The Office Fun Chapter 3


After getting home, I sat down and started playing the incredible sex I had with Emma. The way her ass was shaped, the way her pussy gripped my cock as it slid in and out of her, and when she squirted. I was so horny thinking about that that I got hard and was horny again. I thought I didn’t have to masturbate after today but just thinking about her wet pussy engulfing my hard cock and the way it felt sliding over it over and over again had me needing to cum again. As I sat on my couch, I couldn’t help myself, so I pulled my cock out and started stroking it.

Now, normally I would go to take a shower to do this, but I was too horny and couldn’t wait, so here I am sitting on my couch with my monster cock out and in my hands as I stroke it, thinking about the sex I had with Emma. It didn’t take long before I felt that familiar feeling in my balls and the rush of cum shooting up my long cock and then out. Groaning with each long spurt as my cum shot high into the air and all over me, the couch, and the floor. Even after the blowjob, and the sex, I still had a lot of cum stored up and I was now releasing it all over the place. It felt like I was cumming for hours, but it could have only been for about a minute or so before my orgasm finally subsided. I sat in the aftermath, my cock slowly softening and twitching till it was fully soft and stopped twitching.

I looked around and saw the mess I made, then got up, got a towel, and started cleaning up the mess. Annoying having to clean up this huge mess, I still thought it was worth it as I cleaned up the couch and floor. Afterward, I went and took a nice hot shower, cleaning the mass amounts of cum that had landed on me as well. After a long hot shower, I got out, dried myself off, put on a loose pair of shorts, and went and made dinner. That night I just sat while I ate dinner watching Netflix until it was time to go to bed. Crawling into bed I realized I was more tired than I realized and fell asleep wondering what was going to happen at work tomorrow and dreaming of fucking Emma again.

I got to the office at my usual time, sat at my desk, and started checking my emails. A few minutes later, Emma walks in, looks at me, grins, and winks.

“Hey there Frank, how are you doing?” she asks in a semi-seductive tone.

I told her I was doing good and grinned at her, and as I was about to say something else, the office door opens and Ashley walks in.

“Good morning you two. I hope you are doing well,” she says as she sits down at her desk.

We both say we are and then Jane walks and, looks at Emma and me, and winks at us with a grin on her face.

“Hey everyone,” she says.

Again, we say our hellos and we all start getting to what we must do. About thirty minutes into working and I get a message from Emma.

“I got home, and I was so horny thinking about what we did that I had to finger myself to another orgasm last night.” It read.

I replied telling her I did too, but I had a big mess to clean up afterward because of it and that it was worth it. I saw her grin as she read my message then I could have sworn I saw her lick her lips. A few minutes later I got a reply back from her.

“Too bad I wasn’t there; I would have helped clean you up”. She replied.

Upon reading that my cock started to respond and I knew that if I got fully hard, there was no way I would be able to stand up without everyone knowing I was horny. But I didn’t have to worry about that because Tom stepped out of his office and came up to us.

“Ladies, Frank, I have something I need to tell you guys “He starts.

“I was offered a new position here and I’m going to take it, which means that my job is open. Now unfortunately Emma and Jane, since you have just started, you cannot apply for the position, but Ashley and Frank, if you wanted it, I would go ahead and put in your resume for the position. If neither one of you will try for it, then we will need to hire someone outside the company.” He said as he turned and headed back into his office.

We all sat stunned at the news, especially Ashley and me because Tom has been in this position for longer than I have been here. I sat there for a bit trying to wrap my head around what Tom told us then started updating my resume. As soon as I had it updated, which didn’t take that long, I submitted it to HR. I sat there after I sent it hoping I would get the position then thought, if I do then I will have Tom’s office and I could bring in Emma anytime I wanted to fuck her without having to worry about being caught. I know, it’s a dream, but a really good dream.

I couldn’t help myself and sent a text to Emma and Ashley separately that I had applied for Tom’s position. Ashley responded that she did too, and Emma replied saying that she hopes I get it and good luck. An hour later Ashley’s phone started beeping as she looked at it. I was watching her as she looked at it and I saw her facial expression change from her usually cherry self to a person that was ready to do battle with the devil himself.

“Everything alright Ashley?” I asked her.

“NO! My FUCKING husband is at that BITCHES place again!” she said with a lot of anger and hatred in her words.

I was flabbergasted at her language because this was a Christian woman who never cussed or had anything bad to say about another person and here, she was dropping the F-bomb and calling someone a bitch.

“Why is that a problem?” I asked her.

She sighed and went into her story about this “bitch”.

“A few months ago, I found out my husband had been cheating on me with this woman from church, and when I found out about it, I confronted him about it. Well after much prayer and counseling, we had managed to work it out and get through that rough patch and he also promised to never see her again. Well, I put a GPS tracking app on his phone to make sure he is keeping his promise, and he was, till today.” She said.

“Oh, I am so sorry Ashley. If you need anything let me know.” That was all I could think of saying to her.

She nodded as she walked out of the office with her phone. A few minutes later we heard her yelling then, nothing. Ashley walked in about 2 minutes later looking like she had been crying and sat down at her desk. I felt bad for her but didn’t want to say anything that would hurt her more than she already is, and I didn’t know what to say to make her feel better. I mean, could you say to a person when she found out her husband was cheating on her again?

“I’m sorry if you heard any of that. I just called my husband and confronted him, again, and we ended up arguing and him ending the conversation with him telling me she was better in bed than I ever was.” She said as she started to cry.

I felt really bad for her, so I got up and walked over to her and helped her up, hugging her while she cried.

“I’m so sorry Ashley. You don’t deserve to be treated like that. He doesn’t know what he is giving up” I told her.

“It’s not your fault frank, I’ve been prolonging the inevitable. But that would explain why he hasn’t touched me sexually in over 6 months.” She said as she let go of me and sat down.

As she was sitting down, I heard her mumble under her breath to where I could barely hear and make out what she was saying, “Hell I could use a good cock to pound me too ya rat bastard.”

I acted like I didn’t hear it and walked back over to my seat and sat down as we all got back to work. At noon we all got up and went to the break room to have lunch. We all sat at the same table and were just talking about random things and laughing. It was good to see Ashley laugh along with us considering Tekirdağ Escort the morning she has had.

After lunch, we went back to our desks and as I was checking my email, I got an email from one of the CEOs of the company telling me I had an interview for the position at 4 pm. I had several hours to get ready for it luckily, but I let everyone know about it. Of course, everyone congratulated me, and we all went back to what we were doing when I got a message. This time it was from Ashley saying that she had an interview today at 3 pm and I told her I was happy to hear that and congratulated her.

After a while, I got lost in my work and suddenly, I felt a hand rub my cock through my pants. Shocked, I looked down and saw Jane smirking as she looked up at me.

“Sorry Frank, I dropped my pencil,” she said with a wink.

I grinned at her and told her that it was ok. She rubbed my cock again as she got out from under the desk and sat back down. Looking over at Emma she was grinning as she looked at my crotch. Looking down I know why she was grinning; my obvious hard-on was not hard to miss. As I was looking at Emma, I felt something rub against my cock again, and looking down I saw a foot, slowly rubbing my cock up and down its length as I got a message.

“My god, it feels like you have a monster in there, how big are you? Jane asked.

I forwarded the message to Emma who replied, “Why don’t you just show her? No one is looking but me and we would be the only ones to see.”

I thought that was an exciting idea, so I shrugged my shoulders, slowly unzipped my pants so Ashley would hear it, and pulled my massive cock out and let it get fully hard. I sent a message to Jane saying, “Why don’t you look and find out.”

I looked over at Emma as I hit enter on the message and saw her licking her lips. Then I heard a sudden gasp and looking across from me at Jane I saw that she had backed up just enough to get a good look at my cock and her eyes were about to pop out of her head.

I looked over at Emma as she was smiling and then looked over at Ashely before she carefully, and quietly got down on her hands and knees on the floor and slowly crawled over to me. When she got to me, she looked over to see if Jane was watching before she gripped my cock and started to lick the head and then suck on it. She sucked on it a few times then popped the head out and licked it before kissing it and slowly crawling back to her seat. I kept my cock out as we watched Jane then I saw her pick up a file, stand up, and walk over to me.

“Hey Frank, can you tell me if I’m doing this right?” she asked as she handed me the file, then leaned over and grabbed my throbbing member and started to slowly stroke it for me.

I was acting like I was looking at the file as she stroked my cock and apparently, no one was paying attention to anything else because I felt a hand n my shoulder. I froze then Jane stopped in mid-stroke. I turned around to see Ashley standing over my shoulder, her eyes glued to what Jane’s hand was firmly holding onto. She wasn’t saying anything, but I could see her breathing getting heavier.

“Now that’s what I need. What do I have to do to get some of that?” she asked.

You could feel all the tension in the air escape like a balloon popping as she said that.

“Why don’t you grab ahold of it” I hear Emma respond.

Ashley slowly leaned down and Jane removed her hand as Ashley took its place and slowly started to stroke it.

“My god Frank, you are huge. Either that or I’m so used to my husband… ex-husband, cock that it just looks huge.” She said.

Emma said “No, he is huge. That size is not normal and the amount of cum that comes out of it is not normal either.”

Ashley looked over at Emma, never stopping her slow, smooth motion on my cock, “you have seen him cum? How much does he cum?” she asked.

Emma grinned and told them, “Buckets full.”

Ashley and Jane look at me as Ashley strokes my cock and then licks her lips. She seemed mesmerized by what she was doing or what she was seeing, then she shook her head.

“Ok guys, we can’t be doing this right now.” She said as she walked back to her seat.

Jane walks back to her seat and I try to get my steel-hard cock back into my pants. It took me a while, but I finally managed and once I was zipped up, you could still tell I was hard as a rock. That’s what happens when 3 beautiful women start playing with a cock the size of mine.

At about 2:45 Ashley got up and said that she was going for her interview before heading out. We all wished her good luck as she headed out. At 3:30 she returned with a smile on her face as I got up and announced that I was going for my interview. Again, everyone wished me luck as I headed up to the top floor for my interview. To say the least, I was extremely nervous because I really wanted this position. Part of me though hoped that I didn’t get it so Ashley would but the other part of me hoped that I got it.

Walking into the CEO’s office he had me sit down in front of him and 2 other board members and for the next 15 minutes processed to ask me all sorts of questions about the position I had applied for. They asked me why I thought I was a good fit for the position, and if this happens what should you do, things of that nature. By the end of it, they all smiled and shook my hand, and told me that they would call back within a week with a decision.

Returning to the office and sitting down at my desk everyone looked at me.

Looking at Ashely, I told them that they said I will hear something from them in about a week and that I thought it went well.

As I looked at my screen, I noticed several messages from Emma, Ashley, and Jane.

“I want more of that cum, but I want to see your house so I’m going to ride home with you tonight.” Emma wrote.

I looked over at her and saw her looking at me, so I just nodded my head slightly, enough that she saw and understood. I looked back at my screen and looked at the next message.

“I want some of that monster cock of yours, so we will need to find time for me to get some of that.” Jane wrote.

I replied that we would definitely have to find time for that and hit enter, then read the last one from Ashley.

“After what I found out today about my husband, and then what I saw of you, and the lack of attention I have been receiving, I hope you don’t mind me asking but could you pay me some attention, soon?” she asked.

I replied that I would love to give her all the attention she wants, and we would have to find time. After reading and replying to all my messages and emails, it was 5 o’clock and it was time to go home. As I stood up it was obvious that I had had an erection, there was no hiding it now, but I didn’t care who in this room saw it, they all had their hands on it today. Walking out the door, Emma walked beside me as the three of us went to the parking garage to our cars.

“What about your car?” I asked her.

“I’ll leave it here overnight and I have a change of clothes in thee that I will need to get really quick.” She said.

We walked to her car so she could get her change of clothes before going to my little car. Since it’s just me I bought a small car that has good gas mileage. As we are pulling out of the parking garage, she starts taking her shirt off to reveal a very sexy, black lace bra. All it was good for was holding her boobs up and nothing else because I could see her perfect, pink nipples and they were poking out and hard. They looked so hard they could cut glass with them.

“What are you doing?” I asked her.

“Making Tekirdağ Escort Bayan sure that I don’t ruin that blouse she said as she leaned over and started to undo my pants.

It didn’t take her long to have my cock out before she engulfed it in her mouth. She slowly went as far down as she could, till I felt the back of her throat and slowly coming back up again. She went all the way down again till my mushroom head was in the back of her through and sucked hard on my cock, making her cheeks suck in, and making me moan. She slid up until the head popped out of her mouth with a loud POP!

“How far is it from your house?” she asked.

“It’s at least a 20-minute drive,” I told her.

“Good. I’m going to make you cum before we get there and then I want you to fuck my brains out.” She said as she engulfed my cock again, this time bobbing her head up and down my shaft and letting the head hit the back of her throat each time.

Her cock sucking abilities made it hard for me to drive, so I put the cruise control on and just paid attention to the other cars around me as we drove down the highway. My car is low enough that anyone that wanted to see what was going on in my car, they could easily see this gorgeous redhead bobbing her head up and down on my cock while playing with my large, cum filled balls. The talent she has at sucking dick I knew I wasn’t going to last long.

“Holy FUCK that feels amazing. With a mouth like that, I’m not going to last much longer.” I said to her as I put my right hand on the back of her head and pushed down, hoping she will take more of my monster cock.

She moaned on my cock as I said that, and I felt the vibration from it. I could feel the churning in my balls at that and started to thrust into her mouth in rhythm with her bobbing. She must have felt my cock getting bigger because she popped her mouth off my cock and looked up at me while stroking my cock to the same speed she was blowing me.

“You going to cum for me? You going to blow your huge wad all over me?” she asked in a very sexy voice as she aimed my cock in her direction.

I put my hand back on the wheel for support as I shot my first rope.

“AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!” was all I could manage as rope after rope of cum, shot out and splattered all over her.

As I was cumming I was having a hard time keeping the car in my lane, but I managed as I continued my orgasm, shooting cum all over her face and chest. As the last of my cum had shot out, she kept stroking me and squeezing my head, hoping to get every drop of cum out of my balls. I sat there, panting as I tried to recover while driving. I looked over at her and saw that she had my cum all over her. It was in her hair, all over her face and chest. I couldn’t see her pink puffy nipples from all the cum that was on them.

She sat back in the car with a smile on her face, her left hand never letting go of my cock, which had not softened at all after any of that. I sped up wanting to get home sooner because I was still horny as hell and wanted to fuck her tight little pussy so bad. It didn’t take long before we got home and pulled into my garage. As I pull in, I hit the button and the garage door closes and she gets out, didn’t even grab her blouse, and stands there waiting on me to get out, cum still plastered all over her. I get out of the car not even bothering to put my cock away and lead her inside.

“I’m going to go clean up a bit before the real fun begins,” she says with a smirk.

Now my house isn’t huge, but it’s the perfect size for me. It has 2 bedrooms and 2 baths. As you walk into the house from the garage, you walk right into my kitchen/dining room. To the right as you walk in is the dining room table, and straight ahead is the kitchen. You turn left and go past the dining table you walk right into my living room with its couch, recliner, and the entertainment center with a 70” flat screen TV. Once you walk into the living room and look right, you see the hallway, and about midway down it is a door on either end. To the right is the master bedroom, which is mine obviously, with the king-size bed and attached master bathroom, complete with a good size garden tub and a good size walk-in shower. To the left is the guest room with its full-size bed, and at the end of the hall is the guest bathroom. Nothing fancy but you can do your business there without any issues.

A moment later I hear the shower running so I go to my room and get out of my work clothes and put on a tank top and some loose-fitting shorts. The shorts show off my cock more than my pants do whether I’m hard or soft, but it just so happens that at this particular point, I am hard as a rock still. I can not get the image of Emma giving me road head, me cumming all over her, and what she looked like with my cum all over her, out of my head. It kept me hard till I heard the shower turn off. A few seconds later the bathroom door opened, and Emma walked out with nothing on. My jaw hung open as I see this petite redhead, with the perfect-sized breasts for her size, and a pussy that made my cock even harder just looking at it, walked out of the bathroom and walked down the hall towards me, completely naked.

She stopped in front of me and looked up at me then ran her hands at the waist of my shorts and behind me, sliding her hands under my waist band as she did, till she was able to grab my naked ass.

“Mmmmm, that ass feels nice.” She said as she squeezed it.

“But to be honest, you won’t be needing these,” she said as she slid my shorts off me and let them fall to my feet.

My cock flung out, smacking her from just above her belly, all the way up to her tits. She looked down at it and smiled as she wrapped her hands around it, one on top of the other. She still had room to move up and down before her hands would hit my stomach. She started to slowly pump my cock as she twisted her hands.

“You don’t know how wet I am right now. That cum bath you gave me in the car has made me horny as hell. Normally I would want you to eat me out but right now, I’m too horny and I just want you to stuff me with this big cock of yours.” She said as she guided me by my cock to the couch.

She crawled on the couch, facing the back so she was on her knees and her hands were on the back. She looked back at me and smiled while she took her other hand and grabbed her ass cheek and pussy lip at the same time and pulled, opening her pussy to me. I slowly walked up behind her, staring at her ass and pussy, seeing her wetness around her lips as I took my cock in my hand and guided it to her entrance. Running my mushroom head up and down her slit, making sure to get it nice and slick with her juices, I slowly start to push. She started moaning as my head slowly opened her up and slipped in. I wanted to take my time with her tonight, so I was in no rush. Once my head was in a waited till she was used to me.

Once I felt that she was used to my size, I began to slowly push my cock in deeper, her pussy juices running out and lubricating my cock so it would be easier to push into her tight hole. I pushed in till I felt myself hitting her cervix and she gasped when I did.

“Oh, my fucking GOD that feels amazing. I feel so full right now.” She said.

I held myself in, letting her get used to me that deep but before I knew it, she was moving back and forth on my cock, ramming herself hard on it.

“OH GOD YES!!!!! That fucking cock feels so fucking good. Ram that beast in me Frank. Oh god please fuck me and fuck me hard!!” she said as she continued to ride me.

I reached forward and grabbed a handful of that silky Escort Tekirdağ smooth red hair of hers and began pounding her for all she was worth as I pulled on her hair. I got most of my cock in her when she started shaking and I felt a flood of her juices cover my cock and shoot out and soaked my stomach and my balls. Feeling her squirt made me want to fuck her that much more and I never let up during her orgasm. It seemed to last forever, or she was orgasming one right after the other. At this time, I didn’t have a clue, but it didn’t matter to me, I could always find out later.


Who was I to deny her that, so I continued a steady rhythm, pounding my monster cock as deep in her tiny, tight pussy. I started to feel my balls churning and that unmistakable feeling of my impending orgasm. I started to gasp a little more feeling it and she must have known I was about to cum as well.

“OH GOD YES GIVE ME THAT CUM. SHOOT THAT THICK WAD DEEP IN ME.” She hollered as she squirted again.

Feeling her squirt drove me over the edge and I let it loose. I slammed my cock as deep as I dared into her tight hole and release my cum, blanketing her cervix with my spunk. I felt her squirt again as I came even more, and I started to feel the pressure as I came, and it was slowly pushing my cock out of her. It didn’t take long for my cock to pop out and I finished cumming all over her. I covered her pussy, her ass, and her back. I even shot some to her neck before finally running out.

She collapsed on the couch face down, breathing heavily, and I was watching all the spunk that I had shot into her start running out. My cock was still semi-hard and twitching as I sat down beside her. She looked over at me, never picking her head up off the couch as she smiled, sweat sheening from her pale skin.

“That was fucking amazing,” she said.

I chuckled and told her “And that was just the beginning. But before we go on, you may want another shower.”

She stood up and leaned over me and planted a kiss on me that no other woman has ever given me. Her tongue darted into my mouth as it played with mine. As we kissed, my tongue reaching into her mouth as we kissed, I brought my hands up and played with her breasts, running my thumbs over her nipples while I needed her soft, firm breasts.

She broke the kiss saying “I’ll be right back” as she walked to the bathroom to get another shower.

As she showered, I thought that we could use some food, so I went into the kitchen and put a pizza in the oven. I figured that it would be quick and easy and wouldn’t take so much time to do what we wanted to do. I heard her get out and I grabbed some water and handed one to her. We both downed them because, after that amazing session, we were both thirsty. She sat down on the couch again and leaned her head back and closed her eyes as I went and checked on the pizza. We still had about 15 minutes left till it was ready, so I went back into the living room with her.

She didn’t notice I had walked into the room so I thought I would surprise her. I crawled over to her and spread her legs and shoved my tongue as deep as I could into her pussy and tasting my cum. She gasped as I assaulted her pussy with my tongue before I started to lick the outside. First, the right side, then the left, going up and down a few times before switching sides. I saw her clit poking out and slowly and lightly circled her clit with my tongue before wrapping my lips around it and sucking hard on it. That move made her moan and she put her hand on the back of my head, pushing my face hard into her. As I sucked on her clit and began to run my tongue up and down her clit as fast as I could, feeling and tasting her juices that were starting to leak out.

“Oh god damn, that feels amazing. You’re going to make me cum if you keep doing that” she told me.

That’s what I wanted her to do so I continued my attack on her clit and inserted two fingers into her pussy. I pushed them in and wiggled them in a “come here” motion, hitting her G-spot. It didn’t take long as she screamed and squirted again, all over my face. I pulled my face away, leaving my fingers deep inside of her as I looked at her.

“You taste amazing,” I said as I wiggled my fingers again inside of her, causing her to gasp and shiver.

My timing was perfect as I heard the timer go off for the pizza.

“I hope you don’t mind pepperoni pizza,” I said as I went into the kitchen to pull it out.

I cut it up and we ate our pizza, not even bothering to put anything on. She ate two pieces of pizza, and I was still eating when she got on her knees in front of me and grabbed ahold of my now flaccid cock. The feel of her silky-smooth hand on my cock brought it back to life within seconds and I felt that familiar feeling of her warm, wet mouth wrapped around my cock as she bobbed her head up and down my shaft. I put my pizza down as she was giving me another one of her amazing blowjobs, my hips thrusting with her rhythm making it seem like I was fucking her face. She pulled my cock out with a loud POP and stood up.

“Where is your bedroom?” she asked.

I picked her up and carried her to my room and gently placed her down on the bed.

“I am still very wet from that tongue lashing you gave me, so I need you, NOW!” she said.

I got between her legs and as I did, she grabbed her ankles and spread her legs into a split.

“Fuck me, Frank. Fuck me hard. I want to feel every bit of you when you pound my pussy.” She said.

I wasn’t about to tell her no; this has been the best pussy I have ever had and I was more than eager to stuff her full again. I leaned over her and pointed my cock at her opening and resting the head on her lips. With both of my arms beside her, my weight off her, I slammed into her as deep as I dared to and began a steady rhythm of sliding in and out of her.

“OH, GOD!! I can feel you hit everywhere. No one has ever done that to me.” She said.

I continued my rhythmic pounding on her, hard and steady. It wasn’t long before she hit her first orgasm and started squirting again. Feeling her orgasm, I sped up a little and faster as she rode out her orgasm. I continued to fuck her like that long after her first orgasm and past her second and third orgasms as well. Eventually, I got tired of holding myself up and turned her onto her side as I got behind her into a spooning position. I wrapped my arms around her and played with her tits and nipples as she took hold of my cock and guided me back to her waiting pussy. I slid in with no issues and began fucking her hard and fast that way. Since I had come twice already, I knew I was going to last a while before I would come.

“Oh god, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIITTTTTTT!!!” she hollered as she squirted again.

The bed was soaked from her multiple orgasms as I continued to slide in and out of her well fucked, and well-lubricated pussy. I hit her G-spot with every inward and outward movement, which cause her to cum several more times. I pinched and twisted her nipples as I continued to pound her pussy then I felt my balls starting to churn. I knew my orgasm was going to come soon.

She felt my cock swell inside of her and pulled my cock out of her as she quickly jerked me off.

“OH GOD EMMA! DON’T STOP! AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!” I yelled as I started to cum.

Even though I had come three times that day I still shot a lot. First, one hit her in her hair and face, several more hitting her face, tits, and stomach before covering her pussy with my spunk. After I was done cumming she put my cock back into her pussy. We were both tired at that point and we fell asleep, my arms still wrapped around her. I fell asleep wondering what tomorrow will bring.

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