Handyman Fucks Neighbor’s Niece


I’m a fun, funny, hardworking, 50-something, guy with a dad-bod and a propensity to help others – hence my nickname, Handyman. I have already shared some stories about serendipitous hot sex with my buxom, black 30s-something neighbor, Shelly.

Two weeks ago, Shelly mentioned the need to go out of town for a month on business. She asked me to keep an eye on her house, and her 21-year old niece, Kiki. She also gave me another blowjob that ended with my spraying her massive tits with my cum, so how could I say no?

Kiki is darker skinned than her sexy aunt. She is a little socially awkward and shy with a low self esteem. I’m guessing that might be in part to her being a tad heavy and a little gullible. That said, she has an adorable smile and large, bouncy breasts. She has a standing invitation to use our pool and I have a key to keep an eye on her and her aunt’s house.

I let myself in yesterday to bring-in the mail and check on the house but Kiki never heard me. She was wearing headphones and prancing about using a soda bottle as a microphone. Before I could tap her on the shoulder to announce myself, she spun around and rammed into me, spilling her soda all over the both of us. She was so embarrassed. I thoughtvit was funny but attempted to mess with her a bit by pretending to be angry. I playfully chided that she may have just ruined her new t-shirt and shorts, which I remembered were a gift from her sultry aunt.

I told her she’d better take them off right away and soak them before the stains set-in so her aunt would not be mad. She hung her head, shrugged her shoulders, and to my utter surprise, stripped out of them right then and there while begging me not to tell her aunt. Suddenly I was face to face with a 5′ 6″, gullible 21-year old whose massive ebony breasts were now fully exposed. I hadn’t truly noticed before but she also had large, gumdrop dark nipples.

Wondering how far I could push things, I noticed she had several drops of soda on her skin and told her she’d best wipe them off and then clean up the sticky mess on the floor. To my amazement, she instantly obeyed by grabbing a nearby dish towel to dab and wipe her chin and torso. this caused her big tits to bounce which in turn made my cock start to stir. She then dropped to the floor to painstaking swab it clean.

As she cleaned, she noticed soda had also spilled on my crocs and shorts. She nearly burst into tears as she apologized and began patting and wiping me. Not truly in a sexual way but a purely innocent and caring way. None the less, it still made my cock begin to swell.

She still apparently did not realize my harsh tones had been in jest, so, I decided to press things farther. I sternly said she’d better wash my clothes with hers. I couldn’t believe it when she immediately shook her head in agreement as she removed my crocs and shorts. I never wear underwear so, my fully erect cock sprang-up and popped her right in the chin when she yanked my shorts down.

Seemingly unphased, she then realized I also had spots Didim Escort on my shirt, so she immediately stood-up. Her swift motion effectively dragged her tits against my cock, leaving a light trail of pre-cum across her. She pulled my shirt over my head and immediately treated all our soda soaked clothes before placing them and the wet dishcloth into the washer on the speed wash setting. When she returned her eyes and mouth widened as she pointed and profusely apologized that I apparently also had a few droplets of soda on my abdomen and upper thigh.

I continued using my stern, dad-voice as I said, she’d better clean them up as well. She paused, looked at me, back at the washer, which had just started, and then back at me. With downcast eyes she muttered she’d put the dish towel into the washer with our clothes. Thinking there was no way this would go any further, I joking told her that since she obviously liked soda, she should just lick it off me.

Her face lightened-up, and a large small flashed across her cute face as she said, “oh yeah, that’s smart!” The next thing I knew, she was bent over, judiciously licking my chest and abdomen clean. Her full, heavy tits were swaying and occssionally brushing against my rock hard cock.

She never fliched about my cock nearly being nestled in her cleavage, but rather, was singulaly focused on obeying my command to clean me.

She then eagerly dropped to her knees, still seemingly oblivious to my full erection, to lick the soda droplets from my shins, slowly working her way up to my thighs. I told her she was a good girl and that I would not tell her aunt so long as she did a good job. As she moved from my right thigh to the left, her naive chin accidentally brushed against the tip of my cock. As I’ve mentioned in other stories, I routinely produce copious amounts of pre-cum. Because of this, a long, sticky stand on my pre-cum stretched from my cock to her face.

She looked bewildered as she scooped the strand with her finger to her mouth. A confused small smile spread across her face as she told me the soda tasted different. I asked her if it was different good or bad? She said she wasn’t sure so I told her to let me know after she finished cleaning me-up. I told her to get my leg first and then my cock so her aunt would not be angry that she also spilled soda on my private parts. She shrugged her shoulders, nodded her head in agreement, and then happily resumed cleaning me-up.

After finishing-up on my left thigh, she faced my cock and gasped, uttering something about it still leaking. So, I told her in my best dad-voice, she’d best start cleaning my cock. She obediently said she would as she smiled softly saying, now she could decide if she liked my taste. I told her she was a good girl and to take her time.

She nonchalantly licked my cock as she had the rest of my skin but she jumped a little when it throbbed from her touch. She asked if she had hurt me so I playfully told her yes, a little, and therefore she should kiss Didim Escort Bayan it to make it better.

“Okay”, she said understandingly! She continued to apologize as she softly and repeatedly kissed the swolled head of my cock.

“Hmm, I actually do like the taste. It’s different, but I think it’s actually yummier than my soda”, she said cheerfully.

I told her that was proof she was a good girl, because all good girls love the taste of a man’s penis. She smiled and continued to clean me. I told her it was normal for me to keep leaking when a good girl kissed and licked my thick cock. I then coaxed her into sucking me more fully into her mouth. I told her that if she liked my pre-cum, she’d really like my actual cum.

So, she kept sucking. I coached her on several different techniques to try. She was a quick study and I’m guessing that mine might not be the first cock she was talked into sucking.

After nearly 15-minutes of experimenting I decided it was time to take her training further. So, I grasped her head with both hands and slowly began to feed more and more of my cock into her mouth. Once we synchronized our rhythm, I began to face fuck her, gradually going deeper and faster. I commanded her to suck harder. She zealously obeyed

I told her the really good girls make a cock cum in their mouths. She told me sweetly she truly wanted to be a good girl and that she loved how I was being so kind and helpful. She was a quick study and I smiled to myself thinking that cock sucking skills might just be a genetic trait Kiki inherited from her sexy, slutty aunt.

She murmured that I tasted so good. I could feel my balls begin to boil as she bobbed her mouth up and down my shaft. After a few more minutes, I told her she would soon get to taste the really good stuff. She mumbled sounds of approval as she intensified her sucking. I reached behind me to grab my cell phone and began taking some pictures of her slurping my cock.

Sensing the end was near, I pulled out and told her to open her young mouth wide and stick her tongue out far. I stoked my cock, rubbing the tip across her thick lips. I then pulled back a few inches and stroked harder and faster telling her to get ready. She cooed with excitement.

Explosion! I blasted load, after large load, of hot, thick cum onto her tongue and into her mouth. She gagged a bit but I told her to keep her mouth open wide as I continued to jet several more powerful blasts of jizz. Her eyes flashed wide with a delicious mixture of amazement and pure joy. I barked for her not to swallow it just yet and to hold perfectly still. I had switched my phone from picture to video mode just in time to capture Kiki’s maiden voyage in sucking my white cock into her pretty mouth.

I told her she was a good girl and could now swallow my cum. She eagerly did and gushed that she loved it. I told her to let me see that she had successfully swallowed my load as I zoomed the video in for a close-up.

I told her I was glad she liked it Escort Didim just as the washer buzzed indicating it had finished. I told her to place our clothes into the dryer and join me in her bedroom for another lesson on how to be an even better girl. She did as she was told, beaming a big, excited smile.

We settled in on her bed. I pointed out she was leaking too and proceeded to enthusiastically lap her pussy with my mature tongue. She squirmed and cooed with much joy. She was not a virgin, but truly appeared quite naive. Based on her personality and big tits, my guess is many boys likely talked her into servicing them but probably few, if any, attempted to actually please her. She seemed to revel in my oral attention to her sweet pussy.

I ordered her to rub her large, dark chocolate colored breasts and to gently pull and twist her thick, dark nipples. She joyously obeyed my commands. She was incredibly wet and I sensed my attention could soon make her cum, so I increased my efforts. I was right!

She erupted in several, long, shaking orgasms. I complimented her and again told her she was a good girl. She smiled proudly.

I then pointed out her arousal had once again made me hard. I grabbed her head and directed it to my groin, telling her to suck it and make it good and wet. She did so without hesitation.

After several minutes, I then raised her legs and eased my thick cock head into her juicy pussy. She moaned loudly and tugged her nipples even harder. I slowly picked-up the pace with long, full thrusts. After several minutes, she quivered to another, larger orgasm.

I intensified my efforts and began slamming hard and fast into her tight twat. As my heavy balls bounced against her round ass, I asked her if she wanted to be a good girl and she enthusiastically hissed, “yes”!

I told her that in a few more minutes she could taste more of my cum!

She exploded into one more extended orgasm. I told her it was almost time to taste me. She purred joyously affirming her desire to comply. After a dozen more hard thrusts, I told her to stay still on her back and to open her mouth wide. I then scrambled up towards her head and offered my throbbing, swollen cock into her sweet mouth. This time, she needed no prompting to suck me. She eagerly sucked and bobbed her head forward to meet my thrusts. I gradually pumped my hips harder and faster causing my balls to slap hard against her chin. I thrust harder and harder and she cooed with a beautiful, gurgling mixture of enthusiasm and sultry joy. This young lady was a natural!

That did it! I exploded hard, spraying rope after rope of cum into her mouth and down her young throat.

“Swallow, Kiki, swallow”, I shouted as my cum pumped deep into her hungry throat! She swallowed, gagged, and slurped with great enthusiasm!

When I finally finished cumming, I rolled off her, told her she was a good girl, and encouraged her to once again lick me clean just as the dryer buzzed indicating our clothes were dry.

I told her I’d better come back tomorrow to check on how well she cleaned her aunt’s kitchen floor after her soda spill today. In realty, I’m just hoping I can coax Kiki into bending down to exam the floor closely so i can coax her into letting me fuck her doggy style! Wish me luck!

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