re going to be in complete control.” My fingers tightened until she gasped with pleasure. “That’s perfect Eric. Just like that.”

I pulled her head back slightly, exposing the neckline of her shirt. I wanted those tits right then, so I thrust my hands right down her top filling it with one massive mound. The nipple under my fingers was nice and hard and keeping in character I pinched it making her gasp again.

“Oh yeah. Do it Eric, make me scream.”

“Waking everyone up probably isn’t a good idea you know.”

Bonnie smiled. “Then shut me up Eric.”

I reached down with my free hand and unzipped, hauling my cock out. I ran it across her full lips, then thrust my hips forward sliding deep into her mouth.

Bonnie’s eyes closed as her lips slid all the way down to the base of my shaft. I knew right then she was telling the truth. She’d given me that hot blowjob while her sister slept nearby. My cock was plunging into her throat again as I looked down and asked, “So you want your sister’s pussy do you? You want your tongue deep in Teresa?”

She nodded, her lips stretched around my length. “Ummm hunmm.”

“And you want me to help you with that?”

She nodded again. “So what do I get in return?”

I pulled out of her mouth so she could reply.

“Anything you want Eric. My mouth, my pussy and my ass. They’re all yours if you help me do this.”

I loved the thought. I could picture those two tangled together on the bed with me joining in. As I thrust back into her mouth I told her, “It’s a deal. I’ll do it.”

I watched my cock then, seeing it disappear into her hot mouth and hoped that I’d see it soon buried between her sister’s legs. Until then I was going to enjoy it every chance I got.

A few minutes later I felt that familiar feeling and knew I was going to cum once more. I managed to resist the urge to bury my cock deep in her throat again, and held off until my shaft was back in her mouth. I gave her my last load of the night right then, shooting cum across her tongue and coating her mouth with it. Bonnie moaned softly and swallowed as my sticky cum filled her mouth. She knew when she’d gotten every drop, and let my cock slip from her lips then.

“You even taste good Eric. That’s a plus.”

I slid my deflating shaft back into my pants and headed for my truck. Bonnie walked with me, climbing into the passenger side for a few minutes.

“Tell me Bonnie. How did you get hooked on women?”

“An old boyfriend had a real fear of pregnancy. So he’d never cum inside me. He’d pull out and slide into my mouth to finish every time. Naturally I tasted myself then and I found out I liked the taste. It wasn’t long before I started wondering about other women then.”

That gave me an idea. We said goodnight and I headed home to bed already plotting.

Teresa’s parents went to work early, so I was over in the morning the next day. She loved to fuck first thing in the morning, and I was the lucky recipient. I was watching her body as she rode me as usual. Those DD tits were amazing, bouncing as we fucked.

She’d just cum all over my cock, her body shaking as usual. She leaned forward then to rest on my chest and catch her breath. I knew what was coming next. She’d roll over and have me pound that hot pussy until I filled her with cum.

As usual she rolled into position. She was surprised though when I started moving slowly instead of fucking her like there was no tomorrow. As her legs wrapped around my ass I looked down at her and smiled.

“I had the best fantasy about you last night. It was a dream really, but damn it was good.”

She looked entertained by that fact. “Really? Tell me about it.”

“We were here like this, but instead of coming inside you I pulled out and slid right into that hot mouth of yours.”

She raised an eyebrow. “So why was that so exciting? You get blowjobs from me.”

“I know. All I could imagine was you tasting both of us when that happened.”

She looked intrigued by that. She was breathing heavily when I got close. When I slowed down slightly to make it last, she smiled up at me.

“Don’t cum inside me. Not this time.”

I pretended to look confused. “Why not?”

“Because you’ve got me wondering now. I’ve never tasted myself. And the combination might be interesting.”

I had an evil smile on my face when I said, “So tell me exactly what you want dear.”

“I want that load in my mouth. I want to see how we taste together.”

I was ready so I moved up the bed and knelt next to her head. I could see my shaft shiny with her juices Çeşme Escort Bayan as she turned her head towards me. Her tongue flicked out and tasted my shaft. Then she smiled slightly and opened her mouth, sucking my hard cock right in deep.

It didn’t take me long to pump her mouth full of my cum. I got to watch her swallow me and then slowly suck me making sure she captured every drop. After she’d finished I pulled out of her mouth, sitting next to her on the bed.

“So what did you think Teresa?”

She licked her lips and then smiled up at me. “I liked it. I taste good.”

I laughed at that. “I know that already. God knows I’ve tasted you often enough. I just wasn’t sure you’d like the taste of pussy.”

“Evidentially I do. That’s a surprise to me too.”

Inspiration struck then. “I’m glad I mentioned it then. I’ll have to tell you about all the fantasies I have about you I guess.”

As I laid down next to her she said, “You’ve got more? This I’ve got to hear. Tell me about another one.”

“I’ve got three big ones. The first is you lifting those big tits up to your lips and sucking your own nipples. The second would be a threesome and the third would be watching you take on as many guys as you wanted to.”

“Like a gangbang thing?”

“Exactly. I always wonder how you’d react to other guys playing with your body.”

My hand was playing with her DD tits at that point. “So sucking my own nipples. You really want to see that?”

“Oh yeah. It ties right into the threesome thing. I’m a guy, so naturally I’m thinking of two women.”

Teresa smiled and looked at me for a long moment. Then she reached down and hefted one of those huge tits up and to her lips. The look of excitement was obvious on my face then. As she stared at me that pink tongue of hers came out and started circling one hard nipple.

She sucked it into her mouth, nipping the hard little bud there gently. I saw her eyes close when she did it, then she treated the other one to the same treatment.

She was breathing heavily by the time she finished and I was staring. She laughed at she looked at me.

“You enjoyed that way too much Eric.”

I nodded. “You’re right about that.”

“So how did that play into your threesome fantasy?”

“Because it’s you and another woman. Both of you do that, just to reach other. So to answer your question it makes me wonder what it would be like seeing you do that. For starters anyway.”

“You know we’re going to talk more about that don’t you?”

I nodded my reply. She glanced down and saw I was hard and ready to go again. With a smile she climbed back on top of me and guided my shaft right into her soaking wet pussy.

Teresa played with her own tits as she rode me the second time that day. I could see her smiling to herself as she squeezed them and played with the nipples in front of me. She had a wild lustful look on her face as she lifted them again to her mouth, sucking her nipples right in.

She came quickly, and I would have loved to have known what drove her over the edge that fast. She collapsed on my chest again and finally giggled after catching her breath.

“Any other fantasies today Eric?”

“Just one.” She rolled off of me again, looking at me expectantly. “Get up on your hands and knees and you’ll find out.”

When she did my hand slid over her ass and down to that hot pussy. Teresa moaned softly as two fingers easily slipped into her. Her ass started moving too, pumping back on my fingers right then.

I moved behind her myself and substituted my cock for my fingers. I heard her breathlessly ask, “So what’s this other fantasy?”

I smiled and held my sticky fingers right in front of her face. Slamming my cock deep into her I said, “There’s a hot pussy in front of your face. Show me what you’d do with it.”

I brought my fingers closer until I felt it. Her tongue was licking my fingers just like it was a pussy. I fucked her hard and fast then until her body started to shake again. The timing was perfect that time around. As she came all over my cock I blasted that hot pussy full of cum.

We both collapsed to the bed then catching our breath. Teresa was unusually quiet but she finally smiled. “That was really different.”

I agreed with her. “You’re doing to get hooked on that you know. Trying new things and all.”

“I’m not complaining Eric. I’m just not sure I’m ready for another woman or multiple guys yet.”

“That’s fine with me. When you are just let me know.”

She agreed to that and looked at the clock on her wall. “I’ve got to get ready for work tonight. Are you taking me?”

I always did. That way I could pick her up too, and we usually ended up on a back road fucking. I told her I would and as she slipped off to the shower I got dressed and headed to the living room.

Bonnie was there naturally. She gave me an evil smile when I walked in. “Hey Eric. Have fun?”

“Of course.” I could hear the shower going so I walked over to Bonnie and unzipped. “Want Escort Çeşme to clean up?”

She nodded, swallowing my cock several times until she’d gotten the taste of her sister off me. She shivered slightly when she stopped. “God she tastes good!”

I put my cock away and zipped up again. “If you want to hear about what happened meet me at l

Lakeside park just after 5.”

She nodded and headed out as the shower shut off. I heard her pull out in her car heading off to who knows where. Teresa came out a few minutes later wrapped in a towel.

“Where’s Bonnie?”

“Don’t know. She left a few minutes ago. I didn’t ask where she was going though.”

She nodded and we headed to her room. I loved watching her slide out of her towel. We were getting close to the time she needed to go in though, so sadly that was all the fun I had then.

I dropped her at work and told her I’d be back at midnight. She went in and I headed to the other side of town where her sister was waiting.

The parks in our little town sucked. People rarely went to them for any reason. Lakeside Park was right next to a lake of course. When I pulled up Bonnie popped out of her car.

She climbed into the passenger side of my truck then. “Where we going?”

“Anywhere where your clothes are going to come off.”

“I’ve got the perfect place.” Bonnie gave me directions to a place I’d never been before. It had been a gravel pit at one time, but that was years before. Now it gave me the perfect place to park with absolutely no one around.

“So tell me what happened.” Bonnie’s eyes were shining as she said that. I started to tell her the events of the afternoon and as I went along she started unbuttoning her shirt. By the time I told her about her sister sucking my cock that was covered with her juices she had her shirt open and was playing with her tits as she listened.

Then I got to the part about her sucking her own nipples. Bonnie gasped at that. “She actually did it?”

“Yup. I could just see her teasing another woman when she did. You missed the fun part though.”

Bonnie’s eyes were wide as I told her about her sister licking my fingers during our faux threesome.

She slipped out of her jeans then and that hot naked body was on view. I’d never seen her that way before. I’d gotten a quick flash of her tits once when I walked into the bathroom at Teresa’s. The door was open and she’d just gotten out of the shower. She had jeans on but her top was bare right then.

I took a good look at her as she scooted across the front seat to me. Her hands went straight to my jeans working on my belt and zipper. I could see the excitement on her face as she said, “You’re really gonna make this happen aren’t you?”

“Hell yes.” My pants slid down my legs then. Bonnie grabbed my cock stroking me as my hands explored her. “Tell me how this thing got started. You wanting your sister of course.”

“It was when I came home from college. My roommate and I got together all the time back there. So I was either out fucking some frat boy or doing her every night I could. So I get home and find out that Teresa lost her virginity to you. And I get a blow by blow description of the whole thing. And naturally she’s walking around the house with no bra and that thin t-shirt she wears to bed on. So I’m staring at hard nipples and my mouth is watering.” Bonnie smiled at the memory. “That’s when I knew I wanted her. You’re just a bonus.”

“Nice. I know what you mean about that shirt of hers. It drives me crazy every day.”

Bonnie rolled her eyes. “I know, right?” She smiled and let go of my shaft. “So how do you want me?”

“On your hands and knees of course.”

She laughed as she got into position. “You’re going to fantasize about my tongue in her pussy aren’t you?”

I moved behind her and slid into a soaking wet pussy before I answered. “Damn right I am.” My hands rested on her waist for a moment before sliding up to cup those huge tits. I would have loved to have seen the mental images running through our heads that evening. I’m sure both of them included Teresa laying back and enjoying a tongue driving her wild.

Bonnie was completely different than her sister when she fucked. Teresa built up to one massive orgasm at a time usually. Bonnie just kept having lots of little ones, all in a row. I can’t tell you how many times she’d cum on me by the time I finally filled that hot pussy with my seed. The fun part though was watching her spin around as soon as I’d finished, sucking my soaking wet cock deep into her throat.

She cleaned me up and smiled. “We’ve got time for one more. Anything you’d like to do this evening?”

I nodded and told her, “I can think of two things. I’d love to fuck that hot ass of yours, and I definitely want to tit fuck you too.”

Bonnie smiled. “Got any lube with you?”

I didn’t, so she rolled over on her back and said, “Then get up here and fuck my tits.”

I climbed on top of her watching as she sucked my cock back down getting me good and wet. Then she pressed those huge mounds together, forming the perfect valley for my cock. I looked down as my shaft slid through there, occasionally poking her in the throat. That’s when Bonnie smiled and tilted her head down so the head of my cock slid into her mouth with every thrust.

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