Mexican Misty chapter 1


She was just 21 a little chunky dark hair, brown eyed white girl and a total slut!! I met her at work. As we were talking she says
“I’m Mexican Misty, I’m called that cuz I only fuck. Mexicans!”
“Oh, ok! ” I replied.
As the days stretched on she’d always tell me some sexcapade she’d had. I was so excited yet bored with her stories. Not enough detail!
She tells me one day. “I think the guy I fucked last night was queer! “
“He kept trying fuck my ass!!’
I got so excited I almost popped!!
“So what’d ya do?” I asked hoping she’d answer.
She didn’t disappoint me & said “I told him exit only! Just fuck my pussy!”
“So he finished & fell asleep” she finished her story.
A few weeks went by and I got up some nerve. So I approached her with my proposal.
“So, Misty I’ve got a question for ya.” I said & waited
She seemed interested and asked “What?”
“Well I’d like to fuck you senseless!” no need to sugar coat it I’d decided.
“I only fuck Mexicans, sorry.” was her reply.
“I’ll pay you $500 cash!” I quickly countered.
She quickly agreed to meet after work. What she didn’t know was I had been planning this for a while.
After work she found my car & I told her the conditions of our fuck date.
I said “First I want you to go Diyarbakır Escort home & shower, then put on a nice dress and wear panties.”
“Then go to this motel room.” I finished
“Ok are you sure about all that” she asked.
I said ” It’s my money! If you want the $500 maybe more you’ll have to do what I want!”
“Ok boss!” She giggled & left.
When she showed up 2 hours later looking like a librarian I was so ready for this.
“So are you ready to make some money?” I asked.
She smiled and said “Sure! What do you want to do?”
” Well, you are going to play a game of tape with me.” I said and waited for her to back out.
“How’s it rape? If your paying & I’m willing. It ain’t rape.” She responded.
Now the put up or shut up moment arrived. I said “Well, I’ve always wanted to rape a girl & I couldn’t ever bring myself to do it.”
“So I know I’ll enjoy it & you might. But you’ll enjoy the money for sure!” I waited for her to run after I finished.
“Ok! Its your dime. I’ll be your victim. She replied.
“So I can rape you for money & you’ll do what I say?” I asked.
She stepped closer and said. “Yes I’m a paid for rape victim that does what you want.”
I pulled the tape recorder out of my pocket & turned it off.
Diyarbakır Escort Bayan “Just an insurance policy, nothing personal. I stated.
“Well, let me see the cash!! Nothing personal!!” She snipped.
I handed her the cash, she counted it & smiled.
“So… let’s get started bitch!!” I barked as I grabbed her hair.
“Oh please sir don’t hurt me or my pretty pink pussy!!” She said laying it on thick.
I reached down pulled my thick cock out & said “Suck it whore!”
As she started sucking my cock I rammed it down her throat till she gagged and teared up. Perfect now she looks like she’s crying. I jerk her to her feet & spin her around & throw her on the bed.
She’s lying on her stomach & I grab the handcuffs & secure her hands behind her back.
“Please sir don’t fuck my little pink pussy!” She says still laying it on.
I step into the bathroom & grab a rag stuff it in her mouth & say “You talk too much slut!!”
I get behind her pull the dress up &her white panties down to her knees. As my cock starts to twitch I say ” Fun time bitch!!”
I plow my shaft into her cunt without mercy. In balls deep I start fucking her sweet twat. As she starts to get into it and rhythmically fucking me back. I pull my cock out with a huge Escort Diyarbakır pop. I push her down into the mattress. Laying on top of her lettings my cock rest.
I grab her hair and whisper in her ear “Misty, your pussy is nice but, I want something that hasn’t had more Mexicans in it than the Rio Grande!”
She starts to say something but, realizes she’s still gagged.
I whisper again as my fingers slip from her cum slopped pussy into her asshole, ” It’s only rape if you say no or stop! Too bad, you can’t talk!”
I get up enough to reposition my hard cock on her asshole. I grab her hair & sink my thick dick, balls deep with one thrust. I hear her muffled scream into the gag as her browneye squeezes my cock. I start rapidly raping her ass with vigour. Pounding her tight asshole without mercy she finally goes limp and gets into it just as I fill her ass with goo. I yank my cock out & plunge back into her pussy hard.
I get up & she looks at me as if she hates me. I ask ” Did the slut like her ass pounding?
She shakes her head no.
“That’s too bad” I say “but, the parties just getting started” I finish saying as her eyes widen in fear.
I pull on some sweat pants & walk over to another door along the wall. After I open it & 4 more guys from work enter the room with hard ons. I see the panic on her pretty tear & sweat stained face.
I tell her, ” These guys all chipped in for this & brought more money.”
” So be a good little cum bucket & you’ll get a bonus.”

2 B Continued Maybe.

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