Stephanie and Eric Ch. 03


Stephanie and Eric — Chapter 03 — Saturday Morning


It’s been a while since the last chapter. Didn’t feel happy with the first few drafts, hopefully this one is enjoyable.


In the early hours of the morning, the sun began to peek its way through the curtains. Eventually, making its way up the bed, shinning a ray of light across Stephanie’s face. Feeling the warmth of the sun, she slowly opened her eyes, momentarily being blinded by the sun. She was startled by the feeling of someone’s breath against her neck, but then it all came back to her.

After their hike last night, she had invited Eric back to her place and before she knew it, they were in her bedroom. It hadn’t taken long for Eric to get her pussy dripping with anticipation, he was down on his knees with his face buried between her lips almost instantly. Stephanie remembered the way Eric held her against the wall and went down on her, making her cum for the first time that night. They then moved to her bed where Eric fucked her; she could still remember his dick pounding into her, making her scream out for him. Last night’s session had unleashed a sexual craving within her that was unlike anything she felt before.

Lying there beside him, Stephanie felt Eric’s warm body against her. Having knocked out from what felt like never ending sex the night before, both of them had fallen asleep without any clothing. There was one spot in particular that felt much warmer and was poking into her butt. Stephanie slowly turned and saw that Eric was still fast asleep, a mischievous thought popped into her head. She lifted the sheet and slowly slid her way down his body. Feeling the absence of Stephanie’s body beside him, Eric readjusted himself and rolled onto his back. This was perfect for what Stephanie had in mind.

She got onto her knees under the sheet and moved slowly, so not to wake Eric from his sleep. Reaching halfway up his body, Stephanie chuckled a little as she saw Eric’s dick straining against the sheet. Stephanie had never had a dick this close to her face before, she spent a few moments admiring it, tracing her fingers over the pulsing vein along the side. Thinking back to some of her girlfriend’s sexual encounters, Stephanie remembered several stories about how they would suck on their boyfriend’s dicks to get them hard.

Stephanie recalled one particularly graphic story her friend Kim had shared with her. One night, Kim and her boyfriend were fooling around at his place and Tom had gotten her on her hands and knees. Expecting him to get behind her and fuck her brains out like he usually did, Kim was a little surprised when she felt him walk in front of her and place his hands behind her head. As he grabbed her by her pony tail, Tom pressed his dick against her lips and pushed into Kim’s mouth. She ended up sucking him off but not before slobbering all over his dick, getting him wet enough for him to fuck her. After that night, Kim couldn’t get enough of sucking Tom’s dick and sucked him as sloppy as she could any chance she got.

Thinking about Kim’s sexual adventures, Stephanie felt a warmth growing between her legs, she could feel her pussy getting soaked again and wanted to see why Kim enjoyed sucking Tom’s dick so much. She leaned forward under the sheet and placed a kiss midway up Eric’s shaft, it felt intimidating, towering over her face. She moved her mouth further up placing a few more kisses before she got to the tip. Placing a final kiss on the head of his dick, she felt it twitch and noticed a drop of pre-cum about to drip down the head.

Stephanie licked her lips involuntarily before using her tongue to lick the pre-cum off his throbbing, purple head and watched him twitch again. She could tell that Eric was enjoying himself, even though he was still fast asleep. She wondered if he was dreaming about her. Stephanie got a little more bold and moved her lips over his head, she flicked her tongue across the underside of his dick. She noticed the edges her mouth were now being stretched, she had a fairly small mouth and the Eric’s head was quite thick. As Eric’s dick grew to its full thickness, it made sucking on him a little difficult, but she was determined to give him the same pleasure he had given her last night.

Stephanie recalled after that first night, many of Kim’s stories mentioned how much Tom loved to deepthroat her. She wasn’t sure if she would be able to but decided to at least see how much of Eric’s dick she could fit into her mouth. Stephanie continued bobbing her head up and down on Eric, allowing the juices forming in her mouth to trickle their way down his shaft. She must have been about halfway down when his dick started to hit her throat, and almost immediately she felt the saliva Elazığ Escort in her mouth double in volume. All of a sudden, the head of his dick was covered in her spit and she could feel more dripping out of the corners of her mouth. It wasn’t quite as good as the deepthroating that Kim had described, but Stephanie felt like she couldn’t go any further in the position she was in. She moved her tongue around the head of his dick, feeling it slide around in the slippery pre-cum before returning to bobbing her head up and down his shaft.

At this point, Eric was starting to wake up and could feel something moving below the sheets. Lifting the sheets and peeking under, he almost lost it. Staring back at him with his dick in her mouth was Stephanie, her matted hair against the side of her face which was now covered in a light layer of sweat.

“Did I wake you? I hope you don’t mind,” she said with a devilish twinkle in her eyes, briefly removing the dick from her mouth as she continued to stroke him.

“You can wake me up like this anytime.”

Stephanie smiled inwardly and continued sucking him, getting a good rhythm going. As she swirled her tongue around his head, she also started stroking him as she bobbed up and down. Occasionally she would pop the head out of her mouth and take long strokes with her tongue from the base of his dick to the tip.

“Mmmmmmhhhh…I love when you lick me lick that.”

“I’m glad you like it, I really have no idea what I’m doing here.”

“You have the instincts of a professional. You’re getting me so hard, I want to fuck that little pussy of yours again.”

Stephanie, stopped her sucking and looked up at him, blushing a little, no one had ever said something like that to her before.

“That can be arranged,” she said, giving him a small kiss on his head.

Before Stephanie could rearrange herself, Eric placed his hand on the side of her face and gently pulled her toward his throbbing member. Stephanie could tell he wanted more. She leaned forward and started sucking on him, letting her actions get a little bit more uninhibited. Soon she was stroking him faster and Eric was absent-mindedly pushing her further down.

Stephanie felt his dick hit the back of her throat and she gagged a little bit but didn’t stop. She regained her composure and continued to move her head on him, eventually getting the head of his cock to nudge the entrance to her throat again. This time however, when she felt herself almost gag, she tried to swallow and felt her throat open a bit more, Eric’s dick made it’s way past her entrance and nestled into her throat.

Eric could hear the constant sound of Stephanie taking him deeper,”Glckkk…Glckkk…Glckkk,” and was getting close to cumming. Suddenly, he heard her start to cough and felt his dick get covered in an excess amount of her spit. He looked down at her and she was wiping away some of the saliva now dripping from her mouth.

Stephanie looked a little embarrassed, but she was still incredibly hot for him. She sat there for a moment with her ass resting on her heels trying to catch her breath. She continued to stroke him and feeling how hard he was, she couldn’t help but want his dick inside her again. She started to play with her pussy in preparation for his dick and shoved two fingers inside her. Feeling her lips stretch against her fingers, she started to move in and out of herself spreading her wetness against her entrance.

Eric watched her as she played with herself and felt his dick strain against her other hand. He couldn’t take it anymore, as she continued to pleasure herself, he reached over and grabbed the other condom and quickly tore through the packaging. Stephanie removed her fingers and began to move up his body, she felt his dick against her lips and slid herself back and forth against him a few times. Getting his dick lubed up, she raised herself up a little and hovered her pussy above his hard member.

Staring into his eyes, almost daring him to thrust into her, Stephanie held this position for a few seconds. She could feel Eric holding her waist, pulling her down, trying to impale her on his dick. Stephanie, resisted, she wanted to tease him and when he finally looked up at her with a look of deep desire, she let her body slide down his shaft. She dropped her hips, sliding all the way to the bottom of his dick, her mouth hung open with a feeling of being absolutely filled. She held herself still for a moment before Eric started to push her hips back and forth.

Eric’s mind was racing, he felt every inch of his dick being squeezed by Steph’s pussy. Her lips were against his groin and he couldn’t thrust any deeper, at first she ground her pussy against him in slow sensual circles. Next, she started lifting her ass and made long strokes up and down his shaft. Stephanie made her way further and further up Eric’s shaft Elazığ Escort Bayan before sliding all the way down again. Picking up the pace, she started riding Eric harder until you could hear the sounds of their bodies colliding together. Stephanie placed her hands against the wall above Eric’s head and kept thrusting hard against Eric’s dick, she wanted to make him cum from riding his dick.

As Stephanie moved her body against his and kept a steady pace riding him, Eric slid his palms up her sides and to her chest. He cupped both of her beautiful breasts in his palms and gently squeezed them. This elicited a quiet moan from Stephanie’s lips as she continued riding him, not slowing down a bit. Squeezing her breasts harder, Eric pulled her closer, drawing her nipple toward his mouth. The moment her nipple passed the threshold of his lips, Eric flicked his tongue across it and felt Stephanie’s body twitch. It was as if a bolt of electricity had shot through her.

Wanting to continue exploring her body’s reactions, Eric continued flicking his tongue across her, eventually grazing her now hard nipple against his teeth.

“Mmmmmmhhmm, do that again,” Stephanie moaned.

Eric pulled her closer, a little rougher this time. Taking her nipple in his mouth he repeated his actions from before, eliciting more moans from Stephanie. Feeling an overwhelming urge to fuck her harder, Eric squeezed her breasts as hard as he could and bit into her right breast a little harder than he intended.

“Owww!” Stephanie pulled away and smacked his chest out of reflex.

“Sorry, I got a bit carried away.”

“It’s okay, just give me a little bit of a warning next time,” she said as she pushed his chest down and began kissing him hard. At this point Stephanie’s body was moving back and forth on Eric’s dick without her even thinking about it. The faster she moved, the harder she kissed him. Eric placed his hands on her ass and started thrusting into her with more force. Stephanie could tell he was getting close and didn’t want things to end just yet.

She lifted her upper body away from him while pushing him back down as he tried to resume sucking on her chest. She held him down and moved her hips in slowly, sensual circles against his groin, trying to slow the pace down a bit.

“I don’t want this to end just yet,” Stephanie said, with her eyes half closed.

Eric agreed. He snaked his hand between her legs and started to gently play with her clit using his thumb. Stephanie placed her hands behind her and leaned back a bit to allow him more access to the now very wet spot between their bodies. After a few minutes of this, her arms began to tire and in a bit of a daze, she lifted herself off his shaft. She could see that the slowed pace had started to make Eric’s member go a little soft. Seeing this as an opportunity, rather than an obstacle, Stephanie reached for his dick and removed the condom. She started with slow strokes, getting him a bit harder. Then she got on her knees beside him and started to lick his shaft.

Before Eric noticed her change positions, Stephanie’s mouth was already halfway down his dick. Eric could feel himself hitting the entrance to her throat again and knew he wasn’t going to last long. In this position, Stephanie found it easier to take his thick shaft further down her throat and soon the first inch of his dick was making its way passed the entrance to her throat. She held him there for a couple of seconds and then came back up for air, the saliva that had gathered in her mouth now dripping onto his shaft. Feeling like she was making great progress for her newly acquired blowjob skills, Stephanie immediately went back to sucking on Eric’s dick, ever so often, she would take him as deep as she could go and then come back up for air. Leaving a slobbering mess over the head of Eric’s dick.

“Fuckkkkk, Steph! How are you doing this. I feel like I’m about to explode.”

“Don’t go exploding just yet, I want you to fuck me some more.” Stephanie sat up while still stroking his dick, which was now completely covered in her saliva. Releasing his dick, she rolled over and got onto all fours, she looked back at him over her shoulder and didn’t have to say a word. Eric jumped to his feet and grabbed his jacket to grab another condom, unfortunately for him, his pockets were empty.

Stephanie noticed the look on his face and guessed what was taking him so long. Being in this state of pure arousal, she wasn’t thinking straight, she crawled over to him and grabbed him by his dick. She slid it into her mouth, and swallowed it into her throat a few times to keep him hard. She then looked up at him and they both knew what was going to happen next.

Eric grabbed her by the shoulders and turned her around a bit aggressively, but she didn’t care. Stephanie wanted him, and she wanted him to fuck her hard. Escort Elazığ Standing behind her, watching her ass as she was bent over on the bed, Eric began to stroke himself and then line up his dick against Stephanie’s dripping pussy. Dick in hand, he walked up behind, close enough that the head of his dick could feel the heat emanating from her wet hole.

Eric wasted no more time, he placed the head of his dick at her entrance and he shifted all his weight forward.

“Fuuuuuuucckkkkkkk, yessssssssssss,” was all Stephanie could say. Her mouth hung open with her eyes shut tight as Eric’s thick shaft slid all the way inside her in one thrust. He was bottomed out against her ass and waited for a brief moment. A moment he never imagined would happen. Feeling her warm pussy against his bare shaft was an incredible feeling. He began to withdraw himself slowly, causing Stephanie to arch her back and place her hands out above her head. Her face and chest were now pressed into the bed as she tried to move her ass backward to keep him inside her.

Eric placed both his hands on her ass, gripping them tight and he slammed his dick back inside her. For a second, you could her the echo from his groin colliding with her ample ass. He withdrew again and slammed back into her…again….he withdrew…slam!

He began to pick up the pace and was now pounding into her, without any regard for being too rough, Stephanie didn’t care, she was loving it. He was grabbing her by the waist and pulling her ass back onto him as he thrust aggressively into her wet pussy; the sounds they were making were driving each other wild. Eric was now thrusting into her as fast as he could manage and his breathing was beginning to shorten, he knew he was going to cum soon but he was still aware enough that he didn’t want to cum inside her.

“I’m going to come soon Steph.”

“Keep fucking me, don’t stop!!” She was on the verge of her own orgasm and didn’t want him to stop just yet. She reached between her legs and started to rub on her clit. Within seconds of rubbing herself, Stephanie felt her body release and she screamed into the bed.

“Godddddd, fuck yes, fuck me harder!!”

Eric tried his best to keep going but soon he had to stop as Stephanie came down from her orgasm. He pulled out of her and took a few steps back and tilted his head backward to catch his breath.

Before he knew what was happening, Stephanie rolled off the bed and got down on her knees in from of him. She grabbed his dick by the base and began to suck. She could taste herself on him still and found she liked the taste. This only cause her to suck him with more enthusiasm, taking him deeper, inch by inch. She didn’t slow down, this wasn’t your typical sensual blowjob. Stephanie wanted to make him cum and she knew she wanted to use her throat to do it, or rather she wanted him to use her throat to do it. As Stephanie got more uninhabited with her blowjob, she started to deepthroat him very aggressively, it was like her orgasm had flipped a switch inside of her and she wanted to devour Eric. Her inner wild side was now unleashed and she just wanted his cum.

Eric was close. He ran his hands through Stephanie’s hair to get a good grip and he began to thrust his hips forward. Stephanie felt him start to take control, she placed her hands around him and squeezed his ass, pulling him into her. Eric got the message and decided it was time. He didn’t hold back, just like when he was fucking her from behind, Eric grabbed her head as tight as he could and began to fuck her mouth. There was saliva and drool oozing out of the corners of Stephanie’s mouth and she was loving it, she wanted him deeper.

Eric could feel his balls tightening, he knew he would come any second now. Gathering her hair into a pony tail he held her head tight and continued fucking her throat, getting the first couple of inches down her throat. In a split second he felt his balls tighten and he thrust all the way into her throat. Stephanie’s lips were around the base of his shaft and her nose was pressed into his abdomen.

“HOLY FUCKKK!!I’m cumminggg. Jesus fucking Christ Steph!” He held her in place against the base of his dick as jet after jet of his cum shot into her throat. Stephanie counted at least 6 spasms before he began to back off, the remainder of his cum gushing into her mouth. Not knowing what to do, Stephanie instinctively swallowed. Eric took a few steps back, completely exhausted and drained.

Stephanie continued to suck on him, but he had to stop her. He couldn’t handle the sensations anymore. He looked down at her, and she looked amazingly sexy. He lifted her up and brought her to her feet. Eric led her into the bathroom and then into the shower. As the steam from the shower began to fill the bathroom, the two of them began to kiss each other.

They knew that today’s events were only the beginning. As they continued to explore each other’s bodies once again, Stephanie could feel Eric poking into her side…she slowly got down on her knees and grabbed Eric’s shaft from the base, looking up at him, she gave him that same devilish smile from earlier that day.

The End…?

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