My First Foot Encounter Ch. 03


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I had crazy mixed-emotions about the prospect of babysitting a second time for Rick and Margaret which was understandable if you’ve any familiarity with the Uniform Code of Military Justice. Officer-enlisted fraternization is not just frowned upon. The officer can get court-martialed – particularly if there was any element of coercion involved. Not that there was in this case. But even if he avoided Leavenworth, his career would be destroyed if we were found out.

The enlisted person (me!) typically faced “merely” being kicked out. Not that I was super-worried about myself. With only a couple years in at that point, I didn’t have much to lose. But Rick was a successful mid-grade officer with a real career and a wife and kids.

So that’s why one emotion I was juggling was fear. A lot of it. But there was also so much desire. And the intense excitement associated with doing something forbidden.

I felt so alive going about my days, not knowing what was going to happen but hoping that it would.

Twice now, I had seen Rick and that attention-commanding dick of his explode. Twice, I had been left hot and bothered, stunned, wanton, and unsatisfied. Twice, I’d been left only with the taste of his cold cum as a reward for letting him suck my toes.

So when that time came – that next invite to babysit – I was determined to assert myself a bit more.

It was a warm summer evening when I arrived at their house for babysitting – round 2. Margaret let me in and I took off my sneakers and socks while saying hello to her in the entryway. It just seemed like the right amount of “statement” to make as I entered their home. Removing my shoes and socks without being asked to do so was my way of saying, I want more.

More foot adoration. More cock. More cum. Maybe even pussy. I’d been thinking about Margaret too. “Thinking” doesn’t capture the reality of it. I was absolutely obsessed morning, noon, and night. When alone, I touched myself all too frequently. My poor little clit!

Everything was normal leading up their departure. I forget now what they were up to – dinner somewhere maybe — whatever. My heart rate was elevated even though they were about to leave for a couple hours.

Then – just inside the front door as they were about to leave – Margaret turned, pulled me toward her in a full-body sort of embrace and kissed me. Holy shit!!! It was so soft and so wonderful. I could see how some girls are just fine with just girls. Oh my god it was great!

Then they were gone. Kinda reeling, I did my best to re-focus – turn my attention to the kids.

Blessedly, they came back pretty early.

I had made a bubble bath for the little ones and was sitting on the bathroom floor watching them play amongst the suds when Rick and Margaret got home. Rick popped into the bathroom and greeted us, kissing the kids on the head.

I had worn a very loose, light top that Edirne Escort night. No bra. I leaned forward so that Rick could see down my top. I badly wanted him to get a glimpse of my tits. He did. He was sorta sideways to me, standing over me as I sat on the floor. His dick had started to grow noticeably, constrained by one of his pant legs. My pussy twinged to life – I had already started to cream.

Rick stepped out of the bathroom, made eye contact, and gestured for me to move, to re-position. I got what he was wordlessly trying to say – and I moved to sit just inside the bathroom door while my legs were outside the door.

He wanted my feet. As I continued keeping an eye on the kids, Rick loosened his belt, unzipped and pulled it out. The dick of my dreams. And those balls. Jesus.

My heart was racing. Such a gorgeous cock. He was lightly stroking it – about three quarters hard. Fucking thing looked longer than my little feet. The feet he was metaphorically drooling over.

He got on his hands and knees and started sucking me. Sucking my toes. Seeing this tall, athletic, beautiful specimen of a man on his hands and knees sucking my toes was an INCREDIBLE sight – such a turn-on. I fought to not touch myself. Had to watch the kids.

Margaret appeared behind Rick. Her expression was lustful.

She too got down on her knees behind Rick and started milking his dick, pulling his cock and balls backwards toward her.

This went on in silence for maybe another 30 seconds at most. He stopped. She stopped. I pulled my feet back. They collected themselves and proceeded to deal with the kids. That was a long, long half hour before the kids were tucked into bed.

I was waiting in the living room when they both walked in. Small talk happened but the sexual tension was thick in the air. With my heart pounding, I decided this needed to start.

So, with Rick in mid-sentence, I stood up off the couch and just popped my top off. I was risking a pretty awkward moment since it was out of nowhere and it’s not like I’d done anything outside the bounds of “going along” to that point. I’d been submissive.

But that did it.

They both inhaled sharply and stared. I swear, both of them reflexively moved a hand to the front of their pants.

There I stood, barefoot and topless, wearing only my shorts, in this gorgeous couples’ living room. It was silent as they both looked me up and down. They wanted me. They both wanted me. Margaret put a hand down her pants.

I slid off my shorts and underwear. Margaret responded, pulling off her top to reveal lovely small boobs. Rick did what Rick does – and pulled out his cock and balls.

And then Margaret walked over to me and got on her knees before me, her face mere inches from my pussy. I widened my stance and moved my hips forward a little – inviting her to eat me.

She did it.

It was heaven. Her pretty face, those delicious lips, licking my pussy lightly, teasing my clit. Up and down the length of my pussy lips. Edirne Escort Bayan Yeah, ‘heavenly’ is the word for it. There was nothing mechanical about what she did. She wasn’t just pleasuring me, “servicing” me. She was doing this for herself. She was obviously consumed, worshipping my little pussy.

Over the years, I’ve many times brought that moment to mind as I reach climax – whether fucking my husband or fingering myself – that moment in my young life, when Margaret first ate me. The first time I’d had a woman down there. Little me, standing astride a beautiful woman in the living room of a government-owned house on a military base in a country far, far from home. I will N E V E R forget… But I digress.

Margaret’s pussy worship was so fucking awesome that – for a couple minutes anyway – I actually wasn’t staring at Rick’s cock. Which is saying something! When I finally did lock my gaze onto him, Rick was rock hard.

Honestly, I wish you could have seen his dick. To this day, I can’t get over it. I’m sorry I keep going on and on about it, but…I mean…you just have no idea. I really shouldn’t speak as if I’m some expert on the subject of dicks. But given my relatively limited sexual history to that point, all I can say is that particular dick was well beyond my experience or my expectations. And that remains true to this day. I think about it a lot – I’m certain I always will. I’m married, have kids and a good job. I occasionally go to church. But I swear if I ever saw him again, I’d immediately drop to my knees before him. So anyways, I’ll try and shut up about his dick. Try. Back to the living room…

I fell back onto the couch and put my spread legs high in the air. Margaret didn’t miss a beat – stayed right with me…still eating me – now no longer tenderly. Now she ate me hungrily. She even tongue my asshole. Oh my gaaaawd!

Rick stepped forward to get my toes in his mouth. I reached for his dick and touched it – with my hand, not my feet – for the very first time. My little hand could bare wrap all the way around it.

So beautifully thick. And warm. And hard. And just perfect.

I moved my hand up toward his prick and squeezed. I milked him for his pre-cum. As it pooled on his cock head, I pulled him toward me. All those days and nights spent fingering myself while I fantasized about sucking him were about to become reality.

And, yeah, it FINALLY happened. My lips made contact with his giant cock head. And all that pre-cum. He pushed into my mouth, forcing me to open wider than I’d ever done before. More heaven! I truly, truly, truly *love* sucking cock and this was the ultimate.

I don’t know how long I sucked. I was lost in the act.

Margaret made me cum. My whole body spasmed as I squirted all over her face. I am a full-body orgasm-er and I only squirt if the orgasm is exceptional – and then I usually only squirt a little bit. But Margaret got it!

My screams/grunts/full-throated orgasm-noises were muted with Rick’s dick filling Escort Edirne my mouth and pushing on my throat.

But then he pulled out! Noooooooooooo!!!! I’m thinking, “Hey! I’m not done here!!”

He moved behind his wife. She was still in the doggy position, her face covered in my pussy juices, her head resting on my thigh. My left thigh – I remember that very clearly for some reason. Rick pulled off her remaining clothes.

As I lay there, totally wiped out, I remember thinking “wow” looking at Margaret’s ass. So pretty. Very, very nice.

Rick just destroyed her, thrusting hard – and all the way to the balls – over and over. His eyes drinking in the sight before him. A 20-year-old enlisted woman naked on his couch. His wife’s pretty face between those forbidden legs.

I lightly fingered my clit watching them, barely grazing it cuz I’m very sensitive to touch after I cum really hard.

She was obviously accustomed to taking his huge cock. I remember being amazed. Margaret had become an object of total amazement to me on so many levels. And this was just another thing to add to that – she could take an absolute wrecking from such a huge dick. I was 100% sure that he would hurt me if he pushed that thing into me like that. But it was beyond hot watching her get so thoroughly fucked.

After a few minutes, Margaret just blew up, cumming hard on his dick. Her whole body lost control – its parts moving in uncoordinated, independent spasms. It was just a beautiful, remarkable thing to behold. She was loud – did not hold back at all. Like, ‘hey, you might wake up the kids kinda loud.’ As she finished coming on her husband’s dick, she sort of collapsed – her upturned face still between my spread legs, her half-closed eyes only a couple inches from my pussy. She looked utterly spent, yet so pretty like that. She was really pretty.

Rick wasn’t done. He still needed to cum.

I begged him, “Come back to me – cum in my mouth please! Margaret, is it ok?” I asked.

She sighed a yes.

So I got to continue sucking the dick that still dominates my dreams to this day. After a few minutes he erupted. Hot, sticky, utterly delicious cum. For a second, I thought – in a spike of panic – that I was gonna gag, violently cough it out. I fought the reflex. And won thank you very much! I had to swallow at a couple times to get it all but I didn’t waste any of it! I swallowed every drop.

He tasted perfect. Just perfect.


This “relationship” continued for the final eight months of my assignment overseas. I intend to write up the next two encounters if there seems to be a demand for them. The next two times were unexpectedly different (once back in Rick’s office and then at their house). One of the things I learned about Rick and Margaret is that both were highly intelligent, highly educated people and they put a lot of forethought into how to best “use” me. They were always kind, never demeaning or disrespectful. They wanted me to be left as satisfied as they were.

That said, even when I thought/assumed I’d pretty much figured them out, they would surprise me, leaving me a little off-balance. Didn’t matter. I was hooked. And I was over-the-top happy. I loved the situation – my relationship with them – and have never regretted it.

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