We’d known Jane and Guy for a few years, they seemed like decent folks. He was some kind of architect, a kind of smooth-faced, hard-working, ambitious guy who was able to bring in a lot of money, at least for just getting started. Jane was the funny, outgoing one, she was busty and athletic and noisy, a short little chatterbox that simply could not be ignored, no matter what. My wife and I used to party with them quite a lot, drinking beer and yacking and we had other friends in common who would stop by. Life seemed to be going smoothly and everything was hopeful and happy.

Then, in a move that nobody saw coming, Jane declared she was a lesbian and they broke up. Just like that. I heard about it from Guy, who was quite shaken by it all — they had been a stable, loving couple and then boom. Jane moved in with another woman, she stopped hanging around with us, and Guy started keeping to himself more, working more. He still came to some of the parties but he wasn’t able to keep up without his sidekick, and after a while we just didn’t see him much.

I ran into Jane once downtown and it was weird. I did not know how to take her change in sexual orientation, if that’s what it was. Maybe she had been faking it with Guy, shit I didn’t understand any of that or how it works. I still don’t. I saw her on the sidewalk and said hi and we exchanged pleasantries, then I very tactfully said, “So you’re a lesbian now, huh?”

And she said, “Yeah, I am.” Then we talked about some other stuff and went our ways.

Jane was better friends with my wife Shania than with me, and it was not real surprising a few weeks later when Jane called the house and the girls chit-chatted for an hour or so. I was busy and didn’t hear most of it.

When they got off the phone Shania filled me in on the gossip, of which there was a lot that went in one ear and out the other. It seems Jane is happily in love with some lady and they bought an old house in the historic district. “So here’s the thing,” Shania said, “Here’s why she called. She said the house is sort of falling apart, there’s weeds and the grass is growing like crazy, things are broken, and they wanted to see if they could hire you to be like a maintenance man for them. You’d take care of the yard, fix things, it sounds like there’s a lot to do there. Apparently they have money, neither one of them works but Jane said they were ‘very comfortable.’ Those were her words.”

Well, you know me, I was “between jobs,” between shitty jobs that is. The pay would be hourly and it was near minimum wage, cash with no taxes taken out, but Jane thought there would probably be a lot of hours and I could pretty much make my own schedule. It seemed kind of perfect. The girls had agreed that if I wanted the job I should show up around nine the next morning. Shania had gotten the address, I knew that part of town. It wasn’t far, I could bicycle over there. All was good.

I showed up at nine and knocked on the door. Jane answered it and gave me a friendly hug in the doorway. It was a hot June day and they had an evaporative cooler running, which in the desert will actually cool your house because there is no humidity. When it gets real hot out you have to stand right in front of the vent, but it is much cheaper than air conditioning and works well enough in the right climate. It’s what most of the older houses have, and the smaller ones. If you’re too hot you just take your shoes off, wear shorts, people adapt.

“Doc, this is my roommate and the love of my life, Dina,” Jane said. I shook Dina’s hand and wow. These two were like night and day. Where Jane was the petite one with knockers that don’t quit; Dina was taller than me and slender, with no tits to speak of. She was wearing faded jeans and a t-shirt with her belly-button showing and her blond hair was tied back in a loose ponytail, which is sensible in Arizona in the summertime. She had creamy-white skin, shining teeth, stunning blue eyes. Both of them were what I think of as the “au naturel” type, they did not seem to wear any makeup and I imagined they ate a lot of vegetables and maybe did yoga or something; they just threw off that vibe, you know? Pretty much not a lifestyle I was very familiar with. But then, I’d never met a lesbian either, as far as I knew. They seemed pretty ordinary to me, nice-looking but whatever, I was married and they were not interested in men. No problem. Just another day at the office.

Jane handled most of the talking. She said, “We got a great deal on this house but it needs some work. Some of it, we’ll need a contractor, but a lot of it is just little stuff that needs fixing. We don’t know anything about that, and thought it would be fun to hire you to do maintenance.” She walked me to the back of the house and opened the kitchen door to look out. “Like, look at this grass,” she said. “We have a lawnmower but neither of us can really push it. That faucet over there seems to drip all the time, that’s going to cost us in water bills. There Edirne Escort is paint, inside and out, and some bookshelves that are falling apart, a hundred little things — this place’ll be really cool if you can fix them.”

This sounded ideal to me. “When do you want me to start?” I asked.

“Can you come tomorrow?”

“Sure, what time?”

She hollered over her shoulder, “What time tomorrow, Dina?”

“I don’t care,” Dina said, and she reappeared behind Jane. “Tell you what, come whenever you want.”

“Right,” Jane said, “I mean, it needs to get done but come when you want to.” They had a spare key which they gave me, and they sent me off. I bought some beer on the way home, steering my bike with one hand and holding a twelve-pack in the other. Shania and I celebrated that night. I grilled some hot dogs and we drank some beer and listened to music.

The next morning I showed up at about nine again and knocked on the door. It took a minute before Dina appeared. I could see Jane in the background. “Oh,” Dina said, “Hi. Hey look, you don’t have to knock, okay? Just come in when you get here.”

Jane came out. “We made a little list for you, for starters,” she said. “Let’s post it here.” And she tacked a piece of paper to the wall beside the door. It was mostly stuff they had shown me already, but there was lots of room on the page to add things. She also put up a sheet to keep track of my hours. They had a shed with tools in it and I got to work.

The next day the door was locked so I used my key and opened it and went in. Jane and Dina were sitting on a love seat in the living room, talking, they nodded as I came in but it was apparent that this was how they wanted it, they would go about their business and I would go about mine. Later when I came through the room they were snuggled together, reading. I said good-bye when I left and felt that a pattern had been established.

I tried to keep regular hours, showing up at nine, leaving in the afternoon. Several times when I came through they would be kissing or cuddling, and I sort of got used to that. They didn’t make a big show out of it, it seemed to me that a straight couple would act the same way. They were, after all, in their own house.

Friday morning when I came in Dina was stretched out on the love-seat reading a novel, naked. Her long legs stretched the length of the seat and her B-cup boobs were snow-white and hard, with little pink nipples — I couldn’t really stop and stare, so am short on vivid details, but I saw what I could. I said “Good morning” as I walked by, and she looked up from her book.

“Oh, hi,” she said, and her eyes went back to her reading. I could hear Jane moving around in another room. My work was in the back yard, and I went out.

Through that day Dina never did put any clothes on. She read, she chatted on the phone, she ate lunch naked. And you know what? After a while it’s not a big deal. An important part of a strip tease is the tease, and actually a naked lady who isn’t teasing is just a naked lady. I mean, I feasted my eyes on her amazing slim body, and I had a hard-on all day, but I learned to take it in stride.

Monday was normal. The ladies were clearly lovers in the honeymoon phase, there was a lot of touching and kissing and joking between them and I was getting used to the lesbian thing. Tuesday when I came in it was Jane who was naked. She was sitting on the love-seat looking at a laptop she had opened on the coffee table. She glanced up when I came in and then ignored me until I got close and said hi, which she replied to. “Oh hey, if you’d like some coffee there is some on the stove,” she said. “Sugar and cream are out already.” Then she went back to her computer.

I do have to comment on Jane’s body. I had known her for a couple of years and thought she was nice-looking and outgoing and also built like a brick shithouse, but she had been Guy’s girl and I truly never gave her a thought beyond the usual impression. But finally I saw her in her full glory, and glorious it was. She had what we would call “perfect tits,” big ones that defied gravity. The smooth skin glowed in the light coming through the windows, and her dark nipples stuck out hard and proud. Not surprisingly she had a tangle of thick pubic hair underneath her flat tummy.

Now you ask, how did I continue to work with all this tempting female flesh distracting me? I’ll tell you, it was hard. No, I mean it, it was hard as a rock the whole time. I was already friends with Jane and had only just met Dina in a kind of professional situation, I was in their home doing a job and my role was really just to act like everything was normal. But my cock was constantly stiff in my jeans.

Through this second week, one or the other of them was usually naked in the living room when I arrived, and whenever I came back into the house or worked indoors. Sometimes both of them were. Thursday or Friday, I forget which, they were both sprawled in Edirne Escort Bayan the love-seat, their legs tangled together, leaning together, their breasts crushing against one another, reading quietly. One time when I came in they had set their books aside and were kissing, or making out I should say, with some passion. I walked through the room, doing my job, not staring, no actually I was staring but not when they were watching me.

I did not tell Shania about any of this. She had a few questions about how the lesbians were doing, living together, and it was pretty easy to answer without mentioning that they did not wear clothes much of the time. They read and use the computer, talk on the phone, stuff like that. I don’t think Shania put two and two together when our love-life went from zero to sixty after I started my new job, and stayed at sixty.

The next week it seemed things escalated. Monday they were both naked on the love-seat when I came in, reading and cuddling. They did not acknowledge me. I was wearing my cut-offs and a tank top, as this would be the day to mow, even though it was forecast to be a hundred five degrees by mid-afternoon. The women were lying in a kind of heap, holding their books up, arms around one another, peacefully concentrating.

It was a hot one. Luckily they had a gas-powered lawnmower, and it fired up without trouble. I worked with my shirt off and took a couple of drinks from the hose while I was mowing but about halfway through the sun was beating down so hard I needed to cool down, so I went into the kitchen. I poured myself a big glass of water and heard some sounds from the living room. I walked to the door to see the two of them head-to-foot on the love seat, sixty-nining. I had the better view of Dina’s head and face as she worked on Jane’s pussy, licking and sucking it while Jane pumped her hips against her mouth. At the other end, Jane was slurping at Dina’s pussy in the same way. Now and then one or the other would begin grunting and jerking with an orgasm, and then settle down to get back to work.

I don’t know if they knew I was watching or not. I was so hot I was light-headed, and it seemed perfectly reasonable to stand in the doorway between the kitchen and living room watching the show. At one point Dina lifted her head from Jane’s patch and looked over at me and nodded. She did not smile, really, certainly did not frown, she nodded a kind of tacit greeting and then it seemed to me she pushed Jane’s legs farther apart to let me see her soaking wet, inflamed vulva. Then she buried her face in it again and got busy. I watched for a while, drank three big glasses of water, and went back out to finish the mowing.

When I came back in they were reading again, cuddling. They did not acknowledge me as I got another glass of water. I sat for a minute and then heard Jane’s voice, “Wow, I bet you’re hot after all that work out there.” She came into the kitchen.

“Yeah,” I said, “I am covered with sweat.”

“Did you get it done?”

“Yes. I got the mowing, I’ll have to do something about the weeds though.”

She told me where their weedwacker was stashed. The battery was charging in their bedroom, she said, next to the bed, and she pointed to where that room was, down a short hallway from the living room. We decided I would not do any more today. I was headed to the door when Dina said, “Doc, one thing. We were talking today, and we really like this outfit on you. Do you think you could wear something like this from now on?”

“Uh, yeah, sure,” I sort of stammered. “I guess.”

It was hard to pedal the bike, riding home. The head of my hard cock kept wanting to escape down the leg of my cut-offs. Shania was not unhappy with my performance that night.

The next day I came in at about nine in my shorts and tank top. The ladies were not in the living room or kitchen when I came in. I went to the back yard and got the weedwacker out of the shed. It was a type I had used before, which is good — I am not really a maintenance man, you might be able to tell. I know how to do some things that just about anybody could do, which is useful, I guess, for somebody who can’t do those things or doesn’t want to. They need to be done. And now the weeds were climbing the fences all the way around the yard, and somebody need to chop them down, and that would be me.

The weedwacker was in good shape so I went in for the battery. It was nice and cool indoors and I went down the hall to find that the ladies were in their bedroom, where the battery was charging. In fact they were in their bed, lying with their heads at opposite ends, their legs intertwined, sort of humping one another, in a ladylike way. I stood in the doorway for a minute and watched as they pressed their pussies together. It was an athletic sort of exercise, strenuous, and now and then one of them erupted in orgasm. From the door I could smell the rich scent of vaginal juices. I knew they were aware of my Escort Edirne presence but they did not look at me or acknowledge me.

Finally I cleared my throat. “Excuse me ladies,” I said. They stopped and both looked over at me. “I hate to interrupt you,” I said, “But I need to get that battery.”


“Yes, for the weedwacker.”

“Oh, it’s right there,” Jane said, pointing to the charger on the floor beside the dresser.

“Thanks,” I said, removing the battery from the charger. “You ladies enjoy yourselves,” I added and I left the room to go wack some weeds. It wasn’t the only thing I felt like wacking. I thought I heard them giggling in the background as I left.

The weedwacking did not take long. It had to be a hundred ten outside, and I came in for a big drink. We do not put ice in our water in the desert heat, it can make you have cramps. Best right out of the tap. I was leaning back on the kitchen counter, gobbling water, when Jane came into the room, her bare breasts quivering ahead of her, her pubic hair glistening. She watched me for a minute.

“Did you put your shirt on to come inside?” she asked me.

“Yes,” I said.

“Why?” she asked me. “Aren’t you hot?”

“Yes, I am burning up,” I said.

“Well?” She cocked an eyebrow at me.

“Well I guess I was just trying to be decent,” I said. Then we both looked at each other and laughed, and I pulled my t-shirt off and lay it over a chair.

“That’s better,” she said, looking me over from head to toe. “You know, you would be even cooler without those shorts.” As she spoke, Dina came into the room and put her arms around Jane from behind, her hands holding those fabulous breasts. “You could work indoors for a while, maybe on that bookshelf.”

I looked at the two of them, beautiful, naked. I felt they were playing with me but I didn’t know what the game was. “Let me have a look at it,” I said.

“How about those shorts?” Jane said, always the outspoken one.

“Uh, you know, I, uh…”

“What, you have a hard-on?” Jane said. “So?”

“Well it’s kind of embarrassing,” I said.

Dina spoke up. “Look Doctah, two things. One, it’s not something we have never seen before. And two, we are not interested in that. You are a good-looking fucker, I admit, and if we were straight I think either one of us would jump your bones in a minute. But we’re not. We have a beautiful older home here and you are helping us by fixing things, and also you add a certain amount of, I don’t know, titillation, in a safe way. It’s kind of fun to have you here, especially if you’re enjoying being here. If you have a stiff dick we might think it’s a little funny, and we might even feel a little flattered, and who knows, it might just make us a little hotter for each other. But not for you. It is certainly nothing to be embarrassed about.”

They stood there looking at me, and finally I unzipped my shorts and slipped them and my underwear off. It was the weirdest thing, standing there with my dick pointing straight out, planning to fix their bookcase.

There was a moment of silence and then Jane said, “You gotta admit, he’s got a nice one.”

“Yeah,” DIna said. “And one thing, if you don’t mind. Do you really need to wear underwear with those shorts when you come here?”

“I guess not,” I said.

“Excellent,” Dina said. “So Doc, what do you need? Hammer? Nails? A saw?” She showed me the drawer where they kept the smaller tools and I worked in the room they called the library, while they retired to the living room to snuggle and coo. I had never done carpentry naked before. There were some times I worried about hurting myself but honestly it was fine, and I got the bookshelf standing tall and proud in an hour.

I felt a little funny the next day before I left for work, putting on my shorts without underwear. I hoped Shania didn’t say something. Pretty soon she was going to notice that I was not going through the laundry like usual. At the same time, it felt kind of nice to feel the wind blowing over my balls while I rode the bike.

I felt somewhat relieved after the discussion the previous day. Until then we had ignored the eroticism of the situation, at least as far as I was concerned. The ladies were just fine having sex all day, but I had been walking around like it wasn’t happening. Now the rules had been spelled out a bit, I was not of interest to them as a person, but my presence was putting a little extra spark in their sexual relationship. It seemed they even sort of enjoyed having me watching them.

I knew, as I approached the door that morning, to expect the unexpected. Still, it was a little overwhelming to step into the foyer to see Jane on the love-seat with her legs up over Dina’s shoulders, while Dina knelt on the floor licking her pussy to beat the band. Jane was moaning and orgasming as I came in, and neither one of them looked at me. I was sweaty from the bike ride, so I went into the kitchen and took my shirt off, and my shorts. and laid them over the back of the chair.

I went to the living room and said, “I’m going to work on that bathroom faucet.”

Dina said, “Mmmfff mmmfff,” which I took to mean, “Okay fine.” Jane did not seem to be aware that I was in the room.

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