Sally and Billy


Billy, the 18 year old recent high school graduate, was spending the end of the summer with his grandparents across the hall from me in the condo complex. He is headed off to the university in a few weeks. I have met Billy and we have all shared a few meals. Billy is a nice young man, very polite and helpful.

On this particular day, grandma and grandpa were away, shopping or something, and Billy decided he would surprise them by weeding the planting bed outside their ground floor screened porch. I had just finished my weekly condo cleaning and was relaxing with a book on my screened porch about 10 feet away. I couldn’t see Billy because of a wall, but I could hear him softly singing to himself as he worked on his hands and knees.

At the time I didn’t think anything of it, but just for the record, I was wearing a loose T-shirt and nothing else – as I usually did when I was home alone. Billy was wearing a pair of loose shorts and flip flops.

Oh, in case you are new to my stories, this was in the early 1980’s and I am a 30 year old elementary school teacher, third grade. I am 5’8″ tall, weigh 150 pounds, love sex, have natural, full, heavy, sensitive breasts and trim my love mound short.

Out of the blue, Billy jumps up and begins swatting at the wasps or hornets he disturbed. There must be hundreds and Billy is hurting. I opened my screen door and threw him the towel I had been sitting on. “Billy, brush them off and run into the hallway. They are not attracted to dark areas and that might help. I will let you in my front door.”

Billy had gotten rid of all but two or three tangled in his hair, but he was covered with stings and welts were beginning to rise. I took care of the ones in his hair, Ordu Escort gave him some antihistamine and began rubbing him down with some soothing cream. “Billy, the antihistamine will make you sleepy. Why don’t you lay down on the sofa and I will keep putting on the lotion.”

He had been stung under his shorts and he pulled them up on his leg to give me access. His eyes were closed and I don’t think he realized that I could see his long, thin, circumcised penis as it lay flaccid on his thigh, but I did, and it looked nice.

As I applied the lotion to his chest, arms and legs, my breasts were swinging freely above him and I didn’t think anything of it until I saw his penis begin to rise. I looked and he was watching, fixated on my breasts. I pushed his penis down with my hand and said, “This needs to rest also.”

“Why don’t you take a nap on my bed while all this stuff begins to work on your stings?”

After I had him settled in my bed and was headed toward the door, Billy said, “Why don’t you lie with me for a few minutes until I fall asleep?”

I did; my hand on his leg, his hand on my arm. I fell asleep. While I was sleeping, my shirt worked its way up to my waist. I awoke several hours later to gentle fingers tracing my womanly charms. He was petting my pubes and gently touching the outer lips of my vagina. Just as I opened my eyes, he was beginning to suck on my clit. I opened my legs wider and gave him full access.

When I opened my legs he moved until he was on his knees between my legs and slid his hands up inside my shirt to my breasts while he explored my vagina with his mouth and tongue.

This boy seemed to know his way around a woman’s body.

By the time Ordu Escort Bayan he reached my breasts with his hands, my nipples had popped up like erasers and my areolas had crinkled. My vaginal lips were flowering and beginning to moisten with my natural fluids.

“Billy, do you know what you are doing?”

“I have wanted you since we first met last week. I want you so bad it hurts!”

“I will not have a one night stand. If we do this I need a commitment from you that we will make love at least once each day until you leave for school.”

“Oh Sally, I accept with no hesitation.” He leaned in and gave me the sweetest kiss I have ever had. I opened my mouth and we played tongue tag as he continued exploring my body and I began caressing his penis and balls.

“What do you have for birth control? I do not want to get pregnant.”

“I don’t have any condoms, but I can pull out before I cum.”

“No! When you cum, I want you inside me. I don’t like it when you come on me; and I don’t like the feel of a condom inside me. I will take care of the birth control; you just take care of me.”

He was fully erect and began sliding hid cock up and down through my vaginal lips. I was ready and wanted him as much as he wanted me, but I said, “Give me a minute to go to the bathroom and then you can help me put in my diaphragm.”

“I have never done that before, you will have to teach me.”

Together we put in my diaphragm, I explained the clinical process; I made sure it was in place, and we went back to where we left off after I removed his shorts and he slid my shirt off, over my head. We were naked and enjoying each other’s body.

After teasing my vaginal lips a little Escort Ordu more with his cock, and placing a pillow below my butt, Billy easily slid into me balls deep. He was fully inserted. I could feel his balls on my butt.

He began to gently move within me, withdrawing until only the head remained in me and then sliding all the way back in. It felt heavenly and I began moving to meet him as he slid in. Gently at first and then with more intensity as the sensations began to build in my vagina as he began touching my most sensitive areas with his long, thin cock.

Too soon, I felt him begin to swell and begin pumping his sweet, thick, hot, creamy fluid into me. I wasn’t there yet, but I knew, based on his youth, it would not be long until he was ready to resume where we left off.

We cuddled and his hands never stopped moving. I think he was fixated with my breasts as he gave them his full attention. I on the other hand, was gently stroking his cock because I wanted it back inside me as soon as he was hard again.

His testicles were large and hung loosely in an oversized bag. I had a feeling, as he matured, his man tool would be one to contend with in the future.

Meanwhile, Billy is now standing on the floor by the bed, my butt is on the edge and my knees are by my ears. He slides easily into me and with full strokes is quickly bringing me toward my climax. I am slick with our combined juices and I hear the squish, squish as his cock pistons in and out, and the slap, slap as our flesh comes together. He is pumping fast and hard and I am thrusting to meet him when I go over the edge and begin shaking out of control as he continues thrusting deep inside me.

“Oh Billy, don’t stop. Fuck me harder, I want you’re cum. FUCK ME!”

When Billy came, I wrapped my legs around his waist to hold him inside me as he collapsed on me.

“Billy, I am going to wear you out and drain you before you leave for college.”

“I’m looking forward to the challenge.”

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