Letters to Nicole 29


Dear Nicole,

Oh yes that really is interesting! You know the older I get, the more I’m convinced that there’s no such thing as a coincidence! Here you and Patrick have moved three times in the last couple of years and when you finally settle down, what happens? Tell me again; you are in the grocery store and your Ex Lover Scott was looking at you across one of the produce tables? That is astounding! I suppose if you’ve never told Patrick about some of your old boyfriends you don’t have to tell him about this encounter. But if Scott suggested you and he should get together sometime, I would strongly recommend you have a conversation with Patrick.

Anyway so there we were planning our wedding for mid August, and Felecia and Teddy were planning theirs in mid-September. It was such a busy time! Both couples decided we would have small ceremonies with maybe twenty to thirty guests invited; but still, the details for even that are complicated. Felecia was going to be my maid of honor, and I was going to be hers. That decision was quite easy being that we were both an “only child.” Organizing everything was challenging, but Franklin, Samantha, and Rachel were invaluable assets to me. Franklin’s basic contribution was finding an apartment for us. He did an awesome job too! And, did I tell you that in the lead up to the weddings he and Samantha got pre-engaged? That was pretty exciting!

My big day went off without a hitch, and really there was only one surprise; Rachel showed up with a date…Steven Conroy! You could’ve knocked me over with a feather! How they got together was quite a fun (and erotic) story; I’m not going to include it here, but maybe I’ll tell it to you sometime on the phone. Rachel seems to have found herself, and I couldn’t be happier for her!

So we got back from our honeymoon on a Friday, and school started on the next Monday. It was Jason’s senior and my sophomore year. The first semester was about him completing the requirements for his degree and beginning the job hunt. I was happy just settling into the routine of my classes and learning how to navigate a marriage and a home. You know some couples have issues the first year or two of their marriage; there was none of that for us. Right from the start we were a team and a really good one at that! The following March Jason took off for a six-week internship in Lexington, Kentucky. This was a challenge as we hadn’t been apart much at all, and having sex three or four times a week for the last year? How could we manage this? But you know me; I’m flexible, haha! I asked Rachel to move in with me for three of those weeks, and she did! I know what you’re thinking, and yes…we were pretty naughty three or four times! It was during that time I got the story about her and Steve Conroy.

When Jason completed his internship at that company, they were very impressed and offered him a job after graduation. The only thing was we had to move to Atlanta for a year of training which meant I had to drop out of school. From there we moved to Greenville, South Carolina for two years. It was during this period of time we discovered that I would never be having children. That was so discouraging, but only a few weeks after that we were moving again to Charlotte, North Carolina where we are now. The busyness of moving helped take the edge off of the sadness.

Now, backtracking just a bit, I need to catch you up on Felecia. After Teddy’s first year playing football for Western Kentucky, he was drafted by the San Francisco 49ers and within a month they took off for California. I wouldn’t say that Felecia and I had grown apart because we still talked on the phone at least once a week; but certainly things were not the same. About a month after Felecia and Teddy moved to San Francisco, (this was during the year in Atlanta,) we were catching up on the phone and Felecia said, “Nance, I have to tell you something.” From the tone in her voice it was clear that this was something very serious. “You remember Lauren?”

“Of course, Teddy’s next-door neighbor who you played with that one time.”

“Yes, it wasn’t just once though; it became a lot.”

“Well sure, we both love threesomes…always have!”

There was a long pause, “This is different, Nance; Lauren moved out here with us. She’s taking courses for nursing at the University of San Francisco, and she’s living with us in our condo.”

“Oh my God! That’s quite the turn of events!”

“It certainly is, no one really knows what’s going on except us…and now you!”

“So where is this heading in the future?”

“I’m not sure at this point; we’ve had long discussions about the direction. Number one, we’re not going to tell anyone else about our polyamorous relationship. Number two, we decided that Teddy and I want to have children, but we’re not going to allow Lauren to get pregnant. Number three, we decided this would not be permanent; when Lauren finds someone else, we will part with no regrets. That’s all we have right now; there’s no timetable for anything.”

When Bolu Escort I hung up the phone, I started crying. While I thought Felecia and I would be friends forever, the “best friends forever” part of that was definitely over. I should have seen this coming for the last two years, but just didn’t want to admit the finality of it to myself. That call was very emotional for me; so much so that when J got home that night, I still didn’t have myself together.

He walked into the kitchen, gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek, and saw my face. “Uh oh, what’s wrong, Babe? Did I leave the toilet seat up again?”

I smiled at him crookedly and gave him a playful shove, “No, you big dummy…I just got off the phone with Felecia.”

After hearing the whole story, Jason said, “Ya know, Nance, we’ve never had an at-length discussion of our lives before we met each other. Do you think maybe it’s time we did?”

“Yes, perhaps; Felecia’s situation must raise a lot of questions that need answers.”

J chuckled, “Uh, ya think? Not every husband has a wife whose best friend is into wife-swapping!”

I gave him another shove, “It’s not wife-swapping; it’s polyamory!”

“Okay, the first part part of this discussion will include me looking that up in the dictionary.”

I tried to laugh, “Yeah, you go do that while I start dinner.”

“I have a better idea; let’s go get a burger and continue this talk without any distractions.”

Once we were sitting in the car, Jason turned and said, “I’m gonna start because my history will be easier to unpack, okay?” When I nodded he continued, “I’ve had two other relationships in my life, three women I’ve been with and that includes you. With the first two, it was all was pretty straightforward; we connected, we had sex, it was pretty great for a while, then it got rough…we broke up. Looking back I realize…fate had me waiting for you!” He started the car, then looked at me again.

I smiled as warmly as I could, “My history is not that simple,” Jason cocked his head and I put my hand on his thigh. “Would you like the long or short version?”

He put the car in gear and started down the road, “Give me the short version and allow me to ask questions; how about that?”

“The short version, okay…Uhh, I’ve had sex with many people, guys and girls.”

“That I figured.”

“You did?”

“Sure, the first time we had sex, I knew you weren’t a novice; it was clear you were very experienced,” he reached for my hand and gave it a squeeze, “It was fuckin’ amazing, Nance…I really enjoyed trying to keep up with you!”

“I’ll take that as a compliment!”

J drew my hand to his lips and kissed the fingers, “You should! You blew my mind…among other things!”

I laughed, “I knew I loved you pretty quick and that will never, ever change, Honey!”

We pulled up at a light, and he leaned over and kissed me, “I told you, this is fate…and my fate is forever! This conversation won’t change any of that!” We got the green arrow and he turned left, “So… How many people are we talking here?”

“I don’t know, I didn’t keep a list; do you need an exact number?”

“Not really, but is it a number less than ten?”

I hesitated, “Umm, more like twenty.”

His eyebrows shot up, but a smile played at the corners of his mouth, “Ohhh, okay…so experienced is not the right word, “you’re more like a professional!”

He said it so funny; I knew he was teasing, and I burst out laughing, “I prefer to think of myself as an artist!”

“Ha! Yeah, either way you have a skill set that’s off the chain, Babe! So besides Felecia, how many women have you been with?”

“Again, I don’t know but it’s been about half and half.”

Jason looked thoughtful, “I don’t think I need to know them all, but can I ask you about a few of them?”

“Of course, keeping secrets at this point would not be wise.”

“That girl from the fraternity contest…”

“Meredith…no, we were just trying to win the money.”

J paused again, “Rachel?”

I put my hand on his leg again, “Yes, several times!”

“That’s pretty fucking hot! She’s a looker!”

“She’s a great friend too; you had to see that from all the work she did for the wedding! And just so we’re completely transparent now, Honey…I did play with her a couple times while you were gone on your internship and she was staying with me to keep company.”

Jason grinned, “And now she’s with Steve, I wonder if they’re having this conversation? But anyway, is there anything else I need to know?”

I giggled, “I would like to know something!”

“What’s that?”

I reached between his legs, “Are you hard right now?” J burst out laughing. “Whoaa…oh my God, you’re kinda hard. Do we need to forget the burgers and hurry home?”

He laughed again, “Nah, we’re almost there; but you best get prepared, I just might need to fuck your beautiful self later tonight!”

“If YOU pick up the check, you have a deal!” Jason pulled into the Bolu Escort Bayan Fuddruckers and we went inside holding hands. After ordering our food, we picked out a booth and sat down. “Jason? I do want you to know something, since you and I started dating, I have not been with any other man!”

“Good to know, Babe!”

“You’re my hubs, forever! Is this conversation over now?”

“Not quite, I just want to know a little something else. Have you ever been with more than one person? Like a threesome?”

Pursing my lips, I replied, “Yes, both kinds.”

“Both Kinds? Like you were with two guys at the same time?”


“Were these two guys Bi also?”

I giggled again, “No, I don’t believe any of the men I’ve ever been with were Bi-sexual.”

“How was it with them?”

“It was really fun; I was the center of attention!”

“Yeah, I bet you were!” he chuckled, “Did you wear them out?”

Nicole, I laughed so hard when he asked that! “All three of us probably slept well that night!”

“Oh my God! Okay, one more question then…what, if anything, did you do with these guys that you and I have never done?”

I looked at him long and hard; this answer was going to be tricky…maybe. “Oh, J, is that very important? You satisfy me better than any of them!”

He grinned, “Thank you for that, Babe…but I would like to know.” Just then our food was ready; we loaded up the burgers and got our drinks. I was hoping he would forget that question when we began eating, but I should have known better. “So, having sex with these other guys; did they ever do something that we haven’t?”

I took a big bite of my burger and looked at him thoughtfully. He was staring at me, chewing and staring. Finally I said, “Well…yes, there was some anal.”

“Oh my God…really?”

“Yes, is that bad?”

“No, did you like it?”

I smiled and shrugged, “It was fun! And I tried it with them because I’d had some anal fun with toys and thought I’d give it a go!”

J grinned and shook his head at me, “I didn’t expect that, Wow!”



“I don’t need anal, and to be perfectly honest, I don’t really want to try and fit that big dick of yours in there!”

He covered his mouth and laughed, “No, me and my big dick don’t want to hurt you!”

With my mouth full of French fries I said, “Thanks, I appreciate that!”

“As I’ve always said, Babe, what you do with your Bi-side is okay with me; but number one is our relationship and number two is your and my health. You’ll protect those for us, right?”

I reached across the table and put my hand on his, “J, I’ve never loved anyone like I love you! We’re going to grow old together and I hope we die on the same day; you can trust me!”

But you know what, Nicole? After that conversation, I realized that my past sex life had been kind of hanging over my head; there had always been a little bit of fear that Jason would someday hear something about it, and it would mess things up. Now that fear was completely gone!

And then (I know that after this whole, big, long story…this will seem totally out of character for me,) for the next three years, I didn’t have sex with anyone except Jason. Oh my God! Yeah, right? I know what you’re thinking, you naughty girl! You’re thinking that there’s no way THAT could happen; but it did! We finished the year in Atlanta and moved to Greenville, South Carolina. Jason moved through the ranks at his company lightning fast, so fast that when the promotion to the number two spot in Charlotte, North Carolina came up, he got that job with virtually no opposition! The only downside to all of this was that we were moving again for the third time in three years.

Here’s the good part though…we bought our first house! Yippee! J’s company put us up in a hotel for the first month, and (with Jason’s full support) I spent the first five days looking at communities within range of his office. There was a lot of on-line information available; and after researching that, I took two days to drive around looking at these different neighborhoods. That Friday I walked into a small, independently-owned real estate office in the area and met a very nice middle-aged woman named Marge. We had a fun first conversation where I described everything I wanted in a house, and then we set up an appointment for the next afternoon when J and I could look at some properties. Even though it was just a starter home, two bedrooms and two baths; we were beyond excited!

It took Marge about ten tries to show us the perfect place! We made it clear to her that this house had to be “move-in ready;” every dollar we could spare went to the down payment. Remodeling anything was out of the question. But Marge found it, and not only that, but our first offer was $5,000 below their asking price, and they accepted it! Yippee

! The closing and moving in was tricky, (we ended up staying in the hotel an extra three weeks,) but it all got done…and Nicole? That Escort Bolu first Saturday night, when we laid down on our own bed, in our own bedroom, in our own house…I thought I’d died and gone to heaven! It was better than sex, and we had THAT the next morning… Yippee

It took us about a month to set up the house the way we wanted. I obviously wasn’t working then, so I had a lot of time to plan and implement. Like before we moved the rest of our stuff in, we repainted every interior wall and used one of our two credit cards to buy new appliances for the kitchen and a new dining room table. After all, we had a house-warming to prepare for! I’ll spare you the rest of these “get it ready” details; or maybe I’ll call you one of these days and tell it to you over the phone. My parents came for the party and stayed for four days; Jason’s parents couldn’t make it…Booo!

The house-warming was so much fun! (And here is where the erotic part of the story gets going again.) We couldn’t invite too many people, goodness…we only had 1300 square feet AND a good old-fashioned southern porch! So we ended up with eleven people there: Jason’s boss with his wife, Jason’s secretary with her husband, and J invited one of the tech guys who brought his fiancee. With us and my mom and dad, that makes ten…Who was number eleven, you ask? Jason introduced me, “Nancy, this is Matt Perez, the guy in the office next to mine? I told you remember…the guy who’s a royal pain in the ass?”

I laughed, “Oh, THAT guy huh?” Matt was cracking up right in front of me. “This is the guy only a mother could love?”

“Yes, this is him…Matt, this is my wife Nancy, but only her friends get to call her Nance, so watch it!”

Matt looked at me with an amused twinkle in his eye and said, “Hello, Nancy! Damn, you two are scary!” That cracked us up!

Nicole, at the time Matt was twenty-five years old; and (trust me when I say this,) there is “good-looking,” and then there is REALLY good-looking! Matt was clearly Hispanic (Perez?) with black hair and dark brown eyes. He wasn’t tall, maybe 5’9 and I would have guessed 160-170 pounds. He also had perfect teeth and the kind of genuine smile that no one can fake! Oh, and his shoes were awesome! J and I spent ten minutes talking with him, and I remember thinking “God, it’s a good thing I’m married now!” You do remember I talked about Matt in a previous letter; that’s what I’m leading up to here!

Anyway, two things happened in the next five weeks that were lifestyle changing. The first one was that Matt started coming over to our house for dinner virtually every Thursday night. He and Jason would work late on Thursdays so they could wrap things up by Friday afternoon and have their weekends free. J and I usually had supper between 6:00 and 6:30, but on Thursdays I would cook for the three of us, dinner at 8:00. He and Jason were becoming very close friends, and I liked him…a LOT!

The second thing occurred the day after the house-warming. J and I were sitting on the porch enjoying the weather, the sunset, and our lives together; everything was just going so well! All of a sudden a couple went by; they were walking their dog. It appeared they would pass and not even notice us, but Jason said, “Hello there!”

They looked up at us, and the woman spoke first, “Oh Hi, Wow! Are you new in the neighborhood?”

I said, “Not real new, we’ve been here five weeks now, we’re just kind of new! I’m Nancy and this is my husband Jason.”

The man spoke, “We’re the Traynors, I’m Bill and this is Jenny.” He looked down at the dog and said, “And this is Sporty…say hello, Sporty!” The dog decided to sit and look at us, “He gets confused sometimes,” Bill admitted.

“That’s what I do when Nance tells me to take out the garbage,” Jason cracked.

The Traynors laughed and I said, “Don’t mind Jason here, he’s just a smart-ass!”

Jenny playfully elbowed her hubby in the ribs, “Well then, Bill and Jason should get along well, he’s a legend in his own mind!”

“Oh my God!” I exclaimed, “Two legends in the same time continuum; they could change the world together!” All four of us laughed so heartily, even Sporty jumped up and tried to climb up Bill’s leg.

J said, “You two want to sit a while and get acquainted?”

“Um, maybe we could,” Bill replied, “Can Sporty shit on your lawn for a second before we sit down?” All that got him was another elbow in the ribs from Jenny!

So for the next hour, we got acquainted with the Traynors. Little did I know at that point that we had just met our new best friends. Know what, Nicole? I’m going to save this story for last!

Now, getting back to the “Matt” situation, you already know we ended up in a threesome together, but the backstory of that is quite interesting. Two and a half months after we moved in, my birthday was coming up. We were sitting on the porch swing again and Jason asked me if there was something I wanted for it.

“I don’t really want anything, but you know what the house needs. Maybe you could get that set of table lamps we saw in Target?”

J squinched up his mouth, “That’s no fun; birthdays should be special!”

I leaned into the crook of his arm, “Birthday sex? Hey, we haven’t ‘christened’ the guest bedroom yet, have we?”

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