Farmer’s Daughter


Danielle stood out on the porch of her father’s house admiring Jesse working out in the field. She was so happy that her father had hired such an attractive guy to work on their farm. In fact right now she was enjoying the fact that he had already taken off his shirt. She could see the sweat glistening off of his large pecs and strong biceps. She also loved watching as he pushed his thick dark hair away from his face so that it wouldn’t drip sweat into his eyes. Danielle could already feel herself getting aroused just from looking at Jesse working. This had become a major problem for her recently, so much so that she had started to forgo wearing any panties under her overalls because they would get soaked with her arousal so quickly that she would have to take them off any way. In fact right now she was so tempted to reach her hands down the front of her overalls and take care of herself right here on the porch while she stared at Jesse in the field.

“Danielle can you please come in here right now,” Danielle was pulled from her pleasurable daydreams by her mother’s call from the house. She shook her head as she walked back into the house to find where her mother was waiting for her in the kitchen.

“Danielle it looks like Jesse is working really hard out there. Why don’t you go take him some lemonade so he won’t get dehydrated out there? You should really try to get to know him better sweetie since he will be staying here with us for the foreseeable future,” Danielle’s mother handed her a glass of lemonade.

“I can definitely give him a drink,” Danielle said to her mother, “and you are right I can try to get to know him better. After all he does seem like a very nice guy. Certainly much better than the last man daddy hired to help him on the farm.” They both shook their heads with disgust from thinking about the last farm hand her father had hired. He had been a lecherous old man who couldn’t stop staring at Danielle and her mother, but mostly Danielle. That man had given both her and her mother the creeps with the way he stared at them and practically drooled while looking at them. It hadn’t taken long for Danielle’s father to notice the way the man stared at his wife and daughter and he had thrown him out on his ass quicker than the man could turn his head to see where he was going to land.

Danielle then took the glass of lemonade from her mother and walked back outside so that she could bring it to Jesse. Once she was back out on the porch Danielle took another moment to admire Jesse’s sexy shirtless form before heading out across the field to give him the lemonade. She approached Jesse and tapped him on the shoulder.

“Hey Jesse I thought you looked like you could use a drink so I thought I would bring you some lemonade,” she said as she handed Jesse his glass of lemonade.

Jesse turned and took a moment to gaze into Danielle’s beautiful sparkling green eyes before taking the glass of lemonade from her saying, “Thank you so much.” While Jesse leaned his head back to gulp down the lemonade Danielle quickly turned to the side and reached under her overalls to try and push her large full breasts higher on her chest to create more cleavage in her small white crop top for Jesse to look at.

Jesse finished drinking his lemonade with a big “Ahhhhh” before saying, “That was delicious. Thank you so much Danielle I really needed that drink. It’s getting so warm out here and I forgot to bring some water with me. I really appreciate it.” He was trying to keep his eyes focused on her beautiful eyes but he couldn’t help but notice that Danielle Çorum Escort seemed to be displaying a lot more cleavage than she had been a moment ago.

Did she do that for me, he thought to himself, I mean I definitely noticed how beautiful she is but I didn’t quite realize that her breasts were so nice and full and large. Danielle smiled to herself as she clearly noticed Jesse’s eyes looking down and lingering on her pronounced cleavage. She knew she had him hooked now and didn’t even question herself when the opportunity was presented.

Jesse said, “Thank you again for the lemonade Danielle. Is there anything else you need my help with?”

Danielle looked at him for a moment before saying; “Actually I could use your help with something behind the barn.”

“Sure I can help you with that. Let me just get these last few scoops of hay into the wheelbarrow and I’ll be right over,” Jesse said as Danielle took the empty glass from him and he leaned over to pick the hoe back up that he had been using to scoop hay. Danielle walked back to the house so she could drop off the empty glass before heading over to the barn. Jesse couldn’t help but pause a moment and check out Danielle as she walked back to the house thinking to himself that she looked really good walking away even in those loose fitting overalls. Danielle went and set the glass back on the porch before heading around to the backside of the barn where she knew her parents wouldn’t see what she had planned for Jesse. Once she reached the barn she didn’t have to wait very long for Jesse to join her. Jesse came around to the back of the barn and looking around he wasn’t sure what Danielle needed from him as there didn’t seem to be anything for him to do.

“What do you need for me to do back here?” Jesse asked curiously.

“Nothing just this,” Danielle said as she stood up on her tiptoes and took Jesse’s face in her hands before passionately kissing him. At first Jesse was taken aback by Danielle’s brazen behavior but he wasn’t going to miss the opportunity to kiss this beautiful young woman back. He kissed Danielle back passionately as he wrapped his arms around her beautiful curvy body. He pulled her in closer to his body despite his sweaty shirtless condition. She didn’t seem to mind and wrapped her arms around his bare torso. He ran his hands along her bare back between her crop top and underneath her loose overalls. Danielle was really enjoying kissing Jesse and she had to admit that he was a really good kisser however right now she wanted more.

Suddenly she broke off the kiss and at first Jesse seemed very surprised to have her stop kissing him, but his surprise didn’t have to last very long as Danielle turned around so that she was facing away from him. However she kept his arms wrapped around her body so that now his hands were making contact with her tight bare stomach. She then turned her head so she could kiss Jesse again. Danielle was really enjoying the feeling of Jesse’s rough calloused hands on her soft smooth stomach. Danielle wanted more from Jesse though so she put one of her hands inside of her overalls and grabbed hold of Jesse’s wrist and pushed his hand down her stomach. She kept pushing his hand down until it reached the juncture between her legs. Danielle groaned and pulled her mouth away from Jesse and broke their kiss when his hand finally arrived between her legs. Jesse was shocked to find how wet Danielle already was between her legs.

She was practically dripping from her pussy and he couldn’t resist asking, “Did I cause this?” He Çorum Escort Bayan then brushed Danielle’s very long dirty blonde hair to the side and started kissing her neck while gently rubbing one finger along her dripping slit.

Danielle groaned as she felt his finger make contact with her overly aroused pussy before responding, “Yeah kinda. You just looked so hot out there without your shirt on working in the field. I’ve been noticing how good you look out there for weeks. Plus it’s been a really long time since I’ve gotten pleasure from anyone other than myself.”

“Well then I guess I need to make sure that you feel really good and not disappoint you,” Jesse responded as he finally pushed his finger inside of Danielle. Danielle felt herself immediately go weak in the knees when Jesse’s finger penetrated her tight, wet, sensitive pussy, cause even though she was still really wet she was quite tight from going so long without sex or even having someone finger her. Jesse had thought she was dripping wet before but he couldn’t believe how wet she was once he pushed a finger inside of her. She started groaning as Jesse began pleasuring her pussy and her wetness spread so quickly that he had a second finger to the first after not much time. Danielle was starting to moan quite loudly now as Jesse kept fingering her pussy and kissed her neck. She leaned back into Jesse’s strong body so that she wouldn’t fall over while he fingered her. With her butt lined up against Jesse’s crotch she could feel his arousal as it pressed against her ass.

Right now though she wanted to feel more of Jesse’s strong hands on her body, so she reached up and untied the knot that was holding her full C-cup sized breasts in place in her little white crop top. Once she pulled the knot free she could feel her breasts relax on her chest. She then reached down to grab the hand that wasn’t busy between her legs and brought his hand up so that he was gently cupping one of her breasts. Jesse loved feeling Danielle’s breast in his hand. She had a very full nice breast. It wasn’t huge but it still just barely overflowed his hand and he had some pretty big hands. He ran his hand along the sensitive underside of her breast until he reached her nipple, which was already stiff with desire. He gently rubbed his thumb across her aroused nipple and her legs practically buckled under the pleasure and she let out an aroused moan that almost became a yelp from all the pleasure that she was experiencing.

“Yesssss Jesse please don’t stop, please don’t stop! It feels so good,” Danielle moaned as Jesse continued to pleasure her body. Jesse could tell that it wasn’t going to take much longer for Danielle to cum since he could feel her pussy clenching around his fingers so he thought he would help her out. He kissed his way up her neck until his mouth was at her ear.

He nibbled on her earlobe for a moment before deeply whispering in her ear, “Come on Danielle I want you to cum for me. Make that pussy cum really hard all over my fingers. I want to feel how much you need me to make you cum. I want to feel you shake with pleasure as you cum for me.”

This was all Danielle needed and she groaned out loud, “Yessssssss Jesse here it isssssss. I’m cummmmmming for you. Ahhhhhhhh!” With that finally moan Danielle came and she came hard. Her pussy clenched down tight on Jesse’s invading fingers and her legs shook as she could barely withstand the pleasure she was experiencing. It was a good thing Jesse was so strong otherwise Danielle would have fallen to the ground with all Escort Çorum the uncontrollable pleasure she was experiencing from her orgasm. Jesse tightened his grip around her breast to force her to lean back into him and he was practically picking her up from where his fingers were buried inside her pussy. He also had to admit that he could feel her large butt cheeks clenching where they were pressed against his cock and that felt pretty great for him, even through the thick overalls but right now he was concentrated on Danielle’s pleasure. Her body kept shaking but he could feel her shakes starting to relax and he started to loosen his grip on her body as she tried to plant her feet solidly back on the ground. Her pussy was clenching less and less on his fingers so he decided to finally pull his fingers out of her pussy. Once his fingers left her pussy he could feel the moisture leaking down her legs from her orgasm.

“Wow Danielle are you okay? That felt like it was a really intense orgasm. Do you always cum that hard?” Jesse asked while he still gently held onto Danielle’s dazed body.

“No that was a really good one. I told you I hadn’t gotten off in a long time. I guess I was more pent up than I thought,” Danielle responded while still trying to catch her breath.

“I would say that you were definitely really pent up girl cause that was one hell of an orgasm. I don’t think I’ve ever felt a girl cum so hard before,” Jesse said to Danielle as he gently resumed kissing her neck slowly making his way back to her mouth before gently kissing her lips.

“Ahhh that feels really good Jesse but I don’t think I can take any more pleasure right now and you should probably get back to the field before my dad notices that you are missing,” Danielle responded as she enjoyed Jesse’s tender kisses.

“Yeah you’re probably right. I don’t need the boss man to come back here and find me with my hand buried between his daughter’s legs,” Jesse said as he chuckled to himself.

Danielle blushed and laughed at Jesse’s joke before responding, “Yeah if he caught you like this he might just shoot you and that would be bad for everyone. We would need to find another strong man to help out in the field and you and I wouldn’t be able to do something like this again.” Jesse laughed at Danielle’s deadpan humor before fully realizing what she said.

Once he comprehended what she was saying he looked back down into her beautiful green eyes before saying, “So there is definitely going to be an again?”

Danielle giggled at him before leaning up to kiss him again. “Oh there’s definitely going to be an again. Did you feel how hard I just came? You think I’m going to let that be a one and done thing. Plus next time I want to check out this thing that’s been poking my butt the entire time we’ve been out here.” Jesse’s eye widened at the thought of what Danielle was suggesting before he leaned down to kiss her passionately once again.

Once he broke apart this kiss he said, “Well I better get back to work. Are you going to be okay here?” He then slowly removed his hands from Danielle’s lovely body as she leaned against the barn. “Yeah I’ll be fine I just need to rest out her and recover for a moment,” Danielle said to him. Jesse smiled back at her taking in her beautiful features before he leaned to kiss her one last time before he walked back out toward the field to go finish all the work he had to do. Danielle watched him walk away as she admired his attractive body and thought about all the fun the two of them could have together. She also smiled as she noticed him adjust what must be a very hard cock in his pants. She then slide down the side of the barn until she was sitting on the ground and just relaxed as she tried to catch her breath and not get herself too aroused again by thinking how good it would feel to fuck Jesse.

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