Lost Creek Wives’ Club Pt. 23



The following is a continuation of the Lost Creek Wives’ Club (LCWC) series, and as always, I recommend reading the prior installment first.

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When I finally woke up the next morning, Jim was nowhere to be found. I looked at the clock radio and it was 9:30. Well past the time I normally get up. And with it being Sunday, Jim probably already showered and went for donuts and the Sunday newspaper as he usually does.

As much as I wanted to stay in bed, I had to pee in the worst way. While on the commode, I checked my phone and there was a text message from Maureen asking me to call her. After I made my way to the kitchen, and made my morning cappuccino, I did just that.

“Good morning Sweetheart.”

“Good morning Maureen, and it seems you were up bright and early.”

“Obviously you weren’t with it being nearly ten o’clock, which isn’t like you.”

“All the activity of the past two days finally caught up with me. I’m surprised it hasn’t with you either.”

“You forget, I’m younger than you. But I won’t be running a marathon today by any means. So what’s on your agenda?”

“I plan on editing the videos Jim and I took yesterday. It’ll probably take me most of the day.”

“Make sure you edit the videos you took of me first. I’m dying to see them.”

“I will, and hopefully it’ll go quickly and I’ll have them both done by the end of the day. Knowing you, you’re probably dying to see them.”

“Yes I am, so do what you can.”

“I hate to cut this short, but I just heard the garage door open so it means Jim’s back with donuts and the paper. I’ll call you later to give you an update on how I’m doing with the videos.”

After I had a couple of donuts and another cappuccino with Jim, I showered before planting myself in front of the computer and began editing the videos from his phone. Jim in the meantime went out to mow the lawn. His normal weekend chore, weather permitting.

The first video, being the one I took of Jim and Maureen, was relatively easy to edit. It mostly entailed deleting portions of it to make it play better and move along quicker. When I was done, I felt it turned out well. I was particularly pleased with the close-ups of Jim’s long cock first sliding into Maureen’s vagina, and then her anus. Especially the latter.

I couldn’t believe how much I enjoyed viewing Jim’s cock as it first entered Maureen’s adorable asshole. It was pretty incredible how easily her tight little rosebud accommodated his big cockhead. Appearances can definitely be deceiving.

After it popped in I loved the way her anal ring clamped around his cock just below the glan. Then how he ever so slowly with an incremental in and out motion inserted the rest of his eight inch dick until it all but disappeared in her ass. It was almost like watching one of those old time Adam & Eve “how to” videos. The bad part was how aroused I got. My pussy tingled like crazy.

Even the sight of Jim’s still hard cock with light brown streaks on it as he withdrew it after he cummed in her ass didn’t dampen my arousal. Something unavoidable with anal intercourse, although it’s not always the case. And while unpleasant to some, it’s a perfectly acceptable consequence to others. Especially with a cock as long as Jim’s, and how deep it penetrates your rectum and beyond.

As much as I tried while editing the video, I couldn’t resist inserting a hand inside my shorts and fingering my very swollen clit to a quick orgasm. As quick as it was, I still soaked the inside of them. But thankfully it was a pair of terry-cloth shorts.

I thought about changing afterwards, but decided to just remove them and sit there butt naked since I figured it wouldn’t be the last time I needed to masturbate.

By the time I finished with the first video, I think I brought myself off three times. I then emailed it to Maureen along with copying it onto a DVD.

It wasn’t long while working on the second video before Maureen called.

“Wow Lacey, I can’t believe how good the video turned out. You ought to be in the porn business.”

“Not me, but you and Jim should.”

“I don’t know about that, but seriously, the video blew me away.”

“A lot of the credit goes to the fact that Jim’s cell phone is an iPhone 13 Pro. I was always impressed with the quality of the videos when viewing them on the phone, but I was even more impressed with how well they looked on my twenty-two inch monitor.”

“We’re talking about two different things. I’m more impressed with how the video played as far as the action and the way you videoed it than the quality of the image. Even if it wasn’t of Jim and me, I’d still love how you captured things. Especially the scene of John masturbating behind us while Jim was fucking me anally. It’s so cool. I can’t wait until he sees it, and see his reaction to it.”

“I thought you’d enjoy that particular sequence.”

“I Beylikdüzü Escort did, and once again, you ought to think about being in the porn business. Or at least offering your services to couples who want videos of themselves having sex.”

“The latter might be fun, but for now, I’m perfectly content just videoing us.”

“When will you have the other video done?”

“I was working on it when you called. And since it’s longer, it’ll be a while. Hopefully today if I can refrain from masturbating every fifteen minutes. If not, tomorrow for sure.”

After she had a good laugh…”I better let you go then, as I’d love to see it by the end of the day.”

After the call ended, and I no sooner returned to working on the second video, my phone chimed again. Figuring it was Maureen, who forgot to mention something, I answered it without checking who the caller was.

As soon as I answered it…”Hello Lacey, and I hope I didn’t catch you at a bad time?” It was Donna.

“Hello Donna, and no you didn’t. I’m working on the computer, and I’m sorry I didn’t call you yesterday after you texted me. I would have, but it just wasn’t possible, and planned on it today.”

“Not a problem, I figured I wouldn’t hear from you until today at the earliest. Do you have a minute?”

“I have all the time in the world for you.” And even though I had a good idea why she called after our little incident in Maureen’s bathroom. “What can I do for you?”

“After Friday night, I was wondering when we could get together just you and me? What transpired between us got me thinking about something, and I can’t think of anyone better to talk to about it than you.”

While I was intrigued about what she meant by “something”, I didn’t inquire. Maybe I should have, but she seemed to want to have a face to face discussion versus over the phone.

“Today and tomorrow won’t be possible, but after that I’m pretty much free for the rest of the week.”

“Then how about we get together for lunch at my house one day. Would Tuesday at one o’clock be okay?”

After I quickly thought about it… “Tuesday would be fine, and so you’ll know, it’s not often I eat lunch so you can keep it simple. And can I bring anything?”

“Just yourself, and I’ll plan on just a salad or something light then. Now since you’re busy on the computer, I’ll let you get back to whatever you were doing.”

After we said our goodbyes, I thought about how close we came to kissing in Maureen’s bathroom, and only didn’t because Maureen interrupted us. Most likely it’s what she wanted to talk about, and since she wanted to in person, it wasn’t something she regretted. Or was concerned it almost happened. If she was, it would have been a lot easier for her to say it over the phone.

I then proceeded to work diligently on editing the second video for the next few hours. While I was, it dawned on me how much I was enjoying the videos of my beloved husband fucking my dearest and best friend. And how much it pleased me seeing how they enjoyed it. Even more than in person since I could replay a particular sequence that got my juices flowing. Or play it in slow motion.

It also got me thinking how it wasn’t that long ago that my husband and best friend actually fucking with me videoing them would never have occurred. Let alone even imagining it would. Never in a million years. It was mind boggling how things changed in such a short time. And mostly because of the effect of going through the change had on me.

Just as I was getting close to finishing the second video, Jim came into the house to inform me he was going in the hot tub and wanted to know if I was going to join him. A ritual of ours after he finishes with his yard work on the weekend before we usually barbecue something on the grill for supper so I didn’t hesitate… “I’d love to as I need a break. You get the wine and beer, I’ll get the towels and meet you outside.”

We simply relaxed at first while sitting opposite each other in our square eight foot hot tub. As we did I rested my feet on his knees so he could massage them for me.

In between drinking his beer and massaging my feet, he made it a point to remind me about the business trip he was leaving on first thing in the morning. And also asked what my plans were while he was gone since it would be most of the week.

“Tomorrow I have a coffee date with Julie, then on Tuesday one of the girls from our social club invited me to lunch. After that, nothing, although I’m sure Maureen will come up with something for us to do.”

“Who are you having lunch with?”


“Julie I know, but the name Donna doesn’t ring a bell.”

“I don’t think you’ve met her, but don’t feel bad as I’ve never met her husband either.”

After about a half hour of some very sensuous manipulation of my feet, especially my toes, Jim suddenly for the first time since last night began talking about John and him making one of Maureen’s fantasies a reality. “…and to say I was surprised when Maureen asked Beylikdüzü Escort Bayan John and I to fuck her in her two intimate holes simultaneously would be an understatement. John was even surprised. Obviously neither one of us expected something like it when you two said you wanted to do something different every time we had a foursome to keep things from getting boring.”

“I can well imagine you were, but the question is, did you enjoy it, or are you complaining?”

“I’d be lying if I didn’t say I was a bit apprehensive at first. It’s not something I’ve ever done before. And apparently neither has John. I’ve never even entertained the idea of doing something like it. Felt strange at first with her on top of me fucking her vagina while her husband did her in the ass. I could even feel his cock sliding in and out of her ass, as I’m sure he could feel mine. Eventually I couldn’t help but enjoy it from the way Maureen did. Especially how she orgasmed as both John and I unloaded in her at the same time.”

Once all three of them figured out how they were going to fuck Maureen in both her holes, and positioned themselves, they put on quite the show. And from the way Maureen acted, it was everything she imagined it would be. I couldn’t get over how loudly she moaned and groaned, and kept shouting how stuffed she felt with both their cocks doing her. And when it came time for her to orgasm, how she all but begged them to fill her with their hot cum when she did, which they did very nicely.

“It was quite the orgasm, even for her. I never saw her release so much vaginal fluid. If your cock wasn’t in her at the time she most likely would have squirted like a fire hose.” Then after pausing for a second… “And with it being only our second foursome, it’s understandable both of you were caught by surprise about DPing her. It’s definitely something most people never do. But once you two got into it, I can honestly say from my observation, you both performed beautifully together. Much to Maureen’s delight.”

“All I can say is, I can’t imagine what you two have planned for our next foursome.”

“If you’re expecting me to tell you, forget it. It wouldn’t be a surprise if I did. It’s best neither one of you knows so it’ll give you something to think about. And I’m sure your imagination will run wild.”

While I can’t imagine every woman hasn’t fantasized about being DPed like Maureen was, mine has always been a slight variation of it. To be on my hands and knees as someone fucks me in the ass or pussy while someone fucks me in the mouth. And depending on my mood when the time comes, it’s what we had planned for our next foursome.

“You’re right about that. My mind is already working overtime.”

“Then we’ve achieved our goal to keep things from getting boring…at least for the near term. But I’m sure as time goes on, we’re going to have to get a lot more creative. Maybe even think about adding another couple to our get-togethers. There’s only so many different things you can do with just two couples. Some things definitely require another couple.”

“Such as?”

“Once again, my lips are sealed.”

“Are you two seriously considering another couple joining us?”

“We talked about it, but it’s as far as it’s gone for now. We haven’t even thought about who it could be. And obviously you and John need to be agreeable to it.”

“If it’s your way of asking, yes I would. But obviously it depends on who the other couple is. Or couples if you’re thinking of more than one.”

“Just one for now, and while we need to think about potential candidates, there’s no need to rush. We’re a long way from adding another couple to keep things interesting. Why? Do you have someone in mind?”

“Since you mentioned it, yes I do. Walter at work, and his wife Nancy.”

Both who I knew from attending company functions. After I thought about it, and hoped I didn’t show how elated I was to hear it… “Why them, and what makes you think they’d be interested?”

“Walter mentioned something about it once, and fairly recently. As you know, Walter and I are friendly outside of work and when having a few beers one night after work he started talking about how he and Nancy have been looking for ways to ‘spice-up’ their sex life. Claimed they were even considering ‘wife-swapping’ as he put it, and wanted to know how he should go about it.”


“And since It was before our first foursome with John and Maureen, I told him he was asking the wrong person. While he seemed disappointed I couldn’t help him, he perked up when I mentioned you and I had also talked about it. But I did add the proviso I couldn’t imagine there wasn’t a married couple our age who hasn’t.”

“Then what?”

“While we were discussing what we thought the pros and cons of wife-swapping would be, someone else from work joined us and it ended our discussion. We haven’t talked about it since, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he doesn’t bring it up again the next opportunity he gets.”

“If he does, you’ll Escort Beylikdüzü now be able to talk to him about it with some first hand experience. But only if you feel comfortable with it.”

“You make it sound like we’re seasoned swingers after just two foursomes.”

“I don’t mean it that way. But if they’re still considering it, you could offer some encouragement as far as it being something they should consider based on our experience.”

“I only would if you’d be interested in them as a possible candidate for a third couple. Or even just them and us. Otherwise it might be best to leave well enough alone.”

I didn’t have to think about it for very long. Walter and Nancy are our age and an attractive couple. Like Jim, Walter takes good care of himself physically and looks good for his age. As for Nancy, while some might consider her a bit on the heavy side, it’s all very proportional except for exceptionally full breasts. Not huge breasts as in bust size, but very full. She had to be at least a G-cup. Maybe double G. Plus she has the face of an angel, and the personality to go along with it, which the latter made me wonder about her husband mentioning they were considering “wife-swapping”.

“Even though I’m a little surprised about Nancy considering having sex with another couple, I would be very interested in them being the ‘other’ couple. That’s if it ever comes to us deciding on another couple joining us. I’d even consider just them and us except for the fact Walter works for you. Reports directly to you. It might make for an awkward situation at work. Especially if things didn’t go well, which is always a possibility.”

“I thought about it too, and have mixed feelings. Fortunately it’s not something we need to actually consider for now, or make any kind of decision about soon. Plus we would need to get John and Maureen’s blessing.”

“Even though it might be a little premature, I think I’ll mention something to Maureen about them. I even have some photos of them I’ve taken at the company functions. Recent ones too, which I took at the annual picnic earlier this summer. Not that she’ll give them the thumbs up based on just seeing some photos. But she’ll at least be able to see what an attractive couple they are and give her something to think about.”

The one thing I didn’t mention was that most likely Maureen would want to know if Nancy was bisexual. Or at a minimum was curious about it. From my most recent interactions with Nancy, I had a feeling she was. Curious at least…even more than just curious. Until I became bisexually active I had no idea if she was, but once I was, the sixth sense thing kicked in about a bisexual woman being able to tell if another one was. But if I was wrong, I doubted Maureen would want to consider them as a candidate.

It also got me thinking more of how well Nancy and I interact when together. While we’ve never socialized other than at company functions in spite of how good we got along, it wasn’t unusual that we didn’t as much as she might like to. People in general tend to avoid getting too friendly with the boss’s wife for fear of it appearing to be a case of “brown-nosing” for their spouse’s benefit. In spite of that, I decided to make it a point to ask Nancy to meet for lunch or a coffee one day soon so we could get to know each other better on a personal basis.

As I was trying to remember if I still had her cell phone number, Jim interrupted my train of thought… “Let’s leave it at that for now. Besides, Walter may never bring it up again. Or him and Nancy could decide wife-swapping isn’t a good option for them. Now I don’t know about you, but my stomach is beginning to growl.”

“Does that mean you prefer having a steak over your usual blow job on the weekend before we get out of the hot tub?”

As for having sex in the hot tub, we learned long ago intercourse isn’t a wise thing to do, and any sex we have in it is oral. Between the chemicals and how water is such a poor lubricant, and how the warm water washes away your own natural lubricant, it can make for a very sore pussy afterwards. Anal intercourse is even worse. My asshole was sore for days after the one and only time we did it in the hot tub. Forget what you might read in erotic stories, but intercourse of any kind in a hot tub is a definite no-no. Especially from a woman’s perspective.

“What makes you think that?”

“After being serviced by Maureen three different ways yesterday I figured you might have had enough sex for a while. Then there’s your stomach trying to tell you something.”

“There isn’t any reason in the world I would pass-up a blow job from the best cock sucker known to mankind. Even if I hadn’t eaten for days. Be something wrong with me if I did.”

“Flattery will get you everywhere. But since you are hungry, I’ll make it quick. Now sit on the edge of the hot tub like you normally do so I can suck the nicest cock known to womankind.”

He quickly did and his cock was already fully aroused. Even throbbing slightly with his big cockhead fully exposed outside of the foreskin and glistening from how wet it was. It looked delectable as ever and I couldn’t wait to get it in my mouth. And although we have all the privacy in the world in our backyard, with the hot tub enclosed in a gazebo it prevented someone from seeing us even if they walked through the back gate unannounced.

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