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This happened some years ago, but it is still vivid in my mind to this day.

It was a Bank Holiday weekend and a friend that was originally a work colleague was at a loose end, so I suggested he came down to visit my wife and me and stay, have a Bar B Q and stuff – he had fairly recently split up with his fiancé and was keen to come down. It was a Sunday and the weather was good surprisingly and I suggested he come down about 1.00pm – typically Barry was early, to add to the confusion. Pam had spent a long time getting ready as she quite fancied him and at one business social event I had Barry’s girlfriend approach me late in the evening to asking if I couldn’t intervene to stop them flirting with each other! Anyway, she looked great as she came downstairs as and Barry I were talking outside – I could tell he was impressed but her looks and outfit , as was I, she looked stunning in a lovely light summer dress and her hair looked great too. I was still working on the car as he was early, and I suggested that Barry take Pam to the Pub in the next village that we used, and I would follow along in about 30 mins. Barry didn’t need asking twice and he scooped Pam up and shot off in his mini. The pub was only about 10 mins away and it being a Sunday they were one of the first in there. Barry ordered them a couple of drinks and they settled themselves into a corner of the pub.

Being a bit of a lady’s man Barry wasted no time in chatting Pam up, which she thoroughly enjoyed and could give as good as she got with most guys. Soon he was leaning towards and put his hand on her knee as he was chatting to her – feeling no resistance he thought he would push his luck and see how far he could get his hand up her dress. Pam was fully aware of this and thought why not see how far he was prepared to go – all the way as it happened! I can only imagine his delight as he moved his hand up her thigh only to find that halfway up Pam opened her legs to give him free access and as he got his hand to the top he discovered that she wasn’t wearing any knickers. He wasted no time in running his finger along her pussy lips just separating them – Pam later told me she was so turned on she could feel herself flooding there. He moved his finger into her cunt and Pam said he got as far as his second knuckle and then he brushed her clit and she thought if he carried on she would easily cum and the sensation of being toughed up in the pub was a turn on too. Typically, I got my timing wrong and turned up just at this point – if I had only known I would have been fashionably late! Anyway, we had a couple of drinks and I was obviously unaware of what had happened, but I could feel a chemistry between them.

Anyway – got back to the house and lit the Barb y q – surprisingly for a Bank Holiday the weather was still sunny and warm. I kept the wine flowing and the afternoon went really well with us all getting on well and the conversation flowed. At one stage I feel asleep on the grass and Pam and Barry continued to talk freely and easily and I was so pleased they were getting on with Pam talking about her old boyfriends and the like. Sure enough the night started to draw in and we moved into the lounge where I continued to keep the wine flowing and Pam and Barry continued to get on famously. At one stage found Pam and I in the kitchen and Barry was in the lounge and I remember saying to Pam that it was great that they were getting on so well together and Pam responded that it was good to have him on his own and not being watched constantly by his fiancé Lynne. I don’t know what came into my head, but it just came out “would you like to fuck him?” My wife took a second to think about and then replied “maybe” – I didn’t know what to expect but it could have been a slap or the silent treatment but as it was my cock was instantly hard at the prospect.

We both returned to the lounge and Pam took her seat on the sofa next to Barry and to see them flirting was such a turn-on – I kept the drinks flowing and at around 11p.m. I made my excuses and left them with a large scotch each with Pam’s being particularly large!

Later Pam told me what happened! Giving me five Ordu Escort minutes for me to get settled, Pam stood up, stood in front of him pulled off her lovely summer dress to stand in only her bra, which immediately came off to reveal her fantastic 38 ee’s and then she just said “come on then” In no time he had his shirt off to reveal his chest, I’ve seen him in the shower, and his chest is like a rug which would have normally put Pam of but she was too far gone to let this dissuade her. He was struggling to get his jeans off, so Pam assisted pulling his jeans and pants off as she was desperate to see his cock. She wasn’t disappointed. She said his girth wasn’t quite as big as mine, but he was much, much longer and had lovely heavy balls. She dumped his jeans and pants at the end of the sofa and immediately climbed on top of him. She kissed him full on the mouth and she could feel his cock just gently pushing against her cunt. She continued to kiss, and he moved his hands all over her back which she loves – then she decided it was time and stopped kissing him as she wanted to see his face as he entered for the first time. She pushed gently down to feel him slowly entering her, easily as she was so wet, and they stared into each other as she took his full length to be filled like never before. She just lay on him with his cock imbedded in her and them both enjoying the sensation, then she decided to put on a show.

She sat upright making sure his cock was fully into her and proceeded to play with her tits, stroking them, sucking the nipples ensuring the were rock hard, not that that took much doing as she was fully turned on. After putting on the show she decided it was time to fuck him and she did. She moved her hips up and down on his big cock and within a few minutes she felt her first orgasm with him – it shot through her body and she loved it – she was conscious that Barry had not cum yet but she was aware he wasn’t far behind as his hips were moving gently with her rhythm and he was gently holding her hips; sure enough she felt him take the lead and his thrusts became stronger till finally he pushed deep inside her and she felt his cock swell than spasm and she felt his cum shoot inside her for the first time, first one spurt then three or four or more others this was so strong she cum again with an even stronger orgasm and she collapsed on top of him. She recovered, kissed him told him it was great and went to fix them another drink. When she was in the kitchen getting the drinks she later told me that his cum was running out of her down her thigh and on to the floor and she had to get some kitchen paper to clean up.

As she returned to the lounge Barry was still lying across the sofa, looking pleased with himself like the cat with the cream, no wonder he had wanted to fuck her for years. Pam said his cock was a bit flaccid now but still bigger than mine erect which turned me on when she told me. She gave him his drink and sat on the floor level with his waist. They talked for a bit the with Pam playing with his big, heavy balls and holding his impressive cock – she then decided to kiss him along his shaft and kiss his knob gently and then she put his cock in her mouth and enjoyed the sensation of it growing in her mouth which turned her on. Soon he was fully erect again and clearly enjoying Pam working on him – then he said ” If you carry on like that I will make you swallow it!” To which Pam looked hm in the eye and said “Good!” She resumed her blow job and at times took his full length in her mouth to her throat almost gagging in it. Before long he was moving in rhythm to her sucking and he was running his hands through her hair, which turns her on; his hand held the back of her head as he was getting close and she knew that she would have to swallow his load which she was looking forward to anyway. Then he pushed into her mouth and she felt his cock swell in her mouth and the first jet of cum filled her mouth followed by three or four more spurts which she greedily swallowed down, making sure she squeezed his cock to get every drop out. Much later she told me that his cum tasted aright and tasted better than Ordu Escort Bayan mine which turned me on enormously as she was comparing our cum with each other.

Pam went to the kitchen to get what she thought was a final drink for the evening, returning to find Barry siting up on the sofa perfectly relaxed un fazed by the fact that he had just screwed his mate’s wife and then cum in her mouth. Pam sat next to him passing his drink and they sat perfectly cool in each other’s nakedness and gently kissing and playing with each other.

Pam was starting to make a move to go to bed when Barry told her to get on the floor. Pam asked “what” and he said get on the floor on all fours… She did as asked and faced the window away from the sofa on all fours; and there she waited for what she said seemed an age but it was probably only 3 – 4 minutes as Barry was probably just enjoying the sight of her waiting to be fucked and getting himself ready. Pam said she felt a bit slutty but was so turned here she was offering herself up to another man just waiting to be screwed…

Sure, enough she heard him move off the sofa and then she could feel the warmth of his body right behind her, she then felt his forearm across her shoulder blades pushing down and she knew to put her head and shoulders on the floor fully exposing herself to him. He then tapped the inside of her thighs top open her legs wider which she did. Pam then felt his cock just separate her pussy lips and when he passed over her clit she though she was going to explode.

Now, up until this time I had been asleep, despite my best efforts, but once I hit the sack I’m gone but at this stage I woke up as Pam’s screams were so loud. I awoke to hear my wife getting the fuck of her lifetime.

Barry proceeded to push his full length into her and then pulled it out till just his knob was in her. All the time I could hear her screaming at the top of her voice, clearly the neighbours must have heard as she was screaming his name – we have all seen the porn when there is a screamer, but this was genuine, and it was my wife getting the fucking of her life. She kept repeating “No No don’t pull it out No No OMG yes Fuck me Fuck me Barry OMG I’m Cumming again OMG yes Fuck Me yes Don’t pull it out OMG yes fuck Me Fuck me I need it Oh Barry yes please oh GOD Oh shit do it do it. OMG I’m Cumming again Barry I’m Cumming again, fill me fill me” He had her in a complete state of continuous orgasm for about 20mins – my cock was so hard listening to them I daren’t touch it or I knew I would have cum. Then suddenly I heard him grunt and Pam scream even louder and then absolute silence – I knew then that he was flooding her pussy with his cum – it was fantastic.

A few minutes later she came into the bedroom naked and got into bed – I kissed her and asked “Was it good” she just nodded, kissed, and we fell asleep.

As per normal I wake early, and the sun had just come up and was flooding the room with a beautiful light. I kissed her and asked her if she would like to fuck him again – she nodded – so I told her to go to his room and screw him but she had to leave the doors open between the bedrooms as I wanted to listen to them – she promptly got out of bed and went towards the door, my cock was already stiffening, looking at her cute arse going out of the bedroom to be fucked by another man.

She opened his bedroom door, pulled the duvet back and got under with him – her hand went down to his cock which was already stiffening – she kissed him and said “You can have me if you want me” – I think he may have guessed! With that he moved to one side of the double bed and she moved into the centre of the bed and opened her legs for him. He needed no encouragement and moved on top of her and once again she felt his hard cock at the entrance to her pussy. I one swift movement he pushed into her, filling her again and easily sliding in as she was still wet from the lovemaking only a few hours before. She let out a small moan and Barry being conscious how vocal she was the night before put his hand over her mouth as he fucked her, this turned her on even more as it was Escort Ordu just,a crude, animalistic fuck and within few of his strokes she felt another orgasm rushing through her. She was aware he hadn’t cum yet but she knew he wasn’t far behind as his pace quickened and she push up against his thrusts and then she felt him even deeper inside and the once again felt his cock swell and pump more spurts of cum into her which sent her over the top as she experienced and other strong cum. Obviously I couldn’t hear anything when they were together but I could hear the occasional bed movement so I knew she was fucking him.

After about 20 minutes she came back into the bedroom which was still filled with a soft light, but as she came in she had a glow all of her own and I could just tell she’d had a good fucking. She got into bed and we kissed – I asked if it was good, and she nodded, I asked if she’d cum and she nodded and put two fingers up. I couldn’t wait my cock was on fire and felt like it was going to explode. I moved to one side of the bed and she move to the middle, just like with him, I pulled the covers back and got on top – just before entering her I looked down and I could see that her pubes were matted and covered in their cum it was fantastic. I slid easily into her as she was soaking herself and Barry had just pumped another load into her. If you have never screwed you wife after someone else then you will not understand the experience and sensation I felt – she was warm soft, beautiful and my cock felt as if it were wrapped in the softest velvet – I wanted to stay inside her for ever but my need to cum was too strong. I only lasted a few strokes before I experienced the strongest orgasm of my life and the sensation of mixing my cum with his – it was an epic moment. We then feel asleep till around 9.30a.m.

I then got up to take a shower and the bathroom was right next to the spare and I wondered if he would take the hint. I coughed a couple of times, so he would know it was me in the bathroom – he responded, he went into our bedroom and stood by the bed and presented his cock for Pam. She didn’t need asking twice, she steadied herself on the bed and held his hips as she went to work on his cock, really giving it her best as she knew she didn’t have long, she alternated with gently wanking him to speed it up and when doing so looked him straight in the eye. Soon he was moving his hips and he pulled her head towards him and she knew what was needed and she duly put her mouth round his cock just as he spurted again pumping shots of cum into her mouth which she gulped down. Just then they heard the shower go off so he left for his room: when I came in Pam was back under the sheets.

I went downstairs for coffee and Barry came down about 15 minutes later. It was a little awkward and I could have handled it better, and at that stage I didn’t know the full facts of what had transpired that night, but I knew that I had listened to my wife getting the fucking of her life and had had God knows how many orgasms with him and he had flooded her pussy with his cum. Regrettably I made the excuse that we had to go on somewhere and really I wished we had all stayed together as I am sure the would have been more opportunities for Pam and Barry it get it together.

But as it was he had fucked her three times and cum inside each time and she had sucked him to completion twice all in a matter of a few hours – they both had some stamina.

About three weeks later we at a mutual friend’s wedding and I found myself in one corner of the garden with Barry when he just came out and said, “You know don’t you?” I said I did know what had happened. He explained that I couldn’t blame him as I knew he had always wanted to fuck Pam and he was pleased he had, and it had been worth the wait as she was one sexy women, plus he added she gives one of the best blow jobs he’d ever had – so not only was he confirming he’d fucked her but she’d sucked him off to – my cock was instantly hard and I hoped he wouldn’t notice and just then Pam came across and I hoped she would see too. There was still a great sexual chemistry between them but unfortunately, we couldn’t progress in any further as soon he moved away with his job and we lost contact.

However, my wife continues to enjoy the occasional away day with my approval and has been seeing an old neighbour for some time which, he, her and me thoroughly enjoy.

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