Kendra , Sam Set Boundaries Pt. 06


(Note to Readers: This nine-part story follows a young, straight, American couple from dating to marriage and parenthood, and from exclusive sex to separate side action, swinging, and group sex. All characters involved in sex acts are at least 18 years old. Some of the sex is interracial and lesbian. To make sense of the story, you should read Parts 1 through 5 first. Click on my author name above, or the stories link, to find them.)

* * * * *

March 2014:

The day after her test showed that she was pregnant, Kendra spent more office time than she liked on fielding phone calls about that, and on reading texts in response to the form message she had broadcast. At lunch she asked Sam, also at work, to take over some of the thank-yous for the deluge of best wishes. She also told him that, as planned, she’d visit her parents that evening.

“I want to be there with you,” he said, despite sounding as harassed as she was. “And we need to find time to do the same with my folks.”

“Right,” she said. Then, hoping for a shred of privacy in her travel agency’s open-bay office, she murmured, “We need a boundary review.”

“Agreed,” said Sam, in a workplace even noisier than hers. Business was good, for someone who provided expertise on electronics and computerization in motor vehicles. “Remind me of that before I undress you tonight.”

She kept a straight face, feeling some nether warmth. “Or during.”

In fact, they were still dressed and sitting together on the living room sofa when she said, “The ob-gyn said that if our sex is never more strenuous than what I described to her, we can continue right up to month nine.” She pulled the band from her center-parted black hair and shook it from a ponytail to a cascade spanning her shoulders.

“Or until you get uncomfortable.” His arm was already around her back. He sifted the hair lightly with his fingers.

“If that ever happens, I’ll let you know.” She looked his way. The rich blue of his eyes was clear in the limited light. The feel of his lean muscles, even through clothes, made her both calm and alert, a duality she always enjoyed.

She smacked her lips. “I can provide alternatives.”

He exhaled, and fought off a yawn. Her parents had been thrilled, and Sam had done everything he could to stay patient for three hours of maternal advice. “I don’t want us the way you lamented once, that sex seemed like a game with all the rules written by men.”

She nestled into him. Her cat, Nuggins, hunkered more firmly on her lap. “I’m impressed that you remember that. And you’ve taken my mind off it, by helping us write our own rules, and agree on our boundaries. And keeping up with my sex appetite as it grew.”

“But now we’re in unknown territory,” he said, scratching her back almost absently. “Your thoughts?”

“I want to keep the boundary I always feel best about. We never overnight with anyone else.”

“Agreed. At the trade show next week, I won’t even flirt. I’ll be alone in bed all night.”

“And I’ll put on my best phone sex voice,” she said, doing so. “While you do the same, for your forlorn, pregnant, wife.”

He smiled. “Guess I better get used to hearing that word with that emphasis.”

“Play it back in your mind while you clean a certain gray cat’s litter box, and save your pregnant wife from toxoplasmosis.”

“Hey, that might be a sex rule that wasn’t written by men.”

Kendra yawned. “It’s late, let’s focus. Your turn.”

“I propose to exclude us from any new grouping or swinging. We have Joan and Stu, and Greater Neptune, all together or in foursomes.”

“I think we’d decided that before you knocked me up, but I’ll agree now formally.”

“Also, no side sex at all when either of us is out of town.”

She frowned. “For the traveler, or both of us?”

He gave that some thought, then said, “Just the traveler. In a hotel bar meetup, one isn’t likely to get STI test results.” His eyes met hers. “I’m fine with you hosting Stu and Joan.” Then he added, “Or just Stu.”

She said quietly, “And if a resort gives me a junket, I’m okay with you, Joan, and Stu. Or you and Joan.” Then, after a pause for emphasis, “Or you and Robin.”

His eyes rolled. She quickly added, “But my first choice is for the resort to pay your way too. If they don’t, I’d probably hand it off to another agent.”

“Are we done?” he asked, then regretted his whiny tone. He didn’t like to be reminded of the stripper at the bachelor party who had gotten to him emotionally.

“With talking, yes.” She leaned to embrace him, which prompted Nuggins to hop to the floor in disdain.

The previous night, their lovemaking soared on the joy of their parenthood. This night, they watched porn to get stoked enough for a quick bang.

Kendra was still light-hearted. “You were very efficient, Spermzilla,” she said, looking over her shoulder as they thumped their trunks together in doggystyle. “No waiting, month after month. Now I should warn every woman about Konya Escort your spooj.”

“It takes two to fertilize,” he said, rubbing her clit vigorously. The sight of her big brown eyes and wide smile added a little oomph to his shlong. “Your orgasms always suction my gunk. Maybe you’re Eggzilla.”

The shower was also quick, with both noting that this might be how most weeknights would go. Especially once they’d try to steal moments during a baby’s nap.

* * * * *

Sam made the most of the trade show, contacting startups in the cybernetic servicing of electric and hybrid vehicles, giving a talk on helping mechanics expand their skills to include diagnosing and debugging auto software, and picking up prospects for expanding his business to other cities. At night, however, he retreated to his sleeping room rather than try to chat people up in a lobby bar. He was fine and focused during the day, even upbeat as he explored topics that continued to interest him intellectually as well as financially. Later, though, he became more aware that Kendra was far away.

He and Kendra did more than talk on the phone. Each played the video of the other’s bachelor party.

At one point she chuckled and said, “Can you hear the scratching? I have the bedroom door closed, and Nuggins isn’t happy.”

“Interesting,” said Sam. “When we’re in the bedroom together, he just goes off somewhere to sulk.”

“He was the man in my life before you were,” she said, voice getting throaty. “Neutering didn’t affect that. Wow, Terry really got close when Rampage rode you.”

They had seen their videos so many times that they now found themselves commenting on details, including who was shooting when. “I’ve seen that Joan explored a lot of angles,” Sam chipped in, “and even moved a lamp to get better lighting.”

“Should we get a Skype account?” she asked.

“From what I’ve seen, that isn’t practical for the setup we’re using.” He started panting. “And I hope I don’t take any more trips this year.”

“I’d like that even if I weren’t—” With a smile, she remembered to add the emphasis. “—pregnant.”

He chuckled. “There’s an outfit here with a booth on keyless entry security, and maybe I’m not the only helpless horny guy here, because from people hanging around there I’ve heard about the development of remote controlled vibrators. That, combined with Skype, might be really interesting.”

Her middle finger pushed past her labia, finding moisture. “You’ll just have to imagine,” she said, “What I’m doing now.”

He keyed the laptop and said, “I’m switching to the honeymoon video.”

Her breath caught. “That might be too much for me.”


“I can watch you without me. I can watch me without you. But, us together? Not while you’re not here.”

“Okay…so I won’t.”

“It’s getting hard to keep my eyes open anyway,” she said, panting, “so the video matters less than your voice. Tell me what you want to do to me.”

He paused, then said, “First, I’d get through the door that annoys the cat.”

“Okay,” she chuckled.

“Then I’d walk over to the bed, with my dowsing rod leading me to you. I’d stand you up.”

Another finger slid below her clit. Extra fluid met it. “Yeah.”

Sam tried to keep consent in his wording, even as his voice roughened. “How’s about I back you against the wall?”

“You could do that,” she said with a tremor.

“I press up against you. I hold your wrists against the wall.” He paused again.

“Only you may do that!”

“The underside of my cock slides along your pubes. My balls shove past your clit hood.”

“I lick your neck!” she said quickly. “I put a leg around you!”

“I let go your hand!”

“You grab your dick! My fingers spread my, my—”

She started ululating. He may have said more, but not for long.

In one state, contractions squeezed her fingers. In a different state, semen launched onto his belly.

“Whoooaaa,” she said eventually. “We’ve never done a wallbanger in real life.”

“That may be why it hit us so hard,” he said, using the tissues he had pre-placed. “Do you understand that I would never be aggressive with you?”

“Uh huh. But meta-me had no problem with that from meta-you.” She smirked. “Because you asked nicely.”

“Thank you for indulging a lonely man,” he said, setting up the punch line, “who isn’t pregnant.”

She giggled. “My pleasure. Quite a lot of it. Now I have to go mend fences with my jilted feline.”

* * * * *

May 2014:

Kendra’s belly showed a slight rondure as she and Sam welcomed Morry and Nadine for a Saturday dinner and foursome.

Sam showed off the renovations. What had been three modest-sized bedrooms and one functional bath on the second floor, was now a large master bedroom, a bigger bath with separate shower and a tub with jets, and one modest-sized bedroom. The other modest-sized bedroom had been sacrificed to the expansions.

Chat during the meal was about wider world stuff, Konya Escort Bayan especially Russia’s claimed annexation of Crimea. They agreed that it was very bad, and that the U.S. didn’t seem able to do anything about it. They also admitted that it didn’t affect them personally.

Once they were on the floor cushions, Morry said, “It’s good of you to set this up. Kendra, you’re a really good cook. But is this really just dinner and sex?”

“We haven’t had much time together lately,” said Kendra, undoing buttons on his gray shirt and reaching in to his dark brown chest, “and before long I’m going to be a blimp. I think we’re all going to enjoy the sex. But, yes, we have some things we’d like to talk about later.”

Sam chuckled as he and Nadine started shedding clothes. “We haven’t seen you two fully dressed before. It’s a different turn-on.” They lay side by side. He got his hands behind her back, and spent more time than necessary on her bra, as they kissed and tickled. “There’s a whole lot of hooks,” Sam reported.

“There’s a whole lot they have to hold up,” said Morry, leaning their way while also working to bare Kendra’s breasts.

“Okay, I’m going to need to see that,” said Kendra. As Morry was about to toss her bra away, Kendra snatched it back and held out the tag. “I’m in a D-cup again, and maybe on the way past it. But Nadine’s still bigger.”

Sam held up Nadine’s bra while burying his head between her breasts. He said a muffled “Check for yourself.”

Kendra did, sitting cross-legged. “Double E. Damn.”

“I’m a freak of nature with a lifelong need to build up back muscles,” said Nadine, breath already shortening from Sam’s breast love and his fingering inside her pants.

After their paired disrobing they connected fully, easing into an oral square. This morphed into Kendra and Nadine licking Morry, switching off on cock and balls. Sam continued licking and fingering Nadine’s twat, with both hosts at that time giving without receiving. They still grew in arousal, though not as steeply as the guests.

“Nadine,” said Kendra, “let me know when I start cheating.” She stroked Morry’s prick slowly.

“Routine stuff,” said Nadine, suppressing a smile. Her obsession with cheating was a running joke, and she didn’t mind the kidding, since even phony cheating turned her on.

Kendra slowly tongued the underside.

“That’s a report to the Human Resources Department.” Nadine, in fact, headed an HR office.

Kendra closed her lips around Morry’s glans.

“He likes it a lot, so you’re right at the edge of cheating.”

Changing it up, Kendra wrapped her breasts around the shaft and gave it a quick pump.

“Nah. Happens all the time in subway cars.”

“Then I guess it has to be a home run.” Kendra hiked herself up, reset her legs, held the prick, and lowered her quim onto it.

“Yeah,” said Nadine, sounding bored, “that’s cheating all right. Sam, I want revenge.”

This settled into Sam doggying Nadine right next to Kendra cowgirling Morry. Among many other things, Sam enjoyed the expanses of womanflesh side by side, Kendra’s muscle tone about the same as Nadine’s. He found both women exotic, to varying degrees, with Nadine’s skin slightly pinker than Kendra’s. A more direct sensation was Nadine’s butt against his belly, a slight jiggle cushioning her toned muscles.

As Kendra hoped, Morry received pleasure as well as gave it. His loving was generous and exuberant, and she found it as comforting as it was thrilling. She was on a day-to-day watch on whether her libido would shut down, and as rushes led to spasms, she knew it hadn’t happened yet. Her spasms quickened as she felt Morry let go and cum.

Sam leaned down and got as much of his hands and arms on Nadine’s bosom as possible. Her breasts apparently weren’t orgasmic, but if he was both gentle and quick, they could boost her pleasure. She was also willing to experience everything Sam did to her, unlike in their first foursome, more than a year earlier. It gratified him that she felt safe enough with him to drop her pose. It also drove him wild that she squeezed on his dick so powerfully, and that his returning stretch of her walls amped her heat and wetness.

Her head snapped around, and she tried to nip his ear, but only caught a few hairs. “You want my tits that much?”

“They always get my atten—” The last syllable was lost to a howl.

There followed several seconds of four-part dissonance. Then a few minutes of wheezes and chuckles from a spent fuckpile.

Water bottles and washcloths allowed them to be comfortable staying nude on the cushions.

“Morry, I know you don’t want anyone else to know this,” said Sam, “but you consider us friends, don’t you?”

“Sure we do,” he said.

Kendra saw Morry’s smooth expression harden a bit.

“Do you get that we don’t like that you pimped us to Forever Blossoms?” Sam went on.

Nadine wasn’t where he could see her, but Sam heard her sudden indraw Escort Konya of breath.

Morry smiled in a way that seemed ready for a fight. “You do understand,” he said, “the effect of somebody white using that verb on somebody black.”

“I do,” said Sam, not giving way. “but this wasn’t whiteness talking. I invite you to explain, and show me I’m wrong.”

Morry lowered his eyes, then shook his head with a different smile. “I can honestly say,” he said, “that I believed this would be great for everybody. Yes, bringing in fresh blood upholds my standing in Forever Blossoms. But I also thought you two would groove on it. It looked like Greater Neptune was too small a pond for you.”

“The sex at the retreat was dynamite,” said Kendra, and with a glance saw Sam nod. “But once we figured out the social hierarchy of F.B., we realized that this group isn’t for us. That’s without taking into account my personal experience. But that showed me another aspect of Forever Blossoms that, frankly, creeps me out.”

She turned to face Nadine. “Has Doug, or any other man at the alpha level, either orgasmed or shown extreme pleasure and joy, while fucking your pussy?”

Nadine’s eyes widened. “You remember, I didn’t go with you to the F.B. tents. I went off to cheat.”

“Not then,” said Kendra, losing patience, “But other times. When they get you to cum, what do they do next?”

Nadine glanced at Morry, then said, “They pull out. I don’t care, I got mine. It’s what I want from them.”

Sam said nothing, knowing this part had to stay woman-to-woman. Kendra asked, “Does the guy cum at all?”

Nadine’s tongue parted her lips, way too tellingly. “Then it’s my turn. I blow him, usually. That’s when I show I can control his pleasure.”

Kendra was about to jump on the notion of controlling pleasure, but Morry said, “Not always.”

Nadine looked besieged, as if it were now three against one. “Depends on the guy, the mood he’s in,” she said, now struggling to sound casual. “Sometimes it’s ass. Sometimes he just yanks, while I kneel, and he paints my face.”

Sam asked Morry, “Is this standard male behavior in Forever Blossoms?”

“It ain’t sexist!” Morry snapped. “We eat pussy. We want the ladies to like what we do. If they didn’t, they’d ditch us.”

“I like what you do,” Kendra said to him, “a whole lot. But it was weird that first time. I’d never encountered that. A guy who held back his orgasm, not out of consideration for me, but to score points in his own head.”

Sam looked at Nadine, and also referred to their first foursome, in the Couple Doubler at Greater Neptune. “And you were doing the same. What I wanted, though, was to find what would please you the most. And if you were okay with me cumming inside you, I knew I’d love it.”

“So, you two,” said Kendra. “Is your whole act about never showing weakness?”

They were silent. Finally, Nadine said, “You could say that’s the culture at the high level of swinging. In F.B. and other clubs.”

“Is it fun?” asked Sam. “Or do you always have that stress in the back of your mind?”

“It’s not stress,” said Morry, with a dismissive laugh. “I’m competitive. It’s part of the thrill.” In normal conversation, Morry had shown that he was on top of things as an institutional investor.

“But with us,” said Kendra, “you don’t compete.”

“Because it didn’t work,” said Nadine with a smile. “We met our match. Our excuse is that you’re younger.”

Sam stroked Nadine’s arm and said, “We’re okay with being your decompression sex. We have a great time physically, and when you let your guard down, we’re getting to like you as people. But now that there’s a loaf in the oven, we may be less available, and less adventurous.”

Kendra looked at Morry. “I’m glad you opened up about this. Even the men in Forever Blossoms I didn’t fuck seemed to have the behavior I saw in Doug, and you.”

“Are you still messed up about Doug?” asked Morry, with a look of genuine concern.

Kendra nodded. “At some level. Partly because it was all so strange. And, yeah, physically this seems like unfinished business. I’ve had mind-body conflicts now and then in my life. But the one from that moment, with Doug and me eye-fucking each other, and him telling me to dump Sam and never have kids, was the most extreme ever. And the scariest. It took months for me to get to a place where I knew I wanted to start a family for the right reasons, and not out of revenge.”

“Damn, Woman,” said Nadine, “you are so strong.”

“So, you’re the one who decided to get out of Polly’s,” Morry said to Kendra. “I thought that was it, but some people in F.B. believe Sam got jealous and made you leave.”

Something about that seemed odd to Kendra, but she couldn’t pin it down. She looked at Nadine. “How personal can I get?”

“Whatever. I should take a step towards being a friend.”

Kendra smiled, but said, “Can you tell me more about you and Doug?”

Kendra and Sam heard, from a cushion, Morry’s shift in position.

“He’s the only one who’s never cum in my pussy, not even once. Sometimes I fight him to draw, not cumming, or not enough for him to pick up on it. Then I jerk him into my mouth and face while I rub out.”

“Isn’t that a waste of your time?” Sam asked.

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