Lost Opportunity, my pen name, refers to all those times I missed the signals, failed to take the leap, didn’t recognize or understand what others were feeling/wanting, just didn’t go far enough from my own hang ups and fears. I’ve learned in my thirty years to say yes, to take a chance, make a move, have no regrets, take chances, even if I fail or are rebuffed, even those that don’t work out or even when they hurt how do I know if I don’t try? Life is short enjoy the ride.

Marie is a flight manger for British Airways twenty-six with a tight body and fun loving personality. The first time I met her she upgraded my seat from business class to first class. Of course I fingered her on the chaise lounge as a way to say thank you during the long nine hour flight.

Slipping my hand inside her uniform, fingers caressing her wet cunt, fingering her, rubbing her clit, watching her squirm. The pleasure on her face as my fingers played her like an instrument listening to her light moans. Most of the other passengers sleeping as an orgasm shook her hot body.

Marie flies into O’Hare International Airport and stays at the Hyatt Regency on lay over. I’ll meet her for dinner and drinks when she is in Chicago we have become very close friends. We enjoy spending time together chatting and laughing, but our favorite activity is riding the “El” train late at night.

The Chicago “El” (short Aydın Escort for “elevated”) is the rapid transit system serving the city of Chicago and its surrounding suburbs. The “El” provides 24-hour service and is one of only five rapid transit systems in the United States to do so. The Loop, a 35-block area of downtown Chicago, derives it’s name from a cable-car line that circled the city’s central business district in the 1880s, though the term’s use became most common following the completion in 1897 of the Chicago Union Elevated Railway (the “El”), which forms a loop around downtown.

The Loop is a vibrant area featuring eclectic eateries, shops, theaters and parks. Comprised mostly of high-rises, it’s also home to the 108-story Willis Tower. The iconic “Cloud Gate” sculpture sits in Millennium Park. Grant Park features the large, rococo-style Buckingham Fountain and the renowned Art Institute of Chicago, and hosts annual events like The Taste of Chicago and Lollapalooza.

Marie and I like to ride the loop starring out the window. We board a Brown Line train (which runs “counter-clockwise”) ride until it leaves the Loop, next stop Merchandise Mart. At Merchandise Mart we cross over to the other platform and get another Brown Line train, which will end up where we started. Which gives us a wonderful view over the Chicago River before and after Merchandise Aydın Escort Bayan Mart.

Late at night/early morning is the best that window between the bars closing but before rush hour. There is an hour of solitude, if played just right, a train car to ourselves lost in our own world. We boarded at the Belmont station in the last car settling in a seat together.

As the train moves down the tracks vibrating beneath us our fun as just begun. Snuggling together, embracing, kissing lightly, sweetly at first hands caressing each other the start of an erotic sexual dance. Our tongues exploring each others mouths intertwined in a deep passionate kiss as the train moves on down the line a city sleeping outside the window.

Marie’s fingers pinching my nipple playfully through my shirt. Finding my way under her skirt to find she’s not wearing any panties my wonderful dirty little slut. I play with her wet pussy lips rubbing her clit in tiny little circles. Listening to her sweet moans of pleasure as the train vibrates beneath us.

This is our game of public sex, fun and depravity pushing limits and boundaries as I slide down to my knees. Licking her wet cunt, sucking her little clit, dropping lower to suck her cute little toes for awhile. Driving her crazy with lust and desire my beautiful little slut the train still moving, vibrating down the line.

Her Escort Aydın hands in my long red hair gripping, pushing my face covered in her wetness. Marie’s moans, squeals, making in audile noises of delight. Bucking in her seat ready to explode my glorious dirty squirter. Curling my tongue tasting her sweet insides an orgasm shaking her body pussy juices squirting up into my eyes my nostrils filled with her scent.

Merchandise Mart time to exit the train and cross over to the other platform board another Brown Line train, which will end up right back where we started. Holding hands, giggling and laughing, we make our way to wait for the train. Standing in the cool night air on the deserted platform the only two people in the world.

We board the brown line train so aptly named and I position my self on the bench seat on all fours. Marie my dirty little slut crawls in behind me her nose in my as cheeks her tongue licking my brown star. Her fingers caressing my wet pussy as her tongue pokes inside my tight little ass.

“Eat My Ass, Slut!” I scream at her.

My words exciting Marie to attack her work with vigor probing deep inside my bowels with her tongue. Rubbing and fingering my wetness as I watch the city go by in the window. My mind drifting into sensory overload primal noises coming out of my mouth I do not recognize.

This is our game of sex, fun, and playfulness with no limits or boundaries. Life is random in its elegance handling them when they come is a common denominator for everyone pursuing their dreams and passions. My dirty little slut loves my ass and is a master at giving pleasures I never dreamed possible.

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