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Subject: “Electricity”, Chapter 13, Beginnings and Athletics Section This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are the product of the author’s imagination and any resemblance to actual persons, business establishments or events is entirely coincidental. Comments and feedback are highly appreciated, send to mozlover21@. If you want to read more stories please subscribe to my eon/mstories Electricity Chapter 13. Aubrey “Cindy’s on the phone for you Aubs,” Tom’s voice came from behind the bathroom door. Aubrey had been spending an inordinate about of time in the shower lately. Just letting the hot water wash away all the dirty mess he felt he was currently involved in. Sometimes he turned it so hot that it felt like he was going to pass out. And then he enjoyed that feeling too, because it let him focus on something other than the voice that scratched at the back of his brain, making him miss someone he shouldn’t be missing. “Aubs,” the voice came again and the writer realized he forgot to answer. “One second,” he called out. “She says it’s important.” “I’m coming,” Aubrey replied, turning off the water and reaching for a towel. It had been a week since he closed the door on Andrew Thompson. He came back to the old apartment, and as he had predicted Tom apologized, said the Kat thing was a one time mistake, and that he felt threatened by his budding relationship with Andrew and his unwillingness to commit to marriage. And Aubrey understood that he hadn’t been the best partner, hadn’t given it his all. Not that any of that excused the cheating, but he decided to give the man another try. To do it properly this time. To communicate honestly and focus on getting married and working towards having a family. He felt like he was doing the right thing. The responsible, grown-up thing, that would work to his benefit in the end. He couldn’t waste time on being just another Andrew Thompson conquest, and then being discarded. He wanted security in his life. But even though he kept telling himself he was doing the right thing, the writer’s blocked kicked in the second he moved back in with Tom. So Aubrey decided to officially take some time off work, until the wedding was over with and he could go back to writing with a clear mind. Tom didn’t seem ecstatic about picking up the financial slack, but since he was still technically in the dog house, he didn’t complain much. The writer quickly put on his clothes then emerged from the bathroom and grabbed the phone from Tom’s hand. “Hey Cindy.” “Aubrey, you gotta get over here right now. Something’s going on with Nelson!” she said, and he could hear the panic in her voice. “What’s happening?” Aubrey asked, already grabbing his car keys and heading for the door. “Just get here as soon as you can,” she said and hung up. “What’s going on?” Tom asked. “Something’s up with Nelson, I gotta go.” “I’m coming with you,” Tom said, and both men hurried out the door. Aubrey parked right outside the entrance, then ran in through the door. Nobody was in the general greeting area, which was unusual in itself. He proceeded to Nelson’s room, with Tom following behind, but there was nobody there either. “Shh,” Tom said suddenly. “What?” Aubrey asked. The man listened for a moment. “I think I hear something on the roof.” Aubrey’s heart dropped to his stomach, and he sprinted up the stairs and onto the roof of the building, where a frightening scene was unfolding. Nelson stood right on the edge of the building, which was six floors high. He stood so close that a gust of wind could easily knock him off. Cindy, Earl Warren, and a few kids from Ways including Jasmine were gathered around, but not too close, as they tried to talk him down and away from the dangerous spot. Aubrey couldn’t believe this was the same kid that was having the time of his life just a week ago. What happened in the span of a week, and how did Aubrey manage to miss it? With guilty thoughts of his own selfishness swirling through his brain, he joined the others in trying to talk him down. “Nels, get away from there, let’s talk,” he said, but Nelson just looked at him with empty eyes. “There’s nothing to talk about Aubrey. Everyone hates me. My whole family. And God, God hates me too,” he cried. Aubrey heard Tom scoff next to him. “What happened?” Aubrey asked Warren, quietly. “He was supposed to finally meet with his father, but the old bastard cancelled,” he replied and Aubrey’s heart sank. “Nelson, don’t be ridiculous. Don’t kill yourself over an imaginary pagan fairytale,” Tom shouted suddenly, and Nelson cried harder. Aubrey was at a loss, he didn’t know what to do or say. For the first time in his life, he was completely frozen. “You don’t understand,” Nelson replied, teetering dangerously on the edge. “God doesn’t exist!” Tom shouted out, and Nelson began sobbing now. “I don’t think you’re helping,” Aubrey whispered to him as Nelson stepped closer and closer to the abyss. “Nelson, don’t!” Aubrey shouted, but the boy wasn’t paying attention. With the arrival of every second, he loomed closer to his death. Aubrey wanted to reach out and grab him, but he felt like any sudden movement might make him fall backwards. Suddenly, an instinct told Aubrey to turn around. When he did, his heart almost stopped when he noticed the handsome Andrew Thompson standing by the roof’s entrance. He was wearing all black and looked like he just ran out of practice. “You are exactly what God imagined when he made you, Nelson,” Andrew said, walking towards them slowly. Everyone turned around to look at him. “And He doesn’t make mistakes.” Nelson looked at Andrew surprised. “He made a mistake when He created me,” he replied tearfully. “I’m one big mistake.” “No, He made you in His image, and He’s always with you. Even in the deep darkness. Even in the unfathomable shame. His love is unconditional.” Nelson listened intently, the quarterback had his full attention. “How can He love me? I can’t even love myself!” “His love doesn’t have to be earned, deserved, or merited. He loves you in your light and He loves you in your dark. You do not have to give up God to be yourself, Nelson. You do not have to give up love. You do not have to cut away parts of yourself in order to believe.” “How?” Nelson asked. “By accepting this simple premise: God is love. There’s nothing else to it. Now take my hand,” Andrew said, walking closer and holding out Çorum Escort his hand. Nelson didn’t look convinced. He looked back at the abyss behind him. “I don’t want to be a disappointment,” he cried. “You’re not, Nelson.” It was his father’s voice. Andrew and the boy looked towards the entrance of the roof, where an older man stood. “You’re not a disappointment son.” Nelson stifled a sob. “Yes I am, you don’t love me, and God doesn’t love me either.” “That’s not true son. I’m sorry that I’ve taken all of this the hard way, and that I’ve had my own difficulties in accepting it. But you will always be my boy. No matter what. I will always love you. And the Father, He will always love you too.” “You don’t mean that,” Nelson cried out, but he took a step back from the edge and towards his father. “`And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.’ You are my son. Always,” the man stated, openly shedding tears as well now. Nelson sobbed. “He is the author of life, and your story’s not over yet, Nels. Come on down,” Andrew said getting closer to the boy, and holding out his hand again. Nelson looked at the quarterback with his piercing blue eyes, and to Aubrey’s great shock, he grabbed onto his hand with a strong grasp, and chose life. Andrew After Nelson and his father hugged it out, Earl Warren escorted them downstairs to figure out how things should proceed. Cindy and the kids followed. Meanwhile, Aubrey, Andrew and Tom stood around in awkward silence. “How did you know to come?” Aubrey asked Andrew. “Cindy called me. I think she called the dad as well,” he replied. Then asked, “So what’s he doing here?” looking at Tom. “We’re back together, we worked things out, and I’d appreciate you keeping your distance,” Tom replied, and Andrew mustered all his internal strength to stop himself from knocking that smug look off of Tom’s face. But they’d had too much excitement for one day. He didn’t need to add to it but further infuriating Aubrey. After all, this is the man he chose over him. Andrew would just have to accept that. Aubrey at least had the decency to look embarrassed about the whole thing. Andrew felt any hope he’d been holding about a reunion completely vanish. Both men ignored Tom and looked directly at each other. “I’m sorry about how I reacted when you told Nelson to read that Bible passage a while ago,” Aubrey said. “I’m sorry that I doubted you.” “Thanks for saying that,” Andrew replied, and mustered a small smile. He wanted nothing more than to put his arms around the man and draw him into a long hug, smell the coconut shampoo on his curly hair, and kiss him once again. But instead, he watched the writer leave with Tom. On his way home, Andrew picked up a boatload of alcohol. The emptiness in his stomach felt toxic, and he had to fill it up with something. He grabbed a beer and opened up his Instagram. He clicked the name “Brandon James.” Brandon and his best friend Landon were both Instagram models and what was known in the strange modern world of fame and celebrities as “influencers”. Andrew wasn’t quite sure what that meant, apart from the fact that both of them were known for posting hot pictures of themselves online, and having a huge following. Andrew had slept with both of them previously, but cut off contact for a while after Aubrey’s article made waves and he was trying to keep a low profile. But now he was distraught and alone, he decided it was time for a little reunion, and invited them both over. Since this is who Aubrey believed him to be anyway, he decided he might as well give in and prove him right. A Week Later Andrew woke up to a tickling sensation on his right bicep. He groaned and opened his eyes to see the beautiful Landon placing butterfly kisses on his arm, while staring up at him lovingly. “Morning my King,” he said smiling, when he noticed Andrew was awake. Andrew mustered a small smile in return, he didn’t want to hurt the boy’s feelings. On his other side he had Brandon, who was laying on his back and scrolling through Instagram. Andrew replayed the drunken wild night they had in his head. Or more accurately, the drunken nights they’ve been having for a week now. He had sex with them both, until they fell asleep sometime in the early morning. It was noon now. “Only 30 thousand likes so far…is everyone like on vacation in Europe or some shit, with like a different time zone, this is so annoying,” Brandon stated and Andrew wasn’t sure if he was in bed with a man or a Kardashian. He looked up at the ceiling and groaned, his head pounding from the amount of drinks he consumed last night. “Are you hungry, hun? I can make you some breakfast,” Landon offered sweetly, scooting in even closer to Andrew and giving him a small kiss. Andrew felt empty inside. As if all happiness had been extinguished. This is all that was left now: money, sex and drinking. “I’m hungry for you,” he stated and moved quickly, pinning the pretty model underneath him without much effort. This would hold him over for an hour or so, this would fill the emptiness inside his chest. Landon giggled while Brandon rolled his eyes and muttered an “eww.” Andrew couldn’t understand why he wasn’t happy. He was living the dream of most gay men after all. All the sex he could ever want, with almost any man he could ever want, and all the money he could ever spend, why the hell wasn’t he thriving? He had two drop dead gorgeous models in his bed, ready to fuck him whenever he wanted, ready to bring him breakfast in bed. What was his problem? He spat on Landon’s hole and pushed himself inside. The boy winced a little. “Easy daddy,” he cooed at Andrew, trying to adjust to the girthy cock inside him. Andrew made a mental note to get Landon some type of gift. The boy had been taking his dick like a champ all night and deserved a little award. Andrew kissed him until he felt those muscles loosening up on him. Then he began a nice and steady rhythm of in and out. “You like that?” he asked the pretty bottom. “I love it,” he moaned with the mastery of a porn star, “don’t stop.” Andrew didn’t plan on stopping. He continued fucking the sexy model while Brandon continued scrolling through Instagram right next to them without missing a beat. This was the lifestyle every player dreamed of. “You feel so good inside me,” Landon continued. “Want my cum in you?” Andrew asked, feeling himself Çorum Escort Bayan get closer. “Yes, I want it all the way in my guts,” Landon murmured sweetly. “Yeah? I’m gonna flood your insides with my cum,” Andrew continued the dirty talk. “Mmmm, give it to me baby. I want all of it.” He blew his load deep inside of Landon a few minutes later, leaving the bottom with a satisfied smile on his face. “I love the feeling of your cum inside me,” Landon whispered, cuddling up to Andrew again. Andrew had one arm around him and one hand on his ass. He started to finger him gently, feeling his seed inside of the boy. “Oh my God,” Landon whispered, touching his own cock. Andrew closed his eyes and started to kiss him, exploring his mouth and feeling the boy moan and twitch in pleasure underneath him. He imagined it was Aubrey he was kissing and playing with right now. He imagined the other man had his hands gripping the back of Andrew’s head, hungrily pulling him closer and closer, until it was physically impossible to be any closer. He imagined he was tasting that saliva that usually had a hint of cranberry juice or a salty snack on it. Suddenly he felt the model start shaking in waves underneath him, and felt Landon’s walls contract on his fingers as he orgasmed hard. After it was over and the boy cooled off, Andrew gave him a kiss and said, “Okay, now I’m ready for breakfast,” patting him on his behind. “You got it baby,” Landon said, getting up obediently and marching his pert behind naked into Andrew’s kitchen to start making breakfast. Andrew closed his eyes and tried going back to sleep for a few more minutes. “Holy shit,” Brandon announced. “What?” Andrew asked sleepily, keeping his eyes closed. He figured Brandon got another 10 thousand likes or something equally insignificant. “That annoying ass journalist…what’s his name, oh Aubrey Miller, didn’t you fuck around with him at some point? He’s engaged! What an annoying hypocrite.” There were two things that shocked Andrew in that whole statement. The first one was the fact that Brandon knew the word “hypocrite.” The second, and more important one, was the fact that his world just came crashing down on him once again. He opened his eyes and grabbed Brandon’s phone out of the boy’s hand. The article read: “Pride would like to congratulate writer Aubrey Miller on his engagement to partner Tom Sims.” Andrew stared at the announcement in absolute and all consuming anger. So not only did Aubrey go back to that cheating ass douche, he was now engaged to him. Oh the irony of it all. Didn’t he say he couldn’t give Andrew a chance because of the hypothetical possibility that he was going to cheat on him? But he decided to go back to an actual, proven cheater. Andrew couldn’t get over it. The anger built inside him like a crescendo. “Fuck that, how about we try for a baby, huh?” Andrew said, throwing Brandon’s phone on the opposite end of the big bed. “Are you serious? You just had sex with Landon,” Brandon whined. He was a lazy one, and a huge princess in bed, but Andrew couldn’t help but find him attractive. His ridiculous ass to waist ratio was too appealing to pass up. It was a result of a strategic fat transfer, of course, and probably one that Andrew had paid for at some point, but none the less Andrew was mesmerized when he would hit that ass from behind and watch it reverberate against his body. “It will be your workout for the day,” Andrew replied and grabbed him then flipped him over. The boy got on all fours. “Arch your back more,” Andrew commanded and Brandon knew just what to do, lowering his back and sticking his perfect manufactured ass as high in Andrew’s face as possible. “That’s perfect,” Andrew commented. “Can you pass me my phone? I have to stay on top of what’s going on.” “While I fuck you?” “Yes, don’t worry, you won’t even notice,” he said, sticking out his hand. Andrew sighed but passed him the iPhone. He put some lube on his cock and Brandon’s hole, and started inching his way in. “Mmm,” Brandon moaned, while replying back to a comment on Instagram. A part of Andrew was annoyed, while the other part was impressed with the boy’s hustle. Slowly, he inserted his cock all the way in. It felt amazing, the hot warmth of his interior enveloping his dick snuggly. Suddenly, and with sadness, Andrew realized he had never been inside of Aubrey without a condom. He had always wanted the other man to think that he was responsible, and that he wouldn’t put his health at risk. Now he would never get to fully feel him. The thought was depressing enough that his erection softened. “Fuck,” he cussed. Not only was he sad now, but apparently he was impotent too. Who would go soft in bed with a model that millions of people jerked off to every single night? Brandon rolled his eyes and sighed audibly. “Here, let me help,” he said, laying down in front of Andrew and putting the cock that was in his ass mere seconds ago into his warm mouth. “Mmm” Andrew groaned. The boy had no gag reflex and gobbled up his 8 inches like it was nothing. “You’re such a good cocksucker,” Andrew complimented him. A minute later, when his dick was rock hard and covered in saliva, Brandon went back to his original position and Andrew fucked him nice and hard until the bottom put away his phone and started screaming in ecstasy. “Yessss, right there,” he moaned. “Yeah? Is that big cock hitting the spot?” “Yes, stretch me out baby. Strech that fat ass out.” Andrew didn’t need to be asked again. His stroke game had been perfected at this point. “Fuck yesss, fuck that ass,” Brandon continued to moan and grasp at the bed sheets in sheer pleasure. “I’m gonna cum so hard,” Andrew warned, “I wanna cum all over your pretty face.” “Yeah baby, fuck me then cum all over my face.” Landon walked in with a big breakfast tray and gave a side eye to the action happening in bed. He was slightly jealous of Andrew with other guys, but knew better than to say anything. “Come here, I want you to watch when I cum all over Brandon’s face,” Andrew said. Landon obeyed, and put the breakfast tray on the side table, then crawled in bed right next to them. “Yeeessss fuck meeee!!!” Brandon moaned so loud Andrew thought the whole building heard. He pulled out his swollen cock and grabbed Brandon’s aesthetically pleasing face, gave it a few strokes then came all over it. “Mmm yes, yummy,” Brandon moaned and licked Escort Çorum off the cum that was near his lips. “Help him,” Andrew instructed Landon. Landon moved closer and began licking Andrew’s cum off of Brandon’s face, all the while seductively looking at Andrew. “Good boy,” Andrew said when he was done. “Now make out for me.” Landon and Brandon started to slowly and sensually kiss, a performance they put on only for Andrew, as neither one had any huge attraction toward the other. Andrew admired how pretty they both were. After a while they all collapsed on the bed, in the same positions they were originally in, with Andrew in the middle and the boys at his side, now both cuddled up to him. Brandon fell asleep first, but just as Andrew was dozing off, Landon cupped his face gently and whispered “I love you” while gazing at him sweetly. Andrew smiled and gave him a gentle kiss. Then he fell asleep and dreamt about Aubrey Miller getting married. When he awoke, it was the middle of the night. Brandon was still draped over him, but Landon was gone. In a paranoid state Andrew got up to make sure the model wasn’t taking pictures of the house that he would later try to sell to the press. He couldn’t find him upstairs, so he went down. The boy was just getting some water from the kitchen, naked. Andrew couldn’t resist that perfect butt. He walked up on him from behind, and started kissing his neck. He was so much bigger than Landon that the boy almost got lost in his arms. “Is my pretty baby thirsty?” he asked and Landon giggled. “Mhm,” he replied, turning his head and meeting Andrew’s lips. “What are you thirsty for?” “You, daddy,” Landon replied. Andrew had cum so many times in the past 24 hours that his cock was sore, he couldn’t imagine what the guys felt after the pounding they both took. He would be gentle this time. “Let’s go take a nice bath first,” he said, not wanting Landon to get sick from any of the germs and fluids they all exchanged in the last few hours. He grabbed the boy by the hand and led him to the luxurious bathroom upstairs. He ran a nice warm vanilla bath for him, and dimmed the lights. They both got in, and Andrew gently and sensually washed every inch of Landon, eliciting positive moans from the model. They lay there and kissed for a long while as Landon slowly stroked Andrew’s cock, making him hard once again. Andrew then dried both of them off with the clean fluffy white towels his maid had just left in the bathroom the other day. He then picked Landon up in his arms, much to the boy’s excitement, and carried him downstairs to the couch, where he stretched out his tight hole for the next hour. “God baby, you’re insatiable,” Landon commented afterwards, laying on Andrew’s chest. “I can’t help that you tun me on,” Andrew replied, remembering the first time Aubrey Miller had sat on this very same couch. “I wanna stay with you forever, I don’t wanna leave,” Landon said, now looking up at Andrew. “Come on baby, you know how my life is. Crazy work schedule. But you’re here right now. Let’s not worry about the future,” he said, trying to gracefully get out of the situation. Landon looked dissatisfied. He wanted commitment. He wanted promises. He wanted long term. All things Andrew was incapable of giving. But he knew better than to argue. Andrew woke up to Landon making breakfast in the kitchen. Maybe this wasn’t such a bad idea, having Landon over for longer, maybe he would give it another thought. He went upstairs to brush his teeth and found a naked and freshly showered Brandon in his bathroom taking sexy pictures for his Instagram account. Andrew usually didn’t allow anyone to take photos at his place, but he decided to not say anything. Plus he enjoyed watching the process. He finished brushing his teeth and walked up to the naked model. “No way, I’m so sore from yesterday,” the lazy bottom protested before Andrew could even say anything. “You’re not that sore,” Andrew replied, poking fun of his dramatic ways. “You literally split me in half,” the IG star complained. “Let me see,” Andrew stated, turning him around and kneeling in front of the ridiculously large behind. He pulled the boy’s cheeks apart, squeezing them in the process, and gently ran his tongue on the freshly showered pink hole. Brandon shivered. “How’s that, is it feeling any better?” Andrew asked, in between licks. Brandon moaned and put a hand on the back of Andrew’s head, nudging him further into his sexy crevices. Andrew loved every second of it, and his cock started flowing in precum. Maybe he could do this forever, just mindlessly fuck so he’d never have to think about Aubrey again. He licked Brandon’s hole some more, then got up, picked him up (not as easy as it was with Landon, that butt really carried some weight) and threw him on the bed. “No, you’re gonna make me sore again,” Brandon whined. “I like making you sore,” he said, smacking Brandon’s shapely behind. “Stop being lazy, ride me,” Andrew demanded, laying on his back. Brandon rolled his eyes, but got on top. “The other way,” Andrew said, making Brandon face away from him. The Instagram beauty lowered his lovely cheeks onto Andrew’s swollen cock, and slowly took all of him in. Andrew loved watching his 8″ cock disappearing inside of that voluptuous ass. “There you go,” he praised the boy, who began slowly moving up and down Andrew’s shaft. “That’s my boy.” “Mmmm,” Brandon moaned. “How sore are you now?” “So sore daddy, you’re so big. I love the way you split me in half,” he moaned out, riding faster now, his ass clapping on Andrew’s abs. Just then Landon walked in. “Seriously babe?” he asked, annoyed at the sight. “Come here,” Andrew asked. “What?” “Come sit on my face,” Andrew said, while Brandon continued to bounce up and down on his cock. “Please, I need to taste you to cum,” Andrew pleaded. He needed it nasty today. He needed to forget the phrase that kept replaying on his mind, about a certain writer getting married. Landon was finally persuaded. He walked over and sat his perfect ass right on Andrew’s face. Not too long after, Andrew came hard inside of Brandon. When the two models left hours later, and Andrew closed the door behind them, he did something he hadn’t done since he was a child. He collapsed on his couch and wept uncontrollably. The emptiness washing over him like a dark abyss. He had never in his life felt this unhappy. “Get it together you pussy,” he yelled at himself after a while, then gave himself a smack in the face. “What the fuck is wrong with you. No wonder he’s marrying some other guy, you act like a girl.” He got up and went over to the fridge, took out a bottle of vodka, then drank until he passed out.

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