Overwhelmed–The Return Pt. 04


The next few days she continued my training and was relatively gentle with me when we had sex. She didn’t take my ass for those days so I was able to finally relax, relatively speaking. Any and all bruises I had healed up and she continued to have me work out. I was settled into the routine she had established, just like a pet.

Friday morning after I exercised, she told me that tonight would be my big debut at the club. She told me if I did well that I would be spending the night with Big E. This was not something that excited me but what choice did I have? She locked me in my cage and told me she was going to go find a special outfit for me to wear. I laid there and dozed. I figured I would be in for a long night so I had better rest up as much as I could.

A couple of hours later I heard her return and she breezed into my room in a very good mood. She unlocked the cage and had me come out and sent me to shower to get ready. I did as she instructed and returned to her having my outfit for the night lying out. It was a Lux Lingerie Candy set. It consisted of a bra, thong, suspender belt, choker and leg garters in pink and yellow. She removed my collar for the choker but pulled me close and told me that just because I wasn’t wearing the collar, I had better behave like I was or she would beat my fat ass black and blue. I quickly told her I was not going to misbehave in any way, shape or fashion. She terrified me having spanked me hard and punched me once. Some may call her a bully, but I knew deep down she did it for my own good. She had told me on numerous occasions as she fucked me that she cared deeply for me and would take care of me. I dressed in the outfit she had for me and found some heels to wear with it. My hair was fixed up in a ponytail and I did a little twirl for her once I was finished getting ready. My heart swelled a little as she smiled, enjoying what she saw. She had on a nice suit, no tie again and walked ahead of me, commanding me to follow her, which I did.

We drove again to the club with me sitting quietly and her hand on my upper thigh, gently rubbing. She led me along back to the same big, black woman that was a bouncer who looked me up and down slowly and told her what a pretty pet she had. I even smiled at the compliment…how far had she taken over my mind for this to have happened?! We entered the club and stood there a moment until our eyes adjusted to the darkness and lights. She grabbed my hand and pulled me along with her, weaving through the crowd again until she found Big E. They talked and it was so loud with the music I really couldn’t tell what was said, all Big E did was look at me and smile. She then reached over and grabbed my arm and yanked me up against her. Her fingers under my chin she lifted my face up and kissed me slow and sensually. She kissed me for what felt like several minutes, then Bodrum Escort pulled away. Her hand still holding my arm she pulled me with her and we walked away from my Master.

Big E led me to one wall and up some steps to what looked like a big bird cage. She opened it and tugged me and I walked into it. She told me to dance for everyone and closed and locked the door. The cage lifted up a few feet until I was probably 3 feet off the floor. The music thumping, I started to dance. And all of these strong black women were watching and dancing along with me. I could see a few other white women there, just like before. But I was the main attraction at that time. I knew my Master was watching me from somewhere. Fear and a desire to please her fueled me and I began dancing as sexily as I could. One song, two, three, I lost count of how long I was up there. My body was coated in sweat when the cage finally lowered. Women had been dancing around, reaching up and grabbing the cage and pushing and pulling it, making it swing side to side some as I danced for them.

Big E was there again, opening the cage and pulling me out. I had barely stepped out when she wrapped her big arms around me and locked me in another deep kiss. My body was crushed against hers. Women were yelling all around us. I felt her hands slide down my back and grab my ass. She would turn me a bit, letting everyone see her hands grabbing my ass cheeks, squeezing them. Her tongue explored my mouth, dominating my tongue as it chased it around my mouth. There was no doubt in anyone’s mind that I was property. When she finally broke the kiss, a drink was pressed into my hand. I didn’t even think about it, I was so hot from dancing that I just took it and gulped it. It was a very strong mixed drink, tequila based from the taste. Before I could even finish it completely, another was pressed into my other hand and she encouraged me to drink up. I finished the first and downed the second in quick order as I was pushed back into the cage. Only this time, a younger black woman joined me. Unlike me, she was wearing an actual dress and not lingerie.

In my heels, I am right at six feet tall. She had on a tight red dress, matching heels and hair down to about her shoulders. She had more of a petite build with I’m guessing b cup breasts and she was all of five feet and maybe four inches tall. I towered over her. As soon as the cage door locked behind her, she looked me up and down and smiled. Before I could even speak, she had reached up, grabbed a handful of my hair and yanked my face down to hers and locked me in a heated kiss. Her other hand literally grabbed my pussy through my thong and cupped it hard. I could feel her fingers pumping against me and I moaned into her mouth. Within a second or two I was pinned against the cage with my ass cheeks split by one of the Bodrum Escort Bayan bars between them. I could hear the music, women yelling and cheering but all I could focus on was her tongue in my mouth and her fingers working my pussy through my thong. I couldn’t stop myself from squeezing my thighs closed against her hand. She pumped her fingers to a fast rhythm and orgasmed me in mere moments. I would have fallen to the floor of the cage if her arms around me hadn’t caught me as she released my hair and pussy. She grabbed the bars of the cage on either side of me and held me up with her body as my mouth escaped hers and I moaned. Everything was spinning as I opened my eyes and my breasts were heaving in my small bra. I slowly straightened up and looked down at her. She smirked at me and pressed her body against mine as she started to dance against me. She backed up just enough to let go of the cage and pull on me and turn me around. As my hands grabbed the cage bars, I felt her grind against my ass. I leaned back against her some and felt one of her hands on my back as the other slid around and covered my tummy. I couldn’t stop myself from whimpering a little as she dipped one fingertip into my belly button and I felt her unclasp my bra. She spun me back around to face her and yanked my bra off of me, dropping it to the floor of the cage. Before my breasts could be exposed completely, she had pulled me hard against her again. She guided my arms up until they were over her shoulders. Her mouth went to one of my breasts and my nipples were instantly hard. She sucked as much of my breast into her mouth as she could as I closed my eyes and moaned again. Both of her arms were wrapped around my waist, holding me there as she sucked my tit. My head was back, eyes closed with my arms around her head. I never saw her kick my bra out of the cage with her foot to the waiting hands of women dancing around us.

She finally switched to my other breast and sucked as much of it as she could into her mouth. My tot was aching from her attentions, my nipple was rock hard and the effects of the alcohol were hitting me by then as well. She held me the same way, shifting me in her arms some as we danced and she sucked my tit. All I could do was moan for her as she licked, sucked and nibbled at my breast. She finally pulled her mouth off of it and spun me again to face the cage bars. She shoved me against them and I grabbed them with my hands, one side of my face mashed against them. My big tits were on display for everyone there to see and they all roared in approval. She started to grind against my ass with her hands against my hips, basically humping my ass like she was fucking me. A few slaps to each cheek had me jumping and yelping for her. One of her hands found it’s way up to my head and she grabbed a handful of my hair. Above the Escort Bodrum music I heard the first words she spoke to me “you like that you, big white bitch?!” is what she yelled. My answer was a moan and whimper at first followed by a loud “YES!!” when she slapped my ass again. She “rode” my ass for almost an entire song and then pulled away. I didn’t even realize the cage had been unlocked and she was gone as I was still clinging to the bars, trying to catch my breath.

Big E reached in and grabbed me by the arm and turned me to face her. She put another drink in my hand and I knocked it back pretty quick. She replaced it again with another and now I was being given pretty much straight tequila. I drank it as well as she smiled at me. She hooked her fingers in the front of my thong and tugged me out of the cage and back down the steps. I swayed along behind her, pretty drunk already and feeling exhausted from the orgasm and dancing. My tits heaved and jiggled as she led me through the crowd. She took me back into the storeroom where I had “met” her a week earlier. She pulled her pants and boxers down to her knees and looked at me. I melted down to the floor on my knees without a single word having to be spoken. My hands were on her upper thighs as my mouth was on her pussy and I ate her out again. I felt one of her big hands on the top and back of my head holding me there as she moaned and thrust against my face. As soon as she came hard and sprayed her fluids on my face, she pulled her boxers and pants back up and fastened them. I was swaying on my knees, my face sticky with her pussy fluids as she walked over to a small bathroom and came back with a damp washcloth. She wiped my face off as she smirked at me and told me Aunt Nicole wanted to see me.

She pulled me to my feet, hooked her fingers in the front of my thong again and tugged me out of the storeroom and through the club. Through the same door to the stairway and up them. I followed her quietly, swaying as I walked, already drunk. She knocked on the door and opened it and there was Aunt Nicole. She was sitting at her desk just like before and broke out into a big smile.

“Bessie!!! It’s so good to see you again!! I see you’ve been having a lot of fun dancing and entertaining!!”

I nodded my head and even I could tell my speech was slurred when I answered with “yes ma’am”. I stood there, swaying drunkenly as she got up and walked around her desk. I saw her wink at Big E, who closed the door behind me. She walked over to the sofa in her office and sat down, smiling at me the whole way.

To be continued….

Hope everyone is enjoying this latest chapter, let me address a couple of concerns that have popped up in comments:

“Master” is being used because through my limited experience some butch women like being called that just as they like to be called “Daddy” on occasion.

I understand some want more of Nana and Sharon and I do plan to go “back in time” and address that more fully instead of just fast forwarding to this chapter. I had taken a pretty long break from writing and am just trying to get a good “feel” for it again.

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