The Perfect Alarm Clock


I woke up in the predawn hours of another busy workday. The sun was still asleep as well as I should have been. I looked over at the other side of the bed. The sleeping figure next to me was illuminated by the moonlight streaming in the window. He looked like a sleeping angel, breathing slowly and smiling in his sleep.

I wondered what he dreamt about with that sweet smile upon his face. He looked so peaceful as he slept, the total opposite of his daytime activities. His life was so stressful lately and I didn’t know how to help relieve the tension. I looked at the clock and he had to be up in a half hour to go to work.

I looked at his sleeping shape and wondered if he would notice if I made use of the very nice erection that was beginning to form a tent in the middle of the sheets. I thought for a moment about it and decided that I wanted him and he couldn’t claim he was too tired if he was still asleep when I started.

I ducked my Afyon Escort head under the blanket and found the opening to his boxers. The material stretched across his morning hard-on and felt as if it snapped back into shape as I released him from its confines. I took him in my hand and marveled at its softness. The bedroom was chilly from the night air but he was wonderfully warm. I licked the very tip of his head very gently, barely touching him.

I loved the way he tasted. He tasted of clean cotton sheets and vanilla with a bit of sugar mixed in. If summer had a taste to it, this is what it would taste like.

I touched the tip of my tongue to the base of his cock head. I flicked away at the sensitive spot under the front where it slightly indented. He softly moaned and smiled in his sleep even more than before. I made lazy circles around his sweet head and his moaning became louder.

I moved my body closer to him Afyon Escort Bayan and took all of him in my mouth. He gasped for air in his sleep as his sweet head met with the back of my throat. I bobbed up and down on him slowly as he stirred in his sleep. I watched his facial expressions change as I changed my speed and pressure. His cock tasted so wonderful to me and I enjoyed doing this for him, as he loved getting blown. He joked to his friends that we had an awesome alarm clock and he never overslept. I don’t think he ever told them why he doesn’t oversleep.

I licked at his balls and took one into my mouth. He moaned louder and I could tell that he was almost awake because he reached for me. I kissed each of his balls and let them go. He stroked my shoulder as I took his whole length in my mouth. He was long and easily hit the back of my throat. It took everything I had not to gag. I wrapped my lips around him. His Escort Afyon sweet warm wand felt good in my mouth as I moved my lips loosely around his shaft. I slid up and down on him as he moaned for me and begged me not to stop. I rolled his balls in my hand as I made figure 8’s with my tongue on the underside of his silken rod. He was hot and hard and I had a hard time figuring out who liked this game more: him or me. I could taste his salty pre-cum in the back of my throat and I knew he was getting close for me. I pulled his balls away from his body as they tried to tighten and I increased suction on him. He moaned loudly and begged me not to stop. I felt him shiver and then a flood of cum hit the back of my mouth like a volcano erupting. I swallowed everything he gave me and I could feel him go slightly limp in my mouth. I let go of him and slowly licked his tip clean. He was sensitive after he came and I loved to torture him like that. I kissed him on the head of his cock and told him it was time to get up. He looked at me and laughed. He reached over and slid his hand between my legs and found how wet I was from taking care of his needs.

“I think I’m going to be late” he said laughing as he found my clit.

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