Marital Lust 03: Listening In


So you’ve heard about our trip to Vegas. And where he thinks it all started–that business trip I took to Seattle a couple of months before it. But while that audio file and then the sexy FaceTime that followed was the first time I’d been that daring, this story really begins closer to the beginning of this year when I needed to borrow his laptop because mine wouldn’t connect to the printer. I plugged in my thumb drive and when I went to open it, I saw an MP3 named “A Slut for You” in his recent files list.

“So it’s porn?” my friend Samantha asked me a few days after I’d found it. We were sitting on her back porch enjoying some unseasonably warm weather and a couple of glasses of wine. I’d had a couple already, but since she lived around the corner, I could feel nice and relaxed and that’s probably why I brought it up.


“Did you listen to it?”


“Why not?” she asked.

“Because I… well, I don’t want to even think about it.” I told her.

“But when you really think about it, doesn’t every guy have some porn hidden somehwere? And really, it’s not like it was photos some girl sent him or something.”

I wasn’t surprised that she said that–after all, a few years ago Samantha had found photos some girl sent her husband. The divorce was pretty nasty, ending with her keeping the house and their teenage kids shuttling between their two houses. He’d since moved that much younger girl into his place, and I was her shoulder to cry on so I heard every detail. It was only fair that she heard mine. I guess I hadn’t been ready for it… or ready for something so much different than what I would have figured he enjoyed. Movies, pictures, even reading a Penthouse letter (do they even still publish those?) would have seemed normal to me. I took a sip of wine and nodded my acknowledgement of her point and mentioned how strange it felt to find audio.

“But you didn’t listen to it, so for all you know, it could actually be pretty good,” she suggested. “Maybe you should listen and find out if it’s too much for you.”

I thought for a moment and said, “I guess. I’ll let you know if I do.” Then, I threw back some more wine and changed the subject.

I forgot about the file pretty soon after. It wasn’t on purpose–there was work, our kid’s school stuff, and a host of other things that had me occupied. Then, a few weeks later, as I was printing something else one afternoon (and for the record, my computer still won’t recognize our printer… it’s really annoying), I remembered the file and found it in a folder along with a few others. I first thought that he was kind of dumb to leave these in such plain sight on his computer (although all three of us have laptops, so he didn’t really have a need to hide anything), but then I thought of what Samantha had said and decided that maybe I would see what the big deal was about. So after sending my document to print, I uploaded the audio files to my personal Dropbox account and decided to take them with me on an upcoming trip to San Francisco.

After a long day of meetings and a quick conversation with my husband and our kid before a client dinner, I was back in my hotel room, sitting in bed and mindlessly making my way through a game on my iPad. That wasn’t going anywhere, so I started poking around to find something to read or watch and remembered that I had told myself I would be listening to those files. So I put in my earbuds and pressed play on “A Slut for You.”

I was so nervous listening to it. I really did believe what Samantha said about how it shouldn’t be a big deal because I didn’t find any evidence of him cheating, but the sound of a woman named Angel describing how she would take him down her throat bothered me. I knew that my husband and I were both getting close to middle age and when you looked at both of us, you didn’t exactly see the cover of a fitness magazine, but I thought that our sex life was fine. In fact, things were pretty steamy the night I got home, so I can say it was definitely fine.

But still… it bugged me. What was so appealing about listening to a woman talk dirty into a mic? It’s why I decided to keep listening during subsequent business trips, and while I didn’t fully get the appeal just yet, I did get more comfortable with hearing them, and I began to notice some recurring elements. They wanted him to jerk off onto their large breasts, were rough when it came to using their fingers or toys, and some finished with anal sex. When it came to that last one, I figured it was his way of fulfilling a fantasy that I knew he had but I wasn’t interested in. The others, though? Well, they weren’t too out of the ordniary and I had to admit that the idea of trying something new based on one of these audio files was arousing.

“So I got an idea,” I told Samantha on another day when we had some time to chat, this time over coffee, “I picked one thing that I heard mentioned in the files and… well, did it.”

“Really?” she asked. I demurred and tried to change the subject, but the cat was out Çanakkale Escort of the bag and she wasn’t going to let me.


“Well… what?”

“He had a few where the woman described sitting on him and… well, riding his face? So a few nights after I got home, we had the house to ourselves and I, well…”

“Wild,” Samantha replied, and even though I knew I was blushing, I definitely felt proud of it. We did have the house to ourselves that night, which meant not having to sneak around or be quiet, so at one point, I was on top of him in a 69 and decided to reenact something that LC talked about. Now, based on the pictures I’d seen on her website, I didn’t have an ass as big as hers but I still knew how to sit on his mouth and swirl my hips. And he? Well, he went crazy for it and licked me so hungrily that when I came, I was grinding on him so hard that I legitimately worried that I crushed him.

I didn’t tell her all the details but gave her enough information for her to give me a conspiratorial smile. I felt smug, but at the same time wasn’t exactly sure what to do next.

“Well, have you thought about something you’d want?” she asked.

“What do you mean?”

“I mean, he’s got this porn and it helped you find something he was fantasizing about. What about you?”

“I… never thought of that,” I confessed. “I mean, I know what I like…”

“Not what you like. What you want”, she said. “Like, what do you think of when you’re alone?”

I had to pause for a moment and then say, “You know, I really don’t know.”

Samantha laughed and replied, “Well, I can’t exactly give you advice on men…”

I sighed and shook my head. As if she hadn’t had her fair share of fun in the last few years.

“Really, I can’t,” she continued, “But I can certainly give you some advice about masturbation.”

That made me chuckle. “I suppose you have some?”

“Yeah. Listen to more of his files if you want, but also watch some videos or something and start to make a note of what’s going on and maybe what you’d like to do that you haven’t done. You said he listens to a lot of anal stuff, right? And that’s clearly not going to happen. So what if there’s something you like that’s different than the usual?”

She gave me a lot to think about, and so on my next trip, I put aside his audio files and started watching some videos. It was like a fun kind of research project. I made a mental checklist and began to realize that while a lot of what was happening turned me on, it was the watching that was getting me off. I got more aroused thinking about the idea of sitting to the side while two people fucked than if I pretended I was one of those people. And when I tested that theory–pretending a couple in a scene were in putting on a show for me–I had such an intense orgasm that I was completely exhausted when I was done. That hadn’t happened from masturbating in … well, ever.

That gave me the courage to record myself for him when I was in Seattle, but even then I was worried about how he’d respond. Sure, he got off, and when I got home from that trip, we had some really great sex, but I didn’t really know how much he liked it until my next time away from home. That’s when I got an email directing me to a video file inside of a Dropbox folder. On it was a video of my husband jerking himself off; moreover, it was the response I had been hoping for.

I must have watched him shoot streams of cum onto our bedsheets two or three times the night he sent it to me, and when he called me for a FaceTime later, I didn’t need to get into the mood and certainly didn’t feel timid. This time, with a vibrator buried as deep as it would go, I ordered him to lay back and pump his dick until he came all over his stomach. When he did, it shot out of his thick head in huge streams and that sent me over the edge with a yell that I’m sure disturbed the people in the adjacent hotel rooms. A few nights later, I played the part of my favorite audio slut, Elle, and oiled up my chest so that he could pump his dick between my breasts and then come all over them. He responded with another hot night of FaceTime on my next trip and then … well …

It was a few nights after I’d gotten home, and one when we had the house to ourselves for a few hours thanks to our teenager’s social life. We’d begun to really value these nights because they had become the ones where we tried something new or went a little further than usual. And since I had been a little too tired to plan anything, I was hoping that he had something in mind.

Just after dinner, I drove our kid over to a friend’s house and when I returned, my husband was standing in the kitchen looking at his iPad. I said hello and he motioned for me to come over, and then kissed me with just a little bit of and open mouth and a little longer than usual. That was enough to tell me that he did have something in mind, so I responded by sliding my hands around his waist and kissing him back. When we stopped, he smiled and said, “Let’s Çanakkale Escort Bayan go upstairs.”

Once we got up there, we didn’t hesitate to start making out, and practically tore one another’s clothes off. Now, I wasn’t sure what he had planned but I wasn’t in the mood to really care and was just about ready to throw him down on the bed and have my way with him. But then he stopped me, reached over to the nightstand, and picked up his iPad. I hadn’t noticed that he had taken it upstairs with him, and must have given him a weird look, but then he opened it up and I saw an open folder of audio files.

“Which one do you want to listen to?” he asked.

It didn’t register. “I’m sorry?”

“I get the sense that you’d like to watch me, listen to one of these files and well…” he began.

Oh my God, I didn’t expect this. I smiled and kissed him as hard as I could, then looked at the screen. “Oh, I think this one,” I said, pointing at one called “The Best Night of Your Life.” It was one I’d listened to the most, so I knew all of its moments and cues; plus, it was by my favorite performer.

“I had a feeling you’d choose one of Elle’s” he said.

“Of course. She’s got the best voice. And those profile pics … I wish I had that body.”

He kissed me again and squeezed my ass. “What do you even mean?”

I blushed. “Shall we?”

He tapped the iPad and laid down on the bed. I snuggled up next to him and the audio started playing on the alarm clock’s Bluetooth speaker.

“Oh hey, babe,” Elle began, “I hope you had a good time at the party. Yeah, I know it’s been boring but I appreciate you going with me. Oh, you did like it? And you … oh, you did.”

She laughed. I snuggled up next to him and put my hand on his chest.

“Well, thank you for noticing,” she continued, “I have to confess that I was hoping you’d be checking me out. I don’t wear these boots and this skirt for just friends and casual acquaintances.

What? No, I don’t think anyone else caught on. At least I hope they didn’t. Oh, you kind of hope they did? Is that because you’re my man and you feel all proud that I’m yours?

You’re blushing! Yes you are!” Elle said.

I continued to snuggle my husband and took a quick whiff of his after shave, then softly kissed his throat as the recording went on. “It’s okay,” Elle said, “No, it doesn’t make you a pig or anything. I like being wanted. I like that you take charge. It’s a turn on, babe.

It’s a turn-on for you, too, I can see. No need to blush now, right? Yeah, I know what you’ve got in mind. And you want to know something? I do too.

Here, give me your hand.

Yeah, isn’t that hot? That I was walking around with no underwear all night? That I was being a slut for you and you didn’t know it?

Oh … that’s … yeah, I am wet … and …”

She breathed and let out a moan as her lover played with her clit. I rubbed his chest some more, resisting the temptation to reach for his dick. Elle moaned again, “Keep doing that. Rub my clit like that. Rub my clit and kiss me baby.”

There was the sound of kissing and then her heavy breathing, “Keep going. That’s it. Just keep rubbing my clit. I’m so close, just keep going, baby.”

More sounds of kissing and then breathing followed. “That feels so good. Yes, just like that. I’m … I’m gonna come, baby. I’m gonna come. Fffffuck!”

I hugged him and teased his ear with my tongue while I slid my hand between my legs to feel how wet I was getting. And we weren’t even to the good part.

“Wow,” she said, “I guess I was hornier than I thought. No, that’s not all we’re going to do tonight, silly. In fact, I’m just getting started. Why don’t you get undressed and sit on the bed. That’s right. Take all of your clothes off. Yes, I’ll wait.

Good boy. And oh wow … you’re certainly turned on, aren’t you? Let me kneel down and take a look here. Mmmm … you are really hard! How long have you been waiting for this? Oh, all night? Well, I’m certainly flattered. No, I guess I shouldn’t keep you waiting.”

Elle began to make noises like she was going down on him and I reached over to take his hand. “Go ahead, baby,” I whispered.

He took his dick in his hand and began to slowly stroke it while Elle’s sucking sounds continued. It was probably the hottest thing I’d ever seen, and I just watched him for a good minute while on the audio she talked about taking him deeper and deeper until she was making gagging noises.

A few moments later, Elle took her lover’s cock out of her mouth and said, “Oh, you’re getting a little too close there. I can’t have you coming just yet. Why don’t you lay back. Yeah, just like that.

What’s that? You want me to take my clothes off? Sure. Just let me … there. Is that better? Of course it is. You get to see these big tits. And this curvy ass. Oh yeah, I know you like my ass. Here. Let me give you a closer look.

Mmm … yeah, my pussy is really wet. Go ahead. Lick it, baby. Yeah, just like that. Oh, that feels Escort Çanakkale good. You’re so good at eating my pussy.”

I started rubbing my fingers over my clit, which was hard, then over my pussy, which was soaked. Elle moaned and I took a deep breath.

“Now do the same to my ass. That’s right, babe. I told you I have plans for tonight. I hope you’re okay with that. Who am I kidding? Of course you are. That’s right. Move that tongue over my hole.”

She drew in a sharp breath. I spread my legs and slid a finger inside myself. He kept stroking, his breathing getting heavier.

“God, that feels good. You want to slide a finger in? Yeah, do it, baby. Just like that. Oh, what are you going to … oh, your tongue feels so good on my cunt. Yeah, lick me while you finger my ass.”

He was getting close. I could tell. So, I stopped for a moment and said, “Show me that precum.” He gripped his cock and squeezed so a bead of it came out. It was so sexy and I wanted to lick it off, but I held back and instead told him to take a break and just listen to the audio.

Elle was panting as she got closer and closer to coming. She told us how wet she was and I could hear her rubbing herself. The picture in my mind of this voluptuous woman with her fingers deep inside her making my man hornier and hornier made me go faster and soon I found my own orgasm starting to build. Then, as Elle started screaming again, I pressed my finger as deep as it would go and let out a cry as I came.

“Holy shit,” my husband whispered.

“I know,” I managed.

Elle resumed the audio. “Wow, baby, that’s twice already. What’s that? You hope that you’ve earned something? And what exactly do you think you’ve earned?

Oh, well. Aren’t you sure of yourself? No, I find that a turn-on. And of course that’s what I’m thinking of. Just let me … get into position.”

There was some shuffling on the audio and then she continued. “I know it’s a great view. My ass in the air ready for you. I hope you can handle it.”

My husband started stroking his cock again. I shifted so that we were on our backs next to one another and he could see me as well as I could see him.

“Oh, it’s your choice, honey,” Elle said. “You can fuck whatever hole you want to. Although I will warn you I just came so I’m nice and tight right now.”

She moaned. “Your cock feels so big. Yeah, that’s it. Fuck my cunt. Oh yeah. And… oh, yeah, slide that finger in my ass. Two? Sure, baby. As many as you need to stretch that hole out for you.”

He was stroking faster and I went back to rubbing my wet sex. Elle mimicked the sounds of her lover pumping her from behind while sliding two fingers into her ass. Then, she told him, “I don’t think you’re going to last long enough to get to do what you want, are you?

Well, you tell me. Oh, you know I’m ready for it. Come on, baby. Slide that cock into my ass. Yeah, just a little there. Oh, it’s so big. Just give me a moment and … oh yessssss.”

“That’s so hot, baby,” I said. “She’s so sexy.”

Elle cursed and yelped as her lover went as deep as he could and then started fucking her ass. My husband stroked a little harder and was getting close again.

“Can you hold off?” I asked him, “I want to hear what its like when you come in her ass.”

“Oh, that’s so fucking good. Fuck me with that big cock. Come on, baby. Keep fucking my ass. Pound it. Wreck my hole,” Elle was saying.

“She loves it, baby,” I said, “She loves that thick cock in her big ass.”

“Fuck”, he said.

“You ready, baby?” Elle continued, “You ready to come in my ass? You ready to fill me up with that load?”

“I’m ready,” I told him as I slid two fingers inside myself and started pumping them in and out at the same pace he was stroking himself. “I’m ready to watch you fuck her and pump that cum in her ass.”

He was now panting, desperately trying to hold off his orgasm while Elle urged him closer and closer. “Yeah, baby. Get ready. Get ready to give it to me. Come on, baby. Come on. Come on. Come on. FUCK!!!”

That was all we needed. He arched his back and huge shots of cum came flying out of his cock. I took one look at it and started bucking my hips, then squeezed those fingers inside my pussy as I came hard, moaning. It took a few moments for us both to calm down and by then, Elle was laughing about the mess we’d made together, ending the audio with “Well, I knew it was going to be a night to remember.”

We must have dozed off afterward because the next thing I knew, it was an hour later and his iPad was pinging. It was a message from our kid asking for another hour out. “You okay with that?” he asked.


He sent the text and put the iPad back on the nightstand. “I don’t feel like getting up anyway.”

“Neither do I. I’m going to be thinking about that for a long time.”

“You are?”

“Of course,” I said, kissing him. “Aren’t you?”

He nodded and we kissed again, and when he started to pull away, I slipped my tongue in his mouth and cuddled closer. Then, as we kept going, I placed my hand between his legs. He wasn’t hard just yet, but I knew he was going to be soon. I caressed his balls for a moment and then slid my hand around his shaft and started gently stroking. And no, it didn’t take long–his cock was hard and thick again.

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