Subject: Ryan’s New Life 20 Can you imagine life without Nifty? Please show your support with contributions to keep the Archive online. You can find out how fty/donate.html This story is completely fictional. I hope you are enjoying this story. Please send any comments ail and I will reply as soon as I can. Bill RYAN’S NEW LIFE Chapter 20 Neil had a huge smile on his face when he saw Finn get out of the taxi on the afternoon of New Year’s Eve. He had offered to collect him from the airport but Finn had insisted on making his own way to the hotel. Ryan stood next to Chai on reception as he watched the two men embrace. He thought it must be great to have such a strong, long-lasting friendship. Neil turned and smiled at Ryan. “Ryan, come and say hello to my best friend.” For a moment, Ryan felt a bit hurt that he was not now Neil’s best friend but then he told himself that being Neil’s boyfriend was better. He smiled as he walked towards Finn and then held out his hand. “I’m pleased to meet you, sir,” he said. “Don’t be so formal. Call me Finn.” The tall blond shook Ryan’s hand and then pulled him in for a hug. “You are just as gorgeous as those photos suggested.” Ryan smiled and looked up at Neil while wrapped in Finn’s arms. “I told you he’d like you,” said Neil. When Finn pulled away from Ryan, Neil said, “Chai will check you in. You have to be registered as a hotel guest because I don’t have any other rooms for friends but the room rate is zero bahts per night.” “May I have your passport, sir?” Chai asked. Finn gave Chai his passport and smiled. “Are all your staff very handsome, Neil?” “Of course. I only employ the best-looking ones.” Neil winked at Chai. Chai finished the check-in process and returned Finn’s passport. “I have your key already, Finn,” said Ryan. “I’ll show you to your room.” “I’ll come with you,” Neil said. “What do you fancy doing this afternoon?” “I’d really like to go for a swim,” replied Finn. “Will you two join me?” “Ryan will be working in the restaurant later but he can join us for an hour,” Neil told him. He then turned to Ryan and said, “You can wear one of your sexy items.” “Okay, Daddy,” smiled Ryan. “Actually I have brought something you can wear in the pool,” Finn told Ryan. “I really liked the photos of you in the black mankini so I have brought you a red one.” He pulled a package from his bag and gave it to the teenager. “Thank you.” Ryan smiled, opened the package and held the flimsy garment up against his body. “It’s made of stretchy material so I’m pretty sure it will fit,” said Finn. “Ryan and I will go and change. We’ll be back in, say, fifteen minutes,” Neil told Finn. Back in their apartment, Ryan hurriedly stripped off. Neil was amused to see that he was semi-erect when he stepped into the mankini. The mankini was slightly smaller than the black one but it stretched as Finn had said and fitted Ryan comfortably, even if it did hug his body. “It doesn’t hide much but I like it,” Neil said as Ryan showed off his new outfit. The pouch was smaller than on the black mankini and Ryan’s fully erect cock was very obvious. Ryan turned around and his golden buns were on full display. The only material at the rear was the two thin straps running from Ryan’s shoulders to meet in his arsecrack. “You can wear this at the next pool-party,” suggested Ryan. Ryan smiled. “I’ll wear shorts on top until I reach the pool and then show it to Finn there.” “He’s going to pop a boner. No doubt about that,” smiled Neil. Ryan grinned. “I hope so.” He almost added that he hoped Finn was wearing tight speedos so that he could check him out but he decided that wasn’t wise. Neil changed into matching red speedos and then wore a t-shirt and shorts as he walked with Ryan to Finn’s room. Finn was now wearing shorts and his shirt was open to reveal a smooth chest and a `dad bod’. Ryan thought he looked good but not hot like Neil. “I see the straps of the mankini and I’m looking forward to seeing the rest of it,” Finn said to Ryan. “You won’t be disappointed,” smiled Neil. The trio made their way to the pool, with guests occasionally stopping Ryan and Neil to say hello. Once they had sorted out loungers and towels, Finn was desperate to see Ryan in the skimpy outfit. His comments turned Ryan on and, despite his efforts to stay flaccid, the boy-cock was semi-hard and growing when he dropped his shorts. “OMFG! That is the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen,” exclaimed Finn loudly, causing other guests to turn and look at Ryan. Finn slowly walked around Ryan and whistled at the sight of his arse. “That ass is awesome. Hot AF!” “When did you start talking in abbreviations?” Neil asked with a smile. Finn ignored Neil and focused now on the tent caused by Ryan’s fully erect cock. “I knew you had a small dick but it’s absolutely the perfect size. And you’re uncut like Neil. I can’t wait to taste it.” Ryan was blushing now. He was happy with Finn’s remarks but he felt embarrassed at the dozen or so hotel guests nearby hearing them. Neil smiled and patted Finn’s back. “I think you need to go in the water and cool down, buddy.” “I think we should all go in the water, Daddy,” said Ryan. “We have attracted an audience.” He glanced at Finn’s shorts and saw a big bulge. He then turned and dived into the pool without waiting to see what Finn was wearing under his shorts. Neil and Finn smiled at each other. Moments later they were in the pool with Ryan. They messed around a bit and then Neil suggested a race. He felt confident that Ryan would win and wanted to boost his confidence in front of Finn. Four laps later, Ryan came first with Neil two metres behind him and Finn some way back. “I know I’m out of practice but you swim really well,” Finn told Ryan. Ryan smiled and thanked Finn, saying he was able to swim most days. “What I need now is a cold beer,” Finn said as he climbed out of the pool. Ryan noted that Finn was wearing swim-shorts and was disappointed. He waited until Neil had joined Finn before climbing out of the water and offering to fetch their drinks. Neil smiled as he watched Finn’s gaze following Ryan as he walked towards the pool-bar, occasionally pausing briefly to speak to hotel guests. “You would never guess he used to be incredibly shy. Now look at him, happy to be seen in the skimpiest of outfits.” “He is really cute,” said Finn. “I was surprised that he allowed you to send me photos of him nude and erect. Oh, and that one of him after you’d given him a facial. That was hot!” “I didn’t ask his permission and he doesn’t question my decisions,” responded Neil. “I don’t force him to do anything he doesn’t want to do but Ryan is naturally submissive.” “Will he do whatever I tell him?” Finn asked. “He would ask for my approval first,” replied Neil. “What is it that you’d like him to do?” “I want to see him fully naked,” said Finn. Neil smiled. “He has already agreed to strip off for you.” Finn’s face lit up in a huge smile. Neil went on. “Not only that, he’s willing to take part in a threesome so you’ll get to fuck him too.” “Really?” Finn grinned, unable to believe his good fortune. “Yeah. He loves being fucked so he’s going to enjoy taking both of us,” said Neil. Ryan arrived shortly afterwards with beers for the two men and watermelon juice for himself. “Here you go, Finn,” he said as he handed a Diyarbakır Escort beer to him. “I hope you have a wonderful stay here.” Finn smiled. “From what Neil has just told me, I know I will.” Ryan was puzzled but he just smiled before handing a beer to Neil. He took a sip of his juice and said, “I need to go to work soon but I look forward to seeing you again later,” he told Finn. “I look forward to seeing more of you,” smiled and winked at Finn. Ryan remembered agreeing to strip off and have sex with Finn. He smiled and his cock began to stiffen again. He did nothing to hide his growing erection so it wasn’t long before Finn noticed. “You like the idea of showing me more of your sexy body, Ryan?” Finn asked. Ryan glanced at Neil before nodding. “Do you think I’m a naughty boy?” he asked. “Not at all,” smiled Finn. “I loved the nude photos that Neil sent me and I’m very happy that you are willing to let me see the real thing.” “Tell Finn that he can touch as well as look,” Neil told Ryan. “You can touch me, Finn. Any part of me,” said Ryan. His cock throbbed and some pre-cum leaked out at the thought of this well-built older man running his hands over his body. The only other man he’d ever had sex with apart from Neil was Somchai and he thought that Finn was a lot better looking. Finn smiled. “I’m looking forward to that.” Ryan smiled, finished his drink and stood up. “I need to get ready for work now but I look forward to serving you and Daddy in the restaurant later.” He gave Neil a kiss and left. “He’s a sweet boy,” said Neil. “Now tell me what you have been getting up to.” *** The restaurant was very busy and Finn was impressed by how efficient young Ryan was. “He’s a very good worker. Very bright too,” said Neil. “He really deserves to be more than a waiter.” The pair had finished their meal and were having coffee before Ryan was free to sit down with them. “Have you eaten?” Neil asked the teenager. “Yes, Daddy. I ate in the kitchen between serving customers,” replied Ryan. “You really should have taken a break but I admire your work ethic,” said Neil. “I will employ another waiter if business remains this good.” Ryan smiled. “That’s good.” Turning to Finn, he asked, “Did you enjoy the food?” “It was wonderful, Ryan,” replied Finn. “I’m not surprised that the restaurant is so popular. Although I think the eye candy might be a major draw.” “Eye candy?” Ryan looked puzzled. “You! I’m not the only one in the restaurant who can’t take their eyes off you,” said Finn. Ryan felt a bit embarrassed but he smiled and muttered his thanks. “I’m going to take Finn for a walk along the beach,” Neil told Ryan. “You should be finishing up by the time we come back and then we’ll go upstairs for some fun.” Ryan grinned. “Okay, Daddy.” About 45 minutes later, Neil and Finn collected Ryan and they went upstairs to the apartment. “I need a shower,” declared Ryan. “Okay. I’ll pour us drinks and you can join us wearing something sexy after you have showered,” said Neil. As he headed for the bathroom, Ryan heard Finn say, “I have been looking forward to seeing that cute boy naked since I started my journey here” and smiled to himself. His little cock started to stiffen as he stripped off. He wondered what he should wear and decided that it would have to be more than one item to prolong the pleasure – pleasure for himself as well as the two men. Finally Ryan was ready to make his entrance. He knocked on the living room door and then entered with a smile on his face and a rock-hard cock. Finn turned and grinned. “Wow! That’s fuck’n awesome!” Neil was smiling too, pleased at what Ryan had chosen to wear. He thought that the see-through shorts with a tiny white thong underneath was perfect but the nipple-clamps were a surprise. Ryan went in front of Finn and slowly turned around. “Do you like my outfit?” He pointed to his shorts and the thong and added, “I wore these to our first pool-party.” “Love it! It’s so sexy it’s a wonder you weren’t raped!” Finn replied. Ryan smiled. “The men were happy just to look but Daddy would have stopped them if they had tried to do more.” Finn pointed to the nipple-clamps. “I assume you didn’t wear those at the party.” Ryan giggled. “No. I couldn’t wear them for hours. I wear them for Daddy sometimes.” “You have introduced him to bdsm?” Finn asked Neil. “Just some mild stuff. I could never really hurt my pretty boy.” Neil went over to Ryan and kissed him. He then gave Ryan’s bum a gentle spank and said, “I bet you’re aching to get naked. Go ahead.” “You want to see me naked, Finn?” Ryan asked. Finn nodded. “You know I do. Stop teasing or�” “He might put you across his knees and spank you,” said Neil. Ryan’s mouth opened in surprise but then he smiled. “I might enjoy that.” That made both Neil and Finn laugh. Ryan turned around one more time and then put his thumbs in the waistband of the shorts and pushed them down. He bent down to pick them up and then tossed them onto an empty chair. Ryan then turned his back on Finn, looked over his shoulder and asked, “Do you like my bum?” Finn reached out to grab it, saying, “It’s a fabulous ass!” Ryan giggled and quickly moved out of Finn’s reach. Then he faced Finn and thrust his crotch forward. “Do you want to see my little boy-cock?” “Yeah. I liked seeing it in photos but I want to see the real thing,” replied Finn. He was now sitting on the edge of the sofa, getting as close as he could to Ryan. Neil sat beside him, smiling at Ryan’s performance. Ryan turned his back on Finn to remove the thong. He tossed it onto a chair and then spun around to face Finn. He took a step forward and stood with his legs spread and his cock pointing to the ceiling. Remembering Neil’s earlier words, he said, “You can touch it if you like.” Finn smiled and slowly moved a hand towards Ryan’s cock. Then he raised it and removed one of the nipple-clamps. “I want to see you fully naked, with no attachments,” he said. Ryan groaned as the blood returned to the freed nipple. However he then removed the other clamp himself. He yelped at the new flash of pain before saying, “I’m now fully naked.” Finn ran his fingertips over the swollen nipples and then down the smooth chest towards Ryan’s throbbing cock. Finn by-passed the cock to cup the hairless balls. He tugged them and watched a bead of pre-cum ooze from the piss-slit. “I like to see a boy with an uncut dick,” he said before grasping the stiff rod. He gave it a firm squeeze and a few gentle wanks before pulling the foreskin fully back. Ryan let out a little squeak because his foreskin had been painfully stretched but he didn’t complain. “Let me see that ass now,” Finn said as he let go of the cock. Ryan turned around and smiled at Neil as he felt Finn’s large hand caressing his butt. “I want to see your boy-cunt. Lay across my knees,” said Finn. Ryan looked at Neil who nodded his approval and then carefully positioned himself over Finn’s knees. He closed his eyes when he felt Finn’s hands caressing his bum again. A finger ran up the arse crack before Finn used both hands to spread the buttocks. Ryan heard Finn give a low whistle and then say, “That’s awesome. Can that little pink star really take your big monster, Neil?” “It took some preparation initially but yeah, I fuck that tight hole at least Diyarbakır Escort Bayan once a day,” Neil replied. He rested a hand on Ryan’s thigh and went on. “You love being fucked by my big dick, don’t you Ryan?” “Yes, Daddy. I love it,” replied Ryan. Finn licked his right index finger and then gently rubbed the pink puckered entrance. “May I push this finger inside?” he asked. Neil was the who answered with a “yes”. Ryan knew that he couldn’t give approval without permission but he was happy to relax and allow the fat finger to enter. Finn pushed in as far as the second knuckle and then slowly finger-fucked the teenager. “He’s hot and tight,” he said to Neil. “Just wait until your cock is in there. You’ll love it,” responded Neil. “You really are going to allow me to fuck him?” Finn asked. “Sure, buddy,” replied Neil. He rubbed Ryan’s thigh. “You want Finn to fuck you, don’t you?” “Yes, Daddy,” said Ryan. “I want both of you to fuck me tonight.” “So you want my cock, Ryan?” Finn asked. “Yes. In my mouth and in my boy-pussy,” replied Ryan. “I want you to cum inside me.” “You heard the boy,” said Neil. “He wants us both to fuck him.” Finn withdrew his finger from Ryan’s arse and gave it a gentle spank. “Okay, Ryan,” he said. “You can start by sucking my cock.” Ryan climbed off Finn and quickly knelt between Finn’s legs. He hoped it wasn’t obvious to his daddy but he was keen to see the man’s cock. He unfastened the button and then unzipped Finn’s shorts. Finn raised his butt from the sofa to allow Ryan to pull his shorts off. Finn’s boxer-briefs quickly followed. When Ryan looked up, Finn had spread his legs wide and he was able to get a clear view of his second American cock. The cock was just as thick as Neil’s but a little shorter at 20 cm (8 inches) long. The big difference was that Finn’s cock had been cut. Ryan’s fingertip traced the circumcision scar and then he grasped the base of the shaft between his thumb and two fingers. He smiled up at Finn, kissed the cockhead and then took it between his lips. Ryan tongued and sucked the cockhead for a few minutes before taking more of the cock into his mouth. It didn’t feel any different from Neil’s uncut cock but the pre-cum that Neil leaked was a bit saltier. “He’s good. You’re a lucky man,” Finn told Neil. “I know I am,” smiled Neil. He started to undress while still watching his boy suck his best friend’s cock. When he was naked, he lifted Ryan away from Finn. “Let’s continue this through in the bedroom.” Finn followed the pair to the bedroom, removing the rest of his clothes as he went. By the time he was naked, Ryan was sucking Neil’s erect cock. He lay on the bed next to Neil and said, “Suck mine again, Ryan.” Ryan glanced up at Neil who nodded his approval and said, “You are to treat us both as your masters.” Ryan moved between Finn’s legs and took the cut cock into his mouth once more. He toyed with the man’s balls while sucking the cock. Occasionally he used his tongue on the cockhead, teasing the glans and the piss-slit. A couple of times he licked and sucked the hairy balls. Neil watched with interest as Ryan worshipped his friend’s cock. He could see that the boy was more enthusiastic than he had been when serving Somchai and guessed correctly that was because Finn was white and better looking. He found it a huge turn-on to watch Ryan suck another man’s cock and was looking forward to seeing him being fucked by Finn. “Suck Neil’s cock again and let me at your ass,” Finn ordered. He sat up as Ryan turned and then went on his hands and knees in front of Neil. Ryan took his daddy’s cock between his lips once more and then felt Finn’s large hands on his buttocks. Finn kneaded Ryan’s small but nicely rounded arse cheeks, occasionally spreading them to gaze at and blow on the pink puckered opening. Then he leaned forward and began to lick the crack, concentrating on the twitching entrance. Ryan made some muffled noises in response but continued sucking the huge cock. Ryan made a louder noise when one of Finn’s fingers started pushing into his hole. “He needs something bigger than that in there,” said Neil as he watched Finn finger-fuck Ryan. “Give him your cock now. You’ll find lube in that drawer to your right.” Finn took the tube of lubricating gel from the drawer and squeezed a liberal amount onto two fingers. He then rubbed it over and into Ryan’s hole, then followed by finger-fucking the Asian teen with two fingers. Ryan moaned initially when then two fingers entered him but was soon pushing back against them. “I think he’s ready now,” Finn said to Neil. “He’s practically begging for it,” said Neil. “Fuck him and fuck him hard.” “I don’t want to hurt him.” Finn was applying lube to his throbbing cock. “He likes it rough at times,” responded Neil. “Check out his cock. I bet he’s dripping at the thought of taking two big cocks.” Finn reached under Ryan and grasped his rock-hard cock. “You’re right. He’s leaking like crazy.” “Give him what he wants then,” said Neil. Finn smiled and pushed his cock between Ryan’s arse cheeks. He quickly found his target and pushed for entry. Ryan pushed back and groaned around Neil’s cock when the big cock entered and then pushed deeper. “He’s tight. And hot,” Finn said when he was in balls-deep. He was soon fucking Ryan hard and fast. Neil fed Ryan more pre-cum as he watched his mate fucking his young lover. He was very turned on and knew that none of them would last long. “Jeez! I’m going to cum soon!” Finn cried. Neil was very close too but he didn’t want to cum in Ryan’s mouth. He pulled his cock from the teen’s mouth and moved to the side for a better view. Finn was really pounding into Ryan’s arse now. “Oh Daddy! I’m going to cum,” said Ryan. Neil moved quickly to cup a hand on front of Ryan’s cock and caught the splashes of boy-milk. “I can feel him shooting off!” Finn said. “Oh! Oh! I’m cumming too!” He pushed his cock as deep as possible into the hot tunnel and blasted off volley after volley of man-cum. “Eat it up,” Neil told Ryan as he held his hand in front of Ryan’s face. Finn was still spunking off inside Ryan while the teenager licked his own cum from Neil’s hand. Finn pulled out and collapsed on the bed. “That was amazing but just too quick,” he said. “We’ll have a longer, slower session tomorrow,” Neil responded as he greased up his own cock. “You want Finn to fuck you again, don’t you, Ryan?” “Yes, Daddy,” replied Ryan. “Ooh!” Neil was now pushing his cock into Ryan’s hole. Neil didn’t waste any time. He was desperate to cum. Finn watched as Neil fucked Ryan with rapid thrusts. “He’s still hard. He really loves getting fucked, doesn’t he?” he remarked. Neil switched to long-dicking Ryan, pulling all the way out and then plunging all the way back in a single thrust. “He’s dripping pre-cum again,” Finn said, his amazement obvious. “Will he cum again?” “He sometimes cums twice in succession when he’s really turned on,” replied Neil. “Wank his cock while I fuck him.” Neil moved back to fucking Ryan hard and fast. When Finn took hold of Ryan’s cock and began to wank him roughly, Ryan began to whimper. Having two sexy men play with his body was a dream come true and he knew he would cum again very soon. He moaned when Neil reached under and tugged his nipples and then Escort Diyarbakır suddenly he was spunking off once more. It wasn’t a big amount but Finn grinned as he watched the cum shooting from Ryan’s cock. Ryan’s arse muscles clamping on his cock took Neil over the edge. “I’m cumming too,” he cried and he sent his load deep into the tight young arse. Finn sat back and watched as Neil finished off. He was pleasantly surprised to see Ryan turned around to suck and lick Neil’s cock clean after he withdrew from the well-fucked arse. “You have him well-trained,” he told Neil. Neil was still recovering from his exertions so he just smiled and nodded. “That was wonderful. Thank you, Daddy. Thank you, Finn,” Ryan said when he had finished his job. “Thank you for allowing it,” responded Finn. Then all three lay on the bed, happy but silent. “It’s almost 11.30pm,” Neil said after a little while. “I really should go downstairs and be with the guests for the arrival of the New Year.” “I guess that is expected since you are, in effect, the host,” Finn responded. “I’ll come with you for a celebration drink.” He and Neil stood up. “I need to shower if I’m to meet the guests,” said Ryan. “Shall we shower together to save time, Daddy?” Neil smiled. “A shower with you normally takes much longer than us showering separately. You need to keep your hands to yourself this time. Come on!” Ryan smiled and followed Neil into the bathroom. Finn decided that he would go back to his own room to shower and change so he said he’d meet up with Neil and Ryan downstairs. It was five minutes to midnight when the Neil and Ryan joined the hotel guests in the bar/restaurant. As Neil had anticipated, most of the guests had gone to the official `countdown’ on Ao Nang Beach. Neil received a warm welcome, as did Ryan who was wearing nothing but very short shorts. Neil led the countdown to midnight and everyone cheered and wished each other Happy New Year. Fireworks lit the sky in the distance. Finn allowed the other guests to chat with Neil and Ryan before joining them again. “I love the atmosphere you have created in this place,” he told Neil. “It’s very friendly.” “That’s what we’re aiming for,” smiled Neil. “It seems to popular and we’re fully booked for several weeks ahead. I’m thinking of adding a few more cabins.” He put an arm around Ryan’s shoulder and added, “This one has brought me luck and I’m sure his photos on the hotel webpage have attracted extra customers.” Ryan smiled but didn’t comment. He had never been happier. *** Ryan yawned and stretched before climbing out of bed to get ready for work. He felt some minor discomfort when he gently touched his arsehole and smiled as he thought about how he had been fucked by Neil and Finn the night before. “I hope they will do it again today,” he said to himself. Neil was awake when he returned from the bathroom. “How is my favourite boy today?” “I’m good, Daddy,” Ryan replied. “I enjoyed having Finn join in our sex fun last night.” “I’m pleased about that,” smiled Neil. “Fancy another threesome later?” “Oh yes!” Ryan nodded eagerly. “Later this morning?” Neil laughed. “We can probably manage that. I don’t have much to do today and I know that Finn is keen to fuck you again.” Ryan smiled and finished getting dressed. He kissed Neil and said, “I’ll see you for breakfast downstairs.” Fewer hotel guests than normal came for breakfast so Ryan was able to chat with Neil and Finn when they were in the restaurant. At one point, Neil patted Ryan’s bum and said to Finn, “My boy is horny. Fancy coming to our room and giving him what he needs?” “You bet!” Finn grinned. “I’m turned on just seeing him in that sexy uniform.” A short time later, Finn helped Ryan out of his uniform. Neil took a short video on his phone of Finn undressing Ryan and then Ryan showing off his rock-hard cock. “He’s acting like a real slut today,” Neil told Finn. “I think we should take turns fucking him, swapping ends a couple of times, rather than just fucking him one after the other.” “Good idea,” said Finn. They had done that when sharing a boy in the past. “I will do whatever you want, Daddy,” Ryan said to Neil. “Well, I want to see on your hands and knees on the bed,” responded Neil. The two men followed Ryan into the bedroom. Neil greased up Ryan’s hole while Finn played with the teen’s nipples, cock and balls. They took turns feeding Ryan their cocks and finger-fucking him and then the heavier action started. Neil went first this time, easing his cock into Ryan’s tight hole. Finn watched until the whole of the thick cock was deep inside before he moved to the front and began to fuck Ryan’s mouth as Neil started to move in and out of Ryan’s arse. Their thrusts were fairly slow, both men wanting this to be a much longer session than the one the night before. After five minutes the two men changed ends. Ryan moaned as Finn’s cock stretched his hole but his cock dripped pre-cum. He loved the thought of being “used” by two mature white men. The men couldn’t retain their slow, steady thrusts for long. They smiled at each other as they fucked Ryan in unison, changing ends a few times over the course of the next forty-five minutes. Then Finn said, “Damn it. I need to cum!” “Go for it!” smiled Neil. Finn was soon pounding into Ryan like a fast pile-driver. Neil watched and asked Ryan if he was still enjoying the action. Ryan smiled with his eyes and nodded while sucking Neil’s cock. “I’m gonna cum!” Finn cried seconds before unloading inside Ryan’s arse. “I’m close too,” said Neil. He waited until Finn had finished and pulled out, and then he hurriedly moved to ram his cock into Ryan’s rear opening. “Yes, Daddy! Fuck me hard!” Ryan cried. He moaned as Neil slammed against his buttocks again and again, shoving his cock as deep as possible each time. “I’m cumming!” Ryan shouted as jets of boy-cream spurted from his piss-slit. “He’s shooting a lot. He must really love being fucked hard,” remarked Finn. “I’m going to cum too!” Neil groaned and sent his load deep into the teenage arse. He then fell forward and collapsed on top of Ryan. When Neil had recovered, he rolled off Ryan and said, “At times like this, I realise that I’m not as young as I used to be.” “You’re still very fit, Daddy,” Ryan said as he moved to take the man’s cock into his mouth for cleaning. Finn smiled. “Ryan clearly loves cock. I’ve said it before but you really are a lucky man, Neil.” “I know.” Neil smiled and caressed Ryan’s silky black hair. *** Ryan took part in another threesome on the evening of New Year’s Day and then twice again the following day. Ryan loved it but was happy to cuddle up with Neil only each night. Finn surprised Ryan by giving him a kiss on the lips when he said goodbye. “I loved having sex with you, Ryan,” he said. “I hope we might have a repeat on my next visit.” “Oh, um, yeah. If Daddy agrees,” said Ryan. He was stunned at receiving a kiss. He watched as Neil hugged Finn before entering the taxi and then joined Neil in waving Finn goodbye. “Finn really likes you,” Neil told Ryan. “I hope you like him.” “Yes, he’s a nice man but�” Ryan paused and then looked into Neil’s eyes. “He kissed my lips. He shouldn’t have done that, should he?” “Why not?” Neil asked. “Because he’s not my boyfriend. Only you should kiss my lips,” replied Ryan. Neil smiled and ruffled Ryan’s hair. “I wouldn’t want you to kiss every man but Finn is a special friend. I think it’s okay if he shows you some affection.” “Oh.” Ryan didn’t expect that answer but he didn’t argue. “I guess things are different in America,” he said to himself. To be continued

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