Remembering the 1970’s Ep. 01

Double Penetration

This happened many years ago in the late 70’s before any of the modern technology such as mobile phones, Facebook, laptops etc. I (Bill) had left university in the UK and got a job with one of the large city banks and was earning a good salary and had afforded to buy a small house despite the interest rates. In my mid 20’s I knew I was working too much so decided to take a break from work, my employers didn’t want me to leave so they grudgingly gave me 9 months off and I rented my house out to pay the mortgage. I had enough savings to tide me over and I had already decided to see some of the world and earn some money as I went along.

It was spring so I first headed for France, I was willing to do any work especially if outside as I was fed up in an office. I spoke good French although have never mastered the written side so I went south and spent a few nights in Bordeaux where after getting to know the area a local told me of a farmer a few kilometres away who needed help. The husband had died and his wife and 2 college age girls were struggling to keep the place going. The local phoned the woman, Michelle, who said she would gladly offer me board and lodging but couldn’t afford to pay much. I accepted and agreed to go the next morning after getting directions. The local train dropped me off and I walked the 2 kilometres or so to the farm along small lanes and country paths and found the property.

It was an old farmhouse with a few animals but mainly grapes and olives and I found Michelle in the kitchen. I hadn’t been told much about her so was extremely pleased to find she was in her mid 40’s and quite attractive. As I got to know her I discovered her slim body, long legs, long brunette hair, beautiful face and infectious humour. She gave me a quick tour of the small farm and I was happy to help out where she needed. She showed me my room, basic but clean and tidy on the top floor, along with her bedroom and those of her daughters, Nadia and Marie who she told me would be home from school soon. I expected the local bus to drop them off but they arrived in an old 2CV and was surprised to find they were identical twins who had their mothers good looks and were similar in height and body to her and were 18 and off to university in the autumn: so not very young after all.

Michelle saw me eyeing them up and warned me off thinking of bedding either of them. I had obviously been thinking that but the problem would have been which one? The physical work on the farm made me use muscles I hadn’t used for ages anyway and so at the end of each day I was just glad to fall into bed and the thought of any other physical activity didn’t enter my head.

After a few days I got use to the work and one morning Michelle said we deserved the morning off while the girls were at school. She told me that at one end of the farm there was a small river that she and her late husband used to go swimming Edirne Escort in and it was an ideal way to relax. We gathered our swim things and a small picnic for lunch and walked the 20 minutes or so. It was secluded but a natural suntrap and I pulled off my t shirt and kicked off my shoes and jumped in. It was bracing but lovely once you got use to it. I turned to see Michelle just about to get in. To my surprise instead of a modest one piece she was wearing a skimpy bikini which showed off her body to perfection. I could feel my cock rising to the occasion despite to chilly water. She squealed a bit as she got in but we swam for a while until we decided it was time for the picnic. Our towels were laid out in the sun and we just sat on them and ate and I looked at Michelle’s’ lovely body and wondered.

Michelle looked at me and said (we spoke French but have put it into English obviously) “Glad to have you helping around the farm, wondered if you’d like to help in another way?”

I looked puzzled as she continued, “My husband died a couple of years ago and we had a great sex life. I think its time to move on and wondered if you’d consider fucking me? Am I too old?”

After my initial shock I replied, “Too old? Definitely not, you’ve a great body and seeing you in that bikini has got me really excited. I haven’t had sex for well over year as I was working too hard and I’m sure you can teach me a thing or two.”

Michelle leaned over and kissed me gently on the lips and ran her hand down my body, finding my cock already hard in my shorts. She rubbed me gently with one hand as her other hand took one of mine and guided it to her breasts and encouraged me to caress her breasts and her hardening nipples. We touched each for a while then I slid a hand inside her bikini top and eased the breast out. Michelle moaned as I did and somehow undid the top and cast it aside. I hungrily licked and sucked each one in turn as her hand moved inside my shorts and stroked my quite thick 7″ cock. She stopped me and stood up and pulled her bikini bottoms down to reveal a neatly trimmed pussy already wet with anticipation. She looked at me and I realised she was wanting me to do the same. I pulled my shorts down and it sprang to attention and I could see her licking her lips.

“Afraid this isn’t going to be a slow and gentle shag, I’m quite desperate so I just want to feel you deep in me, I won’t last long so hope you’re quite close. Don’t worry about anything, I can’t have any more children so we don’t need to take any precautions.”

I nodded as she pushed me back onto the towel, straddled me and guided my cock into her pussy. She gasped as she took the head and I still couldn’t believe what was happening. She came off me and tried again. Although she was ready my cock was dry and hard so Michelle moved and knelt by my side and took the tip of me into her mouth. She quickly got Edirne Escort Bayan me thoroughly wet and thankfully stopped because another minute or so I would have come in her mouth. She straddled me once more and this time my cock slid easily in. I hadn’t been with a woman this enthusiastic for years and as she rode me, my manhood deep in her one second and then just the tip I was in heaven. She leaned forward so I could kiss her breasts then lent back so I having differing sensations all the time.

Michelle paused in mid stroke as she started to come, then pushed hard onto me. I held her hips and pushed upwards so my balls were hard against her. She let out a low moan as she came at the same time I released my pent up cum and thrust into her in 5 or 6 fantastic thrusts. She soon lay down on top of me and we whispered to each other how we both felt. Neither of us had any regrets but soon it was time to go back to the house. We both had a quick dip in the river to clean ourselves and went back to the house in time for the girls to arrive.

Next couple of days there was a lot of work around the house and farm but Michelle had been more touch-feely around me and I knew Nadia and Marie had caught on and both sensed that if I hadn’t been to bed with their mother yet it wouldn’t be long before I did.

The next morning was a weekend and we were all at home. It was warm and we were all wearing thin clothing. I had on a t shirt and shorts and all 3 women were wearing skimpy shorts and varying tops which all showed their figures off. Most of the jobs done for the day Marie and Nadia said they were going for a swim in the river and we declined but the moment they were out of sight Michelle led me to her bedroom and stripped her clothes off. She lay on the bed as I followed suit, my cock already rampant.

We kissed and touched each other then Michelle whispered, “Bill, lick me, kiss me, lick my pussy, kiss it I want to feel your hot breath on me.”

I moved down not wanting to tell her that I had very limited experience of this, the women I had been with just wanted ‘ordinary’ sex and the couple of times I tried they told me no. So with trepidation I moved down and gently kissed and licked around her. She moaned softly, so I thought I must be doing something right. I tentatively edged a finger in and she wriggled to take more. Encouraged I moved my finger around, then 2 and as Michelle responded I started to kiss as well.

After a few minutes she held my head and wondering if this was when she was going to tell me I was useless she just moved me so I knelt between her legs. She spread her legs wide and pulled my head down. I carried on licking and kissing and sucking and she was soon gasping and crying out softly as I touched her erogenous areas. Without warning she arched her backed and cried out in pleasure as she came to a glorious climax. I stopped but she just Escort Edirne pulled my head back on to her and I kept pleasuring her as I tasted her juices. She calmed down and I moved up the bed.

“Your turn, lie down and let me do the work Just relax and come when you’re ready, more than happy to take your cum in my mouth.”

No woman had said this before and as I lay on the bed my cock stiff and vertical as she started to kiss and lick the shaft making it twitch as she did so. She was taking the tip into her mouth and swirling her tongue around the tip. She had quickly taken my entire shaft into her mouth and was building up speed. I was trying to hang on, more for the sheer delight I was experiencing and the wonderful sight of a woman swallowing my cock but after a couple of minutes it was too much and I couldn’t stop myself coming and filling Michelle’s mouth. She gagged on the first spurt but then controlled it and took most of it with some dribbling out. I was expecting her to spit it out but she obviously swallowed it.

“Wow, I’d forgotten how much young men can produce. Years since I’d had a mouthful like that. Young cum tastes different as well.”

She kissed me and I could taste myself, “think its time to get cleaned up before they reappear. I don’t want them to know their mothers turning into a sex mad woman. But if we keep doing this they are going to find out.”

“Not a problem but we all know I’m not staying here for ever, so we all need to remember that.”

It stayed a secret until the next weekend when the girls had gone out on the Friday night to a party and we had decided to watch TV and have a few glasses of wine and the kissing and cuddling ended up with us on the living room floor both naked and taking it in turns to pleasure each other. I was knelt on the carpet, Michelle on the sofa with her legs wide apart as I was licking and sucking her. Neither of us heard the car or the door open and the first we knew was when Marie let out a loud gasp as she saw us. Nadia was close behind as they saw the helper/ lodger kneeling between their mothers legs enjoying her pussy as she fingered her clit. We both stopped and looked at each other then the girls. I didn’t know what to do, if I stood up they would see my rock hard cock.

Michelle gently put one hand on my head to keep me still and looking at the girls said, “Can you us give a couple of minutes, why don’t you go in the kitchen and we’ll meet you there.”

I looked totally ashamed as she giggled and we dressed and went into the kitchen.

“Sorry, you weren’t meant to find out like that but Bill and I have been having sex for a while now. You keep telling me to find a man so I did. It’s nothing serious and I’m sure when you’re at university in a few months you’ll both have your fair share of boyfriends. I still have needs and Bill was more than happy to satisfy them. I think we all need time to calm down and think things over. Lets all go to bed, separate beds and discuss it in the morning.”

I for one was glad to get into my own room and thought it was probably time to pack and leave but decided to see things out the following day.

to be continued

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