The Ad…


“Maybe we should Place an ad?” Jim asked his wife, Sarah.

“I’m serious, if you’re serious!” She said.

It was a Saturday evening, and since last Friday, Sarah had confided to her husband that watching him with another man

Would be her fantasy. She had often wanted to know he felt about her desire, and she learned that he was curious as well.

That intrigued Sarah, knowing the man she gave her virginity to, was willing to give his MM virginity over to her to be a part of.

“What should we say?” He asked.

” Um… ‘Couple in Buffalo seeks bi-sexual tattooed male for playtime’! That would bring the perfect guy!” Said Sarah.

The ad went online within minutes.

That afternoon, while Jim was in the shower, he started thinking about meeting a man who may answer their ad. As the soap was lathered in his hand, he slowly found himself fondling his sac,feeling them with pleasure.

As he closed his eyes, he heard the curtain slowly creep open, he turned around with his hand still on his cock… And saw his favorite site! Sarah stood completely naked in front of him. Her long brown hair hanging down her breasts, her soft stomach with the slight belly that hangs too! She’s beautiful!

“May I?”

“Of course, please baby!!”

She saw he was still holding his hard on, and after a passionate kiss on his wet lips, she immediately took over his hand placement. She pumped a small amount of soap into her soft hand, and slid it up and down his shaft!

“Mmm, whatcha thinking about, Jim? What has my honey so hard? Or do I need to ask after or last few talks?”

That caused him to grow thicker! She knew her husband, after all these years, she knew that he was excited about a new adventure!

“Yes, my love! I’m thinking about the ad”.

She rinsed off his cock with the warm water, sat on the side of the tub, and took her husband in her mouth. He stood in wonder as his wife’s hot, wet mouth meet his already wet cock!

Both her hands went on his long, hard member, as she sucked and licked his massive purple tip. God he loves her for knowing how to suck!

He normally enjoys a long, long oral session from her, but she was eager for his juices!

He could tell she needed his cum…

“Where babe? Where do you want it now?” He was excited to know! His cock grew it’s hardest, and right when he was ready to bust….

“On my nipples!” She screamed!

And she raised up both tits to offer her nipples for his gift!

“Oh fuck yes, Sarah!”

And his load exploded all over Didim Escort his wife’s BEAUTIFUL areolas!

She loves his cum!

“Lick it off for me? I want to see my husband eat cum!”

It was the first time she ever asked him to do that. Now seems perfect!

He leaned down and made circles using his tongue on her nipples… Taking little amounts of his love juice into his mouth with each lick!

When he was done, he gently kissed her cheek, but left a hickey on both tits, marking his territory!

On Monday, several emails came in responding to the ad. Nothing seemed promising.

Tuesday: same

Wednesday: same

Thursday; “40 year old, bi-sexual male here! I saw your ad, and hope to share photos and meet?? Let’s chat!- Chad

“Ohhh, he might be a winner! Let’s send a pic!” She said.

And they exchanged photos with Chad throughout that day.

By Friday, Sarah, Chad, and Jim had planned a date!

They were meeting up at the TRAVEL INN on Saturday, for Jim and Sarah didn’t want to use their own home to play.

Chasing away the jitters, Jim and Sarah played a drinking game with shots of whiskey while waiting for the knock!

Right on time… Chad knocked on the motel door. Sarah answered, and he was stunning! Tall, standing at 6ft 3, 200lbs. Muscles and tattooed arm sleeves is what she could see thus far. Black shorts, and a grey hoodie made his 40 year old bearded face appear younger than it was.

Sarah was already pretty buzzed at this point! So was Jim, but Jim kept his composure better. Sarah offered Chad a shot, which he gladly took. And another with a coca-cola chaser.

Sarah was very much attracted physically towards Chad’s physique. ‘This is going to be hot!’ She thought.

They all were nervous, and discussed the rules: simple.

Condoms? No.

Safe word? Red


She broke the ice by kneeling in front of Jim, who was sitting in a chair next to the window. He was wearing blue jeans, a yellow tee, and blue boxers.

Sarah undid Jim’s jeans and belt, pulled them all the way down to his ankles, and off his feet.

He was shy today… So she knew she needed to help him get stiff.

As she was getting ready to go down on her husband, Chad stripped off his hoodie, revealing a nice muscled stomach for Sarah and Jim to see!

“Let me!” Chad exclaimed.

“Oh yes! I want to see this! I want to see my man feel amazing!”…

Chad went on his knees before Jim, and Sarah pulled up a chair next to her husband, and Didim Escort Bayan held his hand. Jim had never had a man on his cock before… This was so new. Chad handled his cock differently than Sarah always did. Chad was a bit more forward about it…of course, he didn’t kiss Chad like he kissed Sarah,. But feeling Chad’s mouth on his growing stiff cock was powerful! As he was licking his shaft all around, he placed his hand on Jim’s rod and then began opening Jim’s legs.

Jim looked at his wife…

A questionable look on his face.

“May I?” Chad asked Sarah, NOT Jim.

“Take him to the bed first”….

It darned on him that Sarah may have went behind Jim’s back and emailed some secret fantasies. One he knew of; Sarah wanted to be in charge of 2 men!

Jim followed Chad to the king bed, and Sarah told him to lay on his back and open his legs.

He obeyed his beautiful wife, who was glowing with joy at this point!

Chad resumed sucking and fondling Jim’s erect cock, only he started spreading his butt cheeks slowly apart. Sarah kissed her husband’s lips while still holding his hand.

” Mmmm! Yes Chad! Let me watch as you rim my man!”

As soon as Chad’s tongue hit his hole, Jim was thrilled! The more he licked his ass, the harder and thicker he got!

But this was just a tease! It was the first time he ever had the pleasure of a tongue on his hole. He was hooked!

He knew at that moment that if this continues, he could very well cum at the hand, {and mouth} of this strange guy.

As Sarah lay next to Jim, Chad moved his slender body over to her… undressed her completely to reveal her black teddy and gstring! He now was between her thighs… But he slithered himself up her pelvis, past her stomach, and began fondling her tits from under the teddy! She slipped both breasts out, so her nipples were at his mercy! Jim watched as another man was loving his wifes tits.. And he was thrilled!

He tongued her right nipple, then her left… Cupping her tits in both hands.

She instinctively opened her legs for this stranger, and she was wet as ever! Maybe even wetter than Jim had ever made her!

Chad entered her thighs, and began opening her pussy lips. He inserted a finger, pulled it out, and placed it in Jim’s mouth.

“Does your wife taste great?”

Jim was engorged!

Chad licked Sarah’s pussy while also fingering her. He was so gentle, so good!

Sarah knew Jim was watching… And it excited the fuck out of her!

Jim was thinking Escort Didim that Sarah might want younger cock after today… He was trying not to think… And he then felt a hand on his cock that was feeling neglected… It was Sarah’s hand! He knew at that moment she was as present with him as she was with Chad.

And he grew so hard again!

Sarah felt an orgasm build… Stronger and stronger!

“Yes! Lick my fucking cunt! Make me explode Chad!”

With that, Sarah came all over Chad’s beard and mustache!

As Sarah lay.. Spent as ever…

She decided her next plan was her ultimate fantasy!

“Baby? Can I please watch as you get your ass fucked? I’ll be right here, giving you my nipples so you can suck them and lick them!”.

“Bae… I’m scared it will hurt”, Jim whispered.

“I’m here!” She confided to him.

“Here, it’s better if you get on your knees… Put your head down, ass up!”

I slid Chad some cherry lubricant… And he put a bit on his cock., and some on Jim’s hole. I could tell Chad had experience ass fucking either men or women because his focus was relaxing the hole first.

By doing so, he slid a smaller finger into the hole, probing it in and out very gently. He inserted another finger… And Jims cock hardened up, which again was in Sarah’s hand!

As Chad’s fingers entered in and out of Jim’s virgin ass, Sarah’s hand stroked in rhythm.

Soon… Chad was behind Jim, ready for entry. He was still shiny from the cherry lube, but applied a bit more. Easy… He entered Jim. The tip hurt the most, as it was large and erect so hard! After the head entered, Jim relaxed… He wanted so badly to please Sarah, he knew this was both their fantasy… Now come true!

Sarah kept jerking off her husband… And she could sense he was really enjoying himself!

Chad was balls deep in him at this point… And despite the fear he had, Jim was relieved to be enjoying this!

“Cum for me, baby? Cum on my face and tongue!?” Sarah asked, but it was more of a demand.

She kept stroking her husband… Until he knew he couldn’t hold back!

He came all over Sarah’s face, as she layed her face under his cock…

” Can you cum, Chad? Will you cum now into my husband’s delightful hole?”

And Chad’s place sped up… Faster he pushed, deeper he went…



Jim felt the warm sensation of the juice as it squirted deep in him. As Chad’s pulled out, Sarah got behind her husband, watching the liquid ooze out… She licked his newly fucked hole, eating the cherry flavored cum that was now…THEIRS!

All three felt a relief, a sense of accomplishment!

Jim kissed his wife… And Chad dressed and left. Sarah laid next to her husband, and he put his arm around her, and they drifted off to sleep…

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