Pictures of You Ch. 05


Continuation of the Jessy19/DanDresden story about a boyfriend and brother with the same name.

The news blaring on the television caught my attention. The weather had taken a turn for the worse. Much worse. A late year, almost Thanksgiving moist tropical depression was advancing from the Gulf, heading toward an assault with a cold ‘Norther’ storm carrying freezing temperatures. They were predicted to clash in southern Arkansas, above the Texarkana border. Snow in Dallas was almost a certainty.

I remembered the intermittent drizzle during the week and the way the locker room had smelled like a swamp. Reality sunk in when I realized the team bus route would have taken them in direct line to nature’s battleground. In spite a Fury’s plans and promises, who would be able to take care of Quinn? How could WE reach him?

My life changed in the blink of an eye. The previous weekend of heartwarming and sexually satisfying affairs, now replaced with a dull fear of what might happen now; I was grateful to have still pictures to capture the ‘times of my life.’

Without time for reflection, I started carelessly packing, jamming, or cramming things into a backpack. I threw back on Fury’s grey sweats, again without bra or panties. Saying our quick goodbyes, we set out on the journey, before I had a chance to recant. Company would be welcome with Nick driving and Kate riding shotgun.

The Jeep pulled up to Kate’s apartment complex. Nick Fury went to get her. I sat glued to my seat trying to put on a good face. I didn’t want to be left to myself. I had begun dragging fingers through my hair repeatedly; all of that beautiful brushing gone to waste. By the time Nick Fury and Kate returned with her gear, my mind replayed an image of Nick Quinn lying unconscious on the ground. Mouth filled with saliva I could hardly speak to say hello to Kate.

Nick gently grasped my hands together with his right hand while drawing the hood of my sweatshirt over my head with the left. He then shuffled me into the backseat with Kate. She made a little fort with a blanket, like when we would snuggle together on a sleepover. Quinn’s Jacket over our shoulders made a neat package.

Rocking me in her arms, Kate whispered encouragement and hummed sweet melodies. Surrendering my anxiety, I closed my eyes and tried to rest, but slumber would not take me. “Hold me” I told Kate, “I’m too old for lullabies.” Since I wasn’t wearing a bra, Kate reached into my sweatshirt to embrace my breasts firmly into her warm hands. Without hesitation her thumbs circled my areola, tapping a steady pattern that matched the beat of rain drops against the metal roof.

Grasping the precious ring on the chain inside my top with one hand, she pulled down my bottoms with the other. She then pulled me into her lap until my sex rubbed against the crotch of her bottoms. A favorite song – ‘Wish I Knew You’ by the Revivalists played over the radio as Kate began to rake our pussies in a scizzor pattern. This was an entirely new feeling for me, but she was experienced and played me like a bow and string. Because this was Kate, I didn’t question her motives and basked in the glow of devotion. She turned my face back into a kiss as our tongues and bodies danced to the music. The music and car noise drowned out my sighs as I came hard. The distraction brought me back to the present; then the memory of the song and it’s new meaning kept repeating. I couldn’t chase it from my mind.

Kate drifted off to sleep Mersin Escort but I stayed awake for what seemed to be a long time. As I readjusted with clothes and laid on my back, my eyes followed ever-changing shafts of light, alternating with shadows on the ceiling from passing streetlamps and traffic signals. Bored, I tied to imagine the shifting patterns as one of my parent’s reel to reel travelogues they brought back after vacations. Nick and I used to replay them, adding the most ridiculous dialogue, playing off each other.

Finally, I threw off the coat as I was boiling and sat up to stretch my legs. Kate shot up with a start. “How long have I been asleep?” she asked to which Nick answered, “three hours.” Outside it was completely dark. The rain had temporarily let up, allowing us to hear each other.

“Tell us a story:” pleaded Kate. I suspected she was trying to divert my mind from Nick Quinn, but we regaled her with a favorite:

Fury: “Remember when we used to pretend being in the Winter Olympics without any snow?”

Me “I was skiing the giant slalom with my roller-blades and you threw me in the pond.”

Fury: “You were coming in too fast. I was afraid you would run into a concrete bench.”

Me “You saved me from myself by trying to drown me? The water was freezing! It’s a good thing I didn’t kill you.”

Fury: “Why do you think I learned martial arts? I was embarrassed a girl could flatten me.”

Me: “I have to admit it wasn’t one of our better ideas. We should have stuck to grass sledding.”

Kate: “Come On. I want to hear the juicy stuff.”

Nicky looked back at Kate and shook his head, but she egged him on:

Fury: “When you came out of the water, your clothes were plastered to you, displaying a silhouette of a real woman, but in three dimensions; like a CGI heroine in one of my games.”: “Don’t take this wrong Vanessa, but I first guessed then what I knew deep down: that I loved you… well you were my big sister, I already did I suppose… but this was different…”

Me: “Your brain was waterlogged.”

Kate: “I have always suspected a secret bond between you two. Don’t trouble yourselves; I’m not jealous. Actually, I think I may be part of it too.”

Me: “Sorry, I can’t think about this right now. My mind is full of Quinn. Even though I have hardly slept, I keep seeing images of him lying there helpless.”

Logic tried to get in a word: ‘If Quinn were in danger, wouldn’t they have taken him immediately to the hospital at the university?’ A new deliberation had settled into my gut. ‘Why was Quinn by himself?’ or rather ‘Was he really alone and why did they leave him behind?’ Maybe I was getting a little car sick from the motion and worrying. We pulled off into a turnout and changed places. Fury made me call mother. Mom tried to be cheerful: “he’s still quiet; no news is good news” ‘No news is no news’ I thought to myself. When I took the wheel, my stomach settled down as I had to relax to keep my mind occupied – staying on the road. Streetlights were sparse and the pavement was dark. It was too early in the night to be concerned about black ice.

From the whispers and giggles, I questioned, were Nicky and Kate getting it on in the back seat? I was aware, curious, envious – a little of each. ‘Maybe they are blowing off steam. They are helping me. Nothing in this trip for them. Let them have their fun,’ my inner voice uttered. My duty was to stay in the present and not drive Mersin Escort Bayan into a ditch or drift over the center line.

I could see the action in the rear-view mirror. Like a voyeur I was actually enjoying the first time being close to two people having sex. ‘Why didn’t this seem a little weird?’ Maybe because of who was doing the do. Kate was on top pinning Nicky’s arms back. She tried to synchronize her rocking with the many dips and splashes in the road but to no avail.

Kate spoke with laughter in her voice: “I know you can hear and see me corrupting your brother!”

She then positioned herself on top and rode Nicky. Her smaller breasts rose and fell, rather than jiggle – high and tight, with puffy nipples. I glanced at them once too often and heard the blare of a truck horn. After that scare I left them to their enjoyment. The smell of sex invaded the close quarters. Finally, Kate let out a long exhalation. Nicky moaned a few seconds later. I would have to ask her how she was able to get them both off that way: ‘Look Ma No Hands.’ She appeared to have been flexing her inside muscles while moving laterally. There was much I hadn’t noticed about her. Kate was intriguing, acting without overthinking. I was far too self-conscious to be like her.

The weather was getting rough. Rain pounded on metal; booms of thunder were coming closer like horns in a great hunt. Nick Fury took the wheel. The Jeep would list to the side, pushed by strong winds. The severe conditions did not bother him.

Nevertheless, no one dared say anything for a long while. Nick kept his attention to the task. Kate and I sat in the rear seat, backs straight. I could feel the tension in her legs, thighs touching – a reminder we were not alone. Wind gusts, heavy rain assailed us as though guided by a purpose. Lightening flashed and thunderclaps roared, but our little Jeep stayed true towards our destination. The look of trepidation reflected in Kate’s eyes with each flash.

They say in the Lone Star state: “If you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes.” And the weather did improve. We were now driving into steady rain. Though the air was cold enough for ice to form, all-weather tires afforded traction. Fortunately, hail season would be a long way off in the spring. Sounds became less threatening.

Without the fear of the weather titan’s tempest, I was free once again to fret and breed guilt. ‘Should I have paid more attention to the news before sending Nick Quinn off on his risky trip? Had I ignored plain intentions of Quinn’s groupies? What were we doing putting ourselves in jeopardy and what did we hope to accomplish? What would I do about my growing feelings for Nick Fury?’ All of these ideas spun around like a kaleidoscope.

My anxiety rose again and I used a little self-help this time to work off the stress. Squeezing my legs together, I quietly slipped fingers into my sex, still wet from all of the excitement. I thought of Fury as I tried to replay his keystrokes and change in cadence. ‘Did I regret getting him worked up and putting on the brakes?’ Overlaying Quinn’s extended skin cylinder on to the image, my slender fingers, then tiny hand slid deep inside. I fought back sobs and I tried not to raise Kate’s suspicion. The release cleared my mind and quenched the tears as fatigue began to take me. Kate stirred and we wrapped ourselves in warm blankets. Eventually, the steady patter of rainfall lulled me to slumber. Counting Escort Mersin the number of fitful dreams, I gathered I had been asleep several hours.

When I awoke the Jeep was climbing steadily. The road began with gentle bends, interspersed with sharp turns, several almost like corners. We were surrounded by tall trees, unlike the chaparral country back home. “How far away are we now?” I asked Fury.

“Maybe a little over an hour” he replied and continued with: “You were out like a rock. You didn’t even stir when we were stopped. The team bus was parked nearby in front of a lodge. The state patrol wanted to hold us back, but I was determined keep moving. I got out and put the chains on as though I had been driving in these conditions all my life. They had news from the team about the ‘boy who was left behind.’ But it was Kate that convinced them. She jumped out and got right into the trooper’s face. I almost thought we were going to get a police escort. But all of that danger is behind us now.”

Putting aside a vague memory of rattling and bumping, we were now driving on smooth payment. “I could kiss both of you!” I exclaimed.

The answer came almost in unison: “save it for lover boy.”

When we crested the mountain, Nick pulled up into a vista point. Now fully awake I asked, “Why are we stopping? What’s wrong?”

“Shush. Listen” Nick whispered.

“I don’t hear anything,” I spoke in confusion.

“Exactly!” was this retort.

Together we climbed out of the stale reeking vehicle onto soft white powder and into a scene surrounded by cool, tranquil stillness.

The change in atmosphere was instant, like walking through a curtain into mother nature’s amphitheater. A life size snow globe shut out life’s troubles. I had to step back to take it all in. Quiet as snow. Bleached sky masked early dawn. Fine particles of ice drifted down to dust our clothes. Nick tried to catch a few on his tongue. In our South Texas spread, snow is something you travel to or try to roll into a ball before it melts on the ground.

None of us had ever seen or imagined the delicate beauty surrounded by the majestic world of white. We each took several pictures, but they were poor imitations of the master. No words would ever describe that experience. Floating in the serene dream; standing on higher ground. Feeling far away, yet familiar as homecoming. Breathing slowly and exhaling steam, anxiety melted away like snowflakes thawing. I took in long draws of chilled vapor and exhaled my cares into the still air. With me in the middle, we three held hands and stood frozen like an Ansel Adams landscape. Blood pulsed through my hands as our heartbeats aligned. My only thought was a wish – that we could make this moment last forever.

Kate voiced into the silence: “I will make you as white as snow.”

“What was that!?” questioned Nicky.

“A memory from a book my grandfather once read to me when I was little. It came to me now … seems to echo the moment” Kate answered.

A notion began to grow in the recesses of my brain. I did not know what to think about Quinn’s condition, his transgressions, Fury’s admission, Kate’s mysteries. I did love him; I loved both of them; and her. Each was special to me and me to them. Renewed with confidence and clarity, I knew what I had to do. With an urgent mission we would leave this winter retreat behind. Return to reality. There had been no actual plan other than getting there. I didn’t need one. I had determination on my side and yes love … love for my man and love for my clan. We sped down the mountain and turned on the road that led to that place of our destination near the university. I was going to make sure my Nick was alright. Then we would all see what the future would bring.

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