Sandra’s Challenge


Sandras challenge

Sandra got her teacher/coach to help her

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Several interprovincial school sport tournaments (South African Championships or SAs in short) take place during the winter break (July). The main part of this story tells about events from the most recent winter break.

‘Matric’ refers to the final year in high school, similar to senior year in the US and learners (students) turn 18 during the school year.

This is a stand-alone story. However, there are references to events primarily described in ‘Sis’s Transformation’ but also in Spring Break Chapters 3 and 4, which the interested reader may want to read as well.

All characters in sexual situations are 18 or above.

The events, characters and organizations in this story are entirely fictitious and chosen purely to fit into the story’s plot.


I am much indebted to kenjisato for the thorough editing of the text and making this story much more readable and enjoyable than I could master on my own. I take responsibility for any error that remains.



Laura looked up from her desk when she heard the knock on her office’s door. “Come in.”

Laura was head of the Commercial Sciences Department and head coach of the senior’s netball team at the Bloemfontein Secondary School for Girls. She was in very good shape in spite of being in her mid-forties. Her good shape was mainly due to her staying actively involved in netball after her playing career ended, and regularly going to the gym.

She had pearl-blonde hair and showed ample cleavage due to her surgery-enhanced E-cup breasts. She stood up when the door opened.

Her heart skipped a beat when the couple who entered, towered over her five-foot-five physique. The woman must be five foot nine and her husband six foot three. “Thank you for seeing us, Mrs. Botha.” The man extended his hand to greet her. “Keith Johnson.” He had trouble looking Laura in the eyes.

The woman continued the introductions. “And I’m Jessica.” She pumped her elbow into her husband’s ribs in an effort to get his eyes off Laura’s breasts.

“Please call me Laura.” She gestured towards the two chairs at the other side of her desk as she sat down. “Sit down, please.”

Laura sat down and waited for the couple to settle. “How can I assist you?”

It was Jessica who answered. “It is in connection with our daughter, Sandra.”

Laura had already looked Sandra’s information up on the school’s database when she received the request for the meeting. Sandra was a new scholar who started her Matric year when the new school year started a few days ago. The situation was rather unusual because scholars don’t often change schools during their senior phase (Grade Ten to Grade Twelve/Matric). She initially anticipated that Sandra’s parents wanted to ask her to help Sandra with the transition between schools, except that Sandra wasn’t taking any Commercial Sciences subjects.

Jessica shifted nervously on her chair before she spoke up. “We relocated to Bloemfontein because Keith got a good job offer. We could have left Sandra in the care of her grandparents in Welkom, so she could remain in the same school, except…” She looked in Keith’s direction for support, but his eyes were transfixed on Laura’s cleavage.

Laura raised her left eyebrow. “Yes?”

Jessica was clearly out of her element. “Except, we suspect that some boys or men in Welkom may want to take advantage of her.”

Laura frowned. “You mean… sexually?”

Jessica had to nudge Keith in the elbow so he could continue. “Uhh… Oh… There is no concrete proof, just suspicions. We may even be neurotic about it.”

Laura looked at Sandra’s file. “I see that she is already eighteen and can legally consent to sex without your approval.”

Jessica bit her lip before she answered. “As Keith tried to explain, we don’t even know if we should be concerned. It may be our minds playing games with us. She may be eighteen, but she is still our daughter, and we just want to do what is best for her.”

Laura looked at Jessica. “Why me, how can I help?”

Jessica shifted on her chair and seemed to relax a bit. “She represented Northern Free State Schools in netball over the years, Goal Shooter. And she’ll be playing netball again, hoping to make it into the school’s team and aspiring to represent the Free State’s team this year.”

Laura noticed Sandra’s netball achievements on the file and anticipated the meeting to go in that direction. “And?”

“Players often confide in their coaches; we wanted to ask you if you can keep an eye and an ear open, just in case!” Jessica smiled, nervously.

“You know it would be inappropriate for me to disclose such confidential information without her consent?” Laura looked Jessica in her eyes.

It was Keith’s Bolu Escort chance to speak. “She did sign a consent form, giving ALL personnel of the school permission to discuss ANY of her academic marks and progress, AND her behavior during school hours and during extracurricular activities with us. She did it voluntarily. I trust that you have nothing to fear about confidentiality issues.”

Laura paged through Sandra’s file until she got to the consent form. It was the school’s standard form, leaving options for scholars to tick or scratch out parts. In the document, Sandra gave the school full disclosure powers towards her parents. Satisfied, she closed the file. Laura was, however, not comfortable with the idea. “Still, my experience is that scholars stop confiding in us, when they suspect that confidential information is leaked to parents or other parties. I would rather support in guiding scholars with issues they don’t want to discuss with their parents. To build a trust relationship so they can come back for support at any time.” Laura could see how the couple’s shoulders dropped, as if defeated.

Laura thought of another way to help and leaned forward. “You said you suspect that boys may want to take advantage of her? If I know the background, I may be in a better position to help her. And if I deemed it serious enough, then I know I have Sandra’s consent to contact you.”

Jessica’s eyes brightened and looked at Keith, whose eyes were again glued to Laura’s ample cleavage now on display. She took a deep breath before she answered. “You see, Sandra had a serious accident at the end of her Grade Eight year which damaged her abdomen, including her reproductive parts. She underwent several surgeries to save her reproductive functions, but the doctors had no option, but to do a hysterectomy, in the end.” She looked again at Keith, who was still staring at Laura’s boobs, and nudged her elbow into his ribcage.

Keith scrambled his thoughts together and took it further. “We’re… we’re just concerned that… uhmm… word got out in Welkom… I mean all our family, close friends and neighbors all knew what happened, and that some men now see an opportunity… now that she is eighteen… and with her big boo… breasts.”

Jessica nudged her elbow again into Keith and realized that his thoughts were no longer entirely with the purpose of the visit. He finally got to the point. “Use the opportunity to have unprotected sex with her… because she cannot get pregnant.”

Jessica took it further. “That was why we jumped at the opportunity to relocate to Bloemfontein when Keith received the offer. No one in Bloemfontein knows about her operation. It is also why we enrolled her in a school for girls, to avoid frequent contact with boys.”

There was a light tap on the door and Jessica looked at the clock on Laura’s side wall. “We asked for fifteen minutes, I guess it took longer than planned. Thank you for listening to us, and please… We just want the best for her.” They stood up, ready to leave.

Laura saw them off at the door. “I fully understand your concern. I’ll keep your concerns in mind, and contact you if something serious pops up.”


Tuesday, a week later:

Laura looked at the close to thirty Grade Eleven and Grade Twelve girls in front of her. All were players from previous years, except for two. She identified Sandra as the tall redhead. The second was Colleen, whom she knew from her Grade Ten marketing class two years ago. She was glad that Colleen showed up, she tried to convince her to play netball after witnessing her agility and perception of space with a ball during a school carnival and thought that she had potential.

It was time to start with the warmup exercises.



Laura was satisfied with her team’s performance with five of her seniors invited to attend the Free State Provincial trials, notably Sandra and Colleen. Her own daughter, Martie, all her family and friends called her ‘Sis’, was also nominated along with four others from Sis’s school.

Although Laura was the main selector for the Free State’s senior team over the past few years, she declined the position due to the conflict of interest with Sis potentially qualifying for selection.

She was also often part of the national selectors’ panel, but withdrew entirely from the Free State’s management team for the SAs, for the same reason. She expected that Sis would be a strong contender for the national team in her position of Wing Defence.


Two weeks later:

The school’s administrative officer handed Laura an envelope with the Free State Schools Netball stamp on. Her heart pounded, the moment of truth had arrived. She nervously opened the envelope and looked at the document. Her eyes caught Martie’s name first under the list for the position of ‘Wing Defence’.

She looked further down, Sandra also made it to the list as ‘Goal Shooter’. She scanned the list for other names, and was surprised that Colleen Bolu Escort Bayan made it as reserve for ‘Centre’ and both ‘Attack’ positions. None of her other players made it to the list.

With the initial excitement over, she started to scan the lists again. Rachael, the ‘Wing Attack’ from Sis’s school also made the cut for the list. The asterisk next to her name meant that she was additionally selected as the captain of the Free State’s team. She wasn’t surprised to see Rachael’s cousin’s name, Elsabe, on the list for ‘Goal Defence’ and that she was nominated as the team’s vice-captain. No other name from Sis’s school appeared on the list. The rest of the players were from other schools where she had no direct interest.

She was somehow disappointed that Sis wasn’t nominated to captain the team, or at least be nominated vice-captain. Sis was a far better player than the nominated captain and her vice. Although, she had to admit that Sis wasn’t very social, and part of being in a captaincy role is to be accepted by the players.


29 June; Friday:

Laura parked her car to drop Sis off at the pick-up point for the Free State Schools Netball teams. The team administrators arranged for two buses to take officials, the girls representing the various teams, and some volunteer parents to Nelspruit where the SAs were hosted.

“Martie, Martie.” Laura immediately recognized Sandra’s voice.

Sis looked in the direction from where her name was called and saw Sandra rushing towards her. She couldn’t understand why Sandra would call, or even rush towards her. Both were dressed, like their rest of their teammates, in the official orange tournament sweaters of the Free State Schools Netball Federation.

Sandra was slightly out of breath when she got to the car. “Martie, I have a HUGE favor to ask.”

Sis was surprised, she had very little interaction with Sandra in the past, except for the trials and their practice sessions in preparation for the SAs. She actually avoided Sandra because she was flirtatious towards the young men who came to watch their games and practices. She wasn’t even in Sis’s school. “Why me?”

“We’re going to share a room at the SAs, and I guess we’ll get to know each other quite well by the time the SAs are over.”

Sis was still distrustful. “And?”

Sandra took a deep breath as she finally restored her composure. “My father has to leave on an overseas business trip on short notice and could arrange for my mother to join him. They don’t want me to stay in the house on my own.”

Martie was still not done. “Don’t you have a brother?”

“He’s already out of town, he promised our ex-neighbors in Welkom to look after their pets for the holiday and it was too late to make alternative arrangements when the trip was confirmed. It will only be until Sunday, two nights.”

“Let her stay, we’ll make a plan.” It was Laura, who came to Sandra’s rescue. They probably ran out of options.

“But Mom, Steve will be home with a friend. Where will Sandra sleep?”

Laura had had enough of Sis’s lack of support and antisocial behavior. “There’s nothing final about Steve’s friend. And you have two single beds in your bedroom, let her stay.”

Sandra was grateful. “Thank you, Mrs. Botha.”

Sandra waited for Sis to offload all her travel stuff and helped her to carry it to the bus. Keith and Jessica finally arrived and apologized for the unusual and unexpected request. They gathered that Laura had already accepted Sandra’s request, and just wanted to confirm that they knew about it and to finalize the arrangements.

It was Jessica who finally asked the question after the arrangements were discussed. “And how is our little redhead… behaving herself?”

Laura answered truthfully. “I don’t think you have anything to worry about. Yes, she is comfortable with the young men around the court at games, even assertive, but she doesn’t ‘disappear’, or exhibit strange behavior that I would associate with your concern. Nothing different from any of the other girls.

Jessica gave a sigh. “We’re so relieved to hear this. And thanks again for letting her stay.” She took Keith’s hand who mumbled a goodbye. His eyes were almost glued to Laura’s ample, surgery-enhanced cleavage.

Just then, Sis returned to greet her mother.

Laura gave Sis a big hug. “Enjoy your eighteenth, I won’t be there, and don’t open the present before the time.”


Sometime during the tournament: (See: Sis’s Transformation for more detail)

Sandra considered how she would get Sis to participate in a strip game. Sis was a prude and naive virgin who Sandra wanted to loosen up. Her efforts the previous night to let Sis watch while she had sex, confirmed that Sis wasn’t an entire block of ice, and that she was susceptible to sexual stimulus.

Sis and her brother, Steve, made a commitment to remain celibate until they got married. Sis was convinced of Steve’s devotion and Sandra wanted to exploit this conviction.

Sandra Escort Bolu decided to play her ace card. “And your brother, is he also saving his virginity for his future wife?”

Sis thought a bit, considering how she enjoyed her voyeurism the night before and administered some pleasures onto herself. “I’m not so sure any more, but I think so. He would have told me, we promised to be honest with each other about these things.”

Sandra wanted to boost Sis’s perception of her brother’s fidelity. “You sure he is still a virgin?”

Sis considered the question and smiled confidently. “Yes, he definitely would have told me!” Naively, she was still believing that his mind could be stronger than his hormones.

Sandra smiled slyly. “And he wouldn’t lightly fuck anyone…” She left a dramatic pause. “Like me, for instance.”

Sis’s heart started to race. She had never been placed in such a spot before. “I guess, if he can resist the girls at varsity, then surely he can resist you, as well!”

It was time for Sandra to play her trump card. “I’ll bet you, he’ll have his dick in my pussy before my parents come to pick me up on Sunday.”

Sis’s naivety slowly started to crumble and she considered the ‘bet’. Steve wouldn’t easily give into the temptation, but still, with more than two days to work with, Sandra may well succeed. “If you are so sure about that, make it Friday afternoon. I have math’s extra class so you can try your luck during the two or three hours you two would be alone.”

Sandra put her hand out to seal the bet. “Deal, I’ll have his dick in me before you return from your math’s extra class.”

Sis took her hand to accept the bet, but tried to think of an impossible challenge for Sandra in the hope that she would chicken out of the ridiculous idea. “If you lose, then you have to go to my mother’s bedroom on Friday night and please her sexually.” Sis thought it a safe option even though she recently learned of her mother’s secret sexual exploits. She would never allow a scholar to have sex with her.

Sandra didn’t expect this loser’s challenge. She had never been intimate with a woman before. Sis’s proposal made her think how Laura’s breasts would rub against hers. She wondered how it would be to suck another woman’s breasts, or how another woman’s pussy would taste; she had tasted her own juices on the cocks of some men, and on her fingers when she helped herself.

Then Sandra remembered that Laura had a Christina ring and wondered how it would be to play with it. She may just as well lose the bet, just to try it out. Or be intimate with Laura anyway, even if she wins.

It was time to set a loser’s challenge for Sis. “And you’ll have to have sex with a man within a week from now, if I get your brother’s dick in my pussy by Friday Afternoon!”

“A week doesn’t leave a lot of time after Friday. Make it a month from now.”

“Two weeks max, the extra two weeks wouldn’t buy you extra opportunities anyway. The holiday would be over, and your time will be up before your Matric ball. I’ll arrange something for next Saturday. I can always cancel if I lose my part of the bet. Or we can continue even if you have lost your virginity by then… and like it so much that you would like seconds.” She gave an extended pause. “AND for me to win, I’ll also check out your mother’s Christina ring before the weekend is over.”


Friday late afternoon:

Laura waited in her car with the engine running to keep the heater going. It snowed on the Drakensberg on the Wednesday and it was freezing due to an easterly wind bringing in the cold.

“Hi Mom.” Sis got into the car and gave Laura a hug and mother-daughter kiss, glad to escape the cold wind outside. They hadn’t seen each other since the team’s departure to Nelspruit a week earlier.

“Congratulations on your selection.” Laura smiled proudly in Sis’s direction. “And happy birthday, do you like your present?”

“Love it!” Sis held a finger behind her ear to show off the ear stud that Laura sent in Sis’s baggage as a present for her eighteenth birthday. She bent over the center console and gave Laura another hug.

“And Sandra, was she happy to be left alone with Steve?” Laura’s thoughts went back to Keith and Jessica’s request.

Sis smiled. “No problem at all, she saw Final Fantasy on the PlayStation.” Sis looked nervously at Laura. “Talking about PlayStation, Sandra is arranging a sleepover for the five of us who were selected for nationals. It will be a ‘girls only’ games night to celebrate our selection.” She realized that she had to prepare Laura early on, in case Sandra succeeded on her quests.

Laura glanced at Sis before looking at the road again. “That would be the two of you and Rachael, Elsabe, and Colleen?” Laura found it curious. Sis was reluctant to have Sandra stay over after their return. And Sis wasn’t exactly friends with Rachael and her cousin, Elsabe, and had no contact with Colleen outside their netball commitments. She also got the idea that Colleen was more interested in women than men, while Sandra always had a few men around her. She was sure there was something more behind the ‘games night’ and made a mental note to check with Sandra for more information. It wasn’t normal behavior for Sis.

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