Seduction in Paradise Pt. 05


This is part five of a fairly long story. We’re getting closer to the good parts, I swear. Please be patient.

I woke around one thinking about things I didn’t need to think about. Mostly trivial stuff like what shorts to wear in the morning, if I should start learning Spanish, if I should get the bird song app on my phone and let Megan have her phone back, and things like that.

Then I thought about the kiss. It was totally innocent. Why I’m feeling guilty about liking it?

I knew I was straight, despite the fact I had kissed my best friend back when I was thirteen when we had just started noticing boys. We practiced on my teddy bear and my pillow, and then Cora got bold and asked if we could kiss each other. It took a long time for her to convince me to do it. It’s not like we made out; we just kissed like we’d seen our parents kiss and as they did on television. I didn’t feel anything, and neither did she. She’s been married longer than me, last I heard. So, why do I think about it?

It had to be the lack of intimacy since Lloyd passed away. I’d been asked out several times, but it didn’t feel right. The grief counselor said I’d know when it was right, but it hadn’t occurred yet.

Triana’s lips were soft and sweet, and I got that lovely feeling after she kissed me. My heart certainly was racing. So, why feel guilty? Was it her age? Heck, Lloyd and I had ten years between us. My parents freaked when I told them. Fifteen years is the difference between Triana and me. But, she’d got ambition; she’s sweet and cute. If I were a guy, I’d go for it. Why am I debating it at all? I am straight.

My brain finally switched gears and settled down around two-thirty, letting me sleep. I was a little tired when I woke, but that would soon pass.

This was day four of the birding part of our vacation, and I guess because I didn’t get a good night’s sleep, I woke up after everyone else. Ines never set the alarm or said we had to be anywhere at a particular time. The birds were always in the jungle looking for food or trying to find a mate. So, when I walked in for breakfast, everyone else had eaten.

Megan was reviewing some of her pictures on her laptop, with Ines looking over her shoulder. Triana had made their breakfasts and was puttering around in the kitchen. Megan and Ines said good morning, then went back to picture viewing.

Triana heard us and walked out to greet me with a cup of coffee and a smile.

“Buenos días, Silvia. You didn’t sleep so well last night?”

I smiled, taking the cup of coffee, “No, I didn’t, Triana. I woke up and couldn’t get back to sleep.”

I noticed Triana wasn’t wearing a bra under her tee as she walked over with my cup. Her breasts jiggled as she walked, catching my eye. I didn’t stare, but they were out there and looked very perky.

Triana pouted, “I’m sorry to hear that, Miss Silvia. I made a change to breakfast this morning. I’m making omelets if you would like one. If not, I have churros and fruit. Whenever you’re ready.”

I smiled, “Thank you, Triana. How about a small cheese omelet, please, and some fruit.”

She grinned, “Yes, ma’am. Two or three eggs?”

I thought for a second, “Just two eggs, please.”

She nodded, then headed back into the kitchen. Ines and Megan looked over at me with concerned looks on their faces.

“You okay, mom?”

I smiled, “Yes, I didn’t sleep well. I’m fine.”

They went back to looking at pictures. Ines kept complimenting Megan as they scrolled through them.

I sat, sipping my coffee, waiting for Triana and my breakfast. I had my phone, so I downloaded the bird song app. Ines had given us the Wifi password for the house the day before. So, I found it in the app store and was downloading it when Triana brought my omelet in.

She laid it before me, asking if I’d like anything else. I turned to look up at her sweet smile and told her, no, thanks, this was enough. I thanked her again for making it, and she replied it was her pleasure.

I tried not to stare at Triana’s breasts when she laid the plate before me. But I was sitting; while she was standing very close to me, I couldn’t avoid seeing them as I turned to thank her. I know mine had drooped some due to aging, but hers were like two perfect bowls of jello that jiggled whenever she moved. I found that to be fascinating for some odd reason.

I ate and sipped my coffee while Megan and Ines finished looking at the pictures. They were packed and ready to go by the time I finished eating. So, I took my dishes to Triana, thanked her for another delicious meal, then got ready for another hike in the jungle.

We said goodbye to Triana and then drove to another trailhead. I told Megan I’d follow them again and mentioned I’d downloaded the bird app this morning. She smiled and kept her phone with her. This time they didn’t worry as much as the day before, which was nice.

So, off we went hunting exotic birds. This trail was steeper with more zigzags than the others we’d walked. I saw several small birds Antep Escort on the app in the canopy around me.

The app has a playback feature, but I hadn’t used it before. So, out of curiosity, I played it several times. Much to my surprise and delight, I got responses from some of the bird species I’d recorded. I must have looked like a crazy woman because I was turning in circles playing the app and looking at all the responding birds.

I got a few stares and smiles as people watched me, then passed by. They were also looking into the trees as I tried to find the sources.

Yesterday, I thought I’d had enough birding. Today I found a new way to view and interact in a fun way.

After playing like that a few times, I got back on track, trying to catch up with Megan and Ines. I didn’t run but increased my pace slightly so they wouldn’t worry.

I was entering another switchback when I thought I saw them through the trees and uphill from me. I paused and used my binoculars to confirm my sighting. I recognized Megan’s backpack on the ground next to two pairs of legs off the trail’s side. I thought it odd they were facing each other. I moved slightly to get a better view. I got the legs again, then moved the binoculars up to see Megan and Ines kissing.

I lowered the binoculars, shook my head, and looked again. I saw Ines standing just off the trail, so she was at eye level with Megan. They kissed, looked at each other, smiled, kissed again, then headed uphill to continue looking for birds.

I can’t say I was shocked. Surprised might be a better word. I’d seen the signs since we’d arrived and didn’t want to believe it was happening. I trusted Megan, and I would have thought she’d have said something to me. I had no clue she liked girls, period.

So, now I knew a secret. I’d leave it up to my darling daughter to tell me or not. I figured at least she couldn’t get pregnant if they did something serious. Here, I was worried about having a male tour guide. When I should have been worried about the female one. It just struck me as funny.

I caught up to Ines and Megan within a half hour or so. They’d stopped at a trail junction waiting for me because I didn’t know which trail to take back to the parking lot except the one I was on which would have led me further into the jungle.

Triana made another yummy lunch for us, I don’t know what it was, and I’d have to ask her when we returned. We talked about what we’d seen and Megan finally saw a Toucan and got some excellent pictures. They also saw some lizards, more butterflies, and a Toulon, Trojan something that started with a T, I think.

I told them about my discovery on the app, and they laughed when I told them about the people watching me, a crazy American bird watcher lady. We finished up lunch, stayed together, walking back to the car.

Back home, Triana had fruit smoothies for us. I wish I could take her home. However, I’d eat like a queen and gain fifty pounds in the process.

After finishing her smoothie, Megan said she was going for a swim. I thought nothing of it until she walked out in her string bikini. Ines and Triana did a double take as my sweet Megan walked out to the pool and dove in.

They both looked at me for some reaction. I didn’t say a thing. I went to my room, changed into my modest bikini, and went to sit in the hot tub. Soon our guide and chef joined us. Ines dove into the pool while Triana slipped into the tub with me. I watched Ines surface next to Megan at the deep end of the pool.

Triana and I watched as they started playing around, splashing and laughing like the day before. I think Megan inspired Triana because she asked me if I had a bikini like that.

I giggled and told her no. I was too old for that. She looked at me as if I was nuts and told me I wasn’t too old and had a lovely body.

I blushed and thanked her. Then I asked if she had one like that. She said no, she had five. I thought about it, and five didn’t seem unreasonable in this tropical climate.

Triana giggled, “Why not, Miss Silvia? A beautiful woman like you should have many.”

I asked her to please call me Silvia. Then explained I thought I was too old for one. Her reply was flattering, and she said I wasn’t that old, and I certainly had the body for it. I would have kissed her for that compliment if Ines and Megan weren’t fifty feet away. I asked her if she was just being nice. Triana was surprised I said that. She asked if I wanted to try one of hers on. I laughed, knowing it wouldn’t fit me. She giggled and said that would make it sexier.

I blushed deep red. I could feel it and was enjoying it.

Triana then asked if I wanted to try one on sometime when Ines and Megan weren’t around. I could try one on to see if I liked it. My mind started to wander at that point. Was she coming on to me? She did kiss me. A twenty-year-old found me sexy?

I thanked her and told her I’d have to think about it. Ines and Megan are always around, though.

She grinned, “I could Antep Escort Bayan send them to the store for something I forgot to buy, Silvia. Then you could try one on when they were gone. I think you’d look very sexy in one.”

I tingled. The look in her eyes made me shiver. This cute, sweet, adorable girl looked at me like she’d love to devour me. It scared me and excited me at the same time.

I told her she didn’t need to send them away. I was sure, at some point, we’d be left alone at one of the houses. I wasn’t in a rush to try one on. Triana smiled back in her sweet innocent persona. She told me it was entirely my choice. I thanked her, and we returned to watching Ines and Megan playing Marco Polo.

Triana and I were in the tub for maybe thirty minutes or so. My fingertips started wrinkling, so I got out, dried off, and went inside to change.

Triana soon followed. I left my door ajar, not thinking anyone would enter. I heard a light rap; as I was about to put on my bra, Triana peeked in. I didn’t cover myself like I usually would.

She smiled, admiring my girls, then looked up at me, “I’m making grilled pollo for dinner. Would you like to help? I know you don’t have to, but you like how I cook, so I thought maybe you’d like to see.”

I replied, “That would be nice, Triana. Thank you. I’ll be there as soon as I change.”

She giggled, “You’re welcome, Silvia. See, you have nice breasts. You’d look very attractive in a tiny bikini. I’ll see you in a little while, then.”

She closed the door behind her, and I blushed as I had never blushed before. It felt incredible as I stood holding my bra in my hands. I took a deep breath and then realized she was right. I did have a nice body, and why shouldn’t I show it off a little more? So, instead of dressing in a bra and top, I put another bikini on, complimented with a sarong I’d brought for the beach. Looking in the mirror in the bathroom, I gave myself another pep talk as I’d done in the hotel room in San Jose. Self-affirmation, I think they call it. I finished bolstering my ego and then joined Triana in the kitchen.

When she saw how I dressed, she was all smiles, telling me it was nice to see me finally relaxing. I returned the compliment, letting her know she was part of the reason why I felt good about myself, and I thanked her.

I began helping her cut the chicken up and mix the marinade. Cilantro, and lime, it smelled delicious.

Next, we prepped the black beans, started the rice, and went outside to fire up the grill. Ines and Megan were still frolicking in the pool, so Triana went over to tell them dinner would be ready soon. They looked over at me, and I could see them smiling. I blushed, assuming they were glad I was loosening up.

Triana grilled the chicken perfectly, and the entire meal reminded me of something you might get from a major takeout company in the states that will remain nameless. Only the way Triana prepared it was much better tasting.

Our dinner conversation was mainly about our next house and birding area, the Caribbean lowlands near the La Selva biological station. We still had our local tour tomorrow on another semi-steep trail.

After dinner, we lounged around outside, all in our bikinis. Triana made drinks for us, and they were yummy. I rarely drink hard liquor, but when in Rome!

I could feel a slight buzz after my second one, I don’t recall what Triana said they were, but two were more than enough for me. I could tell because my eyes kept slipping down to her breasts as Triana and I talked. Maybe I’m weird, but I was trying to determine why they were so attractive. I never thought of my breasts that way. I do recall Lloyd loving to play with them, which I enjoyed. But why I was fascinated with hers, I couldn’t figure out.

After finishing our drinks, we all said good night and headed to bed. Before sleeping, I drank an extra glass of water to ward off anything resembling a hangover in the morning.


Before falling asleep, I heard mom and Triana tell each other good night, then close their bedroom doors. I lay awake wondering if I should talk to mom about my feelings for Ines. I didn’t want to cause any drama while on our trip, but I also knew mom liked Ines, which might help soften the blow.

One of the things about Ines that mom would probably not like was the difference in our ages. She was only five years older, half the age difference between mom and dad. I know she’d be shocked that I wanted to be with another woman, but mom loves me and only wants me to be happy. I hadn’t really done anything with Ines, which might be a good thing in mom’s eye. So, just talking about my feelings might not be so bad. I’d just have to wait and see.

I thought maybe I should wait until we finish birding and into our leisure portion of the trip when we won’t need a guide. If mom freaks out, our vacation won’t be completely ruined. The ideas kept rolling through my brain as I tried to sleep.

Eventually, they stopped, and I Escort Antep nodded off.

I got up when I heard Triana close her door. She’s always the first up to get breakfast and coffee going for us. She is so sweet and thoughtful. I showered and dressed in my birding clothes, shorts, shirt, and hiking boots. When I entered the kitchen, coffee was ready, and Triana said she was making omelets this morning. She had cheese, veggies, meat, and eggs to combine into whatever I wanted. I asked for a little of everything, which made her giggle. She started cooking as I leaned back against a counter to watch her. Since our first day, she’s dressed comfortably in shorts, tees, barefoot, or sandals. Today she was barefoot, in shorts, a tee, and no bra, which was something new. She had a cute little bubble butt which I wouldn’t have noticed if I had seen it before this trip. But, thanks to Ines and my new outlook, I gazed at her admiring it.

Her boobs were also very perky, jiggling as she moved around the kitchen, fixing my breakfast. I wouldn’t blame mom if she and Triana had something going on. She was really sweet and adorable. But I knew better; mom wouldn’t do anything, and she’d feel very guilty about it if she did.

Triana said she’d bring it to me when my omelet was finished. I scurried out of the kitchen to sit in the dining room waiting and sip my coffee. She brought it out and sat with me while I ate. I guess Triana hadn’t made many omelets before because she wanted to know how it was. I told her it was great, then thanked her again.

She asked if I was enjoying the hiking and birding. I smiled because I was chewing, then after swallowing, I told her I loved it.

She asked if I wanted to be like Ines, studying birds back in the states. I told her I was considering doing that and maybe attending university here in Costa Rica.

Triana smiled, “So, you like our country, Miss Megan?”

I swallowed again, “I love it, Triana. I love the birds, the jungle, hiking, and your food. I can’t wait to see the beaches and do some snorkeling.’

Her smile grew when I mentioned her food.

Next, she asked, “When would you return if you could go to school here?”

I had to think for a second, “Probably the Summer of two thousand twenty-four, after I graduate high school. I’m hoping someone gives me a scholarship in volleyball or soccer, but I don’t think that will happen.”

Her hand slipped over mine, “I hope you come back and Miss Silvia too. I like you both.”

I blushed as Triana went back into the kitchen. Within a minute or two, Ines popped her head in, smiling at me.

“Buenas días, chica. No, Silvia?”

I had finished eating and was sipping my coffee, “I guess she’s still sleeping. Do we need to wake her?”

“Oh, no, chica. The birds will be there. Let her sleep. What’s my sweet prima made for breakfast?”

I replied, “Omelets. Yum!”

Ines giggled and headed into the kitchen. I sat and waited for her. Soon, she reappeared with her coffee and sat near me. Maybe five minutes later, Triana came out with another omelet. She asked if she could get me anything. I lifted my empty cup and said, please?

Triana smiled, taking it from me.

Under the table, Ines slipped off her sandals and began playing with my ankle. My eyes lit up when she first touched me. I was glad Triana wasn’t there to see my expression. Ines kept doing it the entire time we sat talking while she ate. Even when Triana sat with us and ate, Ines continued teasing me.

When we finished eating, mom was still absent. I got my laptop and began going over pictures again. Ines and Triana looked with me, enjoying the photos I’d taken. After fifty or so, Triana went back into the kitchen. So, Ines and I had sifted through a hundred or so more when mom walked in.

I asked if she was feeling alright, and she said she was okay, that she woke up in the middle of the night and couldn’t get back to sleep.

She headed to the kitchen to see what Triana was making for breakfast. She returned, sat at the dining room table, sipped her coffee, and messed with her phone.

Triana made her a cheese omelet. Ines and I watched when Triana brought it to mom. We’d both noticed that Triana was braless and wanted to see mom’s reaction when mom saw Triana’s boobs up close.

We snuck a few glances, and despite her best efforts, mom couldn’t help but gawk at Triana’s boobs that once again were in her face.

Ines and I finished looking at my pictures, so I shut down my laptop and got ready to leave. Triana gave Ines our lunches, and told us to have fun then started doing dishes and cleaning the kitchen.

We headed to a new area with a steeper trail than the ones we’d already hiked. Mom said she’d lag again and use her phone with the bird song app. Ines and I started up the trail, and like yesterday when mom was out of sight, our kissing games began.

We went slower due to the steeper grade of the trail, and I saw a Toucan, some lizards, more butterflies, hummers, more Resplendent Quetzals, and finally, a Trogon.

The trail had quite a few switchbacks, Ines and I would check for people, and since you couldn’t see too far up the trail, we’d pause and kiss. Long yummy kisses because Ines was wearing the strawberry lip gloss again.

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