Scum (Abe Part 1)


Abe is the kind of person you try to avoid at any cost. He is an old scum who has never been nice to anyone. In fact, he hates everyone. Younger people, women, minorities, and most likely other old men as well. He constantly smells of alcohol and cigarettes. He yells at children and adults alike. His skin is wrinkly and dirty, only God knows when he last had a shower. There are all kinds of rumors about his past, including rape, murder and other criminal activities. And while no one has ever actually seen him doing anything illegal it is not that hard to believe that someone this repulsive might have some skeletons in his closet. Maybe even literally. Local kids tell scary stories about him to each other in which he is usually depicted as a cannibal who will take you away if you go too close to him. And as unlikely as this is, people aren’t quite sure just how dangerous he might actually be. Thankfully he rarely leaves his house but when he does everyone who sees him tries to stay as far from him as possible. Everyone who knows him, that is.

Abe’s house is located a bit outside of town. He doesn’t like to bothered and the rest of the townsfolk happily oblige. He spends his days alone, sitting just outside his home. A small dirt road passes not too far from his front porch but it is an old road that is mostly out of use nowadays. One afternoon as Abe was sitting on his porch, smoking a pipe when a car turned up on the dirt road. He was surprised. He hasn’t seen a car on this road in months. He was even more surprised when the car slowed down and stopped right in front of his house. The door opened and out of the vehicle emerged a young woman. Diyarbakır Escort She closed the car door and slowly walked towards him. Abe took a good look at her. She must have been in her early twenties. She had shorts and crop top on which showed off her lovely figure. Her breasts were large and her hips were wide. She had pale white skin and jet black hair. On top of that she wore red lipstick which made her look even more sensual.

“Excuse me, Sir, could you please help me?” The young woman asked and gave Abe a friendly smile although he could see a slight look of disgust on her face as she spoke to him. Abe slowly looked her up and down as she spoke. She was well-kept and her clothes looked expensive. She clearly wasn’t used to such filth.

“What’s the problem, Miss?” Abe asked her trying to be as polite as he could possibly be. He didn’t want to scare her away as this was an amazing opportunity for him.The thing is, even disgusting assholes like to get laid and the last time Abe was able to get any was when he visited a hooker who lives next town a few months ago. Now, however, he could have his way with this young beauty. He definitely preferred her to the middle aged worn out prostitute and he could have this one for free.

“I’m terribly sorry for bothering you. I’m a college student on my way to Lincoln to visit my folks but I got lost. Could you please help me?”

Abe gave the young woman a friendly smile, showing off his rotten teeth. She smiled back at him. While she still was visibly disgusted she also seemed more at ease.

“Well, I suppose I could. Why don’t you come inside, Miss? I have a Diyarbakır Escort Bayan map somewhere in there. I’ll show you the right way in no time.”

The girl was hesitating for a moment. This man was not only a complete stranger but also the most disgusting person she’s even seen in her life. On the other hand, he was so friendly. She contemplated for a moment then decided to trust him. It was getting a little late and this might be her only chance to find the right way.

“Thank you, Sir, that would be great.”

Abe opened the door and the woman entered the house. Once inside it took him a few seconds to overpower her. He grabbed her from behind and dragged her into the bedroom. She was screaming and struggling but it was all in vain. She alone was no match for the old man and there was no one around who could hear her. Abe threw her on the bed an jumped her before she could move away. The bed smelled just as bad as its owner did. Abe quickly ripped off the girl’s top and shorts then wasted no time to take off her bra and finally her panties.

“Please, no! Let me go, please, don’t do this!” She tried to protest but he slapped her across her face.

“Shut up you little slut. You say another word and I’ll slit your throat.”

He flipped her over so she was laying on her stomach and straddled her. Abe rapidly got rid of his own clothes while keeping the girl under himself. Being naked with this young beauty was more than enough to get him aroused. The girl was still thrashing around but ultimately there was nothing she could do. Abe pulled her ass cheeks apart so he could get better access to her Escort Diyarbakır pussy. She screamed as he spat on her vagina and started rubbing it in. His reaction to this was to pull her head up by her hear then smash it violently back onto the bed. At this point she stopped fighting and started sobbing quietly. Abe couldn’t care less. He put his hard cock to her hole and pushed it in with one strong thrust. The girl squeaked a little but otherwise didn’t try to protest anymore.

“Stay quiet you little slut or I’ll fucking kill you” Abe hissed as he pushed his cock inside her. Her pussy felt amazing. It was so warm and tight. Abe started fucking her more and more violently. He was like a wild animal during mating season. He also loved how her delicate smooth skin felt next to his dirty, hairy and wrinkly body. He loved how her sweet scent mixed with his filthy smell. The idea of him finally showing one of these stuck up rich sluts her place was giving him even more motivation. He kept fucking her even more violently while yelling insults at her. He called her a useless piece of shit and a dirty rotten whore and the scum of the Earth. She kept crying but it just turned on Abe even more. He kept fucking her for about ten minutes but it was about as long as he could last with this young hottie. He pulled out, climbed up, and came all over her face.

“That’s what you deserve, you disgusting slut.” Abe barked at her and spat on her face. The girl didn’t say a word. She was now a crying mess. Abe climbed off of her and slapped her ass for good measure. „Now get dressed and get the fuck out of here before I’ll cut you into pieces.”

The girl was still sobbing and shaking as she quickly put her clothes back on and ran out of the door. Abe sat back onto his porch and watched the car speed away. He lit up a cigarette and opened a beer. It was the best day he had in a long time.

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