The Daughter in Law

Big Dicks

The rain was falling hard as Nancy Simmons drove through the streets of Longmeadows in Kent. There was a flash of lightning followed by a clap of thunder.

“Damn!” grumbled the forty-eight year old widow. It was bad enough driving in these streets in the daytime but now with darkness descending and the rain it made things much more difficult.

Nancy, who worked in the bank was normally on her way home at this time but instead had decided to pay her daughter-in-law, Karen, a visit. Karen had been married to her son Mark for just over a year now and he was away in Scotland working on the oil rigs. Nancy had promised Mark that she would occasionally look in on the twenty-five year old. She and her daughter-in-law had always had a good relationship but recently Nancy had begun to suspect there was something wrong. Karen had become increasingly reclusive. Nancy understood well enough. After all, the poor girl had lost her mother just weeks after the wedding and with Mark away it must be lonely for her. At least Karen had her job at another bank in the town it would fill in some of the day for her. Nancy did not appreciate just how lonely until she arrived at the flat.

The rain was still heavy, and the thunder rolled across the sky as Nancy, with umbrella in hand, got out of her car and hurried to the door.

“Oh, Nance, come in,” said Karen as the young woman answered the doorbell swiftly.

“How are you, dear?” asked Nancy, putting her umbrella in the stand before taking off her coat and hanging it up.

“Not too bad, Nance, you’re just in time. I was about to make tea,” answered Karen.

Nancy became concerned when she noticed Karen behaving in a fussy and erratic way as she set the table and filled the kettle. As the young woman spoke, she jumped from one subject to another without finishing what she was saying. More than that though was the fact that Karen was nervous. This was not the Karen that Nancy knew.

“Karen is everything alright?” asked the older woman, knowing full well it wasn’t.

For a split second there was a silence in which you could hear a pin drop.

“No!” responded Karen as she exploded into uncontrollable tears.

“Oh, my dear girl,” said Nancy as she embraced the young woman tightly. She hated to see Karen so upset. It even brought tears to her own eyes.

“I hate it, Nance. I hate this place. I hate Mark being away. I hate it all. I can’t stand it, Nance. I can’t stand it anymore. Then there’s that dreadful Landlord.”

“What about him?” asked Nancy.

“Oh, Nancy, he gives me the creeps. He leers at me and pretends to be familiar with me.”

There was another clap of thunder.

“Oh, God!” cried as she held onto Nancy for dear life.

“Oh, my poor girl, I had no idea. Pack a bag now, this instant. You’re coming home with me.”

Karen shook her head and was heading for the bedroom when the doorbell rang again. “Oh no, it’s him again,” she declared in a nervous panic.

“You go ahead and pack I’ll deal with him,” said Nancy and the older woman made her way to the door with determination on her face. Upon opening the door Nancy took an instant dislike to the image before her. He was a small unkempt individual with a weasel like face. The sort that took full advantage of vulnerable young women like Karen and Nancy hated them with venom.

“Hi, sweet chee… Oh, I’m Ben Rooney, Mrs Simmons’ Landlord. I was wondering if she was ok. I know she gets nervous…”

Nancy, who was six feet tall and well built, looked down at this ugly excuse for a man and spoke firmly.

“She’s fine and I’m sure you have better things to do with your time. Goodnight!” interrupted Karen and she closed the door on the man.

Karen reappeared with suitcase.

“How did you and Mark end up with that guy?” asked her mother-in-law.

“It’s a long story,”

“Let’s get out of here,” responded Karen and both women dashed for Nancy’s car. Although the thunder had stopped the heavy rain persisted.

It was now 9.30 and quite dark. Eventually they arrived safely at Karen’s house. There was a similar dash for the door and both women were grateful for the warmth of the house.

“You don’t mind me staying here. Do you, Nance?” asked Karen nervously.

“Of course not, dear. I told Mark I’d keep an eye on you. What better way to do it?” replied Nancy with a smile.

“God, I look dreadful,” said Karen as she spied her reflection in a mirror.

Nancy smiled. “Why don’t you have nice soothing bath? I’ll put some soup on,”

Karen just nodded and followed her mother-in-law upstairs to the bathroom. Nancy opened a cupboard, took down several towels, and left them in the bathroom as Karen started filling the bath.

“These salts are very soothing,” said the older woman as she poured the contents of a plastic bottle into the warm water. Finally, Nancy took out a white cotton robe and handed it to Karen.

“Thank you so much Nance,” said Karen, trying not to cry again.

“Not at all dear,” answered Nancy kindly. “See Çeşme Escort you in a bit,” she finished before leaving the room.

“Poor girl, she’s been through a lot. I had no idea,’ thought Karen as she stirred the soup. By the time it was ready Karen appeared in the robe with her hair wrapped in towel.

“Good timing,” said Nancy as she put the bowl on the table.

“Mmm, it smells delicious,” declared Karen as she sat down.

“It’s only mushroom soup, sweetheart,” laughed Nancy as she sat down also and began to eat.

Karen seemed to be enjoying the soup until she stopped and looked at her mother-in-law. “Nance, I’m so sorry. I’ve been behaving like a schoolgirl,”

“Nonsense, dear. Karen, you’ve been through a great deal. It’s natural you are emotional. Now stop apologising. You’re my friend and I am here to help you in every way I can. How did you end up with that weirdo Landlord?”

Karen sighed deeply. “Well, you know we are in the process of building our house. Mark and I decided to rent the apartment and that would help us financially.”

“Well, you can stay here for as long as you like.”

“Oh no, Nance. I…”

“My dear girl, look at the size of this house. It’s too big for me alone and we will be company for one another.”

No more was said. Nancy and Karen dressed for bed and both women watched TV for a while with Karen resting her head on Nancy’s breast.

“I think I’ll turn in,” said Karen.

“Me too,” responded the older woman.

“Can I borrow your hairdryer?” asked Karen.

“Of course, dear, I’ll get it and bring it to your bedroom,”

“You’ve got very beautiful hair,” declared Nancy as she dried the younger woman’s long black hair. It contrasted to Nancy’s auburn that she kept short.

“Good night, dear. Sleep tight and don’t worry about anything,” instructed Nancy as she kissed Karen’s forehead before leaving the room.

“Good night, Nance…and thank you,” responded Karen, sounding exhausted.

After switching off the light Nancy gently closed the door before returning to her own bedroom.


The following morning Nancy had already showered and making breakfast when Karen came downstairs.

“Here I am ready for work and no way of getting there,” she said.

Nancy laughed. “I’ll drop you off on my way to work. We’ll pick up your car after work and then we’ll start moving more of your stuff back to the house.

After putting the breakfast things in the dishwasher Nancy turned to her daughter-in-law. “Come out the back. I want to show you something.”

Just before the women left Nancy pressed a button on the wall and Karen heard a curious humming type noise. In the backyard Karen was both startled and excited at what she saw. There was a large swimming pool and the humming noise had been the cover being retracted.

“Oh, Nance, it’s beautiful. When did you have this put in?”

“Last year. Stan, my husband left me very comfortable. I didn’t want to mow a huge garden, so I had this built.”

“Oh, I’d love to use it, Nance…”

“Of course, we’ll both use it after work,” answered Nancy.

It was then Karen noticed the mirrors that covered the back of the house.

“Those mirrors, Nance, they cover the whole of the back of the house and yet…”

“And yet you can see out,” finished Karen. “They are one way mirrors, Karen. Suitable for … ‘observation,’ replied Nancy with a sly grin.

“Observing what?” Karen asked as the curiosity welled up inside her.

“You’ll find out soon enough,” was all Nancy would say.

“And what’s down there?” asked Karen, pointing to a building further down the back.

“Ah, that’s a surprise for tonight, after we return from the gym,”

“Gym?” asked Karen taken aback.

“Yes, tonight is gym night. Come with me. You’ll have fun, I promise,”

“You know, Nancy? You’re full of surprises.”

Nancy just laughed.

While she worked at the bank that day Karen couldn’t help but think about her mother-in-law. Not only had this lady bailed her out of an unhappy and miserable life at the flat but she had revealed herself to be a lady who was not averse to having fun. Karen could not imagine what Nancy was up to, but she knew that she would enjoy it.

After work Karen and her mother in law drove to her flat and they loaded both cars with Karen’s belongings. Karen then went to the landlord’s office to hand in her notice of quitting. It was here that Karen learned another thing about her mother in law.

Nancy decided to wait for Karen in her car but something inside her prompted her to get out and wait just outside the office door. She was glad she did because just at that moment she could hear Karen in distress.

“Please, let me go,” Nancy heard the young woman whimper.

“Aw, don’t be like that, sweet cheeks. We can work something out.”

Nancy recognised the voice and when she peered inside, she was horrified at the sight that greeted her.

The little tramp had pushed the poor girl up against the Çeşme Escort Bayan grimy wall and began to grope her breasts through her blouse.

The forty-eight year old sprang into action. Storming into the office, Nancy pulled her daughter in law away and the next thing the landlord knew he was on the floor, decked by Nancy’s powerful right hook.

“Are you ok, Karen?” asked Nancy.

Karen was too stunned to answer. She simply nodded in response.

“Let’s get out of here,” said the older woman and Karen, still stunned, followed her mother in law in silence.

“Wow, Nancy, where did you learn to punch like that?” asked Karen excitedly as the two women stood beside the car.

“Didn’t Mark tell you?”

Karen gave her mother in law a blank look.

“I was the local area amateur boxing champion in my youth.”

Karen took a moment to let what Nancy said sink in.

“No, he didn’t tell me,” she replied, sounding almost angry he husband had withheld that information. It left the young woman wondering what other surprises her mother in law had for her.

After a light meal at the house Karen drove them both to the gym where she introduced Karen and signed her in.

Nancy introduced Karen as a new member, and she was signed in. Karen could see now how Nancy looked so fit.

As Karen began her workout she looked over at Nancy and good not help but admire her rigorous regime. It made her envious but also made her aspire to a similar goal of fitness.


After returning to the house following their workout Karen felt worse for wear. “Oh God, I’m aching all over,” she declared as she put her hand to her back and stretched.

Nancy laughed. “You’ll get used to it. Put your swimming gear on. I’ll join you in a moment.”

“I don’t know, Nance. I don’t feel like swimming now,” responded Karen wearily.

“Nor do I but you do want to know what’s down in the shed, don’t you?” responded Nancy with a mischievous grin.

Karen put on her blue one piece swimsuit before joining her mother-in-law downstairs. The sight that was to behold her eyes was both shocking and at the same time arousing as Nancy stood waiting in her red bikini. Her low cut top complemented her fine round curves but what shocked Karen was her bikini bottoms. Though they covered her front her bottom cheeks were quite visible.

Nancy towered over Karen’s five feet eight frame. She had a flat stomach, and her arms and legs were muscular but very smooth. For a moment Karen was lost for words. “Wow, Nance, you’re beautiful. You make me look very ordinary,” declared the young woman, still reeling from her mother-in-law’s deliberate pose.

“Nonsense dear, you’re a very beautiful young woman.”

Karen just grunted in self-contempt.

Nancy pressed another button and Karen saw a pathway to the shed being lit up. Both women donned robes and Karen followed the older woman to the shed. It was as they approached the shed that Karen could hear bubbles being produced.

Nancy opened the door, and it was after she switched on the light that Karen saw the hot tub.

“Oh, Nance, it’s wonderful,” she stated with clear excitement in her voice.

“Well, in you get,” instructed the older woman.

Karen willingly obeyed as she eased herself into the bubbling waters of the hot tub. Nancy went to a table and poured a drink into a glass before handing it to her daughter-in-law. After pouring herself one Nancy joined the younger woman in the tub. “Here’s to a new life here,” she said as a toast as they clinked their glasses.

“Oh, Nance, this is so wonderful,” said Karen as she clearly enjoyed the obvious positive affect it had on her aching body. Only her neck and shoulders ached more, and she rubbed her hands in those areas.

“Here, turn round,” ordered the older woman. Karen obeyed and Nancy began to massage her neck and shoulders.

“Oh, that feels so good, Nance,” declared Karen in a low voice of satisfaction.

“I think we should do some shopping after work tomorrow,” said Nancy as she continued to gently massage her daughter-in-law’s shoulders.

“Shopping?” answered Karen wearily, enjoying her mother-in-law’s wonderful touch.

“Yes, I think it would be fun. When was the last time you really treated yourself?”

“Mmm, I can’t remember,” was Karen’s reply. It was as if she were simply conforming to Nancy’s wishes hoping the older woman would continue working on her shoulders.

“Good,” replied Nancy and no more was said.

That night however, Karen could not get the image of Nancy in her bikini. She even had a strange erotic dream.


The following day, straight after work and true to her word, Nancy and Karen went shopping. What surprised Karen was that Nancy concentrated on the lingerie. It was all Lacy and what Karen considered risqué. They would browse and Karen would select some and they both would giggle and laugh. Eventually satisfied with their selections they made their purchases and drove home. Karen could not Escort Çeşme believe she had bought such revealing underwear, but she had to admit she had enjoyed the day shopping.

“Let’s try them on,” said Nancy enthusiastically when they were safely indoors.

“Now?” asked a shocked Karen.

“Of course, silly, why not? We’re alone here. No need to be shy.”

Nancy began to undress; tossing her jacket over a chair she quickly removed her blouse, skirt, and underwear before taking out one of her purchases.

Karen, initially hesitating, giggled as she followed her mother-in-law’s exampled and stripped rapidly. She had never seen Nancy naked before and what she saw excited her.

“So, what do you think?” asked Nancy as he stood in her red lace low cut bra and matching skimpy thong with her hands on her hips as if posing for a camera shot.

“Wow, you look good, Nance,” replied Karen as her mother-in-law gave a whirl and once again, she could see her arse cheeks exposed.

Karen tried on her black bra and matching thong. “So, what do you think?” she asked doubtfully.

Nancy stepped forward and adjusted the younger woman’s bra, so it exposed the cleavage of her medium breasts. Both women giggled and laughed as they showed off their respective underwear.

“Now, I have a little surprise for you,” said Nancy as she unwrapped the last item and handed it to Karen. It was a golden bikini much like her own.

Karen tried it on. She blushed as she saw her reflection in the mirror. Her top was revealing enough but the bottoms left nothing to the imagination.

“Oh, my God, what would Mark think?” she asked with a giggle.

“Oh, I think he would approve heartily,” laughed Nancy who had also changed into her bikini.

“Who’s that?” asked Karen in a panic voice when she saw the young man enter the backyard.

“Relax, it’s only Colin. He cleans the pool,” responded Nancy as she donned a robe and took her purse before going to greet the young man.

Karen observed curiously as Nancy was clearly instructing the youth as to what she wanted done. She also handed him several notes from her purse before returning to the house. Karen also observed Colin as he clearly enjoyed the view of Nancy’s legs as she walked along the path. She wondered if her mother-in-law realised it.

“Isn’t he a hunk?” asked Nancy as she observed Colin as he removed his tee shirt and started his work.

“You know you were turning him on out there, don’t you?” responded Karen with a laugh.

“Good, just as I intended! It’s nice to have someone confirm my suspicions.

Karen laughed heartily. “Nancy Simmons, you are outrageous!” she declared, unable to contain herself.

“Is it only now you realise that dear? You haven’t seen anything yet,” responded Nancy.

“I’m beginning to believe that Nance,” Karen laughed heartily once again.

Karen was shocked at what happened next as her mother-in-law slipped up her bra and pressed her firm breasts against the French doors as Colin continued working on the pool.

“Nancy, what are you doing?”

“Relax, he can’t see anything,” was all Nancy responded. She rubbed the upper portion of her breasts as she continued to press them against the doors. “Oh, you’d love to suck them, wouldn’t you?” said the older woman as he faced Colin through the door.

Karen just laughed. Then suddenly Nancy turned to her and dragged her to the French windows.

“I can’t believe I’m doing this,” she giggled as she imitated Nancy and pressed her breasts against the door. She even put her hand to her pussy and began to gently probe it but then stopped. She turned to the older woman. “I haven’t had so much fun in ages,” she stated with excitement before kissing her lips.

“I-I’m sorry, Nance,” she said as she pulled away. “It must be almost time for tea,” she said before fleeing to her room to change.

Nancy just smiled.

A few moments passed and Nancy called Karen for tea. Several more minutes passed and there was no sign of the young woman coming down. Nancy knocked at Karen’s door and then entered the room to see Karen packing.

“Karen, what are you doing?”

“I’m sorry, Nance. I think it was a mistake to come here. I’ll go back to the flat,”

“Because of what happened?” asked Nancy.

“Yes, no…I mean…” Karen halted and then spoke. “You don’t understand, Nance. I don’t understand…”

Nancy took the younger woman’s hands and sat her on the bed. “Tell me what’s really bothering you,”

“Oh, Nance. Just seeing you in your underwear. It-it…”

“Yes?” prompted the older woman.

“I’ve been having these dreadful desires, Nance. The thought of just touching you arouses desires in me that I never knew could exist. I know it’s wrong, Nance. You are my mother-in-law, and I shouldn’t even be thinking about them.

Nancy gave a laugh. “My dear girl, what makes you think I wasn’t wooing you?”

“You mean…”

“Karen, I’ve been in love with you since the day you first walked through the door with Mark.”

Karen was stunned. “You mean I’m in love with you? But what about Mark?”

“You’re in love with him too. I know that and I love him in my own way. We have a very special love, Karen, if you’re willing to share,”

“Oh, I am, Nance, but…”

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