My Summer of Sin


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Finally, school was out and college beckoned me, but before that I had six weeks of doing nothing to look forward to…or so I thought.

I walked into the house and dumped my backpack inside the door. I was in a really good mood until I spotted my Mum sitting in the chair. She didn’t look pleased.

“What’s up Mum?”

Mum looked at me. “Your father is in his study and he wants to see you. Oh and a word of advice Jason, watch what you say as he is in a foul mood.”

“What’s it all about Mum?”

“Go see your father he will explain, and just so you know, it’s nothing to do with me!”

I walked into Dad’s study wondering what the hell this was all about. Without looking up at me my Dad said, “Close the door and sit down!”

“I have received a letter from the college saying you have refused the place I set up for you. Would you mind telling me why?” he asked me.

“I told you not to bother Dad. I don’t want to be an accountant. I said ages ago when you mentioned it not to bother. I have signed up at the local college on a.”

“The local college, what the hell can they teach you about accountancy for god sake? I pulled a lot of strings to get you in there and you have the audacity to turn the place down. What the hell were you thinking of Jason?”

“Dad for the last time, I have no desire to be an accountant. That’s what you want for me, but it’s not what I want. How many more times have I got to say it?”

“Don’t you take that tone with me young man. You will get out of here and make as many phone calls as needed to get out of whatever course you signed up for and then accept the place I reserved for you!”

“The hell I will, sorry but this whole thing stinks and I am NOT going to be an accountant!” I replied.

“YOU WILL DO AS YOU ARE TOLD!” Dad yelled at me.

“THE HELL I WILL! YOU WANT THIS, NOT ME!” I yelled back as I stormed out of his study.


“FUCK YOU!” I yelled back as I stormed out of the house.

Mum ran out after me. “Jason please come inside and talk,” she begged.

“Sorry Mum but no way, this is all about what he wants and no thought for what I want. If I could afford it, I would move out right now just to get away from him and his accountancy crap!”

“Jason please, for me come back inside and talk it through?”

“Maybe later Mum, right now I need some fresh air and to be away from Dad and his demanding ways!”

I watched my Mum walk back into the house and I often wondered what she saw in my Dad. My Mum was beautiful and all my mates said so as well. At forty-two, she still had a great figure with a slim waist and nice hips, a 36d bust and jet black hair. She stood about 5′ 6″ and probably weighed about 120 lbs. Dad on the other hand was forty-eight and looked ten years older. His hair was mostly grey and thinning. He was overweight and putting it bluntly, not much to look at.

I headed to the local park to see if any of my friends were hanging out there. Finding nobody there that I knew, I sat on a grass bank and thought about how to get out of going to the college Dad wanted for me.

It was late afternoon when I finally returned home. I had decided to just say I wasn’t going to his chosen college and that was that. If he pushed it, I was prepared to move out as soon as I found somewhere to stay. My parents were both in the lounge as I entered the house. Dad pointed to a chair and demanded I sit down.

“Now you listen to me and don’t dare interrupt me, do you hear me?” I shrugged my shoulders in reply.

“After your outburst this morning I have made a decision. You are going to spend the summer with your aunt and uncle in Devon. This is not open for discussion and we will leave here tomorrow!”

“But James, you can’t send him there!” Mum protested.

“I can and I will Brenda. I called them earlier and arranged it all. We leave tomorrow and that’s final!” Dad exclaimed.

“Okay fine by me, but don’t expect me to change my mind about college. If that is what this is all about, you are wasting your time Dad!” I snapped back at him.

“We’ll see Jason. I reckon a few weeks with your aunt and uncle will change your mind.”

“James please, don’t send him there!” Mum begged Dad to change his mind.

“If we are done, then I am going to my room,” I said as I walked out of the lounge.

“James, what the hell are you playing at? You can’t stand Sandra and Colin so why send Jason there?” I heard Mum say as I walked upstairs.

“Because some time with your sister and her husband will change his mind, of that I am sure,” I heard Dad reply tersely.

“I’m going to start dinner. We will talk about this later!” I heard Mum say.

I was getting curious about my aunt and uncle. We didn’t see them very often and if they ever visited it was when Dad was out. Matter of fact, the last time I recall seeing them was at my grandmother’s funeral a few years ago. I know Mum had been down there to Bodrum Escort see them for a few days and I got left at home with Dad. He never went with her or mentioned them, so I wondered what the hell he was playing at arranging for me to go and stay with them.

Dinner was a quiet affair with hardly a word spoken, particularly between me and my Dad. I could see Mum was upset about something and I resolved to ask her later when Dad was out of the way.

As per usual after dinner Dad went to his study; usually he left the door open but tonight we heard it slam shut. I offered to help Mum tidy up and do the dishes. As we washed up I broke the ice and asked her, “Mum what has Dad got against aunt Sandra, and why are you not keen on me going there?”

“Jason, it’s a bit involved and I am not sure you are ready to hear it all,” Mum replied.

“Mum I am eighteen years old and Dad is sending me to stay with them for almost six weeks. I think I have a right to know!”

“Okay let’s get the dishes done and we can talk,” Mum assured me.

I sat at the table as Mum checked that Dad’s study door was still closed.

“Jason, what I am about to say goes no further than us two, do you understand?”

I nodded and told Mum it was between us two.

“When I first met your Dad and we started dating, for some reason he took a dislike to Sandra and I will be honest and say now I have no idea why. We hadn’t been together long and one night after a drunken party we ended up in bed together, the result of which I later found out I was pregnant with you. At first your father wanted me to have an abortion but I refused, then after some pressure from your grandfather he asked me to marry him. I want to say that at no time did I ever regret getting pregnant or giving birth. You are the best thing to come out of this marriage. I’m sure that’s why your Dad is so hard on you because he sees you as the reason he had to get married and things haven’t been right between us for years now, do you understand so far?”

I nodded and just looked at Mum as if to say carry on talking.

“As you know Sandra is two years older than me and at the time I married your Dad she was single and living a bit of a wild life. That is why your Dad is not keen on her or at least that’s my understanding anyway. The reason I am not keen on you going there is the lifestyle they have. When I visited last, they told me they were nudists but would keep their clothes on for the few days I was with them. That is another reason for your father not liking them!”

“Nudists! For god sake Mum, I am not going to spend the next six weeks walking about naked. If that’s the deal, I am not going and that’s final!” I snapped at her.

“Jason, please hear me out! I don’t think they will expect you to swan about naked any more than they expect others to do it. Now if you go and you are not happy, then I will talk to your father and get you back home. Please go for my sake as I need a chance to talk to your father without anyone else being here.” Mum sounded desperate so I agreed I would go for her sake.

“Okay Mum, but if I am not happy there I will call you and I expect either you or Dad to come and get me within two days of my call. If not, I will leave and make my own way back here.”

“If you do that it will set your father off again so please don’t leave.”

“If you don’t come and get me when I call, I will make my way back here and then pack up all my stuff and move out. Those are my terms and it is not up for discussion as Dad would say. Talking of which, I had better tell him or he will go mad if I drop that bombshell tomorrow!” I said to Mum as I left the kitchen headed for Dad’s study.

I knocked on the door of Dad’s study and waited for him to reply.

“Dad I have been talking with Mum and we have agreed that if I am not happy at Sandra’s I will call and let you both know,” I explained.

“Too bad if you are happy or not, you are staying and that’s it!” Dad replied.

“Okay have it your way. The other condition that I agreed with Mum is if I call and ask to come back, I expect to be collected within two days or I will make my own way back here!”

“Oh you will, will you. We shall see, now I have work to do so please leave and close the door.”

“I’m not joking Dad. If I have to make my own way back here, I will. I’ll pack up my stuff and move out at the first chance I get. I am not a kid anymore and I don’t appreciate being treated like one!” With that I closed the door before he could reply.

Next morning my bags were in the car and I said goodbye to Mum.

“Please stay there Jason, even for only a week. Give me a chance to talk to your father before you do anything,” Mum pleaded with me.

“Okay Mum, a week and if I am not happy then you come and get me.”

“I promise Jason I will drive down myself, now don’t keep your Dad waiting.” Mum kissed my cheek and stepped back from the hug.

I knew the drive down would take some time and as I wasn’t Bodrum Escort Bayan in the mood to chat so I closed my eyes and slept for most of the journey. Eventually we reached my aunt’s house. It was a massive old farmhouse in the middle of nowhere. My first thoughts were sod this. I don’t know about a week as I couldn’t see myself lasting a day. My aunt came out to greet us and hugged me.

“Come inside. I have the kettle on. Would you like a cup of tea James?” she asked my Dad.

“No thank you Sandra, I have to get back as I have work to do. Now the money is in the account as we agreed and I will pick Jason up a few days before he is due to start at college. I’ll be off then, see you in a few weeks Jason.”

I never answered. I just picked up my bag and walked into the house, my aunt followed close behind.

“Here we are, let’s have some tea and then I will show you to your room. Your uncle will be back later and your cousin is away for the rest of the week,” my aunt explained.

I had forgotten all about my cousin Nina. I couldn’t even remember the last time I saw her but I knew we were close in age.

“Before you get settled in Jason, I want to say a few things.” I nodded in reply. “Firstly, I don’t agree with your father about the college business. I think you should be able to do as you wish. Secondly, we have a pretty relaxed lifestyle here. So long as you don’t cause any trouble, then we will not be on your case all the time. I think that’s fair don’t you?” she asked.

“Yes, it seems fair to me,” I replied.

My aunt got up and offered to make me a sandwich. As she did the sun shone on her and her dress became see-through. I hadn’t thought about her before, but I noticed she was very much like Mum. I could see the shape of her legs and surmised that her dress did her no favours where her figure was concerned.

“I spoke to your Mum earlier and she asked me to tell you she loves you and will see you soon. I don’t know why, but I got the feeling she wasn’t entirely happy,” Sandra said, looking at me for an answer.

“I don’t know everything, but she asked me to at least stay here for a few days as she wants to talk to Dad without me being there,” I replied, not giving any details.

“Maybe she is going to tell the old fart to pack his bags!” Sandra laughed and I cracked a smile.

“You know I have no time for your father and I was only being polite when I offered him tea earlier. I was praying he would say no just to get rid of him!”

“Aunt Sandra, do you mind if I ask you something?”

“Of course not, but please drop the aunt bit. It makes me feel old. Sandra is good enough,” she replied.

“I was just wondering why my Dad doesn’t seem to like you very much. I mean I have hardly seen you and I know when Mum comes down here she is on her own. What happened between you two?”

“I knew this subject might come up and I will tell you, just not right now. If you give me some time, I will explain everything to you, I promise.” Sandra put her hand on mine and looked for some kind of reply.

“Okay seems fair to me. I have waited years, another few days won’t hurt,” I laughed and she smiled at me.

Once I had finished my sandwich my aunt showed me to my room. The bathroom next door was for my use as her and Nina’s bedroom both had en-suite bathrooms. My room was well decorated and had a double bed, wardrobe dresser along with an antique table cum desk. Aunt Sandra explained that her bedroom was at the other end of the landing.

“Mostly because I get a bit noisy some nights, if you get my drift,” she smiled.

I blushed and started to unpack my bags.

“Join me downstairs when you are finished Jason. I’ll be out in the garden.”

I stood in the kitchen door looking at my aunt sunbathing. It was then I realised how much like my Mum she was. Her tits were bigger, but apart from that everything else was the same as Mum. Sandra moved and I approached her to avoid getting caught staring at her.

“Come and sit here with me Jason.” She patted the grass next to her. “Everything okay?”

“Yeah all good, my stuff is all unpacked. It’s nice, I like it here,” I said as I checked out my aunt.

“Is that because I am laying out here and you are checking me out or do you really like it here?”

“I wasn’t checking you out honestly! But yeah I do like it here. It’s a lot quieter than where I live.”

“I don’t mind you looking Jason, in fact I am flattered that a young man would bother looking at me!”

I blushed and was trying to find a suitable reply when we heard a car pull up out the front.

“That will be Colin back from work,” Aunt Sandra stated.

“I thought he worked from home, at least that’s what Dad told me.”

“He does, he has just been out delivering something. His workshop is over there behind those trees. I will get him to show you later. It’s no good me showing you it as I have no idea what half the stuff in there is for!”

As my aunt stood up Escort Bodrum to hug Uncle Colin I watched her tits bounce. She hugged him and asked if everything went well.

“Very well!” he answered. “I even got another order from them,” he explained.

Colin let my aunt go and leaned over to shake my hand. “Good to see you Jason. It’s been a long time!”

“Yeah sorry about that. Dad had a thing about me coming here although he never said anything when Mum visited.”

“No problem Jason. Your Dad is just old-fashioned, that’s all. Your Mum always has fun when she comes down here!” He smiled and I noticed him wink at my aunt.

I made the excuse of needing the toilet and headed back inside. I noticed Colin kiss Sandra and grab her arse at the same time. “Lucky fucker” I thought to myself.

Sandra started to cook dinner and Colin offered to show me his workshop. Inside there was every kind of woodworking tool you can think of.

“Wow! This is brilliant. It’s even better than what the college has!” I exclaimed.

“Well if you want to, you can help me out while you are staying here. That’s if you are interested Jason?”

“I would love to. This is what I want to do anyway. Dad wants me to be an accountant, but I can’t stand that sort of thing!”

“Take it easy over the next day or so and on Monday you can start working with me. Nina will be back tomorrow and she can show you around. I make it a rule never to work on the weekend unless it is really important. Family time is important to me and Sandra.”

“Yeah that’s half the problem with Dad. He is always working and I think it gets to Mum although she never says anything,” I replied.

Just as I was about to ask what I would be doing for work, Aunt Sandra called out that dinner was ready.

Over dinner Colin explained that they had to go out tonight and as it was strictly members only. He was sorry, but I couldn’t go along. I didn’t mind as I was tired anyway and was happy to veg out in front of the TV. I offered to do the dishes so they could get ready to go out and my aunt accepted and said it was a nice gesture.

Just before they left Colin said the DVD’s were all in the bottom of the cupboard. “The good ones are at the back,” he winked and they headed off out. Unable to find anything to watch, I looked through his DVD collection, particularly the ones at the back. Most were just plain discs but a few had stuff written on like initials and dates. I found one titled BH Weekend 2014 and decided to watch it. I saw Mum in the garden and then I remembered she came down here for that weekend after a row with Dad. I assumed it was Colin with the camera as he filmed my Mum and aunt chatting in the garden and just generally relaxing. I was about to switch off when the picture changed to a bedroom; I recognised it as the room I was staying in.

The movie started at the feet of two women and slowly moved up their legs. As it went higher, I could see them playing with the other’s pussy. The camera went higher still and two pairs of tits filled the screen, then it went higher and I saw my Mum and aunt kissing before they stopped and smiled for the camera. Fuck, now I was intrigued and slowly advanced the film until it got to them in a sixty-nine position on the bed. Sandra was eating my Mum out and from the noises she was making, she seemed to be enjoying it as well! No wonder Dad never let me come here with Mum I thought.

“Oh fuck Sandra, you always lick me so good!” I heard Mum say as she wriggled about on the bed.

“I know what my baby sister likes!” Sandra replied before diving back to eat Mum’s cunt.

The camera switched between filming my aunt eating my Mum and Mum eating my aunt. All of a sudden there were dildoes being used and both women were panting and screaming as they orgasmed. I paused the film and suddenly realised I was watching my Mum and her sister in a homemade porno film. I knew my Mum was sexy but fuck, I never imagined this in a million years. I started the movie again and watched as they pleasured each other to yet another orgasm. My cock was straining inside my shorts as I considered going to the bathroom and having a wank.

My aunt got up leaving Mum on the bed and then after a short pause Colin joined my Mum on the bed. Sandra was obviously filming them. As my Mum pulled down Colin’s trousers his cock sprung free “Fuck me that’s huge!” I thought to myself, kind of shocked at what I was seeing. Then it got really steamy as Mum started sucking his cock. It got harder and she managed to deep throat it all the way in. I looked on as she swallowed him and then slowly slid her mouth off again.

“Come and fuck me Colin!” she gasped.

Mum got on her hands and knees and Colin lined his cock up at her pussy before slowly pushing it inside Mum. She moaned as he went further into her.

Mum looked over her shoulder at Colin, “Fuck me please, fuck me hard!”

Colin started to pound into my Mum as she screamed for him to go faster and harder. I watched as Mum thrust her arse back at Colin as they slammed into each other.

“Fuck I am cumming!” Mum howled as Colin pounded into her cunt like a battering ram. This went on for about ten minutes.

“Ohhhhhhhh! Fuck! I’m cumming again!” Mum screamed and I saw her squirt all over the bed covers.

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