Mother Finally Gets Her Man


This is my first story submitted to Literotica for publishing. I hope anyone that reads it finds it enjoyable. Please understand this…everyone has a past, and I am bringing up what transpires between a mother and her son BEFORE anything happens with them involving their sexual relationship.

This IS a story involving incest between family members. If you’re squeamish concerning this subject…perhaps you shouldn’t read it. Then again, maybe it’s just the right story for you to read. Only you can know what’s right for you.

All participants engaging in anything sexual are age eighteen, and above.

I want to sincerely thank Kenji Sato for his awesome editing skills!!!

A Mother Finally Gets Her Man…

…and it’s her son

Chapter 1

At first I thought the sound was coming from inside my head. Even though the knocking sound could be heard, I could see that I was laying on my bed naked. I then see my sister Becky, laying on my bed in the nude…on my bed…inside my dream. Somehow I knew this was a dream. I kept hearing the sound and tried to look at the door, and then looking back at my sister in my bed, she’d changed, now she became me again, but I was clothed this time.

Then I heard a voice at the door…I thought someone was calling my name. Returning my gaze to the bed once more, I now saw my son, Matt, my eighteen year old son, and he’s masturbating. As he’s jacking himself off, there’s semen, a large amount of semen continually running out of his penis, and onto my bed sheets.

The knocking continues…and I look back to see my son…who has turned back into my sister. I really wasn’t sure what was real and what wasn’t. I felt fear and anxiety, what the hell is going on? I knew I needed to wake up. I knew there was something waiting for me on the other side of whatever the fuck was going on right now, that all of this was part of a dream I was having as I lay sleeping. Hearing the loud banging continue at the front door I finally came to the realization that whoever was knocking isn’t going to take “no” for an answer until it was opened for them.

When I finally opened the door I was met by one of Findlay, Ohio’s finest with a very serious look on his face asking me

“Are you Jackie Martin?”

I answered in the affirmative and then asked

“What’s this all about officer, what’s with the banging on my door this late at night anyway”?

That’s when I finally looked outside to the patrol car in the driveway and saw my eighteen year old son Matt. He was being let out of the back seat of the vehicle led by the other officer who I thought looked strangely familiar. That’s when I heard the other cop speak to me.

“Hello Jackie, do you remember me, Vince Collins, from high school”?

“Hey Vince, yes I do remember you, and I can tell you’ve met my son Matt. But this doesn’t look to be just a social visit you’re paying to us tonight, is it”?

“Well, let’s just say we found Matt hanging out with some other kids about his age in front of the liquor store trying to con anyone they could into buying them a fifth of whiskey. Matt tried denying it but we’ve got a witness who told us what they’d asked him to do.”

Matt finally spoke up

“Hey mom that’s not entirely true. We were just hanging out there and started talking to this guy who pulled up to the store, just having a nice conversation with him, that’s all.”

Vince simply rolled his eyes as he listened to Matt trying to talk himself out of the jam that he got himself into along with his buddies. After listening to both of them I just shook my head and told Vince

“Look I’m trying the best I know how to keep him on the straight and narrow, but it’s been very very difficult since there isn’t a father around to crack the whip with him when necessary Vince.”

“Yes, we hear this kind of story all the time Jackie, without a father at home, the kids can get into all kinds of shit. Look, I just want to let you know we did him and you a favor by just bringing him home without taking him into the station first. After questioning him and finding out his name, I figured he was your son.”

I tried to give Vince as much of a convincing smile as I knew how and then thanked both officers for doing what they did.

“And as for you young man, well we’re going to have a very serious chat after our two guests leave. Understand?”

Matt finally spoke up and said

“What the fuck mom, I’m too old for you to try and tell me what to do!!!”

Vince answered back immediately after hearing that. “Look Matt, don’t give your mom any shit or start acting the asshole that I really hope you’re not, okay?”

Matt just nodded his head and walked into the house without saying another word to anyone there.

After a few pleasantries and after Vince left me with his business card, I wished both cops a safe rest of the night and went inside where my son was waiting for what he was sure would be the fireworks show to begin.

Trying to find the right words to begin the conversation with Matt, I just looked at him and thought…

‘where did I Beylikdüzü Escort go wrong? Have I been a really rotten mother for him? Why is it that he’s getting himself in trouble all the time?’

As we continued looking at each other I realized how grown up he was getting to be. He was definitely taller than me now, at least by 3 or 4 inches, with a strong looking physique that I was certain many of the girls that knew him had to find alluring. His almost shoulder length dark hair, semi tanned skin and handsome face weren’t all that bad to look at I thought. Yes, my son was turning out to be a very good looking young man. Then I spoke to Matt.

“Alright, how many times do we have to go over this routine that you’ve regrettably gotten yourself into, and how you’ve got to stop behaving like this, how many times?!?!?!”

I finally yelled at him because I was fed up having to explain to others why my son was making a total mess of his life.

“I can’t take much more of this shit that’s been happening with you, I really can’t!!!”

But Matt just stared back at me.

How could he tell her that at this point in his life he was just following the crowd that he had got mixed into? How could he explain he didn’t really want her angry with him, that he just needed to feel like he fit in somewhere, and with someone who liked him for who he was? And how could he explain to her how beautiful he’d found his mother to be over these last few years as he was growing into manhood?

There were so many emotions and thoughts going through his head at the moment. How could he tell his mother how he couldn’t seem to take his eyes off her, how she seemed so captivating to him, with her gorgeous body and especially those lovely tits and ass of hers? He didn’t know how to explain to her how his friends once they saw his mom, would ask him if he ever thought about fucking her, and he’d get pissed-off at them. And the most likely reason he’d get angry was, that seemed to be all he’d been thinking about lately, almost every hour of every day!!

“All I can say mom is that I sometimes feel like a total fuckup, and I know that you’re probably just disgusted with who I am these days.”

I just sat and put my head in my hands telling him…

“Honey, I am disgusted. But not with you, just with how we seem to be out of synch with each other. I think back to when you were younger and we’d be in each other’s lives, not like now as we seem more like enemies and strangers with each other. Like we don’t even live on the same planet anymore. Do you understand what I’m trying to say”?

I finally began crying, even to the point of sobbing in front of my son and only child. At that point, I felt like I was the child and there wasn’t anyone who could comfort me or point me in the right direction to calm my breaking heart.

I then told Matt that I was going to try and get some sleep, and asked him to not leave the house anymore that night. He agreed and told me he was going to go lie down too since the next day was classes anyway and he knew that we both needed to get some rest, especially because of what had happened that night.

As Matt lay in his bed he still couldn’t stop thinking about his mother, and what seemed to be their broken relationship. He knew he wanted things to be the way they used to be and also be a good son for her. When he saw her cry it just about broke his heart too. Matt understood what the term “peer pressure” meant. The guys he’d met in his neighborhood over the last few years had had some bad things happen in their families. He knew he didn’t want to end up like some of them had. But at this point in his life he didn’t know how to break the cycle and try to get away from their bad example. Some of the crap that he got talked into doing he knew was wrong, and even stupid to do. “So why am I even still doing that shit?” he said out loud to himself.

But something he was sure of was his near constant fascination with his mother. He wasn’t sure how many of his friends thought about their mothers like he did his, but he was pretty sure none of them had a mom who was as pretty as his was. In the last few years as he was getting older he couldn’t help but notice how she dressed around him at home. So many times she’d be in tight fitting clothes with her breasts and cleavage prominently displayed to him. And her slacks seemed to show off her luscious ass oh so well. Maybe because it was just the two of them there? Did she even know what effect that was having on him?

And then he thought of the time when Aunt Becky and his two cousins Robby and Susan came to visit for a few days. His mom and her sister Becky who he saw were two beautiful babes, sat around the house in just their robes one morning, and he was pretty sure neither of them had anything on underneath them. As they started laughing at something the other one had said, Aunt Becky’s robe fell open and Matt got an eyeful of her tits and her bush for just a few seconds. She noticed it also, and saw her nephew staring at her open nudity. It Beylikdüzü Escort Bayan looked to Matt as if she held the robe open for a few seconds so he could get an eyeful of her, but maybe he was mistaken. Matt knew what he saw of her he really liked. He told his cousin about it, and Robby told him…

“My mom sometimes sits around our house almost naked. I think she’s trying to get my dad’s attention, but these days I don’t think he cares or even seems to notice. Shit, I’ve heard her say that my dad hasn’t even touched her in the bed for far too long now. All I know is if she gave me the chance to do something with her…oh fuck…I wouldn’t even have to think twice about it. She is HOT!!!”

Matt knew he thought the same thing about his mom. Jackie and her sister Becky were both beautiful ladies. He was pretty sure his mom didn’t take herself too seriously in the “hot babe” department. That’s something that he loved about her though, she came across as someone with bunches of humility, and never acted “stuck up” or talked like she was better than anyone else. When he was with her it was her beautiful brown eyes and long below the shoulders brunette colored hair that helped draw his attention to her. Looking at her reminded him of an actress from years ago named Natalie Wood. Truthfully his mom looked a lot like her, and everyone knew how hot she was in Hollywood. Oh yeah his beautiful mom… pretty much everything she did had a strong effect on Matt. He just couldn’t get her off his mind. Besides telling his cousin Robby about it, he didn’t want to tell anyone else since he was leery of being called a ‘perv’ or maybe even something worse by his friends.

When he was younger his mom definitely was so fun to be around. He even could remember when he’d tell her how pretty she was, and when he was grown up that he was ‘gonna marry her’ so that she wouldn’t be alone anymore. His mom had the softest hands too…when she would hold his hand when they took their walks…it was always fun being with mom.

That’s when he flashed back to something that happened not too long ago…right after he turned eighteen years old. He suffered an extremely bad case of pink eye, and the infection had become so bad that he couldn’t even attend school. The doctor decided to bandage both his eyes so the virus wouldn’t spread to anyone else, his mom included. The doctor told them it would only be for a few days, or maybe up to a week and that he wouldn’t be able to navigate his way without having to be lead around the house by his mom. The first time he tried to use the bathroom and urinate, he wasn’t able to properly aim his stream where it needed to be, missing the toilet and accidentally peeing on the floor. Talk about embarrassing.

Afterward he told his mom about it and she asked him to let her know the next time he had to relieve himself. He agreed, and so after a few hours he called to her letting her know of his need. That’s when she led him into the bathroom and stood him next to the toilet, explaining to him that even though he might find it awkward she needed to help him until he could get the bandages off and his eyesight back. Now kneeling next to him while he was to her right side, she did what was necessary to bring down his pants and underwear. She then nonchalantly took his penis in her left hand and told him “don’t worry honey, mommy can help you with this, when you feel you’re ready, let yourself go and just let your flow begin. I’ll aim your penis where it needs to be so there won’t be any mess on the floor, okay?” At that moment there was what he could only describe as an indescribable thrill going through him. He knew it was because of what his mother was doing for and to him right at this moment.

As she tenderly held his cock he put his left arm around her left shoulder pulling them even closer together at this very private and intimate moment between them. As the act continued she asked him if he was nervous about her holding him. He told her he wasn’t, and let her know how thankful he was for what she was doing for him. As the mother longingly gazed at her son’s developing manhood she couldn’t help but tell him…

“how much of a man you’re getting to be.”

He knew she was referring to the size of his penis. He had definitely gotten bigger in the years since his childhood. When she saw that his stream was stopped, while still holding him, she lightly pulled and shook, doing her best to get all the urine out of his what she figured to be seven inch penis.

He remembered while she was handling it there was what felt like butterflies swirling around in his stomach. Up to this time in his life he’d never experienced anything quite like that. He felt a very special closeness and warmth for his mom. Even at eighteen years old he knew this probably wasn’t normal and was something that he couldn’t share with anyone, maybe even his own mother. He thought that what she just did is what a woman might do for a man that she was in love with. Or maybe a girlfriend would do to her boyfriend, or even a wife for her husband. Suddenly Escort Beylikdüzü he felt a strong urge to kiss his mother on the lips. Just like they used to do years ago. As he went to kiss her she didn’t refuse his advance, but turned her head and let him kiss her on her cheek, not far from her lips.

As far as Matt was concerned there was nothing awkward about it. And since it was necessary to keep the bandages on for a few more days, he knew the same process would most likely need to be repeated several more times.

In the days and times afterward as I helped him in the bathroom I couldn’t help but notice Matt’s noticeable erections each time. I understood then that I was probably the reason Matt was sexually aroused. The interesting thing was that I had no qualms whatsoever with helping my son. I was simply doing what I thought was necessary at the time.

Since he couldn’t see, I also had to help him in and out of the bathtub since taking showers was out of the question. Our doctor had given specific orders that the bandages over his eyes never get wet under any circumstances. The ritual was he would undress himself in the bathroom after I had drawn the water for his bath.

What Matt didn’t know was as he was taking his bath, supposedly alone. I’d quietly sit just outside the bathroom and watch him. Sometimes when he didn’t think I was there, I could see him masturbating in the bathtub. And if I got up enough nerve and was quiet enough, I’d walk right up to the door and see his hardened penis as he was jacking himself off. I would get wet just watching my son as he pleasured himself. Since he couldn’t see because of the bandages over his eyes, I hoped I was safe from him detecting whether I was there or not.

However once he was done in the bathtub it was necessary for me to help him out of it. I was concerned he might fall on the bathroom floor. What he probably didn’t realize was I could see his spent semen floating on the water afterward. Wanting to do all I could for him, I also took on the task of helping him dry off with the towel and Matt didn’t seem to mind that.

Recalling back to what happened with his mom caused Matt’s cock to become hard, knowing it was because of the undeniable desire he had for his mother. Deciding now to sexually relieve himself, he began masturbating. He was fantasizing about what it would be like today, right now if his mom did for him as she did when he had the bandages on his eyes, just lovingly holding his cock for him as he peed. Of course now he wouldn’t have the bandages over his eyes and he’d be able to see everything clearly this time. He imagined her pulling his pants down in the bathroom and stripping him of all his clothes. Envisioning his now naked mother, wanting her to massage and rub him all over as she would kneel next to him holding his cock in her hand.

After Matt and I wished each other good night I was laying in my bed still not asleep replaying the night’s events in my mind. I felt that I needed to tell Matt I was sorry I yelled and cussed at him because of what happened. So getting up and putting on my nightgown I went to his room and getting ready to knock on his door…I heard groaning and him talking, almost inaudibly…

“Oh yeah mom, hold my cock in your sweet hand, tell me how much I’ve grown and that you love how big my cock is now. Ooh, rub me all over like you do. Ohhhh that feels sooooo gooooood!! I love your tits and want to suck on them? Oh mom I want you so badly!! Mom…. suck my cock!! I want to feel your tongue licking up against the head. Oh that feels soooo fucking good mom. Please let me cum in your mouth. You are so fucking beautiful mom, please know how much I love you, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”

Even though this wasn’t the first time I’d ever heard my eighteen year old son masturbating it was the first time I knew he was thinking about me while doing it. Frankly I felt complimented beyond belief. Never realizing how much my son Matt had a thing for me, I didn’t know exactly what I should do. Should I tell him to stop? Should I scold him? Should I do anything? Should I ask him why he was fantasizing about me? What, if anything had I done for him to be pining after me this way? That’s when I remembered I had helped him when he had that bad case of pinkeye. I guess that’s when it finally hit home how much of an affect that it really had on Matt. Because of me holding his penis as he relieved himself, that probably incited him to crave me sexually.

I wondered too if it had anything to do with a magazine I found in Matt’s room about a month or so after he’d had the bandages removed from his eyes. I found it one day when I was trying to clean his room. It was hidden in his closet at the bottom of some of the junk that he had on the floor. Evidently he didn’t want me to find it. And after looking through it, I knew why. It was a pornographic mag with articles and photos. The stories in it dealt with VERY adult topics. Mostly involving incest. The stories were about family members having sex with each other accompanied with photographs going along with the stories. What caught my interest was there were many articles dealing with mother and son taboo sex. The photos were extremely graphic too. Mothers sucking their son’s cocks. Photos of sons ejaculating in their mother’s mouth. Anal sex with the ‘son’ doing his ‘mother.’ There wasn’t really anything left to the imagination in this magazine.

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