Hot Sauce


Large brown eyes flickered back and forth across a computer, a pencil eraser absentmindedly pressed hard into a soft cheek, creating a soft, blue undulation with the glow from the screen. Lily had been at work for hours, hunched over her computer. She and Josh had been struggling financially, so she decided to go back to school to get her Bachelor’s of Nursing, an upgrade from working as a CNA. Long days at a care facility were followed by long nights of studying and taking online courses. But her studies gave her something to do while Josh worked irregular hours at the restaurant.

Lily felt her focus failing her. She decided to take a break and go grab a Jarritos soda from the fridge. It was still hot in the house despite the fact that the sun had set several hours ago. To save a little money, Lily had decided to spare the A/C and dress down in a loose tank top and pajama shorts. She was hoping that the addition of the soda might improve her focus and make this sacrifice more bearable. She pried off the top, took a big sip, sighed, and slumped down on the counter top. Her stomach grumbled. She had forgotten to eat dinner. She was hoping Josh would bring home some of the family dinner—the meal shared by the restaurant staff—for her. With another sigh, this time of resignation, she looked over the counter of the kitchen at the coffee table where the persistent light from her computer cut through the darkness of the living room. She walked back over to the still warm seat on the couch and got back to work.

‘Krebs cycle…what are the steps?’ Her exhausted brain was swirling. ‘Ketoglutarate…hehe, glutes.’ She mindlessly nestled the cold bottle between her breasts and rolled it back and forth, gently moving them from side to side, her nipples softly dragging along the fabric of her tank top. As her eyes once again glommed onto the circular organic process on the screen, her head bent down, and she lazily allowed the rim of the bottle to brush her lips as it swayed between her soft tits.

There she sat, trying to make sense of chemical processes, when a click broke her focus, stopping the rocking of the bottle. The front door opened to large, dark frame filling the door way. “We have got to get the front light fixed. You scared me,” Lily said as Josh walked in, looking tired.

“I’m not going to worry about it. I mean, who’s going to break into our place anyway?” Josh asked. He was carrying a white plastic bag in his hand which meant he had the food Lily had been hoping for.

“You never know,” Lily quipped, “Someone might think that duct taped chair is art. Someone’s coming for that crappy pleather Lazy Boy with the duct tape racing stripe. We can’t let anyone know we have it. That’s how we’re gonna retire.” Josh laughed as he stripped off his shirt. He always bathed as soon as he got home or Lily complained that he made the bed smell like the dinner table, and that was the wrong kind of hunger for a bedroom. As Josh walked down the hall, undressing, Lily refocused on her computer. Her studying was punctuated by the sound of his clothes hitting the laundry basket, the shower turning on, and then the water being muffled in its fall as it ran down around his body. Moments later, the smell of his body wash mingled with the citric smell Jarritos still under her nose. She breathed deep, shivered down the length of her back, and brought her thoughts back to the blue rectangle in the darkness.

Josh hadn’t been long in the shower. He toweled off, grabbed a pair of fresh boxers and a shirt, and went into the kitchen. The absolute last thing he wanted to do after a night of working in a restaurant was to be back in the kitchen, but the food he’d brought home was cold. He wanted to heat it up for Lily since he knew she often forgot to eat during stretches of studying. He reached for his favorite pan and hit it with a little oil, warming it up, and then adding the delicious remnants of the night to the heat. In the bag was also a container of sauce. Balthazar, one of the Mexican staff, had a running joke with Josh, mocking him, about how White spices were pussy flavors. Only a real man could handle serious Mexican peppers. So, Balthazar would sneak a container of sauce into Josh’s take-home bag, joking the next day that he’d added it to remind Lily that there are real men in the world, guffawing the whole time. It was regular joke, and all in good fun. With a chuckle, Josh slipped the lid off, and the invisible cloud of capsaicin assaulted his eyes. ‘That dick,’ Josh thought, chuckling as he dipped his fingers in offending sauce. He popped his finger tips into his mouth, Mersin Escort and promptly stifled a cough. “You okay?” came Lily’s distracted question from the living room. Josh quietly sucked in his breath and composed himself.

“Yup, yup,” he managed to get out without sounding too pained. ‘That’s gotta be some straight fucking pureed Scotch Bonnets,’ thought Josh. Pulling himself together, he rinsed his hand quickly and got back to warming Lily’s food.

“Mmm, something smells good,” she grumbled happily. He looked at her there, her soft form glowing with the halo given off by the computer in front of her. The soft, half moon-shaped shadow cast along her breast was riveting. The smell of the food was breaking Lily’s focus, and she started to rock her head from shoulder to shoulder, snaking her spine as she stretched. Josh turned off the burner, spilled the food onto a plate, and leaned over her, placing it on the coffee table. As he did, he slipped his left hand inside her tank top, grabbed her breast, and gently raked his fingers along its curvature and nipple as he stood up. She made quick eye contact and smiled.

“Hey, that was a little more than I asked for, but thanks. This smells amazi…ow. What the heck is that? Something burns.” She grabbed at her breast to look at where he had scratched her. Josh realized what was going on.

“Oh man, I’m sorry! Bal put the stupid sauce in with the food, and I must have not washed my fingers well enough. Fuck! Are you okay?”

Lily laughed, “Are you guys still playing that stupid game? Tell him I say hi tomorrow.” She pulled down her tank top collar, revealing the reddening breast.

“Let’s get you into the shower,” Josh sighed, feeling sheepish about this stupidly failed foreplay.

Lily laughed again, “No, I’m fine. It’s not bad. Actually, I kind of like it.”

Josh stopped. “Really?”

“Yeah,” Lily replied. “I used to put waaay too much of that stupid lip plumping lip gloss on my nipples when I was a teenager because it felt good. This feels kind of like that.” She gently fondled her breast, feeling the acidity prickle along her skin.

Josh though for a moment, realizing not that much pepper could still be on his finger, but perhaps it was just enough.

“Let’s make them match,” he laughed, reaching over her again, taking her right breast in his hand. He let his finger nails dig in ever so slightly in the fold of her breast, and then he dragged them up, deliberately catching her nipple in the process. Lily gasped.

“Fuck, that’s good. Balthazar made that sauce, huh? Hmm, maybe there is something to his claims,” Lily laughed through deep breaths, rubbing her tingling breasts.

“The fuck does that mean?” Josh asked.

“Well, if that’s what a real man feels like…” she laughed, enjoying adding a layer to the joke.

“Haha,” said Josh. “I guess you want his sauce?” Lily smiled and locked eyes with him.

“I want to see what you can do with it.”

Josh had known that Lily was into pain play. They’d had fun with wax and spanking before, but this was different. Josh was turned on, but he had no intention of getting hurt himself. Something about making sure she was the only one on fire got him even harder. Suddenly, he realized he really wanted to hear her scream, and he knew she wanted it, too.

“Okay,” he growled, smiling. “Wait here.” He walked back to the bedroom and grabbed a condom, and then back out into the kitchen to get the evil little jar of hot sauce. He looked up as he reached for the jar to see her standing there, naked, lurid claw marks across her breasts, a challenging smirk on her face. He, too, stripped and slowly walked up to her, holding her gaze, and dipping just the tip of his finger in the sauce. He came so close, their noses touched, she raised her face, seeking a kiss, and instead he brushed her lips with the scorching liquid. Her tongue flicked out, and she bit her lip.

“Oooh, that’s good, but h-hot,” she exhaled hard.

“Too much for you?” Josh teased.

“Nope,” and Lily took the tip of his finger in her mouth, sucking, coughing, gagging, and smiling. She could feel his cock against her, and she began to stroke it as she choked on his finger. He slid his finger back out of her mouth, again dipped the tip in the sauce, and pinched her hard little nipple against the coated fingertip. At first, she moaned pleasantly under the pressure, but a little twist, a little friction upbraiding the skin, and she sharply inhaled, her eyes snapping shut and forcing out the tears that had already been forming there. He stopped Mersin Escort Bayan the cruel rotation of her breast between his fingers, but her brown eyes opened and locked onto his, and he knew this was what she wanted. He anointed his finger again and this time savagely dug his nails into her left nipple. She moaned loudly and fell back onto the couch, releasing his cock, clutching her breasts, gingerly and rhythmically rubbing her nipples. As she sat down, he saw a blue flicker of light between her legs. He realized she was so wet that the computer’s light was reflecting off the eager fluids dampening her pussy. He reached for his condom, ready to fuck her, and she stopped him.

“Not yet,” Lily gasped. “I want you to make my pussy lips so swollen and red. I want it to hurt. Give it just a taste.” She lay on her back and gently started stroking herself, the sound of the soft friction and the smell of her filling the darkness.

Josh dipped his finger in the volcanic sauce and knelt beside the couch, the landscape of her legs, her pussy, open in front of him. He traced his finger along the edge of her lips, following the wetness. It was like his finger was made of embers. Her hands shot down between her legs and her knees clapped together. Her face was writhing with pain interspersed with tight smiles shooting across her lips. He firmly grabbed her knees and stopped her rocking, then forcefully pried her legs apart again. In the light, he thought he could see a light swelling of her pussy lips, glistening from the increasing secretions as her body coped with arousal and capsaicin. He leaned forward and tasted her, a gentle tingle biting along the edges of his tongue, hinting at the pain she was in.

He tongued her again, this time more forcefully, hearing her groan and her breath catch. He moved closer still and felt her grab the back of his head, forcing him in deeply. His stubble was delightfully excruciating. Lily felt conflicted as she wanted to grind his face into her pussy, but each acidic touch sent her into instinctive convulsions aimed at escape. Pleasure won, and Josh felt her hips rise to press is face his deeper still, his tongue filling her inside. He stayed there for a while, tasting her, her hand commandingly holding his head. Then he pulled back and dipped his finger again. This time, he used the laden digit to lift the lips of her pussy, to scald her hard clit. She shrieked, but it wasn’t loud enough. He wanted to really hear her agony. He dipped his finger again and christened the soft tissues at the opening of cavity. She cried out again.

He stood and said, “Pick up the condom. I left it on the table next to the sauce.” Lily was doubled over on the couch, visibly in pain, but she looked up at him and smiled, and then reached for the condom.

“Suck my cock first. I want it to roll on smooth.” Lily slid her now slightly swollen lips over the head of his cock, drooling from the throat fucking his burning finger had given her. He knew that this was merely a preview of what was to come, but the tight wetness of her lips and mouth were exquisite. He needed to keep things moving so he wouldn’t come too soon.

“Put it on,” he told her. She stopped sucking him off and pulled away, wincing and wiping her mouth as she did. She opened the condom and rolled it down his incredibly hard cock.

“Bend over,” Josh told her, and as she did, the wonder of her flagrant swollen slit were revealed, crowned by her tempting asshole. He dipped his finger once more, and just as his cock met the warm promise of her drenched pussy, he slipped the tip of his finger just inside her winking anus. She screamed. His thrust along tender flesh combined by a new offense floored her. She instinctively tried to get away, but his arm quickly snaked around her and held her close. He waited until she stopped struggling, merely moaning in obvious pain. He removed his finger and started slowly fucking her, watching for the soft tissues of her asshole to bloom. Her pussy was tight, and while she was pushing back against his cock, she would writhe and groan, flinching, making it crucial for him to keep a tight grip on her.

He slowed for a moment and let her breathe. Her moans quieted, and in her pain she didn’t notice his finger was returning from a refueling in the container on the table. He thrust in deep, grabbed her tight, and shoved the hot finger into her ass again, this time deeper. Her scream filled the room, and he started to fuck her harder, feeling her asshole tighten around his finger. The pain was making her ecstatic, and the Escort Mersin muscles deep inside Lily started to tighten, gripping Josh’s cock in waves. Her screams, her shuddering told him she was close to climaxing, and that egged him on. He shoved a second finger inside the vivid redness of her ass, causing her to caterwaul and thrash on his cock. Josh held her fast and forcefully fucked her, causing her inflamed pussy to spill its juices every time he pulled out and then plunged in again. It was too good; his thrusting got faster and deeper.

The head of his cock was hitting her cervix, causing her to whimper between breathless howls of pleasure. Lily felt his rhythm pick up, his cock completely rigid inside her, filling her. She threw her head back, the waves of orgasm coming over her as her upper body collapsed from the agonizing pleasure. Josh felt himself coming and instinctively began to bear down with his finger in her ass as he thrust faster. The sight of her stretched wide open, scarlet and ready, was more than he could bear. His body went rigid as he came, listening to her pain as he bore down on her for the final time.

They collapsed in a heap on the couch, panting, exhausted. “Jesus,” Lily breathed out between gasps.

“Uh huh,” panted Josh. For a few minutes they just lay there, bathed in capsaicin and sweat.

Lily chuckled softly from her heaving chest, “Um, phew. I’m still, uh, raw and burning. That was…oh my god. But I am not sure how were going to fix this. Haha.”

Josh thought for a minute. “Go to the bathroom and get on all fours in the bath tub. I’ll get something.” She slowly rose, hunched over and clutching her still scarlet-striped breasts, and shuffled to the bathroom. Josh went to the kitchen. He grabbed a half full container of heavy cream from the fridge and sniffed it. Still good, he thought, and then laughed to himself because he knew she wouldn’t be eating it.

He walked into the bathroom to see her beautifully exposed, swollen, spent, and bent over, waiting. It almost got him hard again. “Here, I’ve got something that should help. Animal fats are supposed to help with peppers.” He knelt beside her and carefully drizzled the cream on her asshole, watching it drip down to her pussy. There he saw a pearl of his cum mix with the dripping cream. He softly stroked the cool fluid around her lips. It was almost too tempting.

‘If I didn’t have prep in the kitchen early tomorrow…’ Josh thought, slightly frustrated. Lily sat up and spilled more of the cool cream along her breasts, carefully rubbing it in, stroking it gently along her still irritated and pert nipples.

“I’ve got this,” she said. “I know you have work in just a few hours, and I’m off tomorrow. I’m going to run a cool bath and get cleaned up. But that was awesome. Holy shit. Get some sleep, baby.” Josh kissed her head, left the bathroom, and went to bed.

Lily drew a cool bath, watching the swirling cream resist blending with the water. She picked up handfuls of water and let it run it down over her shoulders, flowing down her breasts. She took a swig from the carton and let it dribble along her lips. She reached between her legs and found the sharp pleasure remained. She was intending to merely wash away the cum that was slowly coagulating in the water, but even the slightest motion shot through her electrically sensitive clit. Her hand flicked waves of water at her pussy, teasing herself. One orgasm hadn’t been enough. Slowly, her fingers got closer, gently circling the tender flesh. Then a single digit gently touched her clit, and her head fell forward, her other arm catching her on the floor of the tub. Her familiarity with her body made the heightened pleasure of the burned tissues a laser focused affair. Her hand frantically danced atop her clit like a fire walker, and it wasn’t long before the crescendo of her breaths revealed her second orgasm of the night. She hovered there, folded over the opaque water, panting tiny waves into it’s surface. Slowly, she reached forward, opened the drain to the tub, and got out. She gingerly dried herself off and decided to sleep in just a large cotton t-shirt to allow her pussy time to cool.

Josh woke up first, as usual. He looked at Lily, still sleeping, and gently kissed her forehead. He had no regrets about the night before, but he had lost precious sleep, and it showed on his face. He got dressed, grabbed an orange for a quick breakfast, and headed out the door. At work, he could hear prep already happening. He was a few minutes late and heard a familiar voice being the shit-talking.

“Out with your boyfriend last night, cabron?” came Balthazar’s familiar voice from deep within the kitchen. “You left poor Lily at home again, huh? Oye, did you give her my sauce?” Balthazar started belly laughing.

Josh just chuckled, “Actually, about that. Can you give me the recipe?”

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