Over Bonding Ch. 01

Ball Gag

People used to say college was the time for every adult teen to live their life at the fullest, and at that moment, at that day, Alyssa couldn’t disagree more. Her classes were almost over and she felt she was about to explode in more than one sense.

She was pretending to bite her pen out of boredom so she wouldn’t bite her lips and giveaway her desperation and growing arousal. Just to try to kill her braincells, Alyssa focused in her algebra book, but didn’t even try to solve it or anything, she just wanted to fill her brains with numbers in hope to hold herself till she could go. And then have an overdue re-encounter with someone special.

That someone special being no other than Caroline, her best friend, older cousin, or Carol, like she liked to be called her, and today she was going to visit her at home with her auntie, and just like in any other visit, their mothers would gossip with each other away for hours, leaving both girls alone in home to do anything they wanted.

And when they meant anything, was anything.

Like a savior and call from heaven, the bell finally rang, dismissing every student.

She stood up slowly, denoting her rather tall height 5”9, white fair skin and her black and messy loose hair, which covered most of her back, falling down to her lower back.

Despite how much Alyssa wanted to just run away, she had to pretend like every day of her life, especially now that a raging boner and expanding balls threatened to burst her clothes and difficulted her walking. Also her green long knee skirts didn’t help her walk too much anyways.

Those little times were the most difficult parts of her day for her unusual assets, although its punctual perks, like professors giving her an easier time with academic matters for “medical private reasons”

But on that day on particular, Alyssa seriously doubted she could make it home without making a scene and showing everyone her hulking secret.

“Deep breaths and blank mind, Alyssa, deep breaths and blank mind.” Repeated Alyssa in her mind.

Blank mind…white…just like her room when she and Carol…

“N-not now! Hg-just get outside, Mom is waiting for us.” Warned her inner voice, and just like it said, Alyssa spotted her mom’s car among many others and hastened to reach it.

As she almost busted through the window car and let herself in the back seat, she sighed heavily to herself.

“Hi ma! Can we go?” Said Alyssa as calm and normal as possible while she spread her legs occupying the nearly the whole space for her bulge.

“Cutie! You finally arrive! Your bestie and your aunt must be waiting for us at home already.” Suggested without looking at her daughter and drove away.

“I know, I can barely wait!” Alyssa smiled to herself while she imagined what was about to happen that day. But that joy only lasted for a short time, the drive to home was painfully slow to Alyssa, so it was no surprise she was the first to literally jump out of the car once they arrived home and burst through the door and passing her aunt who was on the living room couch on her phone.

“Hi Aunt Betty Bye Aunt betty!” Shouted quickly at a flashing speed as she dropped her backpack at the door and went upstairs.

“Why, hi Alyssa, hey Tina.” Said glancing over her phone and shortly after came Alyssa’s mother and the smiled at each other as their greet.

“Kids now days, am I right?” Said Tina as she sit down with her sister.

“Don’t even get me started, the other day I saw this video of these teens that…” The sisters continued talking and catching up.

Meanwhile, Alyssa climbed the stairs as fast as she could, and then came to a dead stop in front of her door, she could see through the doorframe the room’s light was on, but that didn’t stop her and with an excited and shaking hand, she turned the doorknob and came in.

The door opened slowly, her room was unusually empty for any teenager, it just consisted in a bed, a desk, and many, many wet used clothes all over the floor. It had a window but it was covered by a heavy curtain, still, her window, just like all the windows in the house, had polarized glass to prevent any peeper watching inside.

Shortly after she entered the room and expected to be alone, the door behind her closed and before she could turn around, a pair of hands covered her eyes.

“Guess who aaaaaam I?” A playful female voice singed as she pulled her closer to herself into a intimate hug. A smile grew on Alyssa’s face as she took one of her captor’s hand and drew way down her body.

“Oh no!” Exclaimed Alyssa over dramatically, putting her palm over her forehead. “A kidnapper! Please! Don’t hurt me, I’ll do anything you want!”

“Anything? Like, reeeally anything?” The voice asked as she tighten her hug to her pseudo-pray and Alyssa felt a head being rested upon her shoulder.

“Yes! Just don’t hurt me.”

“Then how about you let me do this…” Said in a flirty deep tone, removed the hands out of her eyes and Bolu Escort turned her around. Alyssa saw her cousin Carol in front of her and the first thing she did was greeting her with a large kiss in her forehead, as Carol separated herself from her, Alyssa could see her clearly. She hadn’t changed much, Alyssa was still only slightly shorter than her, only by mere inches, but something she would still make fun of sometimes.

She also noticed she let her hair grow larger than usual, matching her own, and if her eyes didn’t play tricks on her, her boobs had grown slightly, making them bigger than her own. Seeing that made her forgotten and growing erection in her pants too big for her to ignore due to the pain of being constricted in such small space.

“God, how I missed you!” Said Carol as she finally was satisfied, for now. “College back in Seattle was soooo boring”

“I’m glad you are here too, I thought I was gonna die without you, what do you wanna do right now?”

“I heard they opened an arcade games in a mall nearby. Remember that time we tried to get a plushie with tickets and didn’t have enough, and they closed before we could get it? You cried for weeks.” She laughed while she bent holding her stomach.

“That was actually yo–“

“Anyways!” Carol interrupted unnecessary loud as she threw her hands up in the air. “We could try again, and who knows, after that we could go and have some fun here just the two of us.” Then Carol posed with her hand on her hip as she tilted her body towards Alyssa with that bright smile full of confidence.

Frick. Alyssa knew she meant some innocent, not filled with lewd plays, fun. But the way she said it…and that posed she loved, and her smile, god dammit…She felt her bulge severely restrained would explode right there to the point she began to sweat.

Carol didn’t take long to notice the sweat, as well the bulge, lightly, but easily visible for her keen eyes and the fact she was with the only futa she knew.

Soon her nose detected a very well-known smell, but strong all the same. She couldn’t keep her lips from pressing into a straight worrying line.

Her bright carefree eyes began to turn dark as her expression did the same. She put her hands together and started to rub her fingers together fidgeting.

“Or…” A grey tone came out of her voice. And just when it looked like her voice would go even darker, Carol took a large breath and lighten herself up as much as she could. “I could help you…with your not so little something.” She came closer, putting herself next to her, almost rubbing their bodies together, but then immediately after giving Alyssa some space. “Only if you want, I mean.” She put raised her two hands in front of herself.

“You know I’m okay if you want to deal with this on your own, or if you don’t wanna talk about it. Heck, if you want me to leave so you can have some privacy. You know whatever you decide I’m okay with it.”

Alyssa was not even sure if she had been breathing while Carol rambled, but when she finally processed in her mind she expected an answer from her she forced herself to breath deeply.

“I-I…I want-I need…your help.”

“Of course.” She stepped closer once again and looked at Alyssa’s skirt. “I’m going to pull this thing down. Okay?”

Alyssa nodded stiffly.

Carol began to pull down Alyssa’s skirt carefully, like if her legs were to bruise if she did it just a little too strong. As the skirt descended Carol could see once again her cousin’s special underwear. Supposedly designed to make sure no bulges were visible, but as she removed her skirt, said bulge became even more prominent. Not only that, she could at the bottom of it a dark wet dot slowly growing. They had a lot of work forward.

After notable care, Carol removed her skirt. Then she kneeled down to Alyssa’s underwear, rising her hands to the edges of it. Right before grabbing them, she looked up to Alyssa, asking with her eyes for permission.

Alyssa nodded once again as she closed her eyes and looked away. Carol’s fingers had just brushed the edges of her underwear when Alyssa stopped her.

“Wait, we shouldn’t wait at least for…”

Mom and Mom to leave? They should be doing that any second now.” Carol straightened herself and went to the door, placing her ear against it as she waited for any signs. Signs she received when she heard the footsteps of their Moms on the front door.

“Sweeeeties! We are leaving for groceries! Don’t open the door to strangers and…you know the rest, bye!”

Alyssa and Carol heard their mothers giggle before the main door was closed and they were left alone.

“Alright.” Carol muttered and went back to kneeling to Alyssa’s underwear. “Now, just relax, and try to enjoy at least, it will be over before you know it.”

She removed the belt around the edge of the underwear so it doesn’t fall off by accident. But still, pulling it down took a considerable effort, as it was wrapped around Bolu Escort Bayan Alyssa’s hips as an extra safety measure.

As it went down, inch by inch, Carol could see the root from where it came her cousin’s cock. And a thick root it was. It could easily cover half of her face if it she recalled correctly–and if it hadn’t grown–. That seemed to be the case when Carol reached Alyssa’s thick shaft, enclosed around by purple veins as large as her cock, all leading to her tip, somehow bigger and thicker than her shaft. As Carol kept pulling down her underwear, she had already reached below Alyssa’s calf, and she was still uncovering her cock. When she reached her tip, it was like it was stuck with it, taking all of her strength to free the over-endowed virile organ.

And when she did, Alyssa’s cock sprang out like a catapult, already spilling precum from her large tip, and due to the speed it came out, her precum flied to the walls, and her hard tip hit Carol like a bag of bricks and knocked her to the ground.

Immediately Alyssa went to her bestie to help her, getting too close and rubbing her cock against Carol’s body, unintentionally arousing her further, and making her cock spew a large spray of precum over Carol and staining her clothes.

“I’m sorry Carol! I’m sorry! I’m sorry!” She repeated while she tried to help her stand up, but her cock got in the way and made it difficult for Alyssa to help Carol.

“Is okay.” She said as calmly as she ever was. “I should have seen that coming.” She cleared the precum off her face as well as she could and stood up, only to notice it had also stained her clothes. “Well shit…”

“I’m really really sorry, I can’t control this thing!” She cried while her hands covered her mouth.

“Oh well, who cares? Is not like they are gonna be any better after we are through.” With an unfazed expression, Carol then checked on Alyssa once more, who looked at her with hurt eyes, making her drop her solemn act for a moment. “Not that I’m throwing anything at your face! I mean, you, of course, know how things go down.”


“And guess we do. So. What do you wanna do with “it” today?” It was only then Carol bothered to look at her cousin’s cock, and to her not so volatile surprise, it had grown since the last time they’ve seen each other.

Her pale cock stood up erect at a nearly 45 degrees angle, weighted down by her own large as a fist purple tip, both her cock and groin clean and completely hairless. Several veins thick as fingers of the same color came from her groin, stretching themselves all the way through her length. Her cock took all the space in her groin it barely looked like it such mass of meat was capable of coming from such little space.

They were a couple of feet apart from each other, and still Alyssa’s cock erased that distance with an ease that would frighten the rest of the world.

But she was not like the rest of the world. AND she was the only one beside Alyssa herself who knew how to deal with such giant behemoth.

Carol followed Alyssa’s eyes looking at her stained clothes.

And looking through her.

“Have you missed my body?” Carol ran her fingers through her chest. Alyssa didn’t answer, but her cock did, throbbing right after she asked. “Well then what are we waiting for?”

Carol gave a few step backs and turned around, giving her back to Alyssa, and to “it”.

Then she took the edge of her shirt and started to remove it slowly. First only showing her slim, almost model-like abdomen and stomach. She separated her legs and made her hips and ass dance before continuing to remove her shirt until she only had her bra on. Immediately after she threw her shirt to somewhere she was not looking at.

Then she turned back to Alyssa, showing her breasts to her as she squeezed them slightly with her hands. There Alyssa confirmed her suspicions, her breasts had grown too. This realization made her cock shoot another spray of precum, landing in between Carol’s legs.

“Someone is really excited.”

“Y-yeah…” Alyssa said in a low pitch screech.

“Care to help me?” Carol wiggled her butt to Alyssa.

She walked to her, each step being clumsy and heavy. With her cock in the way didn’t make the task easy at all. Alyssa shoved it down in between her legs as Carol waited for her with a provoking smile.

She had to sit on her cock so Alyssa could take her pants off. They obviously didn’t think this through.

Her ass was not too outstanding, but Alyssa still had too much shyness to look at it, now Carol only had her bra on and decided go to play, taking her cock between her hands, making Alyssa’s tip spill pre continuously. Her cock was so long Carol didn’t need to crouch.

Even with both of her hands around her shaft Carol could not wrap her hands around it. Carol covered her hands with the pre Alyssa was spilling and caressed her cock up and down. At first she started slowly, letting her get accustomed to the Escort Bolu feeling of her touching her secret once more.

When Alyssa tensed her body she knew she was doing a fine job.

“Do you like that?”

“Y-yes.” She whispered.

“Would like this?” She put her lips over Alyssa’s tip, it was so big she couldn’t put it inside her mouth even if she wanted, Carol just sucked the slit in her tip and drank her precum, instantly feeling painting her face in white and feeling her body a lot warmer.

“Your cum taste so salty. Is delicious.” Carol hissed. “You should taste it too.” She took her shaft and lifted it, but only for a moment, before it slipped out of her hands. Alyssa’s cock was heavier than she remembered. Alyssa quickly stepped in and helped Carol to raise her member, to Alyssa lift her own cock was a lot easier.

Vertically, Alyssa’s tip ended right in front of her face, allowing her to eat her precum alongside Carol, each on one side of the tip, but as Alyssa felt one sudden surge of precum flowing through her veins in her shaft, making them bulge greatly, she was overwhelmed by her pleasure and took Carol’s space on sucking her own tip, right as when a large white blast flared, painting in white not only her face but her hair, as well Carol’s.

Alyssa froze for a moment while she caught her breath. “God…I feel like…I’m about to explode.” She exhaled between breaths. This line made Carol realized she hadn’t pay any attention to Alyssa’s balls.

She looked down and took several seconds to understand what she saw, and wished she had seen it sooner.

The balls hanging from Alyssa’s crotch were nearly as her thighs put together, they were so big they could only hang behind her legs, and not between them, they almost reaching her knees, and they would soon do so if they didn’t get drained properly.

“Okay, okay.” Carol took a deep sigh internally. “That’s what you are here for. You got this.” She crouched, and let Alyssa have all of her precum for her alone. While she descended, she kept stroking Alyssa’s thick shaft until she reached her even thicker ballsack.

At first Carol ran the tip of her fingers through the skin on her balls to not startle Alyssa, despite her precautions, Alyssa did startle all the same, earning another surge of precum which ended falling on Carol’s back, but didn’t get bothered or aroused by it.

Carol could only hold one of her balls properly if she used both of her hands. Not only they were hard and incredibly heavy–Carol seriously wondered how Alyssa managed to carry this all day everyday like nothing–she felt like she was lifting some sort of dumbbells, but also they were sticky and sweaty, not only in actual sweat but precum that had fallen down Alyssa’s shaft. That precum helped Carol on caressing her balls one at a time, immediately noticing the effect her work had on Alyssa, as her giant cock began to spew precum at a faster rate.

“Don’t stop…Carol…ooooh.” Alyssa lost her eyes in the ceiling while she couldn’t contain her moans.

“Oh don’t worry. I won’t stop until-uhmm!–” Alyssa pushed Carol’s mouth to her balls with her hands tightly, not letting her go and holding her with surprising strength. With no much other option, Carol decided to follow along with what Alyssa wanted.

With her hands she grabbed the back of her balls and squeezed them at the same time she pushed them to her lips and kissed them as hard as she could, being so close to her cousin’s laden cum-factories she could hear and feel them churning and rumbling with amounts of cum she could never imagine.

Meanwhile Alyssa stroked a miniscule part of her own cock with only one hand while she used her other hand to keep Carol glued to her balls. Her breathing was becoming fast and erratic, all while she couldn’t stop swinging her hips, at first slow, like just little muscle spasm as her hand continued to stroke her member, but quickly became as erratic as her breathing, enough for Carol to notice Alyssa was getting close.

She felt how Alyssa’s basketball-sized testicles gave a growth spurt before she ached her back and her legs tensed, there Carol knew there was no stopping now.

The spilling of precum from her tip stopped only one second before a much major blast of cum came out of her meat cannon.

A large part of the wall in front of Alyssa got immediately covered in her white pasta-like goo, staying

Then, Carol got in her knees and grabbed Alyssa’s orange-oversized balls with her hands, or rather, just one of them. They were so big Carol could only hold one at a time and started kissing Alyssas’s lower shaft while squeezing her balls as hard as she could, barely making a dent.

As soon as she touched her cousin’s balls, her hands began to sweat due to the heat not only her balls, but Alyssa’s whole package gave off.

Shortly after she began with her ball’s workout, a liquid fell to her head and through her face, covering her eyes for a moment, she separated herself from Alyssa and saw what she was desiring. Alyssa’s massive head cock began to spew precum at a fast rate. This made Carol’s eyes expand in wonder and joy and immediately started to roam her tongue all over Alyssa’s thick and burning shaft and veins.

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