Mom Rules No Longer


It’s a nice motel, as these things go. Today’s the day, though: the condo’s officially ours. The keys are waiting for us. We’re really doing it. We’ve been free from Mom’s roof and Mom’s rules for a week. Now we’re going to live together, in a place of our very own, while Rose finishes college and I do my paid internship at a local law firm.

I’ve already been accepted to a few law schools, but I made it clear on every application that I wasn’t looking to matriculate this autumn. Law school is intense. A low-level job at a firm is less work, believe it or not. I need this time with Rose. We need to learn to live together, handling the full panoply of adult responsibilities. We also need to fuck the shit out of each other multiple times a day, every day, for months on end.

A couple weeks ago, I officially graduated from university. It took a week for our family’s lawyer to reach me after that, thanks to Mom’s endless bullshit.

It turns out that Dad left me a lot of money — way more than Mom ever let on. The lawyer wasn’t allowed to tell me until I got my diploma. Technically, neither Rose or I know if he left her anything — but we know, you know? He left her exactly as much as he left me. He was always like that. We got our sex drive from Mom, but we got our sense of fairness and justice from Dad.

It doesn’t matter right now. My inheritance is more than enough. I was willing to wait for Rose to graduate, but it turns out I didn’t need to. I told her the good news, and we found this room the very next day. It’s on the second story, as far away from every other guest as it can be. We wanted to be polite, but we weren’t going to stop fucking for anyone or anything.

I’ve been waking up next to my beautiful sister in this halfway-decent motel bed for the past few days, and, every single time, it’s been the best thing that’s ever happened to me.

My cock is always hard. It always brushes against her panties and hits the base of her anal plug. She always squirms in my arms, then turns around to embrace me and kiss me.

It’s a comfortable routine. I want it to last decades. I guess I wouldn’t mind it if sometimes we just started fucking right away. That would be hot, too. I also wouldn’t mind it if Rose started fucking me while I was still asleep. I’m going to ask her if I can do that to her sometimes. I think she’ll like it. We like all the same things.

“Rosencrantz,” I say, after this morning’s first kiss.

“Guildenstern,” she replies.

We both smile like idiots. We fondle each other under the thin sheet, and chat in between kisses.

“Today’s the day,” I say.

“Yeah,” she replies wistfully. “I know it has to happen. I know she deserves it. I just…”

“She’s still our Mom,” I finish. “We’re good people, Rose. We shouldn’t enjoy causing her this kind of pain.”

“We should be spanking her,” Rose says. “God, what I wouldn’t give to see her bent over your knee, taking punishment swats from your big, strong arms and hands.”

Laying hands on our own mother might sound equally cruel, but that just means you don’t know our mom. It’s a language she understands. She’d probably get wet. If we let her, she’d jill herself to an orgasm while I spanked her ass raw.

We kiss again. We’re both getting hot.

“She needs to be licking your asshole while it happens,” I continue, building on the delicious revenge fantasy. “Every time I smack her fat butt, I want her to scream right into you. I want you to get pleasure from it.”

Rose stops fondling me long enough to yank down her panties. She pushes her mound into my leg. She’s already hot and wet. She starts gliding her slick pussy and clit up and down my quad. I move my hands to her perky breasts, and her nipples respond immediately. She nods her assent and encouragement. Her hands find my cock. They only tease for now. Rose doesn’t want me to shoot yet. She wants it inside of her.

“Kara has to be there, too,” she says. “She has to watch us punish her pumpkin-assed nympho bitch.”

Kara, Mom’s ‘special friend,’ wasn’t quite as bad as Mom these past few years. That isn’t saying much. She dutifully enforced all of Mom’s insane rules while Rose and I were still living at home. She milked enough pre-cum and cum out of me to jump-start a new civilization. I took her fingers and her strapon more times than I can count. I would’ve loved it, and cum from it, but then Mom would’ve started feminizing me.

Without Rose secretly visiting me at night, I probably would’ve let it happen.

My cock is already rock hard. Rose and I are both breathing heavily. Our kisses become quicker and more urgent. By turns, I find her neck and her earlobe with my mouth. Her lips hit me at random, everywhere they can reach, and there’s no such thing as a bad spot.

“Giant plug in her ass,” I say.

“My panties on her face,” Rose adds. “No, both of our panties. Day-old. Like a wrestler’s mask, so she can still rim me properly.”

God, we’re perfect for each other.

“I fucking need you, baby,” I tell her. “I need to be inside of you.”

We both Düzce Escort know it’s going in her ass. That’s how we finished last night, and we went to sleep before cleaning up properly.

That’s not the only reason, though.

“Tell me where you want to put your big, hard cock, big brother,” she says. She keeps teasing my straining member, but she’s on alert now. She’s extra careful not to push me over the edge.

“I want to slide it all the way up your cute, tight little ass, baby sister,” I answer.

“Yeah, you do,” she says, “because you’re a fucking pervert. You’re an ass freak. Mom was right about you. You can’t be trusted. You’re obsessed with buggery. With sodomy. With butt fucking innocent little girls.”

We both smile. We’re on exactly the same page, as we have been for years. All of Mom’s bullshit is now just dirty talk. It’s fuel for our incestuous romance.

“No, baby, no,” I plead. “I love you so much. I respect you. I’d marry you if I could.”

“Yeah, that’s what they all say when their cocks are hard and they’re on the hunt for ass,” she scoffs. “Stop lying, ass freak. Tell me the truth. Confess.”

I pull her in even tighter. I move my hands off her breasts, sliding them down and around to her equally-perky ass. I squeeze it and spread it. My fingers brush the base of her plug. She shuts her eyes and bites her lip to stop herself from moaning. She wants to pretend for a few more moments.

“Fine, bitch,” I growl. “I am. I’m an ass freak. Your ass drives me crazy. It makes me fucking rabid. I want to bend you over and hump-fuck it like a horny dog. If I had a fucking knot at the end of my cock, I’d push it all in the way into your ass. I’d stretch you to the limit. I’d butt-breed you, then be your living butt plug for the rest of the day. You’d have to drag my limp body behind you everywhere. You’d have to pee in the shower.”

“I’d fucking pee all over you,” she retorts, “and you’d fucking love it, pervert.”

“Mom needs to get peed on, too,” I say, “by both of us.”

“Oh, fuck yeah,” Rose groans. “She needs it inside of her ass, too, big brother. Hot piss enema. You’ll handle that for us.”

“No baby,” I say, “it’s you and me forever, everywhere, everything. I’ll stick a fucking funnel in her — no, you’ll piss into an enema bag. We both will. Literal piss enema. Big, inflatable nozzle. We’ll be her doctors. We’ll cure her with our piss. She’ll take it every day. Regular treatments. It’ll calm her down. It’ll keep her submissive to both of us, forever.”

“Jesus fucking Christ, Gil,” Rose moans, “I love you so much I wanna fucking die.”

She’s done pretending.

“If I don’t get inside of you, I will, baby,” I pant. “Please. Please let me butt fuck you. Let me butt fuck my little sister.”

That’s her phrase. It’s what gets her the hottest: ‘butt fuck.’ I don’t know why. I don’t question it. It’s always worked for me just fine, but once I learned that it drove her wild, it started driving me wild too. I’ll say it a million times. I’ll listen to her say it a million times. She’ll train me with it. I’ll cum on command. She’ll have to wait until I’m actually butt fucking her to say it, lest I shoot off early. Oh, the irony.

She rolls over and grabs the lube. She passes it back to me. She rotates a little on the bed so that we’re in more of a doggy style position, except on our sides. It gives me better access.

I lube up my hand and then slide my fingers in between the plug base and her stretched hole. I get them wet again. I start easing the small piece of silicone out.

“I might be just as crazy as Mom,” Rose pants. “Tell me. Tell me how you’re going to keep me sane, Gil. Tell me my regimen.”

I lean forward and find her earlobe. I nibble it, and she moans.

“Hot semen enemas, Rose, every day,” I whisper. “They have to be fresh, straight from the source – straight from my balls and my prostate, straight through my cock. They’ll keep you docile and obedient — healthy and sane. You’ll be my little anal mental patient – anal princess of the psych ward. Doctor’s pet.”

Rose moans again. One hand goes to her pussy and clit; the other kneads a perky tit. I know she won’t cum yet. I take my time lubing her asshole and rectum. I make sure my cock is coated too.

“Cum diet,” she whispers. “I need a cum diet, too. You have to keep me slim and sexy for you, big brother. And then I need to be bred. Cum in every hole. Cock in every hole. I need it.”

I withdraw my fingers. I move my slick, pulsing cock to her twitching entrance. I hold it there.

“Tell me what you are, then, Rose,” I whisper forcefully. “Confess.”

“I’m a fucking pervert!” she moans. “I’m an ass freak! Butt fuck me, big brother! Butt fuck your little sister!”

She pushes out. I slide in. We moan together. I wrap my arms around her. I claim her. I’m never letting her go.

“I’m gonna butt fuck you every day, Rose,” I growl, “and it’s all your fault. You’re too fucking sexy for me to ever leave unfucked. You’ve turned me into a cum factory. I need to get it Düzce Escort Bayan all out of me.”

“And into me,” she says, “out of you, into me. So much cum. I need your cum.”

“You do,” I agree. “You need it. Food. Medicine. Breeding. You’re my junkie little sister. Cum junkie. Need your fucking fix. Lose your fucking mind without it.”

I’ve already lost mine. I can’t even form complete sentences.

“I would!” she cries. “Oh god, give it to me! Shoot it into my fucking guts, Gil! Shoot it into my fucking throat! I wanna taste it!”

My cock swells inside of her. She knows I’m ready; I don’t have to tell her. She works her clit like a woman possessed. She pinches her nipple; I find the other one with my hand and do the same.

I explode, growling and seething into her ear. She grunts, too; her voice gets really low. She must really be feeling it. Most of her orgasms start with dead silence. It’s the extra stimulation on her nipples; it’s crossing just over the line into pain.

I bite her neck. Her voice gets higher as she cries out. Her asshole is spasming around my cock, trying to crush it, but every non-sexual muscle in her body is straining and flexing. This isn’t a shuddering, quivering orgasm for her. She’s pushing the sexual energy out of her body. She’s giving birth to her climax. She wants it to hurt a little.

After a second or two, all those other muscles relax at once; then the full-body spasms begin. Rose pisses the bed. That’s the gold standard. That’s the mega-orgasm that fries her brain and turns her into my zombie fuck-slave.

It takes a long time for us to both recover. I cling to her like driftwood in the ocean. I kiss and lick her like a faithful puppy.

“I love you so much, Rose,” I pant. “You’re not just my bitch. You’re not just my fuckhole. You and me forever.”

“But I wanna be, Gil,” she says dreamily. “That’s who we are. That’s what we are. I love it. I love you. We’re each other’s bitches. We’re each other’s fuckholes.”

“You’re gonna make it official,” I say. It’s not a question. It’s a reminder of a promise. “You’re gonna fuck me like Kara and Mom used to.”

“Soon,” she agrees, “and you’ll get to cum from it, whenever you want, as many times as you want. Let yourself go. Let yourself get fucked. Cum around my strapon.

“And maybe sometimes you can wear the panties,” she says with a smile.

“I’ll wear them for you every day,” I assure her. “I’ll do anything that gets you hot, baby. I’ll do dishes.”

“Shit, Gil,” she chuckles, “now I know it’s serious.”

My cock deflates. It aches, but it’s the ache of triumph. Rose’s sphincter muscles finally push it out.

Now that the sex is over, I’m suddenly, acutely aware of my full bladder. That’s how it goes with guys.

“You have any left in you?” I ask. She knows I mean piss.

Rose shakes her head.

“You fucked it all out,” she says. She sounds perfectly pleased. “Let’s go shower. Shower me.”

We untangle and get off the bed. I strip the sheets and lump them in the center. Rose watches, holding my cum in her ass with her hand. It’s a sexy sight, and it distracts me for a moment. Rose smiles; she likes that I can’t stop looking at her. She does motion for me to hurry up, though.

Cum on the carpet would be a little rude. The sheets are bad enough. I’ll leave a big tip. Would an apology note be gauche? I think so.

After I’m done with the sheets, we walk naked to the motel’s tiny bathroom. We both get in the shower, and she gets on her knees. I take my cock in hand and mark her as mine. Letting go of the night’s piss would be pleasurable all by itself. Doing it like this is even better. Rose closes her eyes and smiles, and even starts playing with herself again.

We clean each other thoroughly after that. Piss is fun in the moment, but neither of us love the smell. Likewise, butt fucking is a big part of our sex life, but it’s not the only part. My cock needs to be soaped, scrubbed, and rinsed so it can please my little sister in other ways today. Rose is getting really good at washing me, and I her. It’s wonderfully intimate. When we have a bigger bathroom, we’ll explore full-on shower sex.

Even though she’s the one with cum in her ass, Rose pays extra attention to rear hole. I need a little reminder that she’s not the only bitch in our relationship. A slick middle finger does the trick. It’s a shock to the system, even though I know it’s coming. It wakes me up a little, which is good. There’s really no telling what’s going to happen when we get to Mom’s house. We still have to pick up the rest of our stuff.

“Let me talk to her,” Kara had said.

We genuinely don’t know what kind of shoe is about to drop.

* * * * * * *

I ring the bell. A few moments later, Kara opens the door. At nearly six feet tall, she’s striking. She has a body that anybody my age — ten years younger than her – would kill for, even if they were an Olympic gold medalist already. She knows it, too, and she rocks the yoga-master fitness-guru look basically all the time. Escort Düzce Today’s no exception. She’s in black bike shorts and a thin, white, cropped tee — a piece of fabric so flimsy that I can see the black sports bra underneath it.

As attractive as she is, something else grabs my attention. Kara surely knew it would.

She’s holding a leash in her hand. My eyes follow it downwards, behind her, and slightly to her left. Mom’s on her knees; she’s collared, gagged, and bound up in leather — though with plenty of flesh still exposed. Kara made sure she was visible from the doorway.

There’s not much to say about her, apart from the bondage getup. She’s a middle-aged widow with two adult kids. You can tell at a glance that she used to be hot. Her hair is still a rich, dark color, and I don’t think she dyes it. Her large breasts droop over leather bindings; her nipples got really long when she got pregnant, and stayed that way. Her thick legs bulge out between leather straps, but they don’t seem actively hindered. Her arms are behind her back and probably bound, or at least cuffed. She’s also wearing a chastity belt. That’s new. She never even made Rose wear one.

I look into Mom’s eyes. I’m shocked by what I see. She’s sad. She’s pitiable. She’s strangely hopeful, too.

She’s sane. She’s gagged, and wearing a fair amount of head bondage, and she actually looks sane.

“Oh, shit,” Rose whispers. She’s not scared. She’s hardly even surprised.

She’s impressed.

Kara gives us a smile. It’s friendly, but still wolfish.

“Come on in, guys,” she says. “We should talk.”

I turn my gaze to her, then cock my head towards Mom. Kara gets it: the gag.

She smiles again.

“Yeah,” she says. “I’ll be, uh, representing your Mom’s interests today.”

She was always a little clever like that. She liked my legal references. She doesn’t really know much about the field, but crime procedurals have been popular for decades. People soak stuff up. Some of it’s even accurate.

Rose squeezes my hand. I can’t really tell what she’s trying to communicate. We follow Kara to the living room. She lets our mom stand up and walk behind her. Once we get there, though, Mom’s back on her knees immediately. Kara’s as casual as can be.

“Thirsty?” she asks.

“No thanks, Kara,” Rose says.

I shake my head.

“Okay,” Kara says. “Why don’t we have a seat, and I’ll get you two up to speed?”

Now, I’m not saying I literally check the couch for traps, but I do give it more than a cursory glance before I put my butt down on it. It seems fine. Rose and I sit together. We scooch in close. Our hands remain clasped.

Kara notices, and seems amused. Mom notices, too, and seems… well, it’s a little hard to tell. It’s going to be weird having her here, but not hearing her talk.

‘Weird’ doesn’t necessarily mean ‘bad.’

Kara sets herself down on the opposite love seat, and gives the leash a tug. Mom dutifully crawls over her lap. I finally see the leather armbinder — more extreme than a simple pair of cuffs, for sure. Mom’s fat tits droop on the other side of Kara’s legs. The long, dangling nipples immediately remind me of a milking cow.

Kara places a hand on Mom’s wide, mostly-exposed ass and squeezes it possessively. Mom moans quietly. Kara’s other hand finds her scalp and gives it a little scritch. It’s friendly and reassuring, but it sends a message too: little bitch noises are fine, but keep it under control.

“Both of her bottom holes are empty,” Kara says. “I decided that’d help keep her in the right frame of mind.”

“Do tell,” I reply dryly. I make a show of snuggling Rose and caressing her leg. Rose gives me a peck on my cheek, and I smile. We’re in sync. We’re a united front.

Kara shrugs.

“Your Mom really loves you guys,” she says.

She puts her hands up in surrender before either of us can start ranting. Both of us were nearly out of our seats.

“I get it,” she says preemptively. “Let me try that again: your Mom misses you. She really wants to be in your lives. It was a lot to calm her down after you left. I had to work at it.”

“That must have been so hard,” Rose says sarcastically. I give her hand a loving squeeze.

Kara’s still not rattled. She puts her hands back on Mom. The one on Mom’s fat ass effortlessly massages it. Mom quietly grunts and moans through her gag. She’s enjoying it for now, but I know my mom. It’s going to make her horny very soon, and, since she’s completely incapable of pleasuring herself, that’s going to drive her crazy.

“‘Love your work,’ yadda yadda,” Kara says. “My point is: you guys are in a pretty strong bargaining position. Be a shame to walk away without at least making an offer.”

Rose and I squeeze each other’s hands at exactly the same time. I kiss her cheek, giving her the cue to speak for us both.

“There’s not much to talk about,” Rose says. “She sells us the house. She lives here with us. Our house, our rules. She’s our bitch – no, she’s our slave. We own her. She’s the cook, the maid, the personal shopper, and everything else. If we decide to use her as a fuck toy, she’s going to act like it’s the best thing that’s ever happened to her, and thank us afterwards. If not, that’s just too fucking bad for her. We own her body. We own her sex life. We own her orgasms.

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