The Park Ride Ch. 01


I never thought I’d be one to have an affair, growing up with strict family values, but circumstances led me into the arms of another woman.

Yesterday, I was taking a bicycle ride as I normally do 4 days per week. About 3 miles into the 20 mile trip, I came around a corner and noticed a novice with long brown hair waving in the wind. She was wearing jeans and a white ruffled sleeve shirt so I assumed she was just out for a stroll rather than exercise like me.

As I went past her, she said, “Hey!”

At first it registered as nothing more than politeness but then I realized the tone was meant to get my attention instead. I hit my brakes and turned around to see what she wanted. She was very attractive with a sloped nose and bright green eyes, a strong jaw line and a nice chin.

I approached and said, “Hey.”

She asked, “Is there anything to do in this area?

I told her no, that there was a small town about 5 miles west of here. I added, “Unless you fish or swim, this is pretty much it.”

She proceeded to tell me she was here with her brother and his girlfriend and she was tired of hanging out at the pool at the campground and sitting around. She asked if I would mind her riding with me for a bit.

I thought for a split second that I wanted to ride my normal speed but I could not turn away such a beauty. “Sure, let’s roll,” I said.

We started making small talk, exchanged names, hers was Sondra, mine is Dave of course, and she eventually asked if I was married. I never wore a ring and I liked the flirting we were doing so I answered no, thinking it harmless. I felt as if this was going to end up just a casual conversation anyway.

About a mile down the road, I turned onto a back road that I normally ride to get some extra mileage in. It was a much smaller infrequently traveled road with trees growing over and even some bushes growing out into the road. She mentioned it was really secluded.

She stopped suddenly and I right after her.

Sondra said, “Hey, where does this go?”

I had never noticed this little trail through the woods that had grabbed her attention.

She said, “Let’s see what’s down here.”

I agreed and locked our bikes to a tree a few yards into the trail. Eventually we came to an opening with a picnic table by a creek. The creek was about 30 feet wide with water as clear as can be. The picnic table was well worn but it didn’t look like anyone had been down here in a long time. The whole scenario had my head swimming with lust, seeing her walk down the trail in her torn jeans and hair swinging around. I knew what I wanted but knew I did not want to cross that line between fantasy and reality.

We stood by the edge of the creek and talked a little more about whatever we felt like and all of a sudden she said, “I want to go swimming here.”

I rebutted with, “But we’ll get our clothes all wet.”

She replied, “Not if we take them off first.”

I swallowed, nearly choked, and said, “I have to confess, I am married and Afyon Escort I might be getting in over my head.”

She replied with a nice smile, “My husband would not like it either but he’s the one that was supposed to be here, not on business in Canada. Come on, I dare you!”

I decided as long as we don’t touch, I would not be guilty, but I wanted to touch her so badly.

I said, “Ok, after you.”

She started to unbutton her jeans and I just stood there at first, just staring at her. I finally gathered myself and starting untying my shoes and slipping them and my socks off. By the time I looked back up, she was slipping into the water naked. I caught a glimpse of her from behind and she had a nice heart shaped ass with tan lines from a thong up across the lower back.

I took my shirt off next and she turned right as I was pulling my shorts and boxer briefs down. My half erect penis popped out.

She said with a smile, “Nice.”

I probably turned red because I felt my face get real hot.

I hurried into the water and started to walk to the other side of the creek. It had a sandy bottom and was shallow enough to see all the way through it as well as walk across it. We continued to talk small talk and all of a sudden, she went under the water to get her hair wet. When she came back up, she was 10 foot closer, now only 5 feet away, and she stood up in the water.

The water line was just above her trimmed bush and her breasts stood perky right before me, nipples erect from the cold water in the creek.

She asked, “What creek is this?”

I replied, “Probably Breedlove. They own a lot of land around here so everything is named after them.”

She said, “Breed, and love, two of my favorite words,” as she laughed.

I laughed with her.

She then said, “This water is cold.”

I agreed, then turned towards the shore line. I sat down once I got closer, with my ass resting on the sand. She bent her knees and kind of crawled over towards me, raised her eyebrows and said, “If we put our bodies together, maybe we won’t be so cold.”

I said, “Sounds good to me.”

I knew this was getting deeper and there would be no turning back, but I knew I wanted this more than anything at the moment.

She came over and wrapped her legs around me and locked her hands behind me neck. We stared into each other’s eyes. I could feel her small strip of pubic hair against the erect shaft of me penis as it was pushed onto my belly. I could feel her warm legs on my sides.

At that point she said, “If you are not okay with this, we can stop.”

I replied, “No, I like this.”

We smiled at each other and I went in for a kiss. She backed away for a second, and looked at me again. She then leaned into me and pressed her lips against mine. It was a brief kiss at first, then I went in more aggressively and our tongues soon began to rotate around each other. I could taste her tongue and feels its warmth as we kissed. I took one breast into my hand and cupped Afyon Escort Bayan it, needed it as I pinched the erect cold nipple.

She began to moan and grind her pubic mound into my cock. Her hands rubbed my back as I began working down her neck onto her shoulder. I worked my kisses across her upper chest and went back up her neck to her ear lobe. I bit her ear lobe slightly and pinched her nipple harder.

She began to moan more and reached down into the water to stroke my cock. I felt her hand brush against my belly as she grabbed my manhood and gently work her hand up and down the shaft. I felt like it was so hard it was going to bust any second.

I whispered in her ear, “Let’s get out of the water.”

She said, “Anything you want.”

She got up off of me and I grabbed her ass and moved my face into her crotch and kissed her inner thighs while she stood in front of me. I moved my face away from her and smiled up at her. Then I reached for her hand and she pulled me up out of the water.

I reached around grabbed her bbehind the knees and back and carried her over to the picnic bench. I laid her down and began kissing her chest and sucking her breasts. One by one, I’d kiss and suck one, then move to the other slowly kissing the cleavage in between them.

I slowly worked down to her stomach, kissing her firm body, reaching up with my hands to squeeze her breasts some more.

I worked down lower, kneeling by the table, and began kissing her inner thighs again always careful not to hit her sweet part yet, teasing her body more and more. Each time I passed her pussy, I breathed onto it sometimes actually blowing onto it.

Finally, I softly placed my tongue at the very bottom of her folds, parting them as I worked my way up onto her clit. I could taste her juices and feel the slick skin at the opening of her canal. Her legs twitched a bit from excitement.

I licked her clit up and down softly at first, and then dove in, putting my mouth over the top part of her mound and stroking her clit with my tongue. I moved down and stuck my tongue into her hole, then moved back up to her clit. I knew I had found the right spot because she started holding her breath, then letting it out, then breathing in again real deeply.

Within a couple of minutes, she started grinding her body into my face and I held my position on her mound and tongued her clit to send her over the edge. She bucked and bucked until her body finally relaxed and she said in a relaxed, seductive voice, “Oh my God, I have never cum that hard.”

I was so hard at that point and all I could think of was how much I wanted to cum in her. I stood up moved my lower body over to meet hers, and slowly began rubbing the outside of her pussy with the head of my penis. I’d move up and let it rub her clit, then back down to almost enter, and then back up, parting her lips with the head and shaft of my penis.

I had finally had enough and placed the head at the entrance of her pussy. I pushed Escort Afyon but not hard enough to go in. I pushed again and realized she was so tight this was going to be a struggle. I pushed enough to get the head in and she pushed my legs with her finger tips as if to say ouch.

I said, “Are you okay?”

She replied, “Yes, just, you’re so big. Go slow.”

I slowly gave her an inch, then backed out a little, then two inches, then out again. She was okay until I got about 6 inches into her. I worked that in, back and forth, and she started getting into the rhythm of it with her breathes.

Her hot pussy felt like fire on my cock after being in the cold water then out in the breeze. I felt the sun warming my back and neck as I gave her slow, deep strokes

After a few minutes, she started to cum again. It was almost painfully tight but it also felt like her pussy was sucking on my cock and I almost lost my own release and had to hold back. She bucked, pushing her ass off of the table a bit then lowered it back down. Then she sat slightly up and put her elbows down on the table to prop her body up while she came. I felt her body release more fluids when her canal became slicker.

I began working a little more of my cock into her and she seemed okay. After a few strokes, I got all 7 inches into her but was not really giving her full thrusts with it. It was nice knowing she was comfortable with my entire cock inside of her. Having her tight pussy wrapped around my entire shaft was a feeling I had not had in years.

A few minutes later, she started to cum again. This time, I knew I could not stop myself from cuming. I felt that familiar itch at the tip of my cock and knew I was going to cum inside of her.

She began the breathing and grunting and I let my load go deep in her canal. I came so hard my legs were shaking and I felt completely spent. I think I even remember shouting something and her screaming as well.

I slowed my strokes down as she came down off of her orgasm and eventually I stopped deep inside of her as my cock throbbed down to a smaller size.

She said in a most pleased voice, “Wow, Dave, I never knew that’s the way it was supposed to feel. Wow.”

I said, “That’s the hardest I have ever cum as well.”

She added, “I could feel it when you did. You were deep and it felt so good to have your cum unload into me like that. We have to do this again sometime.”

I said, “Yes, we do.”

I leaned more onto the table and kissed her passionately, more passionately than I had kissed my own wife for a few years.

My cock had gone back down to a semi hard state and I slowly pulled out of her. I helped her up off of the table and we walked down to the creek to wash off. I put my riding gear back on and she put her pants and shirt back on.

As we walked out of the woods, she asked, “Are we going to see each other again?”

I answered, “I’d like that. I usually take Thursdays off but I think I can be here the same time tomorrow if you can.”

She replied, “I’ll be thinking about it all day.”

I rode home and was only 20 minutes late. My wife was in the shower. I could barely look her in the face but we rarely made much eye contact anymore anyway. She asked how my ride was and I said it was a good ride.

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