Subject: Operation Pied Piper – Part 8 IMPORTANT NOTE TO ALL READERS: There are references made to Schools, Castles and Aristocratic titled personages around England and Scotland. None of the story features about those places or named titles personages are true, none of what you are about to read actually happened. This story and all the characters are 100% fiction. Nifty is the constant source of all your erotic dreams. All kinds of fetishes can be found here. I am grateful to Nifty for posting my stories. If you enjoyed my story or any others on this site then please show your appreciation and donate whatever you can afford. Every little helps. fty/donate.html ———————————————————————- Mr MacDonald stopped mid-sentence and spun round looking at Mr Finlay, he glared at him; he knew, Fortnum was the biggest guy in the school no child could have done this to him. `Thomas, take Fortnum to my room, here is the key, I will be along shortly, stay with him’ He turned away. `Right Boys, let’s get you all fitted for the great kilt’ ******************* Operation Pied Piper � Part 8 I led Fortnum up to Mr MacDonald’s room, he was obviously in a lot of pain, even walking seemed to cause him discomfort, I unlocked the door and got him sat down in one of the easy chairs. `Not like yesterday visit, ehh? I tried to jest, he gave a weak smile, I stroked his face `Was it Mr Finlay? `It doesn’t matter’ He leaned back and closed his eyes, pain written all over his face, I sat staring at him, I reached and took his hand, his eyes opened and he gave me a little smile, I sat holding his hand, he would talk when he wanted too, I looked round the room, the bed I had got out of only a few hours before was still unmade, I hadn’t told Fortnum about that, maybe now was not the time. I felt guilty, but I had had a crush on Mr MacDonald first and I had so much to learn about man love. Fortnum’s hand fell out of mine, I stood, I could feel the panic rising within me, I stared at his chest, phew, it was still moving, he was so beautiful, even with the bruising, I took hold of his hand again and sat down, I leaned across and gave him a long lingering kiss on the lips. `Ohh excuse me’ It was Mr MacDonald, his eyes glanced down to my hand holding Fortnum’s hand, he had obviously seen the kiss too. Mr MacDonald was holding a bolt of tartan cloth and two brown belts, he placed it all on the chair nearest the door. `Is he okay? `I think so Sir’ A tear rolled down my cheek, Mr MacDonald closed the door and walked over. `I will have to watch you Thomas, it looks like you make a habit of kissing sleeping boys and men’ He winked and smiled, his face a picture of kindness and understanding. It was no good I couldn’t stop myself, I stroked Fortnum’s face again and the tears rolled down my cheeks. `It’s not like that Sir’ I sobbed; I couldn’t stop myself, Mr MacDonald came over to me and ruffled my hair, he took my hand and stood me up. His fingers wiping away my tears `I know son, come here, he gave me a hug, Fortnum is going to be fine, the two of you can stay here tonight with me, I am sure he will begin feeling better soon. Probably not by tomorrow morning though’ He was trying to lighten the situation, his voice trailed off and he turned to me he gave me another cuddle and tilted my face up to his, pushing his lips to mine. `Come on let’s get Fortnum comfortable, help get him into my bed’ As Mr MacDonald knelt down to undo Fortnum’s shoes, Fortnum opened his eyes, he looked confused. `It is oaky son, I am just getting you into my bed’ Fortnum, began shaking his head, panic written all over his face, he tried to shuffle away. `No Sir, please no Sir’ Mr MacDonald stood up, realising he was frightening the boy, what the fuck had that monster done to him, to make him scared like this. `Shoosh, your fine, Thomas here is going to be staying too’ Fortnum visibly relaxed Mr MacDonald stroked Fortnum’s face and gave him a gentle kiss on the cheek. `Thomas, get him into bed, I have to go and speak to someone right now, lock the door after me’ `Okay Sir’ With a swish of his Kilt Mr MacDonald was gone, I locked the door behind him. Gingerly I helped Fortnum out of the rest of his clothes, trying to avoid touching any of the bruises on his face and body. I went to undo his trousers, he stopped me whispering `No I will keep them on’ `Don’t be silly, you can’t get into bed in your long trousers’ He resisted me for another minute and then gave in, I eased his trousers down, his Y fronts, were ripped from the waist to the leg, he scrabbled to hold them together, pushing my hand away. Çeşme Escort `Fortnum, please, what on earth did he do to you? He shook his head, his eyes filled with tears and he began sobbing as I led him to the bed, he had tried for so long to hold in his emotions, just like we boys are constantly taught; stiff upper lip and all that, but now the floodgates opened. I got him under the covers and kicked off my shoes and snuggled still dressed up to him, holding him close as he sobbed into my chest. Mr MacDonald take over the story Seeing Fortnum hobbling into the hall, his face badly beaten, I just knew what had happened to him and I knew who had done it. I did get a bit of a surprise as I went into my room to see Thomas kissing him; now things were starting to make sense; young love, Thomas had good taste. I made sure Fortnum was comfortable, no serious injuries and left to find Mr Finlay, finally finding him in the walled garden, he was with Mr Duff, they looked at me conspiratorially as I approached exchanging a few whispers, a distance rumble caused them both to stop and together they scanned the sky, there was going to be a storm, the sky was turning black. `Mr Finlay, can I have a word please’ The two of them began walking over to me `Not you Mr Duff’ Mr Duff stopped and turned away muttering something under his breath. `What is it? I will have to get the place locked down ready for the storm’ Mr Finlay stopped in front of me, his hands on his hips, contempt written over his face. `Well what is it? Can’t you see there is a storm coming? I struggled to remain calm, I gripped his arm and pulled him further away from Mr Duff. `Fuck the storm, you bloody well know what it is about, what were you thinking, the boy is black and blue, he can barely walk, you fucking animal’ `Oh him, aye he put up a fair struggle’ Mr Finlay laughed and grabbed his cock `But I nailed him, cocky wee shite’ `So you admit it? I couldn’t believe he was being so casual about it `Get over yourself Athol, it’s no more than you were intending to do to him’ Now two things really pissed me off, firstly Mr Finlay’s attitude it stunk and secondly, there was no way I would attack a boy like that. `You don’t sound sorry at all’ `Och he will be all right at least he knows who is boss now, you can have your turn next week, it was well worth it I can tell you’ I grabbed Finlay’s arm and two inches from his face shouted `The difference between us is I would never have forced him, consensual sex is one thing, rape a totally different ball game’ As I finished my sentence he turned to walk away. Now Finlay aka Mr Finlay had been in my family’s employment for many years, it was him who had introduced me to man sex when I was fourteen, but he had never treated me like he had treated Fortnum, he had never once been violent with me. `Don’t you dare walk away when I am speaking to you’, He looked skyward `Your finished here, return to the Castle gather up your stuff and leave, I will have your papers and money ready’ `You can’t dismiss me’ `I just have. Now leave, you are no longer welcome at the Castle or within its grounds, you’re lucky I don’t call the Police, very lucky, now get out of my sight’ I was shaking with emotion as he turned, he spat at the ground and walked off. `You haven’t heard the last from me’ He hissed as he stormed off. I followed him up to the Castle waiting while he gathered up his belongings, I handed him an envelope containing his outstanding wages and followed him as he made his way to the main Castle door, he pulled it open and gave me a look of disgust, spitting the following words as he walked out. `You will never be the Laird of Frazer Castle your father was, boy’ Another rumble of thunder, I looked up at the sky, they had been right a storm was coming and by the looks of it a bad one at that. I stood at the Castle door watching as Mr Finlay walked off down the driveway, if he was quick he should be at the first village in about half an hour, as more thunder rumbled about and the first spits of rain fell, I went inside and closed the heavy oak door, bolting it for good measure. I gathered together the other Masters and told them that Mr Finlay was no longer welcome at the Castle and that I had terminated his employment; further I warned them that no boy was to be disciplined without me knowing all about it; I didn’t mention the sexual assault, it would have been Fortnum’s word against Mr Finlay’s and the Police would never have believed a mere teenage boy. With Mr Finlay gone however I had more responsibilities, until I could find a replacement, I set off to make sure all the Castles doors and windows were secure. Çeşme Escort Bayan With most of the boys now having tea, I got a tray with a three plates of food for Fortnum, Thomas and myself and then made my way back up to my room, a quick knock and it was opened by Thomas, he was in stocking feet, his fringe flopped over his face as he helped me with the tray; he was gorgeous. `How’s the patient? `He has been sleeping Sir… Mr MacDonald Sir, his under pants are all ripped’ Mr MacDonald, placed his finger to his lips `David, the person who did it has gone, you are all safer now’ He smiled at me and his face told me, he didn’t want to speak about it further. `David see if Fortnum is awake yet and see if he is hungry, its mince and tatties tonight’ Mr MacDonald set his little table for three, Fortnum was hungry and now a lot calmer, he joined us at the table. Mr MacDonald stood `Boys well, I need a drink, now normally you won’t be asked, but after today, I think you can both have a small one, what do you say? Fortnum and I both grinned and nodded `Okay one large and two small Whiskeys coming up’ Mr MacDonald went to his bureau and tapped a small panel, it sprung open, inside was a bottle of Whiskey and some shot glass, he poured himself a large one and two much smaller ones for us, he joined us back at the table, placing the bottle in the centre. `Mr MacDonald Sir’ I had barely got the words out of my mouth `Thomas, please when we are in private can you call me Mr Mac, oh and drop the Sir, it will be so much quicker and I won’t have to wait so long to hear your daft question’ He burst out laughing, so did Fortnum, the joke was on me. He raise his shot glass `Slan-ge-var’ (Before leaving the Castle at the end of the War, I would find out he had spoken Gaelic, what he had said was `Slainte mhath’ which means `Cheers’ and is pronounced `Slan-ge-var’.) We all sat chatting, having finished our mince and tatties, Mr Mac even let us have another small Whiskey. The storm had definitely been getting worse, the wind was now howling and moaning through the battlements above us, the old windows rattling in their frames, there was a great flash of lightening and the lights flickered, went off and flickered back on, immediately on the tails of the lightening was a huge crack of thunder, it rolled around the sky as the rain began hammering against the windows. `Let’s hope the ghost of the stable boy is safely in his bed’ Mr Mac looked suddenly serious, then burst out laughing pointing at me `Oh David you should have seen your face’ `That’s not funny’ `Och, you only have to worry when you can hear the horses’ hooves and their dying neighing and whining as they collapsed, Oh and the footsteps on the stone stairs…outside this room’ `No don’t say that’ I shut my eyes and put my fingers in my ears, `la la la la la la’ I was wishing Mr Mac had not had several Whiskeys now, he might find it funny, but I was now proper scared. `Come on it’s time we all got off to bed’ Mr Mac looked at Fortnum, his face deadly serious `Would you rather I slept in the chair? Fortnum shook his head `No its okay’ Mr Mac smiled at him and nodded `Your safe now, remember that’ Fortnum nodded and mouthed `thank you’ We all got stripped off even Fortnum, I tried not to stare at him but couldn’t help seeing a bruise in the shame of an open hand on his back, right between his shoulder blades, he winced as he slowly clambered into the bed, followed by Mr Mac, then me in the middle. We snuggled down, enjoying the warmth from each other’s bodies, the heavy eiderdown pulled up till it was just under our noses. Mr Mac kissed my head as he spooned into me, I did the same to Fortnum and soon they were both drifting off to sleep. Me, I lay listening to the storm outside, and the sounds of the old Castle, I sat up, `What was that? `David, come on sleep, it’s nothing’ Mr Mac stroked my chest `Sleep’ I had barely got myself snuggled down when the window burst open in the wind, there it was again, a distant cry carried on the wind, I sat up again. The room suddenly cold, I was torn between looking and pulling the covers over my head; why had he mentioned the ghost story, that had been a stormy night too. `Mr Mac can you shut the window’ He sighed and clambered out of bed, his body temporarily illuminated in a flash of lightening, his cock swinging as he pulled the window closed again, as he did, there it was again. `Did you hear it that time? `David, come on man, your imagining things, get back to sleep’ Mr Mac clambered back into bed, his chest damp from the rain, he put his arm back round me and snuggled into me. I must have drifted Escort Çeşme off, the hammering on the door had me awake again, now I was a nervous wreck, I closed my eyes tight. `Mr Mac, Mr Mac, there is someone banging on the door’ He groaned and opened his eyes `David stop it now, there is no ghost’ His eyes shot to mine as the banging commenced again. He looked at his watch `Christ who can this be’ He clambered out of bed and went to the door as I hid under the covers `Who is it? `Mr MacDonald, it’s me Mr Evans, the police are at the front door’ `The Police? `Yes, they are asking for you’ `Okay give me a minute’ I peeked out from under the covers as Mr MacDonald rushed around getting dressed, he opened the door and was gone. The commotion had woken Fortnum, he groaned as he turned onto his back `What is it? `The Police are here? Fortnum sat up, his face looked worried again `What about? `I don’t know, Mr Mac has gone to find out’ Fortnum laid back, I snuggled up to him, letting my hand toy with the hairs on his chest, finding each nipple hard, I slid my hand down further across his hairy stomach, he turned and smiled at me, I let my hand follow down his treasure trail, it met his cock, he was hard, he grinned at me again, I slid my head under the covers, and made my way downwards, my nose picking up his warmth and scent, my lips located his swollen bellend, he gasped as they parted taking it in to mouth. I felt his hands grip my head as my tongue slowly worked his cockhead and glans for his precum, he moaned and thrust ever so gently into my warm mouth, he didn’t take long, he arched his back as his morning wood, began pumping his thick load into my mouth, he moaned in pleasure, I lay there in the dark his cock softening in my mouth. `You all right under there? He said pulling up the covers, I smiled up at him and nodded. Mr MacDonald takes over Having got myself dressed, I tried to open the door and slip out, I had practically stood on Mr Evans as he attempted to look into my room, I managed to close the door. `What do the Police want? Mr Evans shrugged his shoulders, `They just asked if MacDonald was here, I take it that’s you?’ I nodded, Scottish gentry only used the family last name and now I was head of the family, that’s who they asked for, I made my way downstairs, two officers of the local Constabulary where standing in the hall. `Good Morning Officers, what can I do for you? `MacDonald, I am Inspector Gutherie and this is Sargent Brown, I am afraid we have some bad news for you’ I looked at them `For me? The Inspector nodded. `Last night in that terrible storm there was a horrible accident, someone was hit by a car in the black out on the road to Craigearn although the driver stopped and searched, they could find no one, well the search resumed this morning and a body was found, it appears to be Mr Finlay; who I know is employed here at the Castle, when he was struck by the car, it unfortunately broke both of his legs; the bones both sticking out through the skin.’ The Inspector shook his head and carried on, `He was found in the bushes some distance from the site of the accident, it looks like he was attempting to drag himself towards the Castle’ `Oh my God Inspector, that’s awful’ `Aye he would have died in agony, he was found with his mouth open as if he died screaming for help, but with that storm, no one could hear him’ `Bloody hell’ The Inspector looked at me again `Sorry, what did you say? `Nothing important Inspector’ `Have you any idea why he would have been out in such a storm? `None Inspector’ I thought it better to keep my own council. `We will need you to identify the body if that’s okay, I don’t think he has any other family’ `Certainly Inspector’ `Oh one final thing, do you own the horses in the field near the woods? `No Inspector, they don’t belong to me, why? `Oh two of the beasts were found dead near Mr Finlay, the storm must have panicked them, they died of exhaustion according to the vet’ The Officers turned to leave `I will send a car later, if you would be so kind to identify Mr Finlay formally, sorry to be the bearer of such bad news ` And they were gone. I turned to go back up the stairs, so that was what Thomas had heard on the wind; I thought it best to say nothing to him, he would never sleep again. My own mind raced, a terrible accident or the ghost extracting revenge on another cruel master, I shook my head; I need to get a grip of myself. ****************** Guy’s let me know if you want me to continue David’s adventures. There’s nothing more rewarding than hearing from you with suggestions or even just that your enjoying my stories, please feel free to email me. Other stories by this writer: `NightCam Fun’ `Exploring my brother’ `Joshs Adventures series’ `An Army life for me’ `Grandmas Bedroom’ `Dominic Online’ `Vampyre’ `Scream if you want to go faster’ `The Extraordinary Christmas Party’

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