In due course it happened one day when one of her girlfriends watched when she came for coffee. She was very excited and agitated while she watched and very complementary. “Your ass is magnificent Sarah, and your man has a wonderful, big thick cock,” she told us we enjoyed performing for her. That was when we both realized we enjoyed performing – fucking – for an audience.

Soon we had performed for a male and female at the same time, two women, two men, two young boys, and two young girls. A real buzz for both of us with a young boy and girl at the same time.

On a recent Friday night we had invited one of Sarah’s girlfriends, Lexi, for dinner. A very attractive and exciting blond woman around our age with a wonderful body. We had both agreed we wanted to seduce her, pleasure her and be pleasured by her.

Sarah reminded her, “Eroticism, unlike simple sexual activity, is a psychological quest. Erotica is simply high-class pornography; better produced, better conceived, better executed, better packaged, designed for a better class of consumer. It is always difficult to define between the erotic and the pornographic.

“The erotic is a form of power specific to women. There are many kinds of power: for me nothing beats sexual power. I love the notion of erotica as simply high-class pornography. This could be very exciting for us, we are both gender fluid, exhibitionists and love sex with an audience.”

By the time we had desert, we had teased her by recounting some of our three-ways and four-somes. “I would love to participate in some of those situations with you and your man Sarah,” she told us. “However my current man and I have promised to be faithful to each other. So tempting though Sarah, very tempting,” she told her as Sarah sucked her finger and I a finger on her other hand.

“One of my girlfriends told me she watched you two fucking one day. Would you like to fuck for me while I watch?,” Lexi teased with a wicked smile.

“Now or later?,” Sarah teased back as she took my hand. “Are you familiar with the saxophone version of Rhapsody in Blue? Incredibly sexy mood music to make love and fuck by,” Sarah smiled as she pressed a few buttons and the music commenced.

“That is such a fucking turn on, I love it,” Lexi whispered as she watched us sitting on a chair while I had Sarah’s magnificent ass in my hands as she rode my erection.

A week later Lexi phoned Sarah and asked if we would like to perform for her and her man. “And four of my girlfriends? My girlfriends are all in their forties, still attractive and discreet.”

Sarah took control. “This Friday night,” and told her to book a suite Çorum Escort at one of the local major hotels, She nominated a room number, and told her that particular room had a large bedroom with mirrors on all the walls and ceiling. “And have them playing the longest saxophone version of Rhapsody in Blue, incredibly sexy mood music.”

The day before Lexi phoned and asked if one of the women friends could bring along her driver. “He is actually her toyboy, half her age.”

“Good, that means there will be five women watching and two men,” Sarah told her. “Are you fine with that baby,” she asked me knowing I would be, an extra frisson for both us.

When we arrived the concierge showed us into a room adjoining the suite Lexi had organized so we could prepare. “My friends are all present,” she told us she lifted a blind so we could look at them through a two-way mirror. All her female friends were immaculately dressed in cocktail outfits as they sipped champagne and chatted.

Lexi pointed out her man and the woman with her driver / toyboy. “He has never watched another couple fucking before today,” she told us as she watched us prepare.

Sarah loves to tease another woman with her naked body and I love watching her do it. This was no exception as she flashed open the simple, plain dress she was wearing to show Lexi her wonderful thighs and beautifully shaved cunt as she ogled her naked body.

“Do you think your friends will like this outfit, always my heels first,” Sarah smiled before I helped her on with a tiny, high waisted black thong. Then a black, backless dress, that stopped half way up her glorious thighs.

“Will you be able to achieve an erection for my friends?,” Lexi asked me as she looked closely at my naked body.

“Lick his nipples and he will,” Sarah whispered while she helped clip my high waisted black jock strap.

“Are you going to worship Sarah’s magnificent ass for my friends? Are you going to suck his big, thick cock for them? Are you going to wear a cock ring?,” Lexi asked.

“Of course, if that is that your wish?,” we both teased.

“Just as I promised Sarah and her man for your entertainment my friends, very adult entertainment I might add, enjoy,” we heard Lexi announce for our cue.

We could feel the sexual tension when we walked hand-in-hand into the huge bedroom, the center of attention for five women and two men watching our every move. We tongue kissed like two teenagers before Sarah stood facing a mirror, legs spread with her hands resting on it for support.

I was on my knees as I slowly lifted her dress to show our audience Sarah’s magnificent Çorum Escort Bayan ass cheeks framed by her tiny thong, then just as I had done countless times, licking and kissing her ass cheeks.

The reaction from our audience, a collective gasp, was precisely as Sarah and I had wanted, we were turning on our audience and ourselves and enjoying being sexual exhibitionists.

Then I turned her around, stood behind her as we tongue kissed and lifted her skirt just enough release the clip of her thong fo show our audience her wonderful thighs and shaved cunt lips.

I knelt between her legs and teased her engorged clit with the tip of my tongue. “So good baby. I love it,” she was moaning involuntarily,

“Your turn to be pleasured baby,” Sarah whispered, she had the full attention of our audience as my jock strap fell to my ankles.

Earlier Lexi had asked me, “Will you be able to achieve an erection for my friends?,” as she looked closely at my naked body. I took great delight in standing very close to her and her man and making eye contact as they watched Sarah slide a cock ring onto my roaring erection then clip it under my balls.

I was flattered when Lexi whispered to her red faced man, while sucking one of his fingers, “I told you he had a thick, nine-inch erection. Do you like looking at it?”

I had my back to a mirror, hands behind my head as Sarah pushed my erection into my stomach, licked my balls, then licked the underside of it as I made eye contact with all those watching. I decided to keep eye contact with the woman and her driver / toyboy.

Her toyboy had an obvious erection as Sarah leaned on a table and spread her legs for me.

The long playing saxophone version of Rhapsody in Blue, was slowly building to crescendo as I licked and kissed Sarah’s ass cheeks, then slowly slid the full length of my erection into her, while grasping her ass cheeks.

A week later Lexi phoned. “We have unfinished business Sarah and Roger. Is your offer still open, the three of us, so tempting, very tempting? I want to have you both on your terms, oral sex, outer sex only, my man has agreed on the condition I tell him about it,” Lexi asked a week later.

“Why not bring him along?”

“No. I want to tease him and make him jealous, very jealous.

A few days later we were both eagerly anticipating Lexi’s visit. It seemed like weeks ago had both wanted to seduce her and she begged off. Though we did enjoy fucking while she watched.

“I am to pleasure and be pleasured, you two have aroused my libido to new highs, incredibly new highs,” she told us as she kissed both of Escort Çorum us passionately. Sarah slid the zip at the back of her short, black cocktail dress and helped her shrug it to her ankles.

Just as I had fantasised Lexi has a magnificent body, showcased by her skimpy, sexy clack underwear. Sarah was kissing her as she removed her bra, “I have a fetish for women with good tits, yours are magnificent,” she whispered as she licked, then sucked her nipples. “You too baby, lick and suck her magnificent tits.

“I have wanted to tongue fuck you from the first moment I met you,” Sarah told her as she slid her thong past her heels.

“How did you know I was bi Sarah?”

“The way you sucked my finger when I offered it to you,” she whispered as Sarah knelt, grasped her ass cheeks and teased her almost bald vagina with the tip of her tongue.

“Take me to your sex chair, the one in front of the wall mirror. I want to have both of you at same time, I want to suck your man’s huge, thick cock while you tongue fuck me.

Sarah had her arms wrapped around Lexi’s thighs as she expertly commenced licking her cunt lips. “Is she good Lexi?,” I asked rhetorically as I tongue kissed her before I rubbed the tip of my erection over her erect nipples.

“Even better than I have been fantasizing, so fucking good,” she told me as she slid a hand along my erection before she wrapped her lips around it.

An hour later in the afterglow we are still wet in our shower room after we showered together. “I am still horny, you two are such a turn on for me,” Lexi told us in an agitated voice with a hand on both of us. “I want to tongue fuck you in a three-way Sarah, no I am going to tongue fuck you. I can visualise two ways. We reverse what we just had, I tongue fuck you in your sex chair while you suck your man’s cock. Or more exciting, you can sit on my face while I grasp your ass cheeks and lick you to orgasm while your man tongue fucks me.

“Option two please,” Sarah replied knowing I would enjoy the challenge of tongue fucking Lexi as she was tongue fucking her, while she watched.

“I love the mirrors on the walls and ceiling,” Lexi told us as she admired her naked body laying on her back before I laid between her legs and wrapped my arms around her thighs.

“And I love watching you tongue fucking another woman, love it,” Sarah told me as she watched my tongue pleasuring Lexi’s already wet cunt lips. “He is good isn’t he?,” Sarah asked Lexi as they tongue kissed as she teased her nipples with a fingertip.

“And so are you, magic, fucking magic,” Sarah whispered very aroused as she knelt over Lexi’s lips, her body facing me.

“You two are a pornographers delight, can I bring my man next time?,” Lexi asked as she departed.

“No, you and I have unfinished business, just you and Lexi,” Sarah told her.

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