Stephen, Devon and I


When Stephen told me Devon was coming over, I wasn’t sure what he meant.

Stephen and Devon have been best friends for years. They were both mechanical engineering majors. It seems like the world wanted them to become friends, having to take the same classes, go to the same study group and live in the same dorm. it all made sense they would become friends, then best friends by graduation.

Since that night, Devon has been texting Stephen about me and what happened. He never knew a man could do such amazing things with his mouth.

Devon came over Saturday afternoon. Tanisha was out with friends. telling him to “have fun with the boys”.

It was uneventful small talk. the only thing making it bearable was the wine he brought. After halfway done with the second bottle, we all started to get more and more relaxed.

With Devon sitting on the couch, Me sitting on his right, touching his thigh. Running my hand up and down,feeling the material stretch from his 11 inch monster. Didim Escort I then got on my knees in front of him. My hands working its way up to his belt buckle. undoing his belt and pants.

Peeling his pants off, I can feel how nervous he is. I tell him to close his eyes and sit back. I massage his massive thighs, moving my hands up and down. Watching his cock grow with every pass. Inches from my face, teasing my hungry mouth. It wasn’t until the first drop of precut started coming out, i opened my mouth to connect the tip of my tongue to his head.

Tasting the nectar of his manhood, I open my mouth and engulf his growing cock. My head all the way down to the base of his cock. Feeling his size grow bigger and bigger every second, hearing him moan in pleasure. His hands massaging my scalp following my rhythm going up and down on his cock.

I pull my head up to get a better look at him. My saliva making it easier to jerk that massive dick, up and down. I move Didim Escort Bayan his hard cock to the side of my face, letting him look at me while i use it to slap my on my right side.

I all but forgot Stephen was there until I heard him say “We need to record that for Tanisha”. We all had a quick chuckle before I got back to work. I see Stephen, phone in hand, coming closer to us. I hear him ask Devon “are you enjoying your self?”. Devon moaning in pleasure, telling Stephen, his mouth is amazing.

Stephen pulls me up, tells me to get ready for something great. He gets me on all fours. With my ass in the air, and pushing my head down. he lubes up my awaiting hole.

Devon gets off the couch and comes behind me. He holds his cock, pointing to me. Using his head to track the outline of my anus. teasing me with every pass, until I squirm with pleasure. It felt like time slowed down when he pushed his thick 11 inches into me. Stephen in front of me recording Escort Didim my eyes rolling back and mouth open in orgasmic pleasure.

I feel two hands grab my hips and pull me in, filling my ass with one of the biggest cock i’ve ever had. Stephen pulls my head up for a kiss. it wasn’t more that 3 or 4 thrusts from Devon, I shoot my load on the floor. I tell them, i’m going to need a minute before we can continue. Stephen and Devon look ate each other and laugh, giving each other a high five.

We all sit on the couch, I cuddle up to Stephen, my left hand playing with his hard cock. I kiss his neck and collar. I look back and see Devon stroke his tool. Telling Devon to jerk that big dick. I feel Stephen getting harder and tensor. Knowing what will happen in a few more seconds, I stand him up endpoint his beautiful cock to my face. It was three thick ropes falling onto my face. my eyes closed, letting him cum all over me.

Devon quickly gets up and with his left had grabs my head and turns it to his cock in hand. his cum shooting to my forehead, feeling it drip down my face. I open my mouth and take in the last bit of his juice. his cock still full in my mouth but now with a relaxed feel. I pull it out, with one eye closed I ask for a towel.

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